1. English

    I have been asked to do a project, in which i have to discribe myself with out writing my name. can anyone help me what i should do?
  2. english

    I want to either study or to work abroad after I graduate.
  3. English

    In the sentence,"She sat down and watched."is down an adverb?
  4. English

    How do you write an essay on hobbies? Please Answer. Thank You.
  5. English

    How would facing our fears help us uncover our inner strength?
  6. english

    is a summary a single expository paragraph?
  7. english

    we plant two bean seeds in different pots.
  8. English

    Can someone help please: What are 2 events that ended the Progressive era?
  9. English

    Change into passive - I have been registering scores like that.
  10. english

    what are some Controversia topics in regards to what is happening in the news currently?
  11. English

    Is drawing considered a physical challenge
  12. english

    unscramble WRONTH to make a verb
  13. english

    ..abandonment, except for memories, was the common thing..
  14. english

    can anyone say the literative meaning of journey..plz help
  15. english

    i Once Protected China From Invaders ,Now I Am A Wonder Visitors.What Am I ?
  16. english

    Which of these are epics? A.Gilgamesh B.Beowulf C.The Odyssey D.All of the above E.I'm not sure.
  17. english

    what are 3 arts of frankenstein in chronological order.
  18. english

    does south african revolution value customs.
  19. english

    make the word with below letter eiiioblrsty
  20. English

    please help me to prepare for asl topic monuments
  21. english books

    Who was the first to challenge the book The Awakening.
  22. english

    I want to either study or to work abroad after I graduate.
  23. english

    Are you going to go trick or treating? which is subject which is predicate.
  24. English

    would "the only heroic thing is the sky" be personification?
  25. English

    1. Oh, my! 2. Oh, my God! 3. Oh, my gosh! 4. Oh, my goodness! [Is #1 from #2? What is the origin of #1?]
  26. English

    What are the steps to make a good essay?
  27. English

    Who is H. L. Mencken? What is he best know for? What was his reputation? Why was he disliked by many Southerners? can anybody help with this thanks
  28. english

    How should i start to write a victimology about dracula
  29. English

    I need a summary of the poem easter 1916
  30. english

    "How to make both ends meet." i think it's a sentence too?
  31. english

    "Whatever is decided here." i think it's a sentence because it has a subject and a verb?
  32. english

    thesis statement on jack the ripper
  33. English

    Where can I find an example of an argumentative essay on the Internet?
  34. english II

    How does prewriting affect the success of an essay?
  35. english

    whay was fahrenheit 451 banned
  36. english

    In the book The devil's arithmetic, what are two symbols?
  37. english

    The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also a beauty.
  38. english

    Which word is closest in meaning to “impediments”?
  39. english

    use an sentence using impression with context clues
  40. english

    i need help finding jokes for my talent show
  41. English

    What literary device is this, "I owe you a lot of $!"?
  42. English

    What is the role of art in people’s life?
  43. english

    is their any such things as a sklekion bird that talks.
  44. english

    drawing or painting a rough outline
  45. English

    What has a lot of power and start with with a "s" and ends with a "l".
  46. english

    how can i describe polluted air using imagery
  47. english

    What is a personification expression for hands on a clock?
  48. English

    Five things considered as media in journalism?
  49. english

    (who,whom)____ will the choir director choose?
  50. english

    is there any future survival for the Red Pandas.
  51. english

    What is the exposition in the book Poseidon's arrow?
  52. English

    What lesson do you think is important from the reading of "Hands"?
  53. English

    What does it mean by "... Old fools are babes again ..."? Please explain to me!!! THANKS A LOT!

    I want to either study or to work abroad after I graduate.
  55. English

    What are some flaws that people had against equal rights?
  56. english

    can you give me a noting details story
  57. english language

    why i dislike to being monitor of my class
  58. English

    Staggered is what type of context clue
  59. english

    what should i do if i can't come up with a title for an essay? is it alright for it to be untitled?
  60. english

    Is the word "think" a transitive or intransitive verb?
  61. English

    Should this be who or whom and why? _____ did the general salute as he walked by?
  62. english

    why is sasha in trouble in the story "a problem"
  63. Civics

    What was the purpose of english colonies, according to england? Please help.

    My sister Aliah is both a comic and smart.
  65. english

    write a sentence beginning with three if clauses
  66. english

    I need help on writing an essay on how entrepreneurship affects me
  67. 4th grade-English

    Could someone tell me if his and their is a common noun?
  68. English

    where can i find help about direct and indirect objects
  69. english

    What is the difference between a play and prose fiction? (at least three)
  70. english

    what are your political, economic and autonomy goals?!
  71. english

    can someone make a thematic statement of 'growing up"? Thanks
  72. english

    do you think that ease does not callenge us and that we need adversity to help us discover who we are?
  73. English

    What do Direct duties mean for Immanual Kant?
  74. english

    a place where goods are manufactured is called a what?
  75. English

    Why is Edgar Allan Poe insane?
  76. english language arts

    this is what i got for the earlier qeustion 1)f 2)g 3)a 4)a 5)B 6)B 7)A 8)E 9)F 10)A 11)A 12)D 13)h 14)h 15)a 16))f 17)b 18)h 19)h 20)c 21)g 22)a 23)h 24)a 25)b 26)a 27)e 28)b 29)f 30)c 31)c 32)a 33)a 34)c 35)g 36)h 37)g 38)b 39)h 40)a
  77. English

    Describe something that has been carefully observed. A flower please.
  78. english

    How to make a sonnet poem with 10 syllables
  79. English

    How do you write reflection and response outline?
  80. English

    is this sentence correct: He was deprived of his money.
  81. English

    Some have more than a hundred and some have none, its very colourful and you see it every morning someone please tell me the answer
  82. Business English

    23) she makes good grades
  83. English

    What is the possesive form of the word seashells

    what hope is there for the future of the polar bear?
  85. english

    The survival of polar bears and what is being done to save them???
  86. English

    What does an I.O. do in a sentence? I.O. means indirect object.
  87. english 4

    Instructions within procedural texts should be phrased as ­­­­__
  88. English

    what is the distinction between direct and indirect duties?
  89. English

    can you say informally I will arrive on my mum 's car
  90. English

    Why is Edgar Allan Poe insane?
  91. English

    What is the definition of MVP (Most Valuable Player)? Thanks!!
  92. English

    Are compound subjects two or more sentences combined with and, or, nor?
  93. english

    During the storm, Jenna hid in her basement

    RIDDLE:My weakness and fame equals
  95. english

    why is measure of skill competence important?
  96. english

    Write a poem about Christiano Ronaldo...Please help me !!!
  97. English

    What's an idiom, simile, or metaphor for getting back at someone?
  98. Mcdonalds - English

    Can someone also please help me below, and Ive added my answers as well.
  99. english

    How do we write 26 may 2011 in five letters without using numbers
  100. english

    is this sentence correct? i know these two women you are flanked by.