1. English grammar

    How to phrase this sentence in a better way? "This is to ensure stable and high level performance in the branch¡¯s developing stages."
  2. English

    When did home video game systems first become very popular? -in the late 1960s - in the mid-1970s*** - in the early 1990s
  3. English

    Is there a story in America Street, edited by Anne Mazer, similar to The Journey by Duane Big Eagle?
  4. english 9 th

    2. Choose a story element, such as the use of a symmetrical plot, a certain kind of narrator, or irony, and explain how and why it is used in one of the stories in the unit.
  5. Grammar

    What's the main rule of subject-verb agreement? I need a simple explanation for this because I have an English final exam tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. english

    asking questions and drawing conclusions will dowhich of the following: a-help you stay alert b-engage you in active listening c-help you remember information d-all of the above
  7. english parallel structure

    When the movie Star Wars premiered in 1977, it was both surprising and a revolution in its special effects.
  8. English-Room 101 speech

  9. English

    Gather a large collection of current events that reflect incidents that closely parallel the novel Can u explain to me this idea wants me to do Please help thank you very much.
  10. 8th grade History/English

    I need to name three influential pilots in Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain. I already have two: Mr. Brown Mr. Bixby I need one more. Anyone know one?? Thanks!
  11. english

    when describing a deserted place how can you use onomatopoeia to biuld up the tension and make it fun for the reader? please give some examples thank you
  12. English

    Does this sentence have correct parallelism? Using steam power helped people spin cotton and grind flour.
  13. English H1

    Can someone please help explain Lord of the Flies by William Golding to me? I understand the general concept, but certain parts I can't seem to grasp. I'm only as far as Chapter Five. Thank you SO much to anyone who can help!
  14. English

    how can you compare and contrast Walt Whitman "I Hear America Singing" to John Mellencamp "Little Pink Houses".??
  15. English

    Hi, I was wondering if this sentence has a comma splice? Before they get cold, grab that fluffy and heated towel, and dry them. Thanks in advance!
  16. english

    What does Thomas Paine value highly in the excerpt from his essay “The Crisis”? Freedom Solitude Individuality Spirituality Equality
  17. Conversion table

    To convert from metric to English and visa versa http://www.sciencemadesimple.com/metric_conversion_chart.html
  18. English

    help me unscramble animal words..... dramalanse, dropale, ubrocai, acronoc dricoloce, whockudoc, evebra, chortis
  19. 12th grade english

    i cant figure out how to put cordon in a sentence if the definition is *a cord or braid worn as a decoration* please help!
  20. English

    Can anybody explain to me howe to find the adverb in a sentence? For example 1.Maria rose early and watched the sun rise.
  21. english

    Does anyone know where to find a summary for the story "Half Beat" by Elizabeth Gonzalez in the book the best american nonrequired reading?
  22. english

    how would i make this into a complete sentence " Willbur and Orville wright were the first. flying a powered airplane. In sustained flight.
  23. English

    Write an article for publication in a national newspaper discussing at least two reasons why students should cultivate the habit of reading.
  24. English

    a brief paragraph summarizing the educational, communication, and career benefits of being a student within the Laureate International University Network.
  25. English

    Can someone give me or tell me how I can go about writing a good attention getter 1st sentence for my 5-paragraph essay on the book The Crucible? Thanks
  26. english

    Mother was ----to worry as my brother hadn't reterned home.(begin).(fill the with the correct tense of the verb.)

    The music sounds beautifully. B) Run quick; otherwise, you will miss the bus. C) The boss is more happier today. D) I surely wish you would go.
  28. English

    Why do these phrases contain a pronoun case? "Each of the applicants must submit their completed forms to the interviewer." and "My best friend and I are going to Hawaii this summer."
  29. English

    how can you compare and contrast Walt Whitman "I Hear America Singing" to John Mellencamp "Little Pink Houses".??
  30. English, Written Communication

    Which of the following are examples of coordinate headings? A. 3, b, iii B. A, i, a C. ii, 2, B D. A, B, C My answer was C but i got it wrong, is it A? PLEASE HELP CANT FIND IT IN MY TEXT BOOK
  31. English

    What did the SS say to Jews as they were taken from their homes? I want to start my report from the time I was taken from my home and I want to use German words to make it seem as if I really was a Jew during the holocaust. Thanks again for the help?
  32. English

    In MLA (version 7), how do cite a textbook in a works cited page? Would it be the same as if you were citing an encyclopedia article or does it have a different citation?
  33. English

    why, at the end of the Act, does Hamlet say: The time is out of joint, O cursed spite That ever I was born to set it right! (1.5.210-211)
  34. english

    need help with writing a prosecuting trial speech about making Brutus and the fellow conspirators killing Julius Caesar. please help.
  35. English

    How can I make this sentence better for my objective on my resume. To obtain an administrative assistant position where my professional skills will be used to the fullest.
  36. english

    could anyone please clarify my query : why there is no passive formation for the following sentences though they have transitive verbs which take an object ? 1. she goes to school 2. she crosses the bridge
  37. english

    I am the best candidate to be class president . If you vote for me all your wishes will come true. what type of fallaies is this is it red herring? plezzzzz help
  38. English III

    Anarchy is to virtuous as: A. Light is to dark B. Orderly is to chaos C. Happy is to sad D. Evil is to good****
  39. english

    Change correct the following sentences for subject-verb agreement tense and fragments. Going home now, how I wish I could get there before it start to rain.
  40. English

    "To err is human, to forgive, divine" is an example of? A. Paradox B. Metaphor C. Logical fallacy D. Antithesis I chose D. Am I Correct?
  41. English

    I need help writing an essay comparing and contrasting two stories about how the society has changed the lives of grandparents. it's due by tomorrow
  42. English

    How can I rephrase this so it's not a run-on? but some are likely to object on the grounds that Putin is simply asking Americans to not attack Syria for genuine reasons
  43. English

    Could you please revise this sentence? Thank you. 1) By moblity we mean the transer of every single teacher or student to the partners' country within the two years of the project.
  44. English

    What are some examples of literary devices for irony, foreshadowing and symbols in the story of Alex Rider Scorpia rising \
  45. english

    please help me to correct this sentence If I were Ashlee, I would not think that I would be able to provide assistance, more than expected, to the patient’s personal life besides physical care
  46. English

    how is sir toby is realted to the quote, And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges." (twelfth night: Shakespeare)
  47. English

    In "One Day, Now Broken in Two," what group of people does Quindlen decide are “correct” in their views? A. the optimists B. the pessimists C. the realists I think it's A
  48. English

    What is the meaning of "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"?
  49. Reading/English

    Reread "The Night the Bed Fell" and "The Stolen Day." In a paragraph or two, compare and contrast the stories. Please help me.

    Is this sentence a parallel, if so how can you write it mor simpler? Fire can be friendly or a foe, depending on the situation.
  51. English

    Why don’t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external? in “I, Too, Sing America”
  52. english

    is there a poem that uses a lot of rhetorical devices by Langston Hughes? It cannot be the dream defeered one or the negro speaks of rivers...
  53. English

    Why did Raymond Carver make "Popular Mechanics" ending so ironically different from the Biblical tale "The Wisdom of Solomon"?
  54. english

    What does the speaker in “Remembrance” plan to do? a. Forget her beloved. b. Live in mourning forever. c. Find a new love. d. Go on with her life.
  55. english

    6. Which one of the following fragments is a prepositional phrase? A. During the darkest night B. Going to Cleveland C. Listening to her heart D. Completed her assignment I'm stuck between A & B please help me?
  56. English

    Which of the following stylistic movement best represents Weird Al Yankovic's song Canadian Idiot? Would it be existentialism, modernism or postmodernism and why?
  57. English

    1. Shall we go where there is a shop? 2. We can get where there is water. 3. We have to walk where we can take a rest. 4. We drove where we can see many kinds of trees. ---------------- Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you correct errors? Thank
  58. Gender Studies

    Men are portrayed as independent and serious, and are defined and described by activities and accomplishments." How does the English language that is spoken in the US accomplish this?
  59. english

    how could you translate/explain why oyu like the quote "I haven't failed, I have found 10,000 ways that don't work".
  60. English

    I am writing a paper on Theme and Metaphor in the book a farewell to Arms could someone help on what would be a good Thesis statement as an opening?
  61. English

    Question wors *Ask questions. 1/ She likes the blue shirt. 2/ I invited all my classmates. 3/ Mom bought this bag . 4/ He said"hello".
  62. 9th Grade English

    can you tell me the rest of this saying? Knowledge is power~ If you learn to use it wisely you will also gain ______ _________ _______ .
  63. English

    What could be a good opening sentence for this? Why do you think people are so fascinated with celebrities? State your opinion and support it with reasons and evidence
  64. english for bsc

    what other experience of ordinary life do you think may lend themselves to the manner pf writing used in ''on a common cold''by osbert sitwell
  65. english

    what character represented the strictness and sterness of the church in uncle tom 's cabin? I think it was Eliza because she was brought up by the Shelbys.
  66. english

    3. Mitty reveals about himself that he be brave in his imagination when he says, "We only live once, sergeant...Or do we?". I real not get this question my understanding level be low this.
  67. english

    is this a good thesis statement for public vs private school. Parents have an obligation to give their children the best education.
  68. English

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence
  69. English

    What is the correct way to make this sentence parallel?l According to some economists, neither high unemployment nor large deficits will keep the economy from rebounding.

    could someone tell me 2 hard sources(books/database/magazine)or websites about prohibition era that could be very informative for term paper
  71. english

    Is the following question correct It took a lot of planning, time, and energy to lay the track for the trans-continental railroad.
  72. English

    A champion is a member of A winning team.... Someone who overcomes challenges even when it requires creative solutions. ---------------------- In this poem, what does 'it' refer to?
  73. English Literature

    What is Beowulf doing in lines 1250-1255 when he talks about the sword as a person but really isn't trying to personify it? and why is that even important?
  74. English

    How would I change this sentence to possessive long form? Paul rings the church bells at a moment's notice.
  75. maths history goagraphy naural science lo ca english affrikaans ems

    must i not do phiscal sicence when i am doing those subjects at school
  76. English

    Which of the following is the repetition of consonants as in hip and hop? A. assonance B. consonance C. alliteration D. onomatopoeia I am putting B, Do you agree with my answer?
  77. English

    Which poetic device is used in the sentence "There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart"? enjambment metaphor consonance assonance<-----
  78. English 11

    Write a paragraph summarizing lines 100-250 in the book called the ministers black veil
  79. english

    In part 3 "Burning Bright" in fahrenheit 451 novel .What symmetry lies in rebuilding of the city? can you explain what they mean in this question ? thank you
  80. english

    . Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and revise as needed to correct the problem: “A glove and ball is the required gear.”
  81. english

    14. Which verb tense indicates continuing action? A. Progressive B. Past perfect C. Future [D. Present] is my answer correct
  82. English

    What are some good insight questions for A Separate Peace? Some topics can include: Wroter's craft Setting POV
  83. English

    I need a character summery of Bella from Twilight. I haven't read the book, don't have time to. quick little things about her really. thanks,
  84. English

    What assumptions can be made about a credible source? A. It is lengthy and details. B. It is from Wikipedia. C. It is not trying to sell a product. D. It is written by someone famous. Is It A. ??
  85. English

    Explain why the literary work captured your interest, using term and concepts form the text to support your explanation.
  86. English

    When two words in a poem are spelled similarly, but do not have the same sound, the type of rhyme is called_______________. A. eye B. end C. internal
  87. english

    I am 11 years old. I need to write 3 sentences about the word "destiny," and why i believe in it? I kinda have an idea what it means, just need help putting it into words. Any ideas?
  88. English, tourism, agricutural sciences ,geographyand mathematics lit

    What career or job could i do n can i go to vasity to study further with this subject
  89. English

    I'm doing a compare paper on Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln. Will anyone PLEASE give me 9-10 thing comparing them. I need some really good ones, that I may have not thought of. Thank you!
  90. 11 grade english

    the oicnic was postponed because the rain ruined the grounds is the sentence with an adverb clause punctuated correctly
  91. English

    What type of literary device? " At that instant he took a pistol out of his pocket and held the ice cold block at my head"
  92. Socials

    I have to answer what is the primary goal of the summones of parliament document in England, and based on what it had that give anxiety to English.
  93. english

    A lorry has shed its load of fruit on the motorway.The traffic is a standstill.No one has been hurt. How to write a headline for this report?
  94. Year 9 English

    I need an idea for a modern gothic short story! 500 words and try not to make it clique! Thankyou xx
  95. Social studies

    Why did the first English settlers come to America? A. to find gold B. to become fur traders C. to start new life D. to become missionaries I need help :-(
  96. english

    Choose the label that best describes the underlined word group. A string Of Colored Lights edged the deck.
  97. English

    Generally speaking, novels have A. single themes. ==B. multiple settings. C. limited characters. D. no resolutions. Is this correct??
  98. English

    In the following sentence, is it correct to use came or went, in a situation when a person is talking to his/her friend? "After I came/went to David's house, I noticed that there wasn't anybody home."
  99. english

    Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. (Points :1) Zora s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away therefore, to her friends and ...
  100. english

    can you guide me to write the correct expression : I was scolded for little mistakes when i was a boy . I HATED IT. ANSWER : I HATE ___________________________________________________________________