1. english

    based on his poetry, what can you infer about whitman's attitude toward nature?
  2. English

    Write a diary entry on nightingales emotional exertion.
  3. engliSH

    The opposite of withdraw is? a) Shocked b) puzzled C) relieved D) revealed
  4. English

    Who main character Jacob referring himself to when he say I m their shephard, their protectr what do he mean by this?
  5. english

    what photographe is famous for images of Dust Bowl victims
  6. english language

    Write debate for the motion " boys should not help in the kitchen"
  7. English

    What are some poetic devices used in Miley Cyrus' The Climb" and explain.
  8. english

    Please help me write an essay. the question is "What do you think the theme is of Our Town and how is it shown?"
  9. Geography and English

    What are the key physical features of the Californian Coast
  10. english

    the chess competition ended right on time.is it pronoun or noun
  11. english

    state the error and rewrite the sentence.who did max always want you to meet
  12. english 2

    Neither pesticides nor hormones are used in the production of organic foods. Is there any mistakes here ?
  13. English Expression

    ex) Threre are some roses there. I think the first 'there' is different from the second 'there'. The second 'there' is an adverb of place. What about the first 'there' What is the term for the first 'there'?
  14. English

    Does any one know the answers to Lesson 1: Introducing the Big Question's assessment?

  16. English pls help

    what lesson does milo learn in the phantom tollbooth?!? please help as soon as possible.
  17. english

    write a letter of apology and reconcilation to a friend with whom you have quarrelled.
  18. english

    In the following sentence, what is the subject complement? My neighbor is a newspaper reporter.
  19. English

    How to write a formal letter for municipality about a broken pipe
  20. English

    what is the four letter name for "notation for subsequent multiple authors in a citation?". Thanks
  21. English

    What do you think was Lance Armstrongs purpose in writing his book Its Not About The Bike?
  22. English

    Water rose almost to the top of the dam. Is the a predicate adjective?
  23. english literature

    Why did Wordsworth use simple diction in "The Solitary Reaper"?
  24. English

    What is a PERFECT essay about Sandy Hook Elementary School?
  25. english

    can you tell me meaning of this words. 1.Embarked 2.reins 3.turmoil 4.retrieved
  26. english

    what are similes in the poem gathering leaves by Robert frost
  27. english

    can you make sentences for me of: Embarked 2.reins 3.turmoil 4.retrieved

    does someone know where i could find the anaslysis for the poem "conquerors" by henry treece?
  29. English

    Can you name some good quotes from Macbeth which are relevant to The Witches or Duncan. Thanks.
  30. english

    Imagine being an explorer who leaves his country to seach the world.
  31. English

    One possible method to begin an essay is A. to paraphrase B. to meditate C. to ask a question B, right? Thanks.
  32. English

    Why was William Golding so uncertain about his book Lord Of The Flies?
  33. english

    why does traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only, not women
  34. English

    1. There are two mes in me. 2. I am a unique me. 3. I am me. 4. I am a me. 5. I am a ME. 6. I am ME. 7. I am Me. (Are the expressions all grammatical? Can we use some in a poem? What is the difference?)
  35. geography/ english

    Would it make sense to say: "He hopes the violence would soon be assuaged"?
  36. english

    please an agumentative essay about military regimeis better than civilian regime
  37. English

    Prepositional phrase (In the distance,) we saw the top(of the snowcapped peak.)
  38. english

    I am trying to an article on Academics. What is an easy why to explain what it means that is understanding?
  39. english

    can you give me a good sentence using the word biology and biography
  40. english

    what is and alternate ending for finding laura buggs that is one page
  41. english

    can you make sentences for me of: Embarked 2.reins 3.turmoil 4.retrieved
  42. english

    What is the adverb(s) in the sentence "Lacrosse is a game that is still frequently played by many"?
  43. English

    The question ask us to analyze this quote, "We've got all the time in the world." What does this mean? How do you explain it?
  44. English

    I'm trying to cite a source within my paper, but I can't remember how. I have to use the MLA style.
  45. English

    Traditional african mariage is an advantage for men only not women
  46. English

    How would you like your coffee? - Very much. (Is the answer correct? What are suitable answers for the question? Would you name them, please?)
  47. english

    i need help with 2 finals due this sun? Hsm 210 and com220
  48. english

    un scramble the following words kerba ni that means enter illegally
  49. english

    how does walter counter hub's defensiveness in secondhand lions
  50. english

    The chess copetition ended ob time pronoun or noun
  51. english

    what are the methods recomanded by experts for helping victims of bullying?
  52. English Comp I

    What would be a good thesis statement for a proposal essay
  53. english

    Change underlined phrase to show ownership or possession
  54. english

    In the story "Lamb to the Slaughter", what was Mary Maloney's habits?
  55. English

    Having trouble with critical analysis forms. This is a final assignment. Can someone help me.
  56. English 3

    What are the 5 categories of rhetorical strategies? Give an example of what you might find in each category. D I S F O
  57. english

    How many fish do you want to catch?" The fishing guide asked us. is the T in the capitalized
  58. 1st grade english

    make a frame sentences TIDY
  59. English^

    As long as I have written a research paper myself, I can use it as often as I want to. True or False ?
  60. english grammar

    what is pressy writing? correct my question if i am wrong
  61. English

    e.g. I missed the history exam. What should I do? (What does that mean? Did "I" not take the test by mistake or on purpose? What did "I" do?)
  62. english

    write a paragrah using five adverb and adjectives about credit cards.
  63. English

    What are some modern day applications to utopian and dystopian society?
  64. English

    White House pets become almost as well known as their owners, what type o verb is become?
  65. english standard

    can someone help me with some analysis on Away by Michael Gow which relates to belonging?
  66. English

    Contrat the reaction of Hamlet, Laertes to their father's death.
  67. english

    Should I use "is" or "was" in the below sentence? Shirley was the second person whom I interviewed at 24 Hour Fitness.
  68. english

    Write a paragraph naming three possible agendas and one example of each that you might find in the media.
  69. english help please!!

    Which of the following questions might someone who is going through a crisis ask himself? What will I decide? How can I avoid this situation? Why do I have to do this? Why is this happening? is it d
  70. english

    fill in the blanks with appropriate (suitable)determiners 1.he did seem to have read----scriptures.
  71. english

    find the simple suject of each sentence Please describe the music
  72. English

    Metaphor for confusion The math problem was a maze at trying to solve.
  73. english

    is this correct: A street and a school were named after Sophie Germain. is it were or was?
  74. English communication, part i

    In which of the following sentences is the word compliment used correctly
  75. English

    Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning. It doesn't matter
  76. English

    What does ei means when a teacher writes this on your research paper? Thanks a lot
  77. History/English

    Could some one tell me what effects an atomic bomb could have on human rights?
  78. english

    When was Gullivers travels written? please help me i have looked everywhere i need this answer it is urgent !!!
  79. english

    Write a narrative essay that ends with 'once beaten, twice shy'
  80. English

    how has China's policies on population growth changed over the years?
  81. english grammar

    He can bake cakes He can make pastries and pies.
  82. english

    What are two alternative strategy for mastering a concept covered in APA?
  83. English

    Balancing a sentence through using words or phrases that have the same grammatical structure is known as
  84. English

    How would you express leaderships importance and relevance in todas society?
  85. english-poetry

    what is a good haiku poem on the school cafeteria?
  86. Business English

    Which of the folling sentences advocates an idea in a positive way?
  87. english

    What is the subject a d verb of this sentence...The rest of the story was never told.
  88. English 9a

    Hello!!!!! I was just wondering if any of you know where I can find the story: "Diez in the Desert" Thx!!!
  89. English

    In the book Sense and Sensibility, who does Elinor end up marrying?
  90. English

    What is the verb in this sentence I was dehydrated after my long jog in the park.
  91. english

    i am doing a book report and i havent done one since the 5th grade and now i am in 7th HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. English

    I need a source bout the "Importance of networking in business" thank you very much to all the experts..
  93. English

    Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed. What do you think this means?
  94. English Language

    Is this sentence a declarative or interrogative? "I wonder if all mammals have fur"
  95. English

    How Did Patria Mirabal foreshadow in the book " In the time of a butterflies" ?
  96. English:Language Arts 1

    1999,I went to Disney World for vacation
  97. english

    Similarities between The Storm by Mcknight & Once upon a time by Nadine Gordimer?
  98. english

    i want to know more about the who what where why and how of robert falcon scott and the terra nova expedition
  99. english

    briefly summarize the four stages of the transformational learning cycle
  100. English

    What is the most important reason to consider typography when creating a procedural text?