I need a thesis statement on the crimes of prohibition era
  2. english 1

    why does aunt alexander thank miss maudie with her eyes
  3. english

    Jordan likes going to the theatre to watch movies
  4. english

    the girl returned to her island. what is the prepositional phrase?

    Fire can be either friendly or a foe, depending on the situation.
  6. english

    what are the dialouges of mrs. reed in jane eyre
  7. English

    I need to write about how the element of character functions in the story as a whole..
  8. english

    who is princess ktimene in odyssey book 15 cant find this
  9. english

    after the had reached the museum is this a subordinate or and independent clause?
  10. English

    List 3 examples of alliteration found in Beowulf.
  11. English

    List 3 examples of Kennings found in Beowulf.
  12. English

    I don't know what the quotes R for the poem the city is so big
  13. English

    Is it "'un-acknowledged" or "unacknowledged" or neither of these and there is no such word? (I'm trying to write an essay.) Thanks!
  14. english

    Is the punctuation in the following sentance correct. If you can, will you make me a sandwich?
  15. english

    What are the sayings called ex: It is raining cats and dogs ?
  16. english

    can you maybe give me a site or something that gives an example of a character sketch.. because i'm not too sure how to write one.

    I expect a friend to be both honest and a loyal person.
  18. English

    I need help writing a thesis statement on the power of research.
  19. English

    passive to active voice ,he will send me a pen by him
  20. English

    Currection the following sentance "Many childs love going to the zoo"
  21. English

    What verb is missing If alexa Me about the homework , I might have forgotten it .
  22. English

    Can you help me complete the sentence? I'm worried about Brian's +ing Thank you.
  23. english

    Which sentence contains the correct form of the possessive pronoun?
  24. English

    1. He was taking down what she said. 2. He was noting down what she said. 3. He was writing down what she said. ------------------------ Are they all grammatical? Can we use some other expressions?
  25. english

    Poetry that is not artistic in form or meaning is didactic.
  26. English

    Any one got any book recommendations for a 8th to 9th grader?
  27. english

    Free verse is poetry that has no rhythm true?
  28. english

    is shy is another word for lack of self-confidence are they the same or different cause i think im getting mix up here please help and thank you
  29. English

    I scored 3428 on my reading scantron...is that good?
  30. english

    how's cosmetic surgery a bad addiction few sentences please
  31. languages

    Is there a web site that can help students out, if they can not speak English?
  32. English

    How to write a debate for the motion boys should not help in the kitchen
  33. english

    what is the correct way to write, (A characteristic I dislike is someone who is weak).
  34. english

    The road home is both icy and curvy, so be careful!
  35. english

    What chapter is when dracula attacks Lucy Westerna
  36. English

    In the novel Push by Sapphire, how does the narration change as the novel progresses?
  37. english

    Critical thinking: alien tour guide
  38. Trig/ English

    I need an Acrostic poem for the word "Exponent"
  39. english

    What are the most large ecological problems in the world todayÉ
  40. english

    killings animal for economic gain is acceptable
  41. english

    why does tasha the narrator in the tail think that her summer is ruined
  42. English assignment

    Need help finding taboos in the 21st century

    What are words with the ending shion except cushion and fashion?
  44. English

    Spot the error in the sentence one of the chairs are broken
  45. english language arts

    can prepositions come at the end of the sentence
  46. English

    What are some examples of modern people who were "destroyed but not defeated"?
  47. English

    To what extent to schools need more structure and discipline? Any opinions??
  48. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only?
  49. English 12

    How are annotations in The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act 1 helpful?

    Unscramble the letters: N A N Qu I I R A B I N S O U I O TO MAKE THE BIGGEST WORD
  51. english

    What is the difference between the movie and book for flower for Algernon?
  52. English

    what is the meaning on distaff, flyers, spool, and reel? Thank you.
  53. english

    What would the novel A Separate peace be like if Finny narrated the story?
  54. English

    When he thought he can afford to pay his own school fees.
  55. english

    what is the grammar point of the sentence "none of us are free when one of us is chained"
  56. English

    Why is it important that canada produce value added products?
  57. English

    Write a story which ends with "when i woked up, it was all a dream".
  58. english

    How does Aenea's detachment differ from Rama's in the Ramayana?
  59. US history

    how did the Virginia colony survive with the help of the English colonists?
  60. vocabulary english

    although the storm left the family...., it could not.... their spirits.
  61. English

    Essay on "if i could invent a new toy" of 500 words
  62. english

    The road home is both icy and curvy, so be careful!

  64. english literature

    what is the significance of the odan tree in africa?
  65. English

    what are two symptoms the author experiences when exposed to perfume?
  66. english

    how did the cat catch the mice? isn't that a sentence?
  67. English

    If I say "Did Tom speak Italian" is this past tense?
  68. english

    how do you write an annotated bibliography on animal experimentation
  69. history/english

    does this make sense: the law had to be amend.
  70. English

    I may write this. I need to know if you both agree to include students from years 10/11.
  71. english

    how many types of verbs are there, like there is action verb, any other kind?
  72. english

    how do you start a good beggining of a story plz help
  73. english

    The novel followed the drama as a major form in England. true?
  74. English

    what does it mean when it asks "for a person who you would view as an outstanding innovator in his/her own right?"
  75. english

    What are the adverbs in this sentence? Grace watched him rather disgustedly.
  76. English

    true or false all the words in could have been prevented are verbs.
  77. English

    What are the main differences between hardcopies and online submissions?
  78. english

    what is the question and answer flow for an exclamatory sentence?
  79. English

    In the play "Galileo" by Bertolt Brecht, what happens in scene 5 and what does it mean?
  80. English

    Explain relationships between two or more seemingly unrelated things.
  81. english

    clutced her notebook in the other hand as though it were a flyswatter is this a similie?
  82. U.S. History

    How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed?
  83. english

    Can someone tell me which site is more reliable and which are not and why? thenation wikipedia bridgeportand Thank you
  84. English

    how can I write a journey on the Walk Two Moons book?

  86. English

    How do you know if the pronoun agrees with it's antecedent. I am not sure what antecendent really means
  87. English

    does this need a comma: Over six billion souls in the world and they all have something in common. Thanks for ur help.
  88. English

    Can you give me examples of homonym words for first graders?
  89. English

    What are the central beliefs of Islam, how are they reflected in the "Five Pillars”?
  90. english

    What does this mean? "If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless."
  91. english

    If i wanted to write a history of summer.. how would i start it
  92. english

    The jacket with a blue collar is mine. What are the phrases?
  93. English

    The customer paid by _______ for his new ______ suit..
  94. English

    I need help writing my introduction... I have to write an argument paper...
  95. English

    I want to make my writing personal and direct what pronoun should I use ?
  96. english

    lord of the flies - what does ralph daydream about in chapter 7
  97. english 1

    what are three reasons y nuclear weapons should be banded and how are they dangerous?
  98. english

    Please help me...I need activities about Transitional Devices or Words or Phrases... Thanks...
  99. english composition ll

    Which of the following best illustrates a positive feedback loop?
  100. English

    What is an integrative sentence? Explain please. Thanks. I'm in 4th grade!