1. english

    I have one more: Identify the capitalized part of the sentence. As well as being a competent secretary, Marilyn has become the informal staff COUNSELOR.
  2. English

    Which word should I chose in the following sentence: One day, I decided to make a real/really fine dinner for my family.
  3. english

    Locate the complete gerund or infinitive phrase and identify its noun use. "Her motive was to keep peace in the family."
  4. English

    Writeacher, the website you suggested to me for reading comprehension is excellent but the texts are too short. They should be twice as long. Do you have other ideas?
  5. english

    How might readers react if the topic sentences in an essay did not coincide with the supporting points, and why would their reaction be justified?
  6. English 4

    I'm doing a monthly essay proverb. I wanna know what's the figure of speech in "absent makes the heart forget." ?
  7. english

    use the following idoms and phrases in sentance their meanings in best way : break the news , bone of contention , fair and square
  8. English

    the design of a document reflects on the writer in terms of all of the following except: A. social status, B professionalism, C. competence, D. credibilty
  9. english grammar

    please help me if my letter is correct in the grammar. kindly help me to make a good letter. march,21,2011 subject:sales commission to: THE MANAGER DEAR SIR, I am writing to you due to next month will be my annul vacation and,I would like to ask a favorale
  10. Phrases and Subordinate Clauses

    Basically, I'm confused on this. The sentence is below: The old English word handbook, for example, has slightly different meaning from the french derived manual, a close synonym. I have to find the verbal, appositive, prepositional and absolute phrase (if
  11. English

    People use pockets when they eat Brussels waffles. ---------- Is this sentence grammatical? Is the use of 'pockets' here grammatical? English - Writeacher, Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 10:38am Do you mean they put the food (in this case, waffles) in the
  12. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:37pm. In a poem called "Me", I saw the following expression. Are they correct? 1. I think that I will never see, .... Someone who has my color hair. (What about 'my hair color'?) 2. So many kinds of folks I
  13. English

    If there are two independent clauses in a sentance, but one of the already has a comma, then should there be a semicolon before the conjunction? I just got a paper back from my english teacher and this sentance is one he corected: "Though some people
  14. English

    1. The man left a strong impression on me. 2. The man left a strong impression for me. 3. The man left me a strong impression. ======================= Are they all grammatical and do they have the same meaning? What is the difference between #1 and
  15. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 5:39pm. 1. Seoul is the city. My family used to live in Seoul. 2. Seoul is the city where my family used to live. 3. Seoul where my family used to live is the city. ------------------------------------ #1 can
  16. English

    Thankk you very much. I still have some more sentences for you to check. 1) What part will Mickey and his friends play in a sci-fi film? They will be extras. 2) Will they get paid? Will they have to take a day off school? 3) What is Mickey going to do? Why
  17. English

    Posted by rfvv on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at 5:45pm. All the eight rowers face backward, but the cox faces forward. ======================= What is the part of speech of 'backward' and 'forward'? Are they nouns or adverbs?•English - Anonymous, Sunday,
  18. English

    I left out these sentences which are more or less the same but I need to know which are possible. Thank you very much. 1) I'm the singer in the music (is musical possible?) band The Boyz. 2) I'm the singer in the band, the Boyz. I'm the singer in the band
  19. English expression

    A. What is the reading text about? a. School Introduction b. Family Introduction c. Self Introduction B. Draw a line between what we can know from the reading text as in the example. And referring the reading text, fill in the blanks. O. What is her
  20. English

    1. The fan is above the desk. (Can we use 'above' any time when the fan is on the ceiling, for example, in each corner. When the fan is directly over the desk, can we use "over" as in the sentence? Can we use 'above' when the fan is in each corner of the
  21. English

    posted by rfvv Friday, February 3, 2017 at 10:33am. 1. The guests talked about a lot of topics on the talk show. 2. The guests talked about a lot of topics in the talk show. --------------------------- Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'on' here? 3.
  22. English

    What do you like doing in school? 1. I like playing baseball with my classmates on the playground after school. 2. I like studying at the library on the third floor of the school building after school. 3. I like listening to classes at my academy with my
  23. english

    in tragedy vocabulary. I need the word for the following definition. a device where by the audience or reader understands more of a situation or of what is being said than a character is aware of.
  24. English

    I wanted start fresh on the Goetta one that I got help with last night and today. I was having hard when you guys were explain it me and get easily got frustrated.

    could someone tell me 2 hard sources(books/database/magazine)or websites about prohibition era that could be very informative for term paper
  26. english

    Organized in 1884, the first African American professional baseball team was the Cuban Giants. What are the phrases in these sentences?
  27. English

    What is the prepositional phase in this sentence.... The elderly woman named fondly while straightening the mess from her grandchild visit.
  28. english

    Through my degree in Biology I became experienced with statistical analysis as well as writing literature reviews. Are there any grammar errors in that sentence?
  29. English

    I looked at the growing dark clouds and I realized a massive storm was approaching. What poetic device is being used? I think it's personification.
  30. English

    You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. What type of language should you use in the invitation?
  31. 12th grade english

    i cant figure out how to put cordon in a sentence if the definition is *a cord or braid worn as a decoration* please help!
  32. english

    the poor man used to carry his heavy load to the market everyday can you pl change the above sentence into passive voice
  33. English

    1. Where is the annual report? -Tom took it last night. 2. When will you know if you got the job? - Not until the end of the month. (Are the questions and answers correct grammatically?)
  34. Math

    On a ruler that measures both metric and English units, we see that 1m=39.37 in. This implies that 2m = 78.74 in. Use this information to write an equation to convert x in. to y meters.
  35. English

    I looked at the growing dark clouds and I realized a massive storm was approaching. What poetic device is being used? I think it's personification.
  36. English

    How can I say this sentence in a different way: 'I recognise that I need to develop the confidence to challenge the practice of colleagues, putting the well-being of clients at the forefront of my mind'
  37. English

    Which poetic device is used in the sentence "There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart"? enjambment metaphor consonance assonance<-----
  38. English

    Why did Raymond Carver make "Popular Mechanics" ending so ironically different from the Biblical tale "The Wisdom of Solomon"?
  39. English

    Typed or printed letters should always contain _____. a formal salutation a handwritten signature contractions block paragraphs
  40. English

    Do you mind if I open the window? 1. No way! 2. Not in a million years. 3. Not at all. 4. Abosolutely not. (Ae all the answers correct? Why do you use the #2 answer? Would you explain it in detail?)
  41. English

    how can you compare and contrast Walt Whitman "I Hear America Singing" to John Mellencamp "Little Pink Houses".??
  42. English

    3.Which function and corresponding endmark match the following sentence? Go get the paper towels from under the sink a.interrogative(?) b.exclamatory(!) c.imperative(. or !)* d.declarative(.)
  43. English

    a brief paragraph summarizing the educational, communication, and career benefits of being a student within the Laureate International University Network.
  44. English

    How can I make this sentence better for my objective on my resume. To obtain an administrative assistant position where my professional skills will be used to the fullest.
  45. English

    Generally speaking, novels have A. single themes. ==B. multiple settings. C. limited characters. D. no resolutions. Is this correct??
  46. Year 9 English

    I need an idea for a modern gothic short story! 500 words and try not to make it clique! Thankyou xx
  47. English

    Rewrite the following sentence to make it more concise: The end result of completely eliminating the floodwall was utter devastation. I need help with this one.
  48. english

    Could I get like a character essay outline? Like what I should have in my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, sentence, etc. How to start it off and flow towars the end? Thanks!
  49. English (Urgent)

    How many Native Americans are here inn the world now? I did a google search, but I can't find my answer still, so can anyone please help me out wih this question? Thanks.
  50. english

    Which one of the following is a correct example of the singular possessive case? A. king's rights B. audiences' reaction C. women's club D. who's job I think it's C.
  51. English

    How can I rephrase this so it's not a run-on? but some are likely to object on the grounds that Putin is simply asking Americans to not attack Syria for genuine reasons
  52. english

    what character represented the strictness and sterness of the church in uncle tom 's cabin? I think it was Eliza because she was brought up by the Shelbys.
  53. English 10th grade

    In "Like the Sun," all of the following would be considered "casualties" of Sekhar's truth except his • children • colleagues • headmaster • wife It almost seems it could be any of them but I need the right one.
  54. English III

    What does Miss Hannigan say shw will do to Anny and Sandy in the movie Annie? I looked it up and still can't find the answer.
  55. English

    how can you compare and contrast Walt Whitman "I Hear America Singing" to John Mellencamp "Little Pink Houses".??
  56. english parallel structure

    When the movie Star Wars premiered in 1977, it was both surprising and a revolution in its special effects.
  57. english

    What does Thomas Paine value highly in the excerpt from his essay “The Crisis”? Freedom Solitude Individuality Spirituality Equality
  58. English

    Is there a story in America Street, edited by Anne Mazer, similar to The Journey by Duane Big Eagle?
  59. English

    What is the meaning of "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"?
  60. English

    What could be a good opening sentence for this? Why do you think people are so fascinated with celebrities? State your opinion and support it with reasons and evidence
  61. english

    Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. (Points :1) Zora s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away therefore, to her friends and ...
  62. English

    In the Tale of Two Cities question. Besides the foreshadowing of the blood bath to come, what does the people's response to the spilled wine show us?
  63. English

    Can anybody explain to me howe to find the adverb in a sentence? For example 1.Maria rose early and watched the sun rise.
  64. English-Essay

    What methods can a writer use to get the reader to respond favorabily to a request? Appeal to their emotions. Make them believe in your cause. :) How do I begin it?
  65. algebra II URGENT

    if peter received grades of 88,83,75,and 80 on four tests in English, what is the minimum grade he has to score on the fifth test to have an average of at least 85 for the course?
  66. english

    is this a proper run-on sentence ....Patty and I love to go to the beach , and we leave early in the morning to beat the crowds.
  67. english

    is this a good thesis statement for public vs private school. Parents have an obligation to give their children the best education.
  68. ENGLISH !

    George Bernard Shaw's plays illustrate their author's dedication to which cause? A.Socialism b.Capitalism C.Anarchism D.Fascism
  69. english

    please help me to correct this sentence If I were Ashlee, I would not think that I would be able to provide assistance, more than expected, to the patient’s personal life besides physical care
  70. english

    I am 11 years old. I need to write 3 sentences about the word "destiny," and why i believe in it? I kinda have an idea what it means, just need help putting it into words. Any ideas?
  71. essay help/english

    Social work in Adaption: Ethical Dilemmas and demographics (Wages,hours and job outlook etc.) thank you!
  72. English

    I'm in grade 10 and i have to write a five paragraph essay about my holidays in 200-250 words.can i get some ideas for my planning atleast 7
  73. Reading/English

    Reread "The Night the Bed Fell" and "The Stolen Day." In a paragraph or two, compare and contrast the stories. Please help me.
  74. english for bsc

    what other experience of ordinary life do you think may lend themselves to the manner pf writing used in ''on a common cold''by osbert sitwell
  75. english

    i have to keep a language learning diary and i am a bit confused.I have to write a tas description and a goal.what is a difference,can someone give an example?
  76. english

    Fascinated,Nina stared at the stranger.Who was standing in the doorway. She wondered if she could convince him they had met before. Where is the fragment and how do I fix it?
  77. history

    im doing and english essay, and i have to answer this question. How do the differences in the original 13 colonies lead to the development of "the north" and "the south"?
  78. English

    The Book: The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula. Vech possesses a "greater, unlearned skill." What is it? (Hint) In Chapter 3 or 4.
  79. math

    A 10-item multiple choice test with 4 options (A,B,C,D) is given to a class in English, what is the probability that the student’s answers are of the same letters
  80. English

    Ms. Sue I just cannot figure what the subordinate clause would be in this sentence, Tom and Phyllis said they would pay our dog's boarding costs. Is it "said they"
  81. English

    Sarah trained hard for the competition, but she did (not) win any of the trophies. (not is a(n) my answer)adjective adverb preposition noun
  82. English

    I need to write a Reading Response to "Why We Crave Horror Movies" by Stephen King. I need help figuring out the theme to the essay.
  83. English

    What did the SS say to Jews as they were taken from their homes? I want to start my report from the time I was taken from my home and I want to use German words to make it seem as if I really was a Jew during the holocaust. Thanks again for the help?
  84. ENGLISH 2

    What advice should Lena give walter from a raisin in the sun to change the outcome of the novel? i need help with idead so I could write a letter to him?
  85. English

    The company profits ____________ by 5% last year. ------------------ Q1: What can be put in the blank? 1. grew 2. increased 3. ________ Q2: Is the sentence grammatical?
  86. English

    Later, King led a famous march on Washington and worked for equal rights. -------------- (Is this sentence correct? The use of the preposition 'on'?)
  87. English Literature

    What is Beowulf doing in lines 1250-1255 when he talks about the sword as a person but really isn't trying to personify it? and why is that even important?
  88. English

    Could you please revise this sentence? Thank you. 1) By moblity we mean the transer of every single teacher or student to the partners' country within the two years of the project.
  89. 9th Grade English

    can you tell me the rest of this saying? Knowledge is power~ If you learn to use it wisely you will also gain ______ _________ _______ .
  90. English

    1. He asked a favor of Tom. 2. He demanded a present of Mary. 3. He begged a piece of bread of the woman. (Are they all grammatical?)
  91. business english

    writing a short paragraph on applying for a job as a medical office assistant tell me what can inspire me or guided me through
  92. english

    What does the author achieve by mixing exact and approximate numbers in "A Contribution to Statistics?" can someone explain what they want me to write I'm stuck.
  93. english

    3. Mitty reveals about himself that he be brave in his imagination when he says, "We only live once, sergeant...Or do we?". I real not get this question my understanding level be low this.
  94. English Ms Sue Help

    One would expect people living in a utopian society to be A.wealthy. B.difficult.---- C.idealistic D.Impossible Is B Correct
  95. English

    <Shopping at Namdaemun Market> Well, I agree with you about the prices, but I don't know about the fun part. -What do you mean? -It's always crowded there. --------------------- In the last sentence, what does 'it' refer to?
  96. English

    Search engines are most useful for finding: A. course information. B. books in a library. C. Web sites. D. scholarly journal articles.
  97. english

    is there a poem that uses a lot of rhetorical devices by Langston Hughes? It cannot be the dream defeered one or the negro speaks of rivers...
  98. English

    I need help writing an essay comparing and contrasting two stories about how the society has changed the lives of grandparents. it's due by tomorrow
  99. English

    I need a character summery of Bella from Twilight. I haven't read the book, don't have time to. quick little things about her really. thanks,
  100. english

    LANG-415.Mine exploded.Determine whether the sentence is ambigious or vague and explain the ambiguity or vagueness as appropriate.