1. english

    revision is??
  2. english

    what is a punctuate
  3. english

    what is a nouns
  4. English

    Enough is enough! ----------------- When is this expression used?
  5. English

    what is a Hyperbole?

    Which is more correct: Everyone of us has or Everyone of us have ??
  7. English

    What is the other name of coorg?
  8. English

    1. This is the way he did it. 2. This is how he did it. 3. This is the way in which he did it. 4. This is the way by which he did it. -------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Can we use 'by' instead of 'in'?
  9. english

    what is a preposition
  10. english

    what are consonants and how are they used.
  11. English

    What does it mean to be civilized?
  12. English

    What is poetry?
  13. English

    What does to mean to be civilized?
  14. english

    what is a verb
  15. English

    What does aberration mean?
  16. English

    What is an analogy?
  17. english

    what does cliche mean
  18. english

  19. English

    What are methapors?
  20. english

    can you help me please with an anecdote.
  21. English

    What is the phonlogy?
  22. English

    What is a scan
  23. English

    1. For here or to go? - For here. 2. Here or to go? - Here 3. Is this for here or to go? - For here. 4. Is this here or to go? - Here. (Which ones are grammatical?)
  24. english

    yes i mean ares
  25. English

    What is the marphology?
  26. english

    1. He is he. 2. He is him. 3. He is himself. --------------- Which one is grammatical?
  27. English

    What does foreshadowing mean?
  28. English II

    What is a Chronological Novel ?
  29. english

    I am i stupid?
  30. English

    What is a transcendentalist?
  31. English

    Such a person as he/him is.... use "he"or"him"?
  32. English

    How are the family
  33. English II honors

    What do i need to know for english 2 honors?
  34. English

    What is an homograph.
  35. english

    an interjection is always
  36. english

    what is a complements
  37. English

    I'll have one hamburger. 1. Anything else? 2. Will you have anything else? 3. Do you want anything else? 4. Do you want to have anything else? -------------------- Can we use the others instead of #1?
  38. english

    he has a pen
  39. english

    usage of will be
  40. English

    Look my answers 1-2 At 5:36
  41. english

    Thank you MS SUE
  42. English

    1. This is the way how he did it. (X) 2. This is the way he did it. (O) 3. This is how he did it.(o) 4. This is in which he did it. 5. This is that he did it. ------------------------------ Is that right? What about #4 and #5? Are both ungrammatical as
  43. English

    What does it mean to take a pride in something you have?
  44. English

    What does it mean when someone is on the borderline?
  45. english

    what does being perfect mean?
  46. english

    what is an apostrophye
  47. English

    What is noun?
  48. english

    define into and in?
  49. english

    what did briggs think
  50. english

    what is another way to say "at the expense of"?
  51. english

    a,b,c poem
  52. English

    Are there any compounds besides and,but,or,nor
  53. english

    what is suddenly?
  54. English

    1. Let's get out of here. 2. Let's go out of here. ------------------------------- Do you use only #1? What about #2? Why is #1 used frequently?
  55. english

    _ I was going to st. Ives
  56. English

    Is it okay to say "on the very contrary"?
  57. english

    what is a manifesto?
  58. English

    What does conscious will mean?
  59. english

    how can use- in are- or I want know if is correct use both together
  60. english

    what are some example of overcompensating
  61. english

    should it be is difficult?
  62. English

    1. Where it is? 2. Where is it? 3. Do you know where it is? ------------------------------------ #2 and #3 are right. What about #1? Do you use the expression in #1?
  63. English

    I or me? "Did you know that it was (I, me) who called?"
  64. english

    I am not myself now. I am not me now. I am not I now. ------------------------------- Which one is grammatical?
  65. English

    What is an appositive?
  66. English

    1. I can't believe that he said. 2. I can't believe that he said yes. 3. I can't believe what he said. 4. I can't believe what he said yes. ------------------------------------ #2 and #3 is right. The others are ungrammatical? Is that right?
  67. english

  68. english

    what does it mean to be educated
  69. english

    what is an article
  70. English

    Is 'together' a noun?
  71. english

    What is a 1 2 3 2 3 2 3 1 paragraph?
  72. english hs

    what else can you say beside "thank you" to an interviewee??
  73. English

    To write well is to.
  74. english

    Please help with my speech
  75. English

    What is the subject in Thank you
  76. english

    What is the difference of "there" "they're" and "their"?
  77. english

    everyone sang

    YES YES YES THANK YOU THANK you thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooomuch!
  79. english

    What is a mean of glidden?
  80. English

    "Was that (she, her) on the patio?" I think her?
  81. English

    What is parallelism, please?
  82. English

    First of all is this free?
  83. English

    Thank you very much, Ms. Sue
  84. English

    What is a Familiar
  85. English

    1. You can't go there alone. 2. You are not able to go there alone. 3. You are not allowed to go there alone. (What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)
  86. english language.

    when is 'the' used in the english language.
  87. English

    some have more than a hundred some have none
  88. English

    What does shift mean?
  89. english

    what is language?
  90. English

    Sorry, You had already checked that one! I'll thank you later..
  91. english

    what is a suffix
  92. english

    what is a numeral?
  93. English

    What does it mean " to get along you have to play along"?

  95. English

    What does "to do no shirk" mean?
  96. English

  97. english

    what is a preposition?
  98. english

    how do you use atlas in more than one
  99. English

    What is an example of a personification?
  100. english

    What is an example of a metaphore?