1. English

    Can you tell me what is the culture and tradition in Boise, Idaho like ?
  2. English

    I have to write an essay that has to do with definitions that are arguable. and i cant think of a one. please help me thank you
  3. English

    Hello How to explain to students the difference between may, might and could when it comes to possibility?
  4. English

    I need a good thesis statement about dreams
  5. english

    To what extent is romeo a weak character
  6. English

    What is the mock prison experiment? Why was it created?
  7. english

    which word is right?? I'm going forward to on vacation next months . go.going to go.be go.going
  8. 3 grade english

    i post my son answer i just want to now did he right or no thank you

    I have a test on Lord of the Flies tomorrow. What do I need to know?
  10. English

    I need to unscramble these letters papistanturkiy into 2 different countries
  11. english

    which seven counteries are located in central america?
  12. English

    what should you do if you need to cite a book for which you don't know the author?
  13. English

    Diagram sentence I need to wash my dog
  14. english 10

    I want to either study or to work abroad after I graduate.
  15. English 3

    Why did Ratcliffe replace the original president?
  16. English

    What food represents bravery? (Someone who is brave)
  17. English

    Who is a school secretary? Is she a teacher, or a principal?

  19. English

    Is Eminem a male name or a female name? How do you pornounce the name?
  20. english

    where can i find the text of r.m.s titanic online?
  21. English

    When a writer uses phrases like "Enough is Enough" are they using a rhetorical device?

    The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge.
  23. english

    compare and contrast beowulf from batman
  24. English

    peer pressure destroys character yes or no?.
  25. english

    could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman
  26. English

    What does it mean by "... Old fools are babes again ..."? Please explain to me!!! THANKS A LOT!

    My sister Aliah is both a comic and smart.
  28. English help

    What is the resolution and exposition in 10 things I hate about you? I need help!!
  29. english

    Debate for the motion boys should not be help in the kichen
  30. english

    what word can you get from the letter (toeeltsim)that has to do with christmas
  31. English

    What is the difference between HUMERUS and HUMOROUS? (Besides the spellings) Thanks!!
  32. English

    My apple trees will never get across. Which figure of speech is this??
  33. english

    Name five of the six points you should check in practicing your speech.
  34. english

    can't find the verb 'we could have done a better job.' we- subject ???
  35. English

    I really hope someone can correct some of the sentences I sent you. Thank you very much in advance!
  36. English

    How can I direct a key scene in Macbeth?
  37. english

    I need help in doing a sentence outline on the leaglazation of marajuana
  38. English

    anyone read story "the sound of hollyhocks"?
  39. English

    What language was Metamorphoses by Ovid written in?
  40. english

    Thanks for your reply. What does prem/prim mean? bi(two), tri(three). Thanks.
  41. english

    Duane feels he degressed too many years in
  42. English

    What is the universal truth in "Oedipus the King"?
  43. English

    I will give you what you want, I mean, anything. Q1. Is 'what you want' in apposition with 'anything'? Q2. What is the role of 'I mean'? What other expressions can we use instead of 'I mean'?
  44. english

    what word can you get from the letters (egoorcs) has to do with christmas
  45. English

    What can be written at the conclusion of a personal narrative?
  46. english

    An opinion sentence that uses the word empty?
  47. english

    Which figure of speech is used in 'burly bureaucrat'
  48. English

    Is the sentence "They perform many tasks" transitive
  49. english

    what word can you get from the letters (egoorcs) has to do with christmas
  50. English

    Whats a good topic for an Example essay?
  51. English

    1. Do you ask what it was? 2. Do you tell what it was? 3. Do you remember what it was? 4. What do you suppose it was? 5. What do you imagine it was? 6. What do you believe it was? ---------------------------------------- Are they all grammatical?
  52. social studys

    What was one cause of the English Civil War?
  53. English

    what be occupational therapy? i come across this reading story.
  54. english

    is there a predicate pronoun in this sentence?You must have strength.
  55. english

    nigerian roads : economic challenge
  56. English.

    What is another strong way of saying : Yes, I would recommend this book to a friend.
  57. English

    What is the definition of MVP (Most Valuable Player)? Thanks!!
  58. english

    what is the simple predicate of these household pests get into everything?
  59. english 3

    A clause that tells how, when, where, or to what extent something was done is a(n) _____.
  60. english

    The number of boys presented is ten
  61. English

    why did Cassius cover his face when dying?
  62. english

    why is sasha in trouble in the story "a problem"
  63. English

    What do Direct duties mean for Immanual Kant?
  64. English

    what norms does society value and reinforce,and what have i internalized
  65. English

    In a free verse poem do you need punctuation?
  66. english

    "This will not be endured!"he roared. correct punctuation
  67. English

    Why marriege is an advantage for men not only for woman?
  68. english

    can someone please help me with my previous post...i don't have a clue :(
  69. English

    Why is fear the main cause of war? Need at least 3 to 4 examples on why it is?
  70. English

    what is the distinction between direct and indirect duties?
  71. English

    What is the tense used here please? John is having a shower at the moment
  72. Grammar, English

    how can you identify direct objects?
  73. government

    What was stated in the english bill of rights?
  74. English

    would this be correct then? The ship/ is "home" for many travelers.
  75. English Research

    What are some things you can inherit from your parents?
  76. english

    can someone make a thematic statement of 'growing up"? Thanks
  77. english

    Should dying people be kept on life support?
  78. English

    Does a SAT essay require a title?
  79. english

    Did you see that car accident?! correct punctuation
  80. English

    Can you please answer my last questions. I need them for tomorrow. Thank you very much in advance.
  81. history

    Why did the English establish colonies in the Americas?
  82. English

    The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge.
  83. English

    I left out a very last sentence. She's been in/at the cinema for two hours. Are they both possible?
  84. english

    i Once Protected China From Invaders ,Now I Am A Wonder Visitors.What Am I ?
  85. English Literature

    What is the difference between realism and naturalism?
  86. history

    Why did the English establish colonies in the Americas?
  87. english

    make little words from the word Pomegranate
  88. English

    sample research paper about business
  89. english

    how would i write about two historical figure purposes?
  90. English

    Making a poem about the word problem
  91. English

    Change into passive - I have been registering scores like that.
  92. english

    Does Victor have an obligation to the monster in Frankenstein? Why?
  93. english

    What does the term RACE mean in trying to do language homework?
  94. English 8R

    Any sophisticated vocab. words besides great???? please help
  95. english

    about how many years after Beowulf did chaucer write?
  96. english

    which river flows into the gulf of mexico?
  97. english

    can you give me a developed simile and metaphor please.
  98. english

    which twoo counteries are farthest south?
  99. english

    Which sentence contains a restrictive relative clause?
  100. English

    In the word disinterestedly, the root morpheme is