1. English

    In the book dragonwings why doesn't moon shadow attend public school? How is he being educated?
  2. English 101

    In what ways can the ability to write an organized and informative essay help you in your work outside of school?
  3. English

    Why does President Kennedy employ the rhetorical techniques used in his Rice Stadium Moon Speech?
  4. english

    What do you think are the similarities between Cathy Freeman, Deriba Merga and Oprah Winfrey? Please explain to me in details..
  5. English

    What is one way that " the maori:genealogies and origins in New zealand" contrast with " the raven and the first men:the beginnings of the haida?
  6. English

    at birth i was green but i was dressed in a thousand colors i have caused many deaths and imprisoned many men,
  7. english

    parents want thier children to go to collage how everever they don't aways have the funds to sendthem
  8. English

    Does anyone know whether the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho have a deeper meaning that "Listening to your heart and following your dreams"? Thank you :)
  9. English

    I need to compare and contrast golf and curling I just need few points. I got that both sports require proper shoes.
  10. English

    Golding says, 'A great many things have been said about how it came to be written and I don't know whether any of them are true or not.' Why might a writer be so uncertain about his or her own book?
  11. English

    Explain how The Federalist Papers would have been more or less successful if newspapers had been printed monthly (rather than daily or weekly).
  12. english

    I have to comment this assonance in line 6 the name of the poem is And all is seared with trade;bleared,smeared with oil
  13. english

    i think the swubway slogan "Eat fresh" is a type of glittering generalities but i don't know why. can someone explain to me why. please and thank you
  14. english

    In saki's story "The interlopers" what word would Not be appropriate to describe either of the two men A) Interloper B) poacher C) coward
  15. English (Writing)

    I have finished my Argumentative essay and I want to get that reviewed. I will give a rubric to make sure everything is correct.
  16. English

    when the price of goods and servies go up but the value of money goes down this is called ? a. draft b. infation c. blocked d. bond <------
  17. english

    Audrey said that Kyle was the most unique person she had even met. Why doesn't this statement make sense?
  18. English Help Please

    Anne accuses Peter of being insufferable,or A. unfriendly B. depressing C. unbearable D. hurtful Is the answer C?

  20. English

    Where should the comma go in the following sentence. Maria is going to take extra courses at the university in math her favorite subject.
  21. English

    Why did Shakespeare intent hamlet to have an oedipal complex? I am thinking because to make the character interesting? :S
  22. english

    how do i make this sentence parrallele.......We should either visit the art museum or attend a concert this weekend.
  23. english comp

    After watching Roy Hargrove play the trumpet, Marcia decided that she wanted to be one.
  24. english

    20. Which of the following singular nouns does not form an irregular plural? (my sec) A. mouse B. tooth C. ox ** D. tree
  25. Business English

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company. Which of the following would be the best revision of this sentence?
  26. english

    i need an example of a news report wrriten about the short story ''Thankyou Maam'' by langston Hughes
  27. English

    Prepositions and prepositional phrases Self-government (in the United States) began (in Jamestown) (in 1619.)
  28. English

    If you suspect that readers are interested in your topic, you may choose a _______ method of organizing your essay.
  29. English

    Quick question, Can someone use intimidation as a tool to manipulate people? And can you give me an example to demonstrate this if you can because I don't get it.
  30. English (literature)

    Can someone compare both William Bradford and Thomas Morton's reasons for coming to the new world? thank you.
  31. english

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence: Fernando read Miguel a bedtime story.
  32. English

    What is an example of a sentence using the following pair of antonyms. 1, deficiency and surplus 2. replenished and emptied 3. alleviate and increase
  33. English (ms.sue)

    How would I describe a someone who is bullying someone getting caught by a teacher? I have to include metaphors and facial expressions. Thank you
  34. English

    For the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee does the Radley place have curtains or shutters?
  35. English

    Would this be D if not Which analogy would best go with this one? A:Z:: A. girl:mother B. weight:pounds C. truth:lie D. prologue: epilogue
  36. English II

    What would you call new talk today? 1.slang 2.dialect 3.improper pronunciation 4.grammar which four would you select?
  37. career

    Geography,Agriculture,Life Sciences,English and Maths Literacy can I Study Journalism
  38. English

    What is the adverb and what does it modify in this sentence: A large portion of the Amazon rain forest grows there.
  39. English

    We are debating this sentence. Although some items are not for the body but for the soul. I say a fragment. It just doesn't sound complete to me.
  40. English

    Where does the apostrophe go or is one needed? This parks rules were hard to understand? The rangers instructions helped.
  41. English

    What does the phrase "Youth will be served" in Jack London's short story "A Piece of Steak mean?
  42. English

    Can someone please clarify what this means; a summary Analysis of your weekly monthly and semester time demands. Maybe and example of this
  43. English

    He was the last man to be hangs for murder in this country. -------------------- In this sentence what is the meaning of 'for'? Does 'for' refer to 'reason' or 'relation', or else?
  44. english

    using rhetorical devices write a passage(300 words) on a person, idea or ideology.
  45. english

    Paraphase - to cut a long story short, one day I decided to be a man about my feelings
  46. English

    help using who or whom The person who I called is my sister. For whom is this letter? Whom will we select? Who told us about Frank? Whom did he call? Who sat next to me?
  47. english

    write a passage (300 words)using rhetorical devices on a person,idea or ideology.
  48. adult education english

    I've been asked to find the correct spelling and meaning of the name " Michelle" can you help been looking for a week now Thank you
  49. english unprepared speech

    Traditional marriage is an advantage for a man only not woman do you agree or disagre
  50. English

    You are a speaker in a school's debate on the topic "boys should not help in the kitchen" write your speech for or against the motion
  51. English

    I have a homework where I have to write about on this topic which says mythical character I admire and I don't have a clue on how to start Please help
  52. English

    Q about OMAM: In PART I, what does the place look like? What is the time of year? Couldn't find this info. on Sparknotes
  53. English

    The physician discussed problems faced by everyone, and the response was positive. This is a compound sentence I would think no comma is necessary.
  54. english

    what are the layers of analysis for 'if i'll why hath it given me earnest of success?' from act 1 scene 3 MACBETH SHAKESPEARE. thank-you.
  55. english

    Both editors in chief asked for leave of absences at the same time. would the correct form be.... leaves?
  56. English

    What is an attention grabbing introduction for the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass ? Something that would draw the reader in.
  57. English

    The students sat there lisening to the lecture in total silence. (Rewite this sentence for clarity)
  58. english

    what is the appositive inthis sentences Charles Lutwidge Dodson is better known by his pen name,Lewis Carroll.
  59. English

    1. He looks like he is in another world. 2. He looks like he has a lot of money. 3. He looks like he knows everything. 4. He looks like he is from America. 5. He looks like he is more than 20 years old. ---------------------- Are the sentence all correct?
  60. English

    Which of the following is common to all goal achievement? honors and recognition compromise or abandonment opposition of adversity A?
  61. English

    Where's the prepositional phrase in this sentence From June until the end of August, Carl lives in Alabama
  62. English

    What order would you be using if you were an AABB pattern? answers are. Chronological Spatial Compare -and-Contrast Developmental Thanks
  63. functional english

    How can i describe three different scenarios where stress can build up and affect a person? Also i have no idea on how to start! please help?
  64. English

    Can someone give me a summary of one of the books they read for the 8th grade unit? Ex: The Mazerunner ? This will help me with my answer. Thank u
  65. English

    Which of the following lines from Marge Peircy's poem "To Be of Use" best demonstrates the speaker's view that work is gratifying?
  66. english

    A transitive verb with a direct object is in the ___ voice. a.active. b.passive. c.subjunctive.
  67. English

    Does this sentence make sense. Students may not still have a sweet tooth by Thanksgiving. OR Would it be more correct to leave the still out?
  68. english

    I have to write a paragraph about a vacation spot using order of importance and I have no idea where to begin. Can someone help me start?
  69. English Literature

    Dicuss three examples of the Anglo-Saxon belief in fate as shown in beowulf.
  70. english

    How do you classify the sentence: The hunting dog tracked the raccoon through the brush. A adj n/v a DO (p a op) Is this correct?
  71. english

    I have to classify this sentence: Wow!(I) I(sn)/saw(v) a(a) falling(adj) meteor(do) clearly(adv) during(p) the(a) night(op). Is this correct?
  72. english

    what type of verb tense is this? After reading about the successful steps to planning I am going to create a budget?
  73. english

    When the movie Star Wars premiered in 1977, it was both surprising and a revolution in its special effects
  74. English 2

    Need help with this-- "In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic." Any ideas for generalizations?
  75. English

    What is he like? 1. He is generous. 2. He is handsome but strict. 3. He is diligent and strong. 4. He is ugly but friendly. [Can we answer this way? No problem?]
  76. english

    In story "the necklace" written by "Guy De Mauspassant", if you were caught in a situation like Maltida,how would you have dealt with it
  77. english/grammar

    what are the adjectives and adverbs in this sentence. The lazy dog became angry and called the police
  78. english

    i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?
  79. English 2

    Need help with this-- "In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic." Any ideas for generalizations? Thanks -MC
  80. english

    i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?
  81. English

    Is there any quote on Daisy expressing her being self obbsesiven in the great gatsby? If yes please state it below i cant find any in the book
  82. english quick question

    I see your point and I agree _______ your proposal. i answered with study guide says to WHY?????
  83. English

    Against which American value did the Beat generation of writers react? equality freedom individualism traditionalism***
  84. English

    is the following sentence biased? Our new district attorney, a Cuban American, is making a speech on Saturday.
  85. English

    Mark or cut slightly _ _ _ atch Large irregular spot or stain _ _ otch
  86. English

    Could you describe to me party animal: behavior, appearance, what he likes, how he dressed. 150 words. Everything can be !
  87. english

    adding the suffix -ous to the word danger forms a/an verb adjective** adverb
  88. English

    The men blow up some houses but they are very near to the fire. 'It is no good,' says Pepys to the soldiers. ============== In the second sentence, what does 'it' refer to?
  89. Grade 10 English

    We need to read the story The Stone Carvers I need help with finding important quote s in chapter 1 to 2
  90. English

    Well l'm doing a speech on the right to die, but l can't think of 3 points for it the three l've got are: 1. The difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide 2. ? 3. A case on this subject Thanks!
  91. lighthouse christian college

    Wich career can I take when I took english,afrikaans,lo,physics and pure maths?
  92. English

    After school, I go to an afterschool class to study math. (Is this a correct sentence? Do you ahve better expressions?)
  93. English 1

    What did the author of “The Cold Equations” most likely want you to believe? What examples from the story make you think this? Explain your answer in three to five sentences.
  94. English Grammar

    Help me identify the subject and predicate in the sentence, 'After I finish my homework I will listen to the radio.
  95. English

    1. whisk:_____::sombrero:hat 2. armed forces:mess::students:____
  96. English

    In the sentence below, I'm confused about the word 'about'. I'm not sure whether it's a preposition or an adverb. The theater seats 'about' four thousand people.
  97. english

    What are the adjectives in this sentence? Many rain-forest plants reach enormous sizes that may seem unbelievable.
  98. english

    write a sentence about a desert animal. use the past tense of an irregular verb. underline it.
  99. english

    1. hero:_____::actor:actress 2. police officer:______::conductor:orchestra
  100. english

    What nursery rhyme character was a "wise galoshes wearing feline" answer has 12 letters.