1. english

    essay on (theft in house)
  2. English

    What is the base in regulate? Is it reg-??
  3. english

    Please can someone composed a short poem for me.?
  4. english

    I would like to know if writeacher is doing well. Ms Sue, could you please let me know? Many thanks. Franco
  5. english

    Need to find 30 corrections in this assignment.
  6. english

    what is the meaning of the subject of the sentence?
  7. English

    What is the dating relationship effects?? please help
  8. English

    What does it mean to be a "critical reader?" Why is this important?
  9. english

    Anxiety is to test as procrastination is to
  10. English

    please help me with this sentence they are many geeks already around the world.
  11. English

    What is the past tense of run
  12. english

    What is the past tense of flying
  13. english

    what kinds of nouns are there? Proper?
  14. English

    Do you hyphenate 3D or leave it one word?
  15. english

    give example of small ideas
  16. English

    I need a theme statement about discrimination
  17. english

    summary of sidharta by the river
  18. English

    What are the factors that define teaching?
  19. English

    What are some words that start with 'w" and mean the same as "change"?
  20. english

    use yellow flower in a sentence
  21. english

    What would be the possesive form of a noun?
  22. English

    Can someone check my grammar and punctuation, please?
  23. 3 English H

    How can I illustrate the word "aberration"?
  24. English

    I need another word for growing up/maturing, please.

  26. English

    Society's role in music?
  27. English II

    Can someone help??? I need to explain the difference between "justice" and "just"?? Thanks
  28. ELLS

    Do you know anything about English Language Learners?
  29. English

    Has anybody read the Canturbury Tales?
  30. french

    what does tu préféres le français mean in english
  31. french

    what does tu préféres le français mean in english
  32. english

    is it it is true that she is more clever or cleverer
  33. English

    How do you write a proper essay?
  34. English


    Either you can eat or talk, but you can't do both at the same time.
  36. English

    What does occasion mean in literary analysis
  37. english

    someone objected, the sentence pattern is?
  38. english

    how to do a spelling words pyramid
  39. english

    ''what do i have to say as an african american citizen''
  40. English

    How can you write a great conclusion?
  41. English

    1. You are not alone. 2. You are not by yourself. 3. You are not yourself. 4. You are not lone. 5. You are not lonely. (Are they all the same? Do they have the same meaning?)
  42. english

    What is the tone in "a thankless experience
  43. english

    Disabled athlete .I mean their names and what they do
  44. english

    tool burth book help
  45. english

    Help on unscramble these letters : afsedrniru
  46. English

    Put the water into the pan first.
  47. english

    is tonight a noun or verb?
  48. English

    What is a narrative essay? What else besides the recap of?
  49. english/ grammar

    what is a concrete noun?
  50. english/ grammar

    what is a correlative conjuction?
  51. English

    Is Kelly a male name of a female name?
  52. english

    i do not no what to do with my year7 class in fansty. please help any on
  53. English

    Is under a preposition? True or False.
  54. English

    If I post a few essays on here will someone please check them for me?
  55. english

    What are the 4 nucleotides found in DNA?
  56. english

    circle the simple subject
  57. english 4

    Some aspects of the story allude to -
  58. English

    The toy car of jess is new
  59. english

    course journal penn foster
  60. english

    drunk driving paper
  61. english

    what is the meaning of the Root bell
  62. english 3

    who was the main character in epicac
  63. English

    Why use a Epithet or kennings in Beowulf?
  64. english

    what does emphatic form and progressive from mean?
  65. English

    How to write introduction for speech?
  66. english grade 6

    what is a double consonant?
  67. English

    Is "words are eaten" personification?
  68. english

    essay on my dreams and fair
  69. geography

    What does the word napasta mean in english?
  70. english

    Write five sentence about birtheday
  71. english

    Why is it important to not be so self-centered and to not just love yourself

    I am both a quick worker and careful.
  73. english

    i need help with my essay ? is about the great debater
  74. English

    What does the proverb say about braviety.braviet is?
  75. English

    what is Gerbner's thesis statement?
  76. English

    What does it means "A quality of the intellect"????
  77. english

    sentence using the word 'perennial'
  78. english

    sentence for the word longevity
  79. english

    can you unscramble sdettaietnsu it is a country
  80. English

    How to write a frindly. Letter
  81. english

    what is the definition of a "stressed syllable"
  82. english

    Who is Willie Lynch 1700
  83. english

    what shows phillip prejudice?
  84. english

  85. English

    Why did most of the men keep heading toward the Stephano?
  86. English

    I am 3/7 of a chicken,2/3 of a cat and 2/4 of a goat. What am I?
  87. english lit

    what are the 10 persuaded techniques
  88. english

    unscramle this word-crimeamsg
  89. english

    He ran quickly.But he could not overtake him.
  90. english

    Can you start a sentence off with the word because?
  91. english

    how do i create a eight song soundtrack
  92. english

    Criticism is always uncomplimentary. true?
  93. english

    how could i say poem and novel in one go could i say scriptures idk
  94. english

    how would you write a 6-10 complete sentence
  95. English

    Does Anyone know a poem that expreses an obsession?
  96. english

    Sentence Correction and Changes in Writing
  97. English

    What's the difference between the phrase: "It is not about you", and "It has nothing to do with you" Or do they necessarily mean the same?
  98. English

    What is romantic in the novel "The Great Gatsby" that happens between ch. 1-6?
  99. English

    what are some good quotes about life?
  100. English

    Hi can anybody help me with my assignment if I did correct my answers.thanks