1. English

    what kind of sentence is this? Arabic numbers were being used for the first time the concept "0" was baffling to many they wondered how a zero could for standing.
  2. english

    the subject and verb to the sentence "the sharp edge of a book page slit my finger."
  3. english

    Is the following a sentence fragment or an independent statement? Explain how you know. “Knowing only that I was asked to show up at noon
  4. English

    A mystery admirer from Ian's office sent the bouquet of flowers. Find the subject and verb.
  5. english

    ok so i am doing a poem on somebody that i would like to be if i was not me. I can not think of anybody. I know it is based on my interests and stuff but i still cant think of any. I like to play guitar and dance. does anybody know of any famous females
  6. English

    Why does this phrase have a pronoun-antecedent agreement? "When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he or she usually test drives it."
  7. algebra

    Write an algebraic equation for the English statement "Add 5 to the sum of 2 times x and the result is 21."
  8. English

    I need to think of some expressions or idioms involving Mexico, along the lines of "spice it up" "south of the border" or anything else anyone can think of. Gracias!!
  9. Business English

    Which is recommended when including a career objective on the resume of a recent college graduate?
  10. English

    Where should commas be added in the following sentence? “Three Skeleton Key” got its name as the narrator tells us from three escaped convicts. A. after got and us B. after name and us C. after as D. after three I know it's not A. and D.
  11. English

    Shakespeare is known for writing in what style? 1: Prose 2:Lambic Pentameter 3: Parliament My pick is #2 is this correct?
  12. English

    What is the theme of The Corporal by Richard Brautigan? I said that it was "it is sad to grow up," but my teacher says to be more sophisticated and specific
  13. English Grammar

    1. He tattos a rose on his arm. 2. He woos the girl to marry him. Are the sentences grammatical?
  14. English

    I need the 1900 The Lady Daffodilia full story, complete text. Anyone know where I can go to read it for free?
  15. english

    I need to abbreviate in a sentence so does this look good. Martha is a member of Parents for Responsible Teens (PRT).
  16. English

    Can someone give an example of Campaign Speech that involves about a recent celebrity. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Kink
  17. english

    What type of sentence pattern is "Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment." ?
  18. 10th grade english

    what is the climax in the book the bass the river and shelia mant by w d wenthrell
  19. English

    A rain forest is always green many plants grow there. Is this a fragment, run-on or complete sentence?
  20. English

    What public health issue starts the escalation of misery in "top of the food chain"?
  21. english I

    Combine together the following pairs of sentences by using infinitives:- 1.You must part with your purse.On this condition only you can save your life. 2.
  22. ENGLISH - Please Help!!

    Hi, What are 3 pieces of evidence to back up the argument that there is no way Myrtle Wilson will leave Tom Buchanan? Thanks!
  23. English

    In the book "From the land I lost" by Huynh Quang Nhuong, To what does the title of this selection refer?
  24. english

    i have to write an essay on why should we have freee colllege education improvement in U.S.A. Why it is problem. Can u please give the reason.
  25. English

    The bow and "two" keep the balance of the boat. =================== Wha tis the function or the role of the quotation marks for "two"?
  26. english writing

    Is this a could sentence with good punctuation in use of it. Behind my house is a tall, blue spruce tree.
  27. english

    how do i change this to active voice: The diagrams were left in the classroom for them to study the vocabulary throughout the week.
  28. english

    unscramble words roateuq olpialtc pam nlafodmr torucno ricadlan itdrceino
  29. english lang

    what word families do the following belong to woman ox goose mouse child foot thank you
  30. English

    Can anyone give me a site where I can find why it is difficult for people to talk about sexual feelings and involvement. please and thank you
  31. history help plz

    Although it put many farmers out of work, the _____ made English farming more productive.
  32. business english

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company. What would be best revision of this sentence?
  33. English

    What does Martin Luther King mean by "Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive?"
  34. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with a grammar question: is it possible to use "before" with a future perfect verb, for example: "He will have prepared the report before December 20 (before Friday)"? Thank you.
  35. 7th grade

    english: how are you supposed to make a person that bribes people to a character trait
  36. english

    we ________ _____________ started our trip earlier in the morning. fill it in with a helping verb
  37. socials 11

    what war-related issue affected French and English relations in Canada for years to come?
  38. English

    I need a character outlive for Sundara from a book called "Children of the River" by Linda Crew.
  39. english

    I need to think of some expressions or idioms involving Mexico, along the lines of "spice it up" "south of the border" or anything else anyone can think of. Gracias!!
  40. English

    Can anyone help me find a synonym for the word "veld". It is any of the open grazing areas of southern Africa. Thanks
  41. french

    what does this mean in english ecris la partie correcte d,aller apres chaque nom ou pronom
  42. English 112 Argument-based research

    Does a shy and quiet chid become a less successful adult?
  43. Shurley english

    How do you classify the sentence Today Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.
  44. English

    I have a hard time with making sentence fragments into complete sentences. Using this example-To get to the hospital quickly.
  45. English

    If I inherited a million dollars, I would buy a new house. Whats the condition here? is it just reported speech?
  46. english

    Can someone tell me how to put a source in a paper? this is how I think my teacher told me to do it: “Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed” (Lee 241). how do you do it if the quote is a question What you have is
  47. US History Project

    I have a US History project that's due... I have to make a map of North America in 1756 with: -20 major European settlements -French, Spanish, English colonizations -Native American Tribes -20 major geographical features And, I'm in really big trouble.
  48. English Expression

    Let's find out how Parents' Day is different from country to country, and let's learn the expressions related to congratulation or praise. O Answering praise O Saying one's own opinion O Answering praise or congratulation How do you express the mind of
  49. English

    With reference to an earlier question:- The liquid is to be scooped at a quarter of the depth of the container it is in. Hence the first sentence is correct? Or is there a better way of phrasing? The liquid should be scooped at a quarter depth of the
  50. Critical Thinking 205

    So I've been searching, checking the web on many different search engines, the college library. and have not found an example of a nonprejudicial rhetorical device. So it would be safe to say there is no such thing as a nonprejudicial rhetorical device?
  51. English

    Can you please tell me if the following sentences are possible? I really don't know how to say it in English. Thank you. 1) I do the shopping at the market every Saturday. (Should I consider it a mistake if the sentence started with "every Saturday"?) 2)
  52. English

    Can you please tell me if the following sentences are possible? I really don't know how to say it in English. Thank you. 1) I do the shopping at the market every Saturday. (Should I consider it a mistake if the sentence started with "every Saturday"?) 2)
  53. English

    1. This book was most helpful for my homework. 2. This book was the most helpful for my homework. (Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use 'the' or not in this case?) Q: How do we pronounce 'helpful'? (It's a little difficult to pronounce...Thank you
  54. English

    1. This book was most helpful for my homework. 2. This book was the most helpful for my homework. (Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use 'the' or not in this case?) Q: How do we pronounce 'helpful'? (It's a little difficult to pronounce...Thank you
  55. English

    Posted by rfvv on Monday, March 30, 2015 at 2:29am. Posted by rfvv on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 3:16am. 1. In the evening, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 2. In the evenings, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 3. Evenings, Sonya's father cooks dinner. 4. Every
  56. English

    I got a speech to do on a English topic called CONFLICT & RESOLUTION. I have to do a speech on either a : person - biography or autobiography novel movie theme a poet and conflicts can be: interpersonal intrapersonal intergenerational intercultural A large
  57. English

    Can you please check if the following questions I need to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you very much in advance. Which of the first two questions is better expressed? 1) Briefly outline the features of the 18th-century novels. Focus then on Defoe’s novels
  58. English 4

    These webpages on thesis statements should help you write a good one. http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/acadwrite/thesistatement.html http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/general/gl_thesis.html http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/composition/thesis.htm
  59. English

    Thank you very much. I need to wrie instructions of an MP3 player, a video recorder and a CD-player. Could you help me? I included a few more sentences. 1) I must be silent during teachers' explanations. I hang the clothes in the sun so that they get dried
  60. english grammar

    please kindly help me to correct the usage in english grammar. 1. Teacher: So what do you know __about___ prepositions? From At In About 2. Student: Well I know that they usually come _before___ nouns. On After Under Before 3. Teacher: Very good. Which do
  61. English

    posted by rfvv Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 3:31pm. The blues in Picasso's painting seem to communicate his sadness. It makes me a little sad, too. ---------------------------------- Q1: Do we have to use the plural form 'blues'? Q2: What does 'It'
  62. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 3:01am. 1. Exchange points with another team. 2. Swap points with another team. (Are both the same?) 3. Take away 300 points from one team. 4. Bring 300 points from another team. 5. Take away 30 points from each
  63. AP English/Psychology

    I will be taking high school AP English and Psychology exam next month. My psychology teacher does not return our tests. Can anyone give me any ideas/leads on how to best prepare for these exams? Thanks! This site may help you.
  64. English

    What is the main idea of this? Please help-I'm terrible in english- Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to
  65. English - Writeacher

    Thank you so much! Because you helped me with the articles my performence in class was pretty good. I just have to train my pronunciation. So just thanks a lot.
  66. english hs aeneid question

    can someone tell me the reason why Aphrodite and Hera were feuding? was it because they didn't want Aeneas to make to Italy?
  67. English

    The duckling started swimming out of instinct when she followed the rest of the flock into the lake for the first time. Do any commas need to be added?

    Correct sentence pattern... Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment. S-V-O -- my ans?? S-V-IO S-V-N S-V-A
  69. English

    3. “Aunt Dessie unfolded out of the car like a carpenter’s ruler” is an example of personification. symbol. simile. metaphor. I think its C.
  70. english

    how do you write a persuasive essay about youny adult women and teen girls quitting abortion.
  71. english

    In emphasizing the importance of individual thinking and basing one's beliefs on one's own experiences, Sojourner shows she has much in common with
  72. english

    what word could be used for both these statements: The washer will be _____ today. Mother forgot to pay the parking _______.
  73. english/science

    Can you help me to paraphrase this? After Chaim Weizmann's death, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. He declined.
  74. english

    In the metaphor of language as a layer cake given in your study unit, which of the following words could be considered to be a frosting word?
  75. English

    Could you please check this sentence? As I haven't heard from you, I'll email the module, you sent to me this morning, to my secretary's office myself(without making ANY CHANGES AT ALL)
  76. English

    Identify the suffix /prefix and familiar words Composition Harmonious Bagpipe Resounded Extraordinary
  77. English

    Please check my answer thanks :) In research , you must document the source of all specific information unless it's common knowledge. I said True
  78. English

    Out of these which one is a metaphor, simile, or a personification? 1)the last stains of sunset had melted away. 2)the wrinkled surface of a tiny lake.
  79. English

    After the play ____, several critics made scathing comments about it. a) succeeded b) opened c) closed d) bombed D???
  80. English

    (Question) Chickens include chicks, hens, and roosters. Then, what includs, cows, bulls, and calves?
  81. English

    How do you write the compound predicate of: People studied coins, saw jewels, or examined ancient tools.?
  82. english

    what is the subject,verb,and complement in the following sentence...has the planning committee announced the date of the school carnival?
  83. english

    "Yes, I made an important medical discovery. But I couldn't have done it without my team," said Dr.Jones. What's a word that discribes the sentence above?
  84. English

    The ____ was a conflagration, causing several buildings great damage. a) flood b) snow c) fire d) smoke C???
  85. english (check my answer)

    What is a key characteristic of a refrain in a poem? a. imagery b. alliteration c. repetition d. rhyme I think it's c?
  86. English

    He played a special music to/for me. He sang a song to/for me. He brought a rice cake to/for me. (Do we have to use 'to' or 'for' here? Are both prepositions correct?)
  87. English

    I have a homework where i have to write a speech on this topic which says Mythical charector i admire and i don't have a clue on how to start please help
  88. English Lit

    Analysis the double voice in Anne Bradstreet's poem....."The Prologe" "The Author to Her Book"
  89. english

    is this sentence correct? She teaches me not to turn a blind eye on the helpless patients, be it humans or animals, whenever I see them.
  90. English 11

    Can you send me a good reference about how to create a project proposal for a middle school stude like me? Thanks a lot.
  91. English

    How is Hamlet a tragic hero? Explain. My first point is that he was sucked into his own darkness when he was trying to kill Claudius. I need some points...help ):
  92. english III

    Can someone please help me find some examples of selection of details in chapter 8 of the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass
  93. English

    fill in the blank Which one of these careers ____ to six-figure salary? a. lead b. are leading c. leads d. have led c <--
  94. English(Poem)

    Why does the world seem so unfair, Screaming can't even make a repair, I don't even have any friends, I can't even comprehend, Is it any good?
  95. English

    In the Great Gatsby, Why does Nick say that reserving judgements "is a matter of infinite hope?" in the opening chapter?
  96. MATH

    . Let p, q, and r be the following statements: p: Jamie is on the train. q: Sylvia is at the park. r: Nigel is in the car. Translate the following statement into English: (p ~q) r
  97. English

    Two types of biographies are: a. Formate and genre b. Poetry and prose. c. Fiction and nonfiction. d authentic and fictionalized
  98. English 12

    What is the noun function for the following sentence? Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports.
  99. english

    i am from italy but i am hindu my parents are from india. i speak hindi or sometimes ispeak italian with my brother and sister
  100. english/ lit

    Which of these are considered figurative language? dialect,personification, protagonist, metaphor, simile, ambiguity