1. English

    What is the difference between hearing and listening?
  2. english

    holiday to make sentanec
  3. English

    Which is the better strategy for reading comprehension?
  4. English

    In this sentence, f has to be omitted. Should f be italicized?
  5. english

    i need help with my ode poem about mom
  6. English

    Other words to describe "minors"
  7. english

    unscramble words roateuq
  8. English

    Has anyone read "The Necklace"? I want some help on a few questions.
  9. english

    what does "services rendered" mean? like work to be done?
  10. English

    No or not? "I'm wearing shoes, but no/not socks."
  11. English

    Is this personification? “The silence prolonged itself”
  12. English

    How do I write a paragraph without using any nouns?
  13. english essay

    i want to know how "corruption is a curse"
  14. English

    I am not able to tell the difference between paradox and oxymoron
  15. English

    what is [science of life] or [ayurveda]
  16. English

    What is the difference between antimetabole and chiasmus?
  17. English

    What three questions does an adjective answer
  18. english

    as if he was a statue: is it a metaphor or a simile
  19. English

    What are things most people do not notice? Please and thank you!
  20. English

    Name a database that would help you with current events. Please Help!! Thanks!!
  21. english

    how can i use appositives in a conservation with a friend
  22. english

    Can someone help me unscramble this word. TEHLAYH
  23. spelling or english

    what is a antonym for wordt
  24. English

    What are some funding expectations that institutions have.
  25. english need help

    what does thesis mean? like what i want to know is whether it is only a sentence or a paragraph?
  26. English II

    How did the war began in Iraq?
  27. english

    What does the fence in "Araby" symbolize?
  28. english

    "context affects content" what does this mean
  29. english

    course journal penn foster
  30. geography

    What does the word napasta mean in english?
  31. english

    is there such thing as "exercising of oversight on" ....
  32. english

    can you unscramble this word reyncut
  33. english

    Do all essays require a thesis
  34. english

    It's always best not to start trouble that you can't finish.
  35. english (ELA)

    what is another word for "spill"
  36. English

    _____ do you think will be the winner of the next election? a. Who b. Whom
  37. English

    What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor
  38. english

    is it it is true that she is more clever or cleverer
  39. english

    has anyone read of beetles and angels
  40. english

    If I was to analyze a statement how would I do this one. “Well, I didn’t do anything. Did I”?
  41. English

    I need help on sentence check 2 chapter13
  42. English

    "Redskin" was originally a term for
  43. English

    Is Kelly a male name or a female name?
  44. English

    I cannot find any synonyms of 'in the sense'. Can someone please help?
  45. English

    What are the differences between mood and tone?
  46. english

    how do we write a thesis statement?
  47. english

    What is the past tense of flying
  48. English

    Connotation for radically and orientated
  49. english

    the living room looked except
  50. English

    What are synonyms for "operational efficiencies"?
  51. english

    what are the factors that causes diversity in language?
  52. english

    the term freewriting refers to?
  53. english

    what is the meaning of prestatement clue
  54. ELLS

    Do you know anything about English Language Learners?
  55. english

    If you eat your vegetables, you'll get dessert later.
  56. english

    We sat across from each other during Peggy's recital.
  57. english

    is it ok to end a paragraph with a quote
  58. english

    unscramble these letters please OXENTS
  59. english

    Can i make a word out of the following letters? S h m a i f
  60. English

    Is impacted an action word?
  61. English

    can anybody give me examples of beliefs i have a few but i need more
  62. english

    I saw __________ one-eyed rogue. [a/some] please help me
  63. English II

    In Phantom of the Opera What did the first note say?
  64. english

    essay on (theft in house)
  65. english

    need help with comma and semi colon.
  66. English

    I've always wondered when to use who and when to use whom. Do any writing teachers know? Thanks!
  67. English

    I need a poem on If I were in charge of the world.
  68. English

    Connotation for radically and orientated
  69. english

    a pssage on rhetorical devices
  70. English

    What is a sentence with the word uncles.
  71. English

    What is the tone of at the lunch counter?
  72. english

    how does education enhance freedom
  73. English

    What does occasion mean in literary analysis
  74. english

    who is the author of the story the ghost got in
  75. english

    does the word "from" get capitalized in a title?
  76. English

    In the story "Why, You Reckon," how old would you say the characters are?
  77. 9th grade

    English speeches
  78. english

    what does emphatic form and progressive from mean?
  79. english

    what does mark twain think about slvery?
  80. english

    define persuasive techniques?
  81. english

    someone objected, the sentence pattern is?
  82. english

    how to do a spelling words pyramid
  83. English

    What is a sentence with the word sisters'?
  84. english

    what is the difference between indulgence and intervention?
  85. english

    How many phonemes are in the word football? I think there is two but I'm not sure.
  86. English

    Is it well-planed, or well-planned? Also should there be a hyphen?
  87. 3 English H

    How can I illustrate the word "aberration"?
  88. English

    What part of speech is has passed?
  89. English

    Is "after the hurricane" a pharase or clause?
  90. Business English

    How long has this situation been going on
  91. english

    give example of small ideas
  92. English

    how to write a newspaper review?
  93. english

    define persuasive techniques?
  94. English

    What is your stance on BASE jumping
  95. English 4

    What was Olaudah Equiano motivation ?
  96. english

    how to write article review ?
  97. English

    What is the meaning of Ethics of Plagiarism?
  98. english

    Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary word
  99. english

    what is a good kenning for the ocean
  100. English

    What is a fine point in a story?