1. english

    why am i black? please explain that to me.
  2. English

    unscramble this: aoarmimedcr
  3. English

    A: What would you like to have? B: A hamburger, please. A: For here or to go? B: To go. ----------------- What does 'to go' mean? 1. I'll take. 2. I'll take it out. We can use #2 instead of ' To go.' What about #1? Can't we use #1? What is the difference
  4. English

    What is academic integrity?
  5. English

    Is Jinny a female name?
  6. English

    what are written techniques?
  7. English

    What is the the meaning of APA
  8. English

    The lion _______
  9. English

    One of the chairs are broken
  10. English

    What is a complete subject?
  11. English

    can you do a poem for me,because i don't know how to do it???
  12. English

    What is 'paps room'?

    Different ways to say "As you can see..." and "In Conclusion..."
  14. English

    rules of punctuation
  15. English

    What does the snail usually stick itself to?
  16. english

    What are some verbal techniques?
  17. english

    Describe why you would not want a certain job
  18. english

    it pertains to Halloween
  19. english

    When should I use a comma in a sentence.
  20. english

    is Sit a Fragment
  21. English

    What is indirect characterization?
  22. English

    What is a "rite of passage?"
  23. english

    Can someone give me an example of a metaphor
  24. english

    unscramble cceanl
  25. English

    He has been on the go. ---------------------- Instead of 'on the go', what other expressions can we use to have the same meaning?
  26. english

    Dr. Dumoise is conflicted about whether?
  27. english

    whats dialogue?
  28. English

    Internal motivation is
  29. English

    what opportunies do you have to write
  30. english

    Assonance is the repetition of?
  31. English

    Hello. Please tell me if the following variants are possible: "I like this poem most of all / most/ the most/ best /best of all". THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  32. english

    what is a concrete noun
  33. English II

    That day I was so worried that I
  34. English

    What is an introductary word? thank you
  35. English

    What are the different parts of speech?
  36. english

    How can a noun be misused?
  37. English

    Is this an Assonance? "I still have more harvesting to be done"
  38. English

    i need a summary of the book
  39. English

    Is "brittle" an onomatopoeia?
  40. english

    what do the supplies tell you about johny
  41. English

    What are 3 examples of metaphor?
  42. English

    He was as fresh as in the month of may
  43. English

    Essay on winter
  44. Shurley English

    What is an analogy?
  45. english

    ants came to our picnic.
  46. english

    A disabled athlete who became well known
  47. english

    i need information on a storyboard
  48. English

    1. What is he like? 2. What does he do for a living? 3. What's his job? -------------- Does #1 mean #2 or #3?
  49. English

    What is the difference between a and an in a sentence?
  50. english

    what is a simple predicate?
  51. English

    Which one of the following words has more then four syilables
  52. English

    what does it mean to not pass judgement on someone?
  53. english

    Summary of best seller??
  54. english

    what is a "figure of speech"?
  55. English

    Would "Missing so much and so much" be a sibilance?
  56. english

    prosective of a paragragh
  57. English

    What is dramatic purpose?
  58. english

    what is example of affirati ve /positive
  59. english

    25 independent words
  60. english

    what does metaphor personification, mean?
  61. english

    What are the two kinds of dictionaries?
  62. English

    Can anyone tell what is a hickory slat?
  63. english

    You go through the door but i go through an eye.
  64. english

    define literature
  65. english

    what is the super-natural?
  66. English

    What are the 4 bilingual programs?
  67. english

    intermittently:continuously:: ??
  68. english

    need a help on writing a poster .
  69. English

    1. It's 9:00 a.m. ============== How do you read #1? Is #3 right? 2. It's nine a.m. 3. It's nine o'clock a.m.
  70. english

    for classification what word goes with know,think?
  71. English

    Is it all right to say "he was anxious for me, but about my health? Thank you
  72. english

    Somberness is a mood.?
  73. English

    the only car for him is one of those new GTO's.
  74. english

    sentence using cardiologist
  75. english

    how old is justin bieber
  76. english

    proper noun?
  77. english

    What information can you get from a poem?
  78. English

    An example of an irregular verb
  79. English

    What does scroll products mean?
  80. english

    10 examples of suffixes
  81. English

    unscramble Elbep
  82. english

    what is an outcast story
  83. english

    how do you write an addres
  84. English

    1. I have seen her once. 2. I once have seen her. 3. I have once seen her. ------------------ Which one is grammatical and commonly used?
  85. english

    a restrictive clause is one that
  86. English

    What is a metaphor for religion
  87. English

    Best book anyone has read and why?
  88. english vocabulary

  89. english

    paraphrase paragraph four
  90. english

    help me please with one sentence with ''up-to-date ''
  91. english

    Researchers are LEAST likely to want to know which of the following from their sources?
  92. English

    is it right if i say "spirit of belligerence"?
  93. English

    What is the difference between Miss and Ms.?
  94. english

    use laugh in a sentence.
  95. English

    What are helping words
  96. ENGLISH!!

    is i a verb or noun?
  97. English

    How do in-text citations?
  98. english

    I need help unscrambling osneesi
  99. English

    What is an adverb clause?
  100. english

    Their are three kids in the room.