1. English

    Can you please send me some examples of metaphor?
  2. english

    what does it mean to include citation with a quote
  3. 3rd grade english

    how many syllables are there in once?
  4. english

    Can you start a sentence off with the word because?
  5. English

    I've always wondered when to use who and when to use whom. Do any writing teachers know? Thanks!
  6. English

    What part of speech is expulsion?
  7. English

    Please for the definition of a concrete noun and an example.
  8. English

    What is a metaphor for a deep voice?
  9. English

    How many homophones can you make with Halloween?
  10. english

    i want the inanimate poem "the wind"
  11. english

    i need stories an example of literary term

    I am both a quick worker and careful.
  13. english ap

    how do you find rhetorical devices?
  14. english

    unscramble these letters please OXENTS
  15. English Language

    What does it mean to be 'scrupulously fair?'
  16. english

    in what ways are people prideful?
  17. english

    Therefore do not deceive yourself. Of all deceivers fear most yourself. what does this mean.
  18. english

    creative writing about lost.
  19. english

    Do you say colorful or colored shirts?
  20. English

    What is a fine point in a story?
  21. english

    is texting bad for my grammar?
  22. english

    the term freewriting refers to?
  23. English

    what is [science of life] or [ayurveda]
  24. English

    What does it mean to be a "critical reader?" Why is this important?
  25. english

    Is a hero born or made?
  26. english

    as if he was a statue: is it a metaphor or a simile
  27. english

    10 examples of back formation
  28. college english

    what would an exemplification essay be about?
  29. English

    I need help understanding adverb clauses...
  30. english

    can someone please help me on making an anthem for a farm? thank you!
  31. English

    A:I found it on the counter. (Library) B:Thank you. I'll come there right now. -------------- Do we have to use "Come there"? How about "Go there"? ex) I'll go there right now.
  32. English

    What the answer if someone ask <good exposure though>???
  33. English

    What are things most people do not notice? Please and thank you!
  34. english

    What would be the possesive form of a noun?
  35. english

    unscramble 14 letters into 3 words
  36. english

    i do not no what to do with my year7 class in fansty. please help any on
  37. english

    what is an adjective for showing skill???
  38. english

    agist-nonagist refencea
  39. English

    What is a better of way of saying : for that reason in a more academic tone.
  40. english

    what does the word daff remind you off?
  41. 5th grade english

  42. english III

    what is a pronoun of a sentence?
  43. English

    did anybody read The Catcher in the Rye?
  44. lanage art or english

    so will both of them be my class.
  45. English

    I wish I (was, were) ready to go shopping at the mall. were***
  46. english

    does found as the same vowel sound as down?
  47. english/trasitions

    is moving on a trasition?
  48. english

    what word do these letters make
  49. English 7 (word)

    what does discriminated against means????
  50. English

    Help me write a hyperbole poem
  51. english

    Which of the craftsmen is in charge of the rehearsals?
  52. English

    Can someone check my grammar and punctuation, please?
  53. English

    What was the main problem in the Crucible?
  54. english

    what is subjective complement is in the nominative?
  55. ap english

    does anyone know of any reference of gluttony in literature? thanks!
  56. English 10 Cp

    What is the definition of a Rhetorical Question?
  57. Ap english 11

    Essay about"what is happiness and how do/should we pursue it?"
  58. english

    what do you learn when you study economics
  59. English

    Leave no children behind, is it a fallacy?
  60. English

    What should the warrant be about in a argumentative essay?
  61. English

    Other words to describe "minors"
  62. English

    How can I re-phrase this sentence 'even less!' Could I say littler?
  63. English 7

    What adj. is when someone drop out of school?
  64. English

    Another way of saying 'less on the original energy?'. I need to re-phrase it.
  65. english

    need a written summary ASAP!!!! help
  66. english

    how do you do a gerund phrase as the subject?
  67. English

    Boys should not help in domestic chores
  68. english

    tcasrsenks some kind of food
  69. english 11

    What is an example of parallelism in the Declaration of Independence
  70. english

    what goes around the world but stays at a corner
  71. English

    What four factors are to be consider before someone becomes sexually active?

  73. English grammar

    What is the subject in a sentence?
  74. English

    Does Anyone know a poem that expreses an obsession?
  75. English 92

    analogy for the word hypothermic
  76. English

    It could be (they, them) across the street. Is it they because it is used as a predicate nominative
  77. English

    Hi this is a rebus can you answer it? ECNALG
  78. english

    what was the plot for the book twisted?
  79. english

    what makes a wax harmful?
  80. english

    a pssage on rhetorical devices
  81. english

    story on talented boy
  82. english

    how to write article review ?
  83. English

    What is the antonym of kind-hearted
  84. Business English

    How long has this situation been going on
  85. english

    has anyone read the great gatsby
  86. english

    what is a good kenning for the ocean
  87. english

    what is the meaning of incentive and what is the context thank you
  88. english

    That was the best lunch I have ever eaten! What are the nouns
  89. English

    Hi. I want to know how you write a 5 paragraph essay. Thank you.
  90. english

    what is the meaning of fugitives and what is the context
  91. english

    how to write suitable eassy?
  92. English

    WHat is the climax of The Seems: the Glitch in Sleep?
  93. english

    what is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation ?
  94. English

    -----------the gift was intended ,we never discovered. a To who b To whom c For who d For whom

    Is this sentence possible? While I was getting up my parents were sleeping.
  96. English

    how to write a newspaper review?
  97. English

    What is an appositive? What is a direct address? Thank you so much.
  98. english

    what is the implied meaning of a word
  99. english

    how does education enhance freedom
  100. ENGLISH

    I am both a quick worker and careful.