1. english

    give a paragraph by underlineing the verbs
  2. English

    what is the Past Present and future for carry
  3. English

    How can I find words for roots? like il- and post
  4. business english

    which of the following sentences uses passive appropriately
  5. English Comp.

    Define "integrated quotation"
  6. english

    can divining be replaced by doubting or realizing
  7. English (grammar)

    The players were playing hockey
  8. english

    does anyone know a poem about foolish friend please write it down thank you
  9. english

    can someone tell me what the living conditions of Shakespeare's times were like
  10. english

    Examples of personal assignment about your own personality
  11. english

    what are some examples of discrimination in schools? i need to come up with a hypothetical example
  12. english

    mischief composition with 350 words
  13. English

    Does this line make sense: something good comes of everything
  14. english

    The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also beautiful.
  15. English

    My sister enjoys taking me to museum. Her and I go often
  16. English

    Which of the following statements about literary movements is not true?
  17. english

    projects for the stranger by albert camus
  18. English

    Bloodhound is to scent as ______ is to vision
  19. english

    what would be a disillusionment using setting in the Great Gatsby?
  20. English

    Is that correct to say: If he were she (or in her place) , h'd get a racer? Thank you very much fr your help and information!
  21. English 11

    Which of the following statements about common sense is not true
  22. English

    How does voice affect the credibility of a text?
  23. english

    What is the subject of the following sentence? Please help me figure this out! a. Please b. help c. me d. You (implied)
  24. English

    * Should I finish all this work in an hour? What is the meaning of 'in'? Does it mean 'after' or 'within'?
  25. english

    what is Erotophobia and the common side affects?
  26. english

    ms sue r u a real teacher or a computer?
  27. English

    Making a poem about the word problem
  28. english

    is experimenting a subject or predict nominative
  29. english

    report on world wildlife federation
  30. english

    How does a motif help portray the theme of a story?
  31. English

    Would down to earth be considered a character trait?
  32. English (vocabulary)

    How can you use the word 'malice' in a sentence?
  33. English

    Thank you . I just need to know if it is right to say "Read pp. 71-75 and then do the following gap-filling activity".
  34. english

    Pls Re-arrange this word aidgact
  35. English

    Each of the boys began to clean _____desk. a. his b. him c. their
  36. English

    They ( work) heard for annual examination
  37. English

    Bloodhound is to scent as ______ is to vision
  38. ^English^

    Pls.., what is the difference btw. FIRST Name, MIDDLE Name and LAST Name?
  39. English

    What are the similarities in the process of reading and writing?
  40. English

    e.g. the Ig Nobel Prizes (Wht is 'Ig' short for?)
  41. business english

    which of the following sentences uses passive appropriately
  42. english

    You _____ all morning, so there is no reason to be tired.
  43. english

    The main antagonist to the other characters within the story is?
  44. English

    What is a good site for some hard Anologies?
  45. English

    why student refrain from absences in this new generation??
  46. English

    What does it mean when your teacher asks you "identify" the climax of a novel?
  47. english

    Can someone give me some example on indefinite pronouns. Like in sentences!! thanks!!!
  48. English

    How to draw a picture of a person assuming something
  49. english

    How is the use of the omniscient narrator similiar and different in each genre?
  50. english

    what is the adverb in this sentence? "Soon people became very fearful."
  51. English

    I urgently need you to check the agenda again: Agenda of the Comenius project 1) 27 January 2012 Greeting of the principal of "... high school" (to the German and French schools) in the teachers' library. 9 pm -12pm Visit of the school (and its
  52. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 5:20am. 1. Does it live in the land or in the sea? 2. Does it live on land or in the sea? (Are both the same in meaning?) English - Writeacher, Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 8:41am In the land = down in
  53. English

    I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you very much. 1)Mary I (the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon) repealed anti-catholic legislation and reintroduced the catholic religion. 2)Elizabeth I’s (Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s
  54. English

    Writeacher, I urgently need you to check this email. In particular, I wrote a few things I need to express better. 1) He has such a strong determination he always menages to achieve his goals. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. 2) Our students
  55. English 101

    I need help starting my english paper Draft a 7-9 page paper that compares and contrasts how the topic or theme you chose from the book was treated (or mistreated) in the film, and weigh in on what affect that has on the viewer as opposed to the reader.
  56. Astronomy

    1. How did the geocentric model explain the retrograde motion of planets? A. Earth moves faster in its orbit and passes the other planets. B. The planets move backward when they get too close to earth. C. The planets travel in circles as they move around
  57. English

    1. I made the boy carry my bag. 2. The boy is made to carry my bag. (#2 is the passive voice of #1. By the way why is 'to' added before "carry" in #2?) English - Writeacher, Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 8:33pm One is not exactly the passive of the other.
  58. english..... please help me again.

    please help me on my exam. to make good answer enough.please correct my english and answer if it is relevant to the question. thanks alot. please help me if you can give or add more on my answers. question 2.“Spoken language was the first form of
  59. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 2:09am. 1. How about goind economics camp? 2. How much did you spend? I bought a $50 shirt and a $5 socks. (Would you check the expressions? Please correct incorrect expressions?) English - SraJMcGin, Saturday,
  60. English

    The pronoun antecedents are unclear in the following sentences. Underline the pronouns in each, then rewrite the sentences so the antecedent is clear. --------------------------------------- 1. I really like reading mystery novels, but I like reading
  61. English

    apple of my eye: One's favorite person; the one you love most. In Old English, the pupil of the eye (the round, dark center) was called the 'apple'. It was thought that the pupil was a round object much like an apple. When you look at someone, their
  62. English Captilization

    I just want to know if i got all of these quiz questions right for captilization. Thanks 1. Which answer best fits into the blank? Drive _____ on I-270 to get to Grove City. A.South B.south C. the south I think it is B. 2. Which answer best fits into the
  63. English/Writing

    Explain the point of view for each of the following: A. Participant 1: teenager Partcipant 2: father Situation: family car on a date A: The teenager is excited to be driving the family car on his date. The father is worried that some damage may come upon
  64. english

    how can this sentence be corrected "The ball was hit by the boy." The sentence was not incorrect in the first place, but it was in passive voice, and both bobby and Kayse have turned it around and put it in active voice. It's always MUCH better to write in
  65. English

    Here is the second part which is sometimes confusing. I really hope you can help me. 1) Sharing of the results in English, interpretations and formulations (elaborations/working-out/drafting) through an Internet platform set up by the German high school
  66. Language arts, please help!

    A Surprising Point of View: A Television Play in Two Acts Characters: (in order of appearance) 1. JASON: a boy of about 14. He is a student in Ms. Smith’s English class. He regularly misbehaves in order to get attention, and he doesn’t apply himself to
  67. English

    Writeacher, can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1) My list included 27 students, including an older student from class IV F who would like to be involved in a science project to be carried out in English. 2) As you can see 17 of your
  68. English

    1. He bought Jane a present. 2. Jane was bought a present. 3. A present was bought for Jane. According to Longman English grammar (which was published long ago, about 30 years ago.), #1 can be changed into #2. What about at present? Is this rule changed or
  69. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:00pm. 1. Tell me more about rice cake. 2. Tell me a lot about rice cake. (What is the part of speech of 'more'? A noun or an adverb? Are both the same?) English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, September 15, 2010
  70. English

    Guess what the pictures are about on this page? On the top left side, two people are carrying umbrellas on the sidewalk. It is rainy in this region. Look at the top right. The trees are shaking hard because of typhoon or tornado. The waves seem to a little
  71. Manuscript on an Article (bobpursley)

    Posted by bobpursley on Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 8:56pm in response to English (Speech). Read the article. What did it say? What was it point of view? Was the author complete in the analysis? What needs to be done? How did it make you feel? So in the
  72. English

    English - Writeacher, Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 11:35pm 1, 2, and 2-1 -- correct 3. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, and they amounted to a bowl. incorrect I said this was incorrect because it's not clear what the
  73. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, September 30, 2016 at 10:08pm. ------------------------ Can we use both prepositions, on and 1. The temperature on dokdo is around 12 degrees Celsius. 2. The temperature of dokdo is around 12 degrees Celsius. of? •English - Ms.
  74. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much for the help. I wonder if you could say "a post office in Oxford Street instead on Oxford Street" in British English. 1) I have to keep my homework exercise book in order. 2) At school I

    Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, September 2, 2007 at 6:01pm. download mp3 free instrumental remix Also a continued post from yesterday: I am wondering then why it's asked this way, "BENEATHA is particularly bitter, BUT Ruth defends Walter. What does Ruth
  76. French

    I'm trying to figure out how you would say "he is being" in French. I know it has something to do with the present participle "étant," but we haven't really gotten very far into this yet in class. Would you say "il est étant" or "il étant?" Ok I found
  77. english..pls. ms. sue help me

    please help me on my exam. to make good answer enough.please correct my english and answer if it is relevant to the question. thanks alot. please help me if you can give or add more on my answers. question 2.“Spoken language was the first form of
  78. math

    In a survey of 25 college students, it was found that 9 were taking an English class, 14 were taking a math class, and 8 were taking both English and math. How many students were taking a math class only
  79. english

    What are the most large ecological problems in the world todayÉ
  80. english 9 a

    which of these is a compound noun? A.flashlight B.birds C.butter
  81. english

    in the scarlett letter, how is cultural renewal shown.
  82. English

    I need help getting a summery of each stanza in the poem "The Raven" by Poe.
  83. english

    ms.sue that's what im asking you but i will only use three of those sections so i need your help by giving me four topic sentences
  84. english

    Character can be portrayed by direct exposition. false?
  85. English

    The first movies were different from today’s films. What is the simple predicate
  86. english

    What does this mean? "If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless."
  87. English

    One other word for "corruption" would be: A. wickedness B. annoyance C. anger A?
  88. re-writeacher gcse english

    sorry i didn`t write it was about shakespear. thanks for your help
  89. English

    How do you pronounce "mouths," which is the plural form of 'mouth.'
  90. Leo: font

    Perfect!! From an English teacher... You done good! =)
  91. english

    what is an affix ....is it the ending added to a root word
  92. english

    I identify noun in the following sentence They worked for months together
  93. English

    Can you help me with details for descriptive essay for the Eiffel Tower?
  94. English

    African slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs
  95. 2nd grade english

    what is the verb in this sentence: He's very smart.
  96. English Literature

    What is the purpose of Cantos 26-28 of Dante's Inferno?
  97. English

    Write a essay on earthquake up to 300 words
  98. english

    how do you write an annotated bibliography on animal experimentation

    make little words from the word pomegranate.
  100. english

    i would like some tips on how to right a level 4 story about an irshman and a cat?