1. English

    What does the proverb 'you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar' mean?
  2. English

    How do I relate literary operators to meaningless words?
  3. english/literture

    what is the timeline on the book the scarlet letter
  4. english

    I need help unscrambling this word!!!! AAAATTTLIIRRONNME its two words and its a name of a mall!
  5. french

    what does Elle travaille dans un hotel mean in english?
  6. English

    The climb by Miley Cyrus and i argue about her philosophy
  7. english

    Draw a hut under a tree. which is subject and predicate
  8. english 1

    what is the term used for the underlined group/unit of lines?
  9. english

    credit card paragraph using five adverbs and five adjectives
  10. english

    Some people say that victims of bullying eventually become the bullies. Why do you think this happens?
  11. English

    I'm really sorry. The last two sentences in my last post shouldn't be there because you already checked them. I really apologize for that.
  12. English 227

    What are your tips, tricks and help for conducting research?
  13. english

    write a story about someone whose plans went horribly wrong
  14. english

    what is the significance of Athena turning into birds throughout the Odyssey?
  15. English

    synonym for cope six letters 5th letter is g
  16. english

    i need three strong reason to convince people to go bowling
  17. english

    white peoples views on the stolen generation

    What does it mean to vary the sentence pattern within a written work?

    I expect a friend to be both honest and a loyal person.
  20. english

    I have to write an expository essay on Second Hand Lions. How would i do that?
  21. english

    in the crucible ahet is reverend parris not upset about
  22. English

    How was Edmond loved in the Count of Monte Cristo?
  23. English

    What are some analogies in Anthem by Ayn Rand from chapters 9-12
  24. english 10

    use each of the three different figures of speech(simile,metaphor,and personification) at least once
  25. english

    traditional african marrriage is an advatage for men only
  26. college english 2

    can you please do a commentary on this article. the title is whose class are you in.
  27. english

    Where can I find scholarly articles/journals about Islamophobia? Thank you!
  28. English

    Comma or semicolon? He seemed like a cat, one that was afraid of strangers.
  29. English

    Who does the monster care about in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"?
  30. english

    african merriage is an advantage for mans only not for womans?
  31. english

    What do you think the poor old man may symbolize? (The Pardoner's Tale)
  32. English assignment

    How do I start off an essay about racial inequality?
  33. English

    Where is the comma in this sentence? Well Deborah sighed "the parade is over."
  34. english

    10 simple sentences on teenage eating habits
  35. english

    choose the sentence wich contains a idirect object
  36. English

    why is traditional african is an advantage for men only ,not women?
  37. english

    where can i get some evidence to support many jobs do not require college.
  38. english

    narration to process analysis exam 050542

  40. Spanish

    What does siete niños translate to in English? and what does primaria mean?
  41. 6th grade English

    Why is diversity healthy within a culture?
  42. English (very simple)

    What are some phrases similar to "Case in point"? Thank you very much.
  43. English

    He was no longer the poor,common boy ashamed of who/whom he was. should i use who or whom here?
  44. english

    what is the theme of the poem "Dying" by Emily Dickinson
  45. english

    I need a summary on ch.13,14,15 on "Death on the Ice." by Cassie Brown I would really appreciate your help.
  46. English

    1. It is a small world. (What does 'it' refer to? Is 'it' an impersonal pronoun?)
  47. vocab/english

    i need a sentence using bombastic with context clues please.
  48. English

    A: Lunch is on me. B: _______________. (What are suitable expressions in the blanks?)
  49. english

    femini dentist,doctor,person andteacher
  50. english

    what can be the possible correct write up if you would feature the place where you haven't been?
  51. English 2

    How do the native Americans respond to the spaniards in the first encounter
  52. English

    Why did the Puritans regard fiction and drama as sinful?
  53. English

    The subway travels at fast speed under the ground.
  54. question

    Tomorrow is my English exam. do you think I can get high marks?
  55. English

    What is the theme of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe?
  56. English Check please

    Ravenous and cavernous italicized meaning is
  57. TX History

    Just want to be sure on this... are Tejanos english settlers from mexican decent?
  58. English/Reading

    Hidden meaning? PPPP --------- earth Thanks!
  59. English

    What is the difference between the denotative and connotative meaning of a word?
  60. spanish

    what is the english translation of all fill del compare?
  61. English

    1. He will be/become a soccer player. 2. He will be / become rich. (Can we use both 'be' and 'become' in the sentences? Do they have the same meaning?)
  62. english, individual differences

    please send us the articles about this topic
  63. english

    whats the crossing the threshold for shrek the mivie?
  64. english

    Danielle used to take that photo in 2007 what iswrong in this sentence
  65. social studies

    Why did the English and Spanish want colonies in America?
  66. English

    Unscramble these letters bikfatcrgos to make three words
  67. 2nd grade english

    what is the verb in this sentence: He's very smart.
  68. English

    what is it called when you can't put the words an, a or the infront of a noun?
  69. Research Question for English

    How does a person inherit intelligence from someone else?
  70. English

    I am in need of some paraphrasing worksheets to help firm up that concept. Not a question, but need help.
  71. Homophones/ 8th grade English

    What is a homophone for racecourse?
  72. English 9

    Why does Neiterkob’s daughter most likely tell the myth “The Beginnings of the Maasai”?
  73. English

    help I need a book report on Anastasia. It needs six sentences pls help.
  74. English

    What is the thematic significance of the advice Atticus gives Scout?
  75. english

    What are the adverbs in 'Will you please put your book inside your bag?'
  76. English

    I need help writing a 14 line 10 syllable love poem. Can you help?
  77. SS

    Are there schools in the USA for people who don't speak English?
  78. English

    hey ppl... do u know any places i could get online reviews from??
  79. english

    Why should you don't live your life in fear of terrorism?
  80. English

    Annotating a book. How many literary devices should you list down?
  81. english/science

    How far down is the Titanic? How far apart are the 2 large pieces of wreckage?
  82. College english

    Can any obstacle or disadvantage be turned into something good?
  83. English 3

    What is the message/theme in "Eulogy" by Brian Turner?
  84. english

    how could i fix this phrase "when i was spoon feeding her soup"
  85. English

    What is the part of speech for the word have in the following sentence? Does she have the flu?
  86. english 12

    why does the gaudian sylph Ariel warn Belinda?
  87. english

    Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons
  88. English

    Where can I find examples of non-conformity that was demonstrated during any of the wars?
  89. English I

    What are a couple REALLY good thesaurus sites that you would recommend?
  90. english

    as an orderly art is what part of speech would it be adjedtive
  91. english

    The deer which come to the salt lick, stay all summer.
  92. Social Studies/English

    Words describing Midewin Thank you!
  93. english

    what is the noun in the sentence, As he turned to go, he spat speculatively.
  94. english

    How can this thesis statement be written better? Rap music is the best ever.
  95. English

    Traditional marriage is an advantage for men only, not women
  96. english

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men yes or n o?
  97. english

    pliz help. is this sentence gramatically correct. i am looking forward to getting to know you.
  98. english

    i need help with finding doing and helping words in the sentences and i have to find the who and what
  99. english

    What's the root or base of the word "Deceit"? Or it doesn't have any?
  100. english

    did dwight d eisenhower achieved the american dream?