1. english

    Neither her associates nor the doctor __________ the surgery is necessary. thinks think
  2. English

    1. Is it too late to call him. (What does 'it' refer to in the sentence? Weather?)
  3. english

    What is the difference between the movie and book for flower for Algernon?
  4. Social studies

    What was the largest city in the 13 English colonies
  5. english

    What's the root or base of the word "Deceit"? Or it doesn't have any?
  6. english

    can someone please write me a story based on a grudge. i will be really happy.
  7. English

    What are the answers to unit 3 lesson 2 quick check
  8. English

    Suggest ways to avoid fallacies in your thesis
  9. english

    which language is used to make comparisons in business communication
  10. English

    I need an adjective to describe someone who does not like to take the lead, or initiative. Thanks in advance!
  11. english

    HELP!!!!!!! i need a primary and secondary source about Maria Lock.
  12. English

    why are you most likely to find stereotypes in legends and fairy tales?
  13. English

    what does it mean when it asks "for a person who you would view as an outstanding innovator in his/her own right?"
  14. English 3

    What is the message/theme in "Eulogy" by Brian Turner?
  15. English

    cesorship in writing for students.. give three points... i only have one..
  16. English 4

    Why do people still study Giovanni Boccaccio today?
  17. english

    Poetry that is not artistic in form or meaning is didactic.
  18. english

    Free verse is poetry that has no rhythm true?
  19. english

    What about Thoreau’s night in jail made him angry?
  20. English help

    What are some interesting facts about Nikki Giovanni's writing?
  21. english

    What does John say is the one rule in his and Henry’s class? (1 point)
  22. english

    what is the correct spelling with troublesome consonants,sheriff
  23. english

    can you help me fill in each blank with a word about Money Problem
  24. english literature

    when did romantic love become the basis for marriage?
  25. French 1

    what does "Je rentre de l'ecole et je vais au restaurant." mean in English?
  26. English

    Is there a word for someone who is never late in reaching work or school?
  27. English

    Anyone read boys and girls by Alice Munro ?
  28. English

    The problem is my thesis statement. That is the step I am stuck on.
  29. English

    Has anyone here read the Gift of the Magi? I want some confirmation on a few parts.
  30. english

    what kind of messages do sterotypes send out to people?
  31. english

    what does it mean when the question is asking you ¨what was something that ¨stuck with you¨ during the reading of this article? explain." thanks
  32. english

    If i wanted to write a history of summer.. how would i start it
  33. English

    How has media convergence changed American culture?
  34. english

    Choose the plural noun that's spelled correctly?
  35. english

    what can i make my grabber for an essay I'm doing on the great gatsby?
  36. English

    I need help writing my introduction... I have to write an argument paper...
  37. english

    Can someone tell me which site is more reliable and which are not and why? thenation wikipedia bridgeportand Thank you
  38. English

    How can I become my own editor and review my writing with a critical eye?
  39. English

    What is thr Literary Technique Used in the story I keesh
  40. english

    narration to process analysis exam 050542
  41. english

    write a story about someone whose plans went horribly wrong
  42. english

    what are some short stories or books about hostage situations
  43. French

    What is the English translation of: Que veut dire VTT?
  44. English

    what is it called when you can't put the words an, a or the infront of a noun?
  45. english

    How can you resolve conflict whilst working in the community
  46. English

    The skaters must finish the race in two days. (What does 'in' mean in this sentence? Does 'in' mean 'after' or 'within'?)
  47. english

    what are the possible advantages for whether or not humor is an effective way to package a serious message.
  48. English

    I am creating a document for my NHS, and I'm trying to use the § sign properly. Can you please tell me how to do so?
  49. english

    The road home is both icy and curvy, so be careful!
  50. English

    I scored 3428 on my reading scantron...is that good?
  51. english

    how do i diagram the sentence What does total cansecration to God mean?
  52. English

    Don't let me down. (What is the part of speech of 'down' in this sentence? And what is the meaning of 'down' here?)
  53. english

    How do i do a Walam Olum? Where do i start? I can not draw at all and it looks like that is part of it... please help.
  54. English vocabulary

    Is the synonym for: to have a leading role=to star
  55. English

    Is the word UNDERSTANDINGOF correct ? Or is it spelt UNDERSTANDING OF ?
  56. english

    so his instructors suggested him to stay with water sports.
  57. english

    would anyone please explain simple compound and complex sentences
  58. english

    What effect does lacking personal responsibility have on materialism?
  59. English

    Sons By John Updilike How is the tone of the narrator?
  60. English

    need to do a project on VICTORIA - and would like some examples of templates and setting it out etc. Can anyone help?
  61. English

    Can you give me examples of homonym words for first graders?
  62. english

    describe the surface of a planet using the 5 senses (year 7)....
  63. English

    Why is emily dickinson referred to as Belle of Amherst
  64. english

    What factors should be used to determine a playwright's target audience?
  65. english

    what is the noun in the sentence, As he turned to go, he spat speculatively.
  66. english honors

    How do you make a paragraph using allusion in them? it can be on any topic
  67. English

    Discuss your understanding of the term ‘Tense’ used in grammar
  68. English

    Q: Who are Antonio's friends in the Tempest? Are they Sebastian and Alonso?
  69. english

    can someone please check one of my paragraphs for my essay and then delete the post
  70. English

    does this need a comma: Over six billion souls in the world and they all have something in common. Thanks for ur help.
  71. English grammar

    Two hundred rupees are/is a lot of money.
  72. english

    Why is making a weakness a strength an important skill to have?
  73. English 2

    How do the native Americans respond to the spaniards in the first encounter
  74. English

    A: Hi, Mom. I'm home. B: _________________ (What will be suitable expressions for B? Thank you.)
  75. english

    How can you tell what kind of infinitive is: -a noun -an adjective -or a verb?
  76. english

    What are 3 main motifs in Act III of Hamlet?
  77. English

    how i describe 19th century? really olden days?
  78. english

    Intelligence of the turkey, write the following in possessive form
  79. Geography

    which of the following statements best characteristics the english colony of roanoke? A B C D
  80. english

    What opinion might they have of the author? What could you as a writer do to prevent this problem?
  81. English 3

    How can a reader find the main idea of a passage
  82. english

    if i say ''cocoa ran fast.'' is that still only using nouns and verbs?
  83. English

    To what extent to schools need more structure and discipline? Any opinions??
  84. english

    When writing a short story should a pronoun be given in the first person
  85. english

    Draw a hut under a tree. which is subject and predicate
  86. english

    10 simple sentences on teenage eating habits
  87. English

    Anyone read Boys and Girls by Alice Munro ?
  88. english

    Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons
  89. english

    What are the adjectives in this sentence? A giant sequoyia is ancient.
  90. English

    What rhetorical device would be using the term Creator instead of God?
  91. English

    I expect a friend to be honest and a loyal person.
  92. english

    the passage makes it clear that aunt georgiana??
  93. english

    whats a tip to write down on improving a newspaper?
  94. English

    Who does the monster care about in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"?
  95. English

    Could someone please clarify this sentence for me, thanks. I ain't so sure I wasn't better off in the old days.
  96. English Grammar

    What is the comparative and superlative of: 1. Learned=? 2. Talkative=? 3. Few=?
  97. English

    What is overcoming problems an integral part of life?
  98. english

    in act 3 of Mactbeth, what value does Macbeth put on his soul?
  99. English

    Why is silent reading good for children during class?
  100. english

    The report was thorough.It saved the department several hundred dollars