1. English

    Was the Victorian Era big on classism?
  2. MS Sue

    can you plz check my english answers
  3. english

    which river flows into the gulf of mexico?
  4. English

    Can someone help me write an essay on the secret garden
  5. english

    During the storm, Jenna hid in her basement
  6. english

    The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also beautiful.
  7. english

    hi could anyone help me i need pun words for sucker and lollipop
  8. english

    The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge.
  9. english

    list of rhyming words for std 2
  10. English 4

    Need Chapter Summary On The Story Beoulf
  11. english

    nigerian roads : economic challenge
  12. english

    i need a sentence that uses the word meticulously correctly.
  13. English

    What is the plural form of roof? Would it be rooves?
  14. English

    1. granddad, granddaddy 2. grandad,grandaddy Which ones do we have to use?
  15. english

    How do we write 26 may 2011 in five letters without using numbers
  16. english

    boring verbs and ordinary adjectives
  17. english

    which twoo counteries are farthest south?
  18. Business English

    which sentence is correctly capitalized?
  19. English

    The first X games featured biking and skateboarding.
  20. english

    F. Scott Fitzgerald dropped out of college to
  21. english

    I would then choose... The airplane was wrecked by the wind.
  22. english

    is 'difference made legal' a metaphore?
  23. english

    Which of these are epics? A.Gilgamesh B.Beowulf C.The Odyssey D.All of the above E.I'm not sure.
  24. English

    e.g. the Ig Nobel Prizes (Wht is 'Ig' short for?)
  25. English

    Making a poem about the word problem
  26. English

    Neither the Senator nor the Representative could defent their position
  27. English

    What patriotism means to me? any good ideas on what to say?
  28. english

    grasde 10 need help writing a screen play
  29. English

    Is this grammatically correct? "I can't believe that I'm growing up so fast."
  30. English

    I left out a sentence. He didn't let on the secret to anyone.

    I want to either study or to work abroad after I graduate.
  32. English II

    I need help writing 3 analogies using synonyms, antonyms and etc.
  33. english

    what it means to be a black family in the 21 centary
  34. english

    My goal is to become a forest ranger. What are the phrases?
  35. Business English

    23) she makes good grades
  36. English

    How to I write a proper book report?
  37. english

    how did the soldiers try to keep enemies away from bran castle?
  38. english

    give the substance of the poem daybreak.
  39. english

    possessive pronouns of martha katz's?

  41. english

    write five sentences about birthday celebration
  42. english

    is runaway love by ludicris a ballad?

    My sister Aliah is both a comic and smart.
  44. English

    find the prefix and root of overrule?
  45. english

    An essay for about 500 words on the topic "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you..."
  46. English

    How do I write my essay in third person? Just want some examples. Thanks!
  47. English

    Sorry....Some errors happened...so the same question was uploaded...
  48. English

    Would down to earth be considered a character trait?
  49. English

    can you give me five speeches that have become historically important ??
  50. English

    What is the final lesson in "The Lost Horse" ?
  51. English

    Hello. I am needing to know what is the website simplewriter. How exactly do you this? How does it work?
  52. English

    What is the theme of of Design by Robert Frost?
  53. English

    How does American patriotism value freedom of speech ?
  54. english

    Can anyone give me some quotes for writing a para about 9/11?
  55. english

    make sentence of fence-post
  56. english

    select the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
  57. English

    Is an autobiography considered to be a primary source?
  58. English

    How can I write transition sentences? Any examples? Thanks.
  59. english

    can you make a sentace the word is 'drift'?
  60. english

    "Whatever is decided here." i think it's a sentence because it has a subject and a verb?
  61. english

    "How to make both ends meet." i think it's a sentence too?
  62. English

    Can sbody tell me the differences between travel and tourism? Thanks
  63. english essay

    life in 22nd century
  64. english

    Each child will want one of those. is one a pronoun or adj? I think it is a adjective
  65. English

    Is there any basic format for a graphic organizer?
  66. English

    How to draw a picture of a person assuming something
  67. English

    I still don't get it, can you give me an example from the Hobbit book, thanks
  68. English

    What are the oldest examples of fiction stories?
  69. english

    What does it mean when the teacher says "There is no need to rekey the question(s)? Thanks in advance.
  70. english

    Does Victor have an obligation to the monster in Frankenstein? Why?
  71. english

    i need help writing an essay on lord of the rings
  72. english

    is ap physics very challenging and difficult because i need to know if im going to be able to go through t next term
  73. english

    what is the authors purpose in writing othello?
  74. English

    identifying vowel and consenent patterns. v/cv vc/v
  75. English

    How does voice affect the credibility of a text?
  76. english

    How is the use of the omniscient narrator similiar and different in each genre?
  77. english

    What country did Jing-Meis parents come from?
  78. english 6th grade

    what does restrictive and nonrestrictive mean???????
  79. English

    How is the Lady of Shalott poem chivalrous?
  80. english

    waht are antonys fellings towards caesar??
  81. English

    What is the difference between HUMERUS and HUMOROUS? (Besides the spellings) Thanks!!
  82. English

    From what kind of works did novels develope?
  83. english

    could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman
  84. English

    They ( work) heard for annual examination
  85. English

    Are compound subjects two or more sentences combined with and, or, nor?
  86. english

    The students are looking forward to seeing some real artifacts.
  87. english

    You _____ all morning, so there is no reason to be tired.
  88. english

    one who settles in a foreign country is called?

    RIDDLE:My weakness and fame equals
  90. English - Very urgent

    How does pearls represent hope?
  91. English

    Hello How to explain to students the difference between may, might and could when it comes to possibility?
  92. english

    what word do these letters make? cebasne
  93. english

    why does arthur first pull the sword from the stone

  95. english

    Is the word "think" a transitive or intransitive verb?
  96. english

    The large capital of Mexico is her home
  97. English

    anyone read story "the sound of hollyhocks"?
  98. English

    ship is to trip as shout is to ?__________
  99. english

    has anyone read the scarlet letter? i need help with my essay^^
  100. English

    What is the importance of feedback in communication?Explain.