1. English

    What does the following saying mean an elbow only bends one way ??
  2. english

    morphemes of maladministration
  3. English

    1. What is he like? 2. What does he do for a living? 3. What's his job? -------------- Does #1 mean #2 or #3?
  4. english

    exceptional uses of articles
  5. English

    The lion _______
  6. English

    what is the name of bulb producer
  7. english

    help on thesis writing
  8. english

    What's a thesis statement
  9. english

    what is the meaning of positronic?
  10. English

    i need a summary of the book
  11. English

    1. I have seen her once. 2. I once have seen her. 3. I have once seen her. ------------------ Which one is grammatical and commonly used?
  12. English

    what does it mean to not pass judgement on someone?
  13. English

    What 3 element are in this poem ?
  14. english

    how to write about my self were do i srate
  15. english

    when do you use present perfect?
  16. English

    Metaphor for beauty
  17. English

    What is a root? and please another my other question...thank you
  18. English

    help to unscramble-tangou
  19. english

    is Sit a Fragment
  20. English 4

    I need a summary of the Iliad.
  21. english

    what are the styles of characterization
  22. English

    please help what is the best way to introduce to yours classmate?
  23. English

    Internal motivation is
  24. English

    What is indirect characterization?
  25. english

    is fast a verb?
  26. english

    what are all predicate parts ?
  27. english

    what are the transition words?
  28. English

    The word "can" is used to refer to?
  29. english

    what is an outcast story
  30. english

    Describe why you would not want a certain job
  31. english

    A disabled athlete who became well known
  32. english

    sentence skills
  33. English

    Which of these is a coordinating conjunction? A. but ** B. however C. although
  34. english

    few lines on my home is the best
  35. english

    What does nature is not benign mean?
  36. English

    What is formal schooling
  37. english

    how to use territory in a sentence?
  38. english

    at papa's home
  39. English

    What is a pivotal event? Please Help!! Thanks!!
  40. english

    should not mean is what part of speech
  41. english

    it is my summary I just need it to be revised
  42. english

    what are transitive verbs
  43. English

    As I looked at that photograph
  44. English

    Is "brittle" an onomatopoeia?
  45. english

    what is an adjustment letter?
  46. English

    unscramble this: aoarmimedcr
  47. English

    Conflict over holidays
  48. english

    what is an interrogative statement?
  49. english

    is it underfunded or under funded?
  50. english

  51. English 2

    what is dynamic character?
  52. English

    Why my school should be awarded the best
  53. english

    What does the term arbitrary mean?
  54. english

    wat is a topic
  55. English

    What are the steps for editing?
  56. english

    When should I use a comma in a sentence.
  57. English

    What is primary source?
  58. english

    what uncle dudley?
  59. English

    What is a democracy according to Thoreau?
  60. English

    what opportunies do you have to write
  61. english

    Could you pl tell me parts of speech for : right
  62. English

    Hello. Please tell me if the following variants are possible: "I like this poem most of all / most/ the most/ best /best of all". THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  63. English

    What does it mean when they say, "She's the female Odell."
  64. English

    1. Help me, please? 2. Will you help me, please? 3. Help me, please. ------------------------- Does #1 mean #2? Because of the question mark, #1 is different from #3, right?
  65. english

    what is direct speech
  66. English

    How is himself a relative pronoun?
  67. english

  68. English

    What is a fragmented plot?
  69. english

    another word for nothing more than? For example, if you say that advice is nothing more than
  70. English

    What is a principals report?
  71. ENGLISH!!

    is i a verb or noun?
  72. science-english?

    What does radioactive mean???
  73. english

    When should I use a comma in a sentence.
  74. english

    what is song about determintation
  75. english

    metaphor for largeness
  76. english

    metaphor for optimism. I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me
  77. english

    I need examples of a sonnet!
  78. English

    Hi what is a counter agrument? Thanks
  79. english

    do you think dogs are better than cats ?
  80. english

    what does metaphor personification, mean?
  81. English

    What is Protagonist in the sniper?
  82. english

    chartersketch of lencho
  83. English

    What is a common noun
  84. english

    what are some human rights
  85. english

    unscramble cceanl
  86. English

    Harmatan weather
  87. English

    When do you use the past participle: had had, had have, had has?
  88. english

    How can a noun be misused?
  89. English

    What Does The Snail Usually Stick Itself To ?
  90. English

    What is the theme of Nethergrave?
  91. English?

    What is a prepositional phrase?
  92. english

    Dr. Dumoise is conflicted about whether?
  93. English

    What does it mean to be a professional? and what does it mean to be in a profession?
  94. science-english

    What does radioactive mean?
  95. English

    why do we use irony frequently?
  96. english

    can anyone check my work?please
  97. english

    I need a process essay
  98. english

    what are some connotations of Hawaii?
  99. english

    Assonance is the repetition of?
  100. English

    What is the definition of an antecedent?