1. english

    persuade cousin to apply for a job in my town
  2. english

    can anyone tell me the indivituality displayed by othello in the play by shakespeare?
  3. English 10R - HELP!!!!

    What does 'will no one rid me of this troublesome priest' means?
  4. English

    Can someone please explain what "cultivating a winning personality" means? Thank you :D
  5. English

    I need help writing my introduction... I have to write an argument paper...
  6. english

    can anyone tell me what type of indent is ued ia a reference list?
  7. English

    ms. sue u please erase my post here also? one i wrote my essay in.
  8. English

    African slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs
  9. English

    What scene does romeo and juliets parents forbid them to see each other ?
  10. english

    write one sentence using the words ambush and bulletin
  11. English

    What we learn about the characters come through ___________, just like in a play. Please tell me what goes into the blank.
  12. English

    This Class Is In The School! A)most Noisy B)noisier C)the Noisiest Is It (A)?
  13. english

    What journey did othello go through both physical and emotional in the play ?
  14. english

    compare and contrast the words maneuver and manipulate
  15. English

    In the play "Galileo" by Bertolt Brecht, what happens in scene 5 and what does it mean?
  16. English

    How do you pronounce 'hopeful'? Can we omit 'p' in rapid reading?
  17. English

    how i describe 19th century? really olden days?
  18. english

    if i say ''cocoa ran fast.'' is that still only using nouns and verbs?
  19. English

    I need help finding articles for my author Scott F. Fitzgerald. Please help me.
  20. English

    1. It is for two blocks from here. 2. It is for two stops from here. 3. It is for two miles from here. 4. It is for two kilometers from here. (Are they all grammatical?)
  21. English

    Sally wants a new bicycle,but her mother and father will not buy her one.
  22. english

    after the play_________, several critics made scathing comments about it
  23. English

    Explain the metaphor of adam and eve sin?
  24. English writting

    I dont understand what my professor wants me to write
  25. english

    why did marilyn lee cross aboard the EDS
  26. english

    No one has ever returned from that desert. (is the verb transite or intransitive and why)
  27. English

    Are the authors stance and opinion similar ? Can you give me an example of each?
  28. English

    What is the role of homework in learning 2nd language?
  29. english

    What does John say is the one rule in his and Henry’s class? (1 point)
  30. english 4

    Harry's father is seattle's wealthiest citizen?
  31. English

    1. A: Is Don in? 2. B: This is he. 3. B1: This is him. (This is a telephone conversation. Can we use both 2and 3? Which one is grammatical?)
  32. English

    In Chicago what are some jobs problem list it.Explain
  33. english

    i need help on a timeline of changes in technology in schools from 1980 to present
  34. english

    Point out the pronoun Sentence : I had watched the movie on TV
  35. English

    Why do you keep deleting your work on the internet does it make sense
  36. english

    When writing a short story should a pronoun be given in the first person
  37. english

    How/Why is this a metaphor? Once more in her bed beside the warm cocoon of her sister
  38. english

    african slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs
  39. english

    The novel followed the drama as a major form in England. true?
  40. english

    Complete similie - the wind shook trees like ------------
  41. English

    What are the different kinds of the cultures that exist your community? i need some examples. Thanks
  42. english

    what does it mean when the question is asking you ¨what was something that ¨stuck with you¨ during the reading of this article? explain." thanks
  43. English

    In "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day", what is an example of personification?
  44. English

    If anyone has read the novel the power of one can you tell me the individuality peekay displayed in the novel?
  45. English

    Would it be a bad idea to start a concluding paragraph with hence?
  46. English

    The best way to get there is to take the bus. In this sentence is the infinitive phrase "to take" an adjective?
  47. chemistry

    Please explain, in simple English, why is milk a colloid?
  48. English

    you should pay your taxes regularly (rewrite the sentence. using 'have got to'
  49. english

    need help on writing science fiction short story?
  50. English

    has anyone taken the red badge of courage unit test? I really need help! Thanks!
  51. English

    find the infinitive Adam, try to be on time in the morning.
  52. Social studies

    What was the largest city in the 13 English colonies
  53. english

    what is the sypmbol of freedom? is it the white dove? just want to know for my poster im doing
  54. English

    why did the Virginia Woolf had such a revolutionary impact on so many writers?
  55. History

    why did the English settle in Virginia in the 17th century ?
  56. freshman english

    What are some rhetorical methods of developing a topic?
  57. english 9

    Why does Neiterkob’s daughter most likely tell the myth “The Beginnings of the Maasai”?
  58. english

    ) 1 had a black and .... white dog which has been missing since yesterday. A) a 6) an C) the D) none of these
  59. English

    Can you help me complete the sentence? I'm worried about Brian's +ing Thank you.
  60. English

    I have to write a 700 word essay on what my name means ????????????? And I need help!!!!
  61. english

    Describe Odysseus as you imagined him (your interpretation) in 5-6 sentences
  62. English

    Can you please show me a sample of a diagrammed sentence with phrases?
  63. English

    Unscramble these letters bikfatcrgos to make three words
  64. English HELP

    Has anyone ever read "The Ambitious Guest" by Nathaniel Hawthorne?
  65. English

    Tyler said there/their/they’re are four kittens sleeping in a box under the porch. their
  66. english

    how to achieve world peace by ma. casselle legaspi
  67. English 3

    How can a reader find the main idea of a passage
  68. english

    What are (desire lines) according to tim cresswell place?
  69. English

    In this sentences I just want to know whether this sentence is correct. Natalia is a better cook that I or me. I have I
  70. Grade 2 english

    What is the hidden word in the letters below:- aeeilnnstv Thanks
  71. english

    what is the main point in the book the rasin in the sun?
  72. calling ms. Sue ( another assignment )

    T_T ok so here's another assignment that should be pass tomorrow. please critique and i need help on how can i close this paragraph. "This English 101AYR course is coming to an end. What are your opinions about the hybrid (50% in-class - 50% online)
  73. critique my reflection paper

    i revised it and found my mistakes.. ignore my conclusion because it's not good i'm going to work on it. I have been an English 101 student for about 3 weeks now, and over the course of my stay, I have learned a lot more than I thought possible. I learned
  74. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you for your help. It's urgent 1) I must always bring all my books and exercise books to school (class?) I must do (my) homework every day. 2) How can I get to the school (or to school?) from here? Do you know how
  75. English

    Hi we had to write a poem for english class, i was wondering if mine was any good? I also was wondering if the last two lines sounded ok i wasn't sure. Fighting is a major part of the world today Which makes others just want to stay away Stressing the
  76. English

    1. I don't like to eat junk food. (Is 'junk' waste? What kinds of food are junk food? Would you name them, please?) 2. He is famous for poetry. 3. He is well-known for kindness. 4. He is noted for wealthy. 5. He is notorious for cruelty. (Are they all
  77. Grammar

    Are these answers correct? Punctuation within Sentences—Colon 1. The book had three different features: a hard-bound cover, a ribbon for a bookmark, and the author’s signature. Punctuation within Sentences—Colon 2. German grammar is simple: In that
  78. english

    9. Which of the following was not a major influence of the Modernist writers? (1 point) hope World War I World War II prosperity 10. An author’s attitude toward a piece of work is (1 point) tone voice style mood 11. In Hemingway’s short story, “In
  79. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 3:41am. 1. What was her character? 2. What does she look like? 3. What's her personality? 4. What is she like? 5. What is she similar to? -She was quiet and shy. (Can all the sentences from #5 to #1 be the
  80. English

    I added a few details to my previous summary. I need you to check it. 1) During his journey, he is shipwrecked on a desert island off the coast of South America, near the mouth of the Orinoco River, where he remains for 28 years. 2) To get himself food he
  81. Grammar and Composition

    please check my answers: Write true if the statement is true, and false if the statement is false. 1. An Etymology is a type of dictionary. False 2. An unabridged dictionary is a condensed version. False 3. Etymologies appear in [ square brackets ]. True
  82. help for homework

    can you correct that for me pleas? Have you ever sat in a classroom and observed the conversational styles of the students? Nowadays many people flying to another language because several reasons such as study , business, or even Tourism. However, When
  83. literature

    1. Hopkins's use of "seared," "bleared," and "smeared" is an example of A. metaphor. B. assonance. C. simile. D. alliteration. 2. A villanelle is A. a narrative poem written in blank verse. B. a formal poem using extensive repetition. C. a favorite
  84. english

    Im not really good at English so I need some help with this punctuation Add punctuation to the following excerpt. Writing under the name of Diedrich Knickerbocker Washington Irving aimed his potent satire at as diverse topics as political rivals such as
  85. American lit

    What is the significance of the kitchen setting in Langston’s Hughes’ poem “I,Too”? The kitchen represents images of deep racial injustice in society. Hughes wanted to express the importance of family tradition The kitchen is a symbol of hope
  86. Writing,English

    What is the difference between summiting a hard copy resume and an online resume? Where can I view example of both. How does a job-application letter to a company look like? http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/pw/index.html At this website, you'll find
  87. English

    Can you please tell me if I made any mistakes in the following sentences? Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1) Do you think you can help me find a school in
  88. English

    We are to write a phase autobiography. English is my second language. Could you just point out some obvious mistakes or awkwardness? These are just segments of my imperfect essay that I am not quite confident to show. Even when his raven hair suddenly
  89. English

    1. When is the due date of the report? It is on May 1st. 2. When is the deadline of the book? It is tomorrow. 3. When is the report due? It is due this morning. 4. When is the book due? It is due this Thursday. (Are the questions and answers all correct?
  90. English

    1. There are peieces of words. You should put the word pieces together and make complete English words by going through the maze. The first one is done for you. OK. Let's go. 2. Roll the dice and if you get #3, move forward three spaces and put your marker
  91. english

    Zora s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away therefore, to her friends and english (Points :1) Zora' s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away, therefore, to her friends and ... (Points :1) Zora' s lemon tree produces too
  92. English

    Hello again. Please help me with several more questions. 1)Is it possible to say "treaty about" or is it only "treaty on (nuclear disarmament)"? 2)Is the verb "proclaim" OK in the context "he proclaimed that children were starving in Zimbabwe"? 3)Does
  93. Language Arts

    ________________________________________ 1. What is the purpose of subheadings in informational text? A. To Highlight Ideas B. To identify Ideas <- C. To summarize info in a different way D. To Define Specialized Vocab
  94. English ASAP Please

    Which one of the following sentences is grammatically correct? A. I really need to lay down. B. Sit it down over there by the window. C. I thought it would be best if I were to rise the curtain. D. The men came today to lay the carpet in the living room.
  95. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 3:39am. 1. The grass grows thick in the garden. 2. The grass grows thickly in the garden. 3. The grass grows thin in the garden. 4. The grass grows thinly in the garden. (Which expressions are correct and
  96. monitoring student progress

    [RECALL] that before a teacher assigns homework or tests, he or she needs to monitor students’ progress to determine their level of understanding. Monitoring techniques include both formal and informal observations [IDENTIFY] a time-efficient way to
  97. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 9:59pm. 1. A dolphin is a clever animal. ---------------------------------- In this sentence, 'A dolphin' is in generic use. How about 'a clever animal'? Is it in generic use? Does 'a' mean 'one' in 'a clever animal'? •
  98. English

    Thursday, September 7, 2006 Gore ending by Fa’ttima Omran Grade nine English “Eat of our food.” It echoed endlessly, each time I heard them chanting … calling her. . . “No!” “Lucas, help!” I stooped, stunned, disbelieving every bitter bit
  99. English, Business English, Communications

    I revised this memo to approve the you-attitude. Can someone tell me if I did it correctly? If I didn't what did I do wrong. I worked on this for 3 hours! Subject: Status of Building Renovations We are happy to announce that the renovation of the lobby is
  100. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 7:59pm. 1. I totally disagree with you. 2. I completely disagree with you. 3. I entirely disagree with you. ( Do they mean that I don't agree with you at all?) (Are they grammatical? What is the difference