1. english

    Nobody on the Tri Rail seems to know ________ way around Miami. A) their B) his C) there D) his or her
  2. english

    Which figure of speech is used in 'burly bureaucrat'
  3. English

    From frankenstein can you discuss justine's choice.
  4. english

    what are some facts about satire,lampoon,an d parody?
  5. Grammar, English

    how can you identify direct objects?
  6. English

    1. If it's not too big, I will take it. (What is the meaning of 'take' in this sentence? Does 'take' mean 'buy'?)
  7. English

    Sorry, I can't see you. ================== What does this sentence above mean? #1 or #2? Is the person blind? 1. Sorry, I can't meet you. 2. Sorry, I am not able to see you.
  8. English grammer

    I -------- (read) a book tonight
  9. english 4

    Which of the following best describes the overall mood in Frost's poem?
  10. English

    My apple trees will never get across. Which figure of speech is this??
  11. english

    make sentence of fence-post
  12. english

    how would i write about two historical figure purposes?
  13. English

    What are 2 purposes of the exposition of The Most Dangerous Game?
  14. English

    what does it mean to follow in someones footsteps exceedingly?

    Hi i would like to know that if i post my any question so who will give me answers..
  16. english

    My sister Aliah is both a comic and smart.
  17. English

    What is the final lesson in "The Lost Horse" ?
  18. English

    Sebastian =========== How do you pronounce this name above? 1. Sibes...n 2. Suhbest...n
  19. english

    who is the audience for the comic book are you my mother?
  20. english

    the activity of scaling rocky cliffs
  21. English

    How can i improve my intellectual wellness? list three if you can
  22. English

    what is intellectual and physical mean in personal wellness?
  23. English

    Is this a run-on sentence? I thought about what he'd said soon I realized he was right.
  24. English

    Are compound subjects two or more sentences combined with and, or, nor?
  25. english

    How can a mood affect setting in literature?
  26. English

    What is a word that means that you don't care about something?
  27. English

    demise of hip-hop lyrics
  28. English

    What are the ways of how to derive words into noun?
  29. English

    How is the fellowship of the ring similar to the aeneid?
  30. English

    What can setting affecting in character other than behaviour?
  31. 3rd grade english

    wat is a noun
  32. U.s. HiStOrY

    Where was the first permanent English settlement in the New World?
  33. English

    Tati (write) letters once a month (?)
  34. English

    what is the Past Present and future for carry
  35. English

    Ms. Sue, I have sent to you, two other assignments for your reviw did you receive them. Please let me know. Thank you very much. r
  36. english

    An essay for about 500 words on the topic "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you..."
  37. English

    What does this mean?: Why it is sometimes important to break the confidence of a friend?
  38. English

    is whisper and talk antonyms or synonyms?
  39. englĂ­sh

    what group have responiblity for weather forcasting
  40. english writing

    what does the word class means to you? Why or why not?
  41. English

    Did you read the book A view from the Bridge? I need help with it.
  42. english

    critical essay on phenomenal woman
  43. english

    what's an example of an appostion in the book Miracle Worker?
  44. english

    what group have responseblity for the weather forcast
  45. english

    How do you write a report on improvements in your area?
  46. english

    what are some research topics about popular culture
  47. English

    Which pronouns in the selection help indicate the point of view A. My, Him, and He B. Our, He, and They C. Our, I, and Me* D. Him, He, and They
  48. 8th grade

    how can i improve my maths and english
  49. english

    Ship is to trip as shout is to _________
  50. English

    What does it mean by "What is the supporting idea in this part of the speech?"
  51. English

    What are some examples of Loyalty in King Lear?
  52. Grade 2 english

    what is this word when descrambled? dasholoycr
  53. English

    What are some idioms in the book of mice and men
  54. English

    Whats a thesis statement for homework
  55. english

    The two infinitive functions are adjective and noun.
  56. english

    what should i do if i can't come up with a title for an essay? is it alright for it to be untitled?
  57. english

    One word for: segregation of feeling and development
  58. english

    is experimenting a subject or predict nominative
  59. English

    How is Beowulf a boastful glory seeker?
  60. English

    Is it a hybrid car? I need the sentence pattern
  61. English 8R

    Any sophisticated vocab. words besides great???? please help
  62. english

    whats a compound sentence for enunciate?
  63. English

    What mark of punctuation is most closely associated with interjections?
  64. English

    Is agony, and dumfounded tone words?
  65. 4th grade-English

    Could someone tell me if his and their is a common noun?
  66. English

    Every U.S. President was in favor of a woman's right to vote. T/F
  67. English

    What does this question mean? what do you perceive in your academic strength
  68. English

    Is there any website that checks your punctuation and grammar?
  69. english

    is there any future survival for the Red Pandas.
  70. English

    do you write annotations in appendix in a book?
  71. government

    What was stated in the english bill of rights?
  72. English

    How does voice affect the credibility of a text?
  73. English 3

    Why did Ratcliffe replace the original president?
  74. English

    What are some of disadvantage if we preseving our cultural resources?
  75. english

    Freud believed the purpose of dreams is to
  76. english

    what does rhyme with finder for the message of the book. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. english

    mischief composition with 350 words
  78. English Need help

    how many other modes of writing should be used to develop your definition? A.As many as you need B.one C.two D.three
  79. english essay

    life in 22nd century
  80. english

    14 line ten syllable poems
  81. ^English^

    Pls.., what is the difference btw. FIRST Name, MIDDLE Name and LAST Name?
  82. English

    A single sex school is better than a mixed one

    RIDDLE:My weakness and fame equals
  84. English

    Which class are you in? ==================== What is the similar sentence to the previuous one?
  85. spanish

    what does "todo esta bonito" mean in english?
  86. english

    can you give me a sentence using the word melancholy
  87. English

    They ( work) heard for annual examination
  88. English (grammar)

    The players were playing hockey
  89. History

    the first english man to sail around the world was?
  90. English

    Thank you . I just need to know if it is right to say "Read pp. 71-75 and then do the following gap-filling activity".
  91. English

    Can you please give me three examples of friendship and sacrifice? Thanks.
  92. english

    when do you capitalize in the phrase plains of the west
  93. english

    What does it mean by 1. What is the tone of the satirist? 2. What is the form of the selection?
  94. english

    what would be a disillusionment using setting in the Great Gatsby?
  95. English

    What are the steps to make a good essay?
  96. English

    In the sentence,"She sat down and watched."is down an adverb?

  98. English

    When a writer uses phrases like "Enough is Enough" are they using a rhetorical device?
  99. English

    Was the Victorian Era big on classism?
  100. English

    How do you write reflection and response outline?