1. english

    Their are three kids in the room.
  2. English

    i need help What does It mean to be an american citizen ?
  3. english

    please help us unscramble sbsolapekpo
  4. English

    What comes first in abc order -anyone or any one?
  5. english

    what are some contractions of hawaii
  6. English

    if i had a 1.875 and i get a C to go up to a B what is my GPA?
  7. english

    what is the verb for this, "he should be more careful"
  8. english

    what is an interrogative statement?
  9. english

    off curiosity ms sue why do you do this
  10. ENGLISH!!

    is i a verb or noun?
  11. english

    sentence labeling
  12. English

    I can't send you my post.
  13. English

    rules of punctuation
  14. English

    Joseph ======== In this name, is 's' pronounced [s] or [z]? Are both OK?
  15. English

    1. She teaches well. 2. She is well teaching. ..... Are both the same?
  16. english

    asking help for a reading report
  17. english

    what is psychic violence?
  18. English

    What is a complete subject?
  19. english

    can i get some 12-16 lined poems?
  20. english

    Some people have more than 100 and some have none...what am i
  21. English

    what's the question for a sentence of now i have twice as many?
  22. english

    25 independent words
  23. To ms sue

    Can you please help me with my English , much appreciated
  24. english

    All of the following are characteristics of humanism except?
  25. english

    is fast a verb?
  26. English

    Is "brittle" an onomatopoeia?
  27. english

    need some oratorical piece please
  28. English

    How is himself a relative pronoun?
  29. English/Literacy

    how do you know whether to use , or ; in sentence that need them?
  30. english

    project about money

    What ethical means
  32. English

    Where does Macbeth live?
  33. English

    Which one of the following words has more then four syilables
  34. English

    I don't get what a protagonist is... Please help.
  35. english

    help me please with one sentence with ''up-to-date ''
  36. English

    An overused expression is a
  37. English

    What are all the settings in "Frankenstein"?
  38. english

    How do heros inspire you?
  39. English

    Can anyone tell what is a hickory slat?
  40. english

    is fighty a word?

    Tell me about the names of colours
  42. english

    what is the meaning of cohesive ?
  43. english

    what does optimistic and pessimistic mean?
  44. english

    What are some behaviours of Dracula
  45. english

    What is a frame story
  46. english

    what is direct speech
  47. English 2

    what is dynamic character?
  48. English

    What are some alliteration for tigers?
  49. English

    is nationalism capitalized?
  50. english

    Assonance is the repetition of?
  51. English

    later and then are what part of speech
  52. English

    Use a telescope to see into the sky
  53. English

    What is indirect characterization?
  54. English

    What does "Independence Day" really mean?
  55. english

    Can someone give me an example of a metaphor
  56. english

    help unscramble lesfat
  57. english

    What does handicapping in sports mean?
  58. English

    Do you know of 2 facts of st Sebastian ?
  59. english

    What is the adjective from love?
  60. English

    What is suffix/prefix
  61. English

    What is contemporary postmodernism?
  62. english

    define literature
  63. English

    What does Obstruction mean in a sport?
  64. English

    It is to do with like camera angles etc.?
  65. english

    prepositional phrases
  66. English

    Is Jinny a female name?
  67. english

    can anyone tell me what is a proper sentence
  68. english

    What is a persuasive writing
  69. English

    What is primary source?
  70. english

    what does they mean in the poem lineage
  71. English

    Could you please check these other sentenes. Thank you.
  72. english

    what is a "figure of speech"?
  73. english

    abstract nouns
  74. English

    what are written techniques?
  75. English

    Should boys help in kitchen and why?
  76. ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is the abbreviation for "continued?"
  77. english

    how make a tepee
  78. english

    unscramble it petostr
  79. english

    what is the best way to help kids look up homophones?
  80. English

    I just want to know if I can send you my homework.
  81. english

    the most dangerous game is mostly about
  82. english

    I need a list of idioms or just a few
  83. English

    What is a statistic report?
  84. english

    at papa's home
  85. english

    what does ashy mean in this peom?
  86. english

    analogy for downpour
  87. english

    for classification what word goes with know,think?
  88. english

    what is a run-on sentence?
  89. English

    what are the different way to start a paragraph
  90. english

    what are the four types of conflict
  91. English

    Which of these is a coordinating conjunction? A. but ** B. however C. although
  92. English

    What are some examples of being civilized?
  93. english

    Behaviours of dracula
  94. english

    Can you start a sentence with As?
  95. English

    I am going shopping this weekend
  96. English

    Pasive voice of 'get out' will be? please just help me
  97. english

    how to write about my self were do i srate
  98. english

    When should I use a comma in a sentence.
  99. english

    When should I use a comma in a sentence.
  100. ENGLISH

    Different ways to say "As you can see..." and "In Conclusion..."