1. English

    How dow the characters in a traditional fairy-tale differ to those in the princess bride.
  2. English Another Question

    What were the five main events during the final chapters of the novel "To kill a Mockingbird" ? Could someone please list at least two. Thank You.
  3. english

    Zora's lemon tree produces to mush fruit. she gives them away, therefore to her friends and neighbors.
  4. English

    Can you help me write an essay of 450 words on the topic " Substance Abuse in schools"
  5. English

    Can anyone tell what this means to them. Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning.
  6. english

    Identify the type of clause used in this sentence. Some people who can carry a tune are very shy.
  7. 2nd grade english

    Need ideas on how getting an education is so important for children. please answer. Thx
  8. english

    traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics
  9. English

    One last one... Larry fell asleep two minutes after he had (laid) down. Should it say lain down due to no object?
  10. english/Hamlet

    I need a better understanding of this quote "once you have friends and find the trustworthy hold on to them" please paraphrase this for me
  11. English

    Which diagram correctly represents this sentence? Andy teaches and plays the guitar
  12. 4th grade English

    Gorillas are shy Most of them never fight. How would you combine this sentence using a conjunction. Would it be but or so?
  13. English help please

    Which of the following personal completes the sentence correctly? One of my brothers just received ____diploma? A. his B. him C. their I think it is A or B. Can't quite decide. Please help.. Thank you
  14. english

    revising danglers re write this sentence... By doing right all the time, your conscience will feel at ease.
  15. English

    Loyalty and betrayal are distinctive ideas in the novel "The Kite Runner" How is this idea developed throughout the novel?
  16. English

    What kind of a source is a cartoon & a song about the sinking of Titanic? I would say that they're both secondary sources.
  17. english

    traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicines in clinics and hospital
  18. english

    What id the adjective and adverb in this sentence? The growing stack of magazines always bothered Aaron.
  19. english III

    When you go marketing, bring the groceries home in a paper sack instead of a box.
  20. english

    In your opinion what point could making an observation halt or obstruct the writing process
  21. english

    i need help finding a titale for my essay. it is a personal narrative about my family.. the theme is laughter.. i really need help
  22. English

    Among the many marchers included,President Meyers who walked for the fifth time. Is this sentence OK, or how could I fix it?
  23. english

    When Marcos walked into the room, we turned on the lights and yelled "Happy birthday!
  24. english

    I need an object to represent the beginning of one flew over the cuckoo's nest for a proj. Any ideas?
  25. english

    How do you diagram this sentence: Driving to the mall, Ann stopped on the way to visit her girlfriend.
  26. english

    simple subject of this sentence Alex Tanner added a spoonful of vanilla
  27. english

    ms.sue can you give me a couple of ideas probably cause i never really spent quality time with my family
  28. English

    What is the attitude Edgar Allan Poe has toward the insanity in The Fall of the House of Of Usher?
  29. english

    Wanted to create a gracious way of living and stressed refinement and the development of courtesy?
  30. english

    My husband said if I would just stop overreacting and be a better mother, everything would be all right. Can you use this same passage to used as a rehetorical device? (a down player)
  31. english

    Is this a good use of a modifier? Startled by the noise, the alarm clock was knocked on the floor.
  32. English

    1. It is not far from here. 2. It takes three hours from here to the station by car. --------------------------- Does "it" in each sentence have the same function? Does the "two it's" have the same grammatical role?
  33. english

    In the short story, "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" what is the significance of the title?
  34. English

    Why is Taylor's passage 'With rivers like green ribbons smaragdine' rich in imagery?
  35. 7th grade english

    I know that pauperize means to recluse to beggary but can you help me use the word in a sentence?? Thanks
  36. english

    Is this sentence correct? A sheet lied on the rug to catch paint splatters.
  37. English

    I forgot to add this sentence. 1)How long is it since it last snowed? ..... December. (Which is the correct preposition?)
  38. English

    I need to find the present progressive teses of the words lie, lay,awake
  39. English 11

    What are three dominant rhetorical devices in the essay "Where the World Began" by Margaret Laurence?
  40. english

    can anybody can write a creative story not bookish easy on the topic honesty is the best policy
  41. english

    Should there be a comma in this sentence? Where should they be? My friend Katrina moved to Seattle Washington recently.
  42. 10th Grade English

    what is the central human tradgedy of the Iliad? what is its most important theme?
  43. english

    at the end of chapter IV, Frankenstein pauses to moralize. What does he say about passion and how a person should deal with it?
  44. english

    how can i interprete this quote: "fear always springs from ignorance" by: ralph waldo emerson
  45. english

    On the moors the hare is running races in her mirth whats the figure of speech and where is it
  46. English

    None of us could possible overlook the ___ error the waiter made in adding up our check gross?
  47. social studies

    Who was a english king who broke away from the catholic church And started his own religion
  48. english

    mrs. sally johnson lives in dallas texass whats the capitalization?
  49. english

    1.He gets killed 2. I will get it done 3 gas gets over. could i know the grammatical aspect here ? I mean get/gets followed by a participle .what form of a sentence construction etc.
  50. English

    1.) In the Odyssey, Part 2 Odysseus went to Circe, from _____ he was promised his freedom. a.) Who b.) Whom c.) Whose b? None of them sound right.
  51. english

    can you give me those similarities and differences of africa and asia?? please reply ASAP. thnx.. :)
  52. english

    i need help in wrtting thesis essay for healthful eating. I don't comprehend the format or anything
  53. English 4

    Victorian England women were expected to have sex with only one man, their husband. is that true ?
  54. english question pls help

    what would be a good thesis statement for letter to briminham jail?
  55. English

    How could I compare the passage from "from Dust Tracks on a Road" and "from The Autobiography"? Please give an idea.
  56. english

    ok Ineed help I don't know when to use paragraphs ???? help me before I die bescause we've lots of stories to write help help help help help
  57. english

    the answer has to be plural possessive and both words must rhyme!!! spectacles for a young lady
  58. english

    how to write a formal letter to a editor about declining population of animals in hills.
  59. communication "english"

    Does all the assertive aggressive and passive behaviors have a feedback which depends on behavior only?
  60. english

    ms sie can i ask you how do you be in the top ten rank of school during freshmen year no ap classes
  61. English

    I'm sorry to ask this again but I still don't know what to put as examples of hope and hopelessness from Act One in A Raisin in The Sun
  62. english

    hi people... is there any website i can find online book reviews on books (full ones)????????????????
  63. english

    Based on this passage of The Odyssey, one can conclude that the ancient Greeks greatly valued .
  64. English

    are there any synonyms or antonyms for this word? Meacutetier (n.) the job one is made for; one’s expertise; an occupation.
  65. english

    1.Music is to _____ as____ is to watch 2.zebra is to ___as giraffe is to_____.
  66. English

    Is it ethical to use company time to solicited signatures for a petition concerning social issue?
  67. English 2 A

    Which of the following sentences from “And of clay Are We Created” best describes the relationship between Rolf Carlé and his camera?
  68. English

    What are the effects of new media technologies on youth culture? Can you give me some example where it has been good and where it has been bad?
  69. English

    What are two themes in Perseus Adventures? Reading the book but really don't understand the question
  70. english

    What are some constructive ways that people can communicate their determination to take action or reach a goal?
  71. english literature

    discuss maurya's character in ''riders to the sea''as a mother and a priest....thanks ! :)
  72. english

    need to change sentences from passive to present maria was congratulated on her beautiful swing.
  73. english

    Do people sometimes communicate their determination in the ways of anger, frighten, annoy, or confuse others? How?
  74. English

    Try to frame a poem on nature by using these rhyam scheme Abba,abab,aabbcc
  75. english

    Do you think that paying attention to your audience, purpose, and content improves the influence of your writing? Why or why not?
  76. English

    What is the definition of the word "mollified"? baffled alerted calmed*** upset *** - My Answer
  77. English

    Sorry for asking a lot of questions. But what can I write as an example of realism in A a Raisin in the Sun I'm having trouble finding an example of it
  78. College English

    I need help with making a thesis for a paper on preventing teens from becoming teen parents.
  79. English-Poetry

    do you know any bird poems that have alliteration, personification, imagery, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia?? please help!!!!
  80. English

    If the king fails to QUASH the rebel forces, they will... what could i write to finish the sentence?
  81. English

    1. What does she look like? She looks sad. 2. What is she like? She looks happy. 3. How does she look? She looks surprised. 4. What does her appearance look like? She looks upset. (Are the questions and answers grammatical?)
  82. English

    Is there anything else in the following sentence that needs capitalizing: "In January we are going to the Sierra winter carnival at Lake Tahoe."
  83. english

    My mother told me, I should establish credit at a young age. Is there a adjective in this sentence?
  84. English

    Identify the lingustic, political,social,economic, religious for the Mexican Americans?
  85. English - Hamlet for Anonymous

  86. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with the word "judge"? Do you think it's possible to say:"The EU has judged this decision (or law)" (meaning: 'condemned, criticized')? Thank you for your help.
  87. english

    What is it called in a movie when the camera is focused just on one person, to make it look dramatic and emotional?
  88. English

    The appropriate mark to introduce a bulleted list is a: A. colon. B. semicolon. C. period. D. No punctuation A
  89. English

    In the book, "A glory over everything", What kind of help does the white woman refer to when she tells Harriet, “If you ever need any help—”?
  90. english

  91. english

    how does "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" stand apart from modernism as a post modern work?
  92. English

    I need to analyse the poem "At the Lunch Counter" by Alden Nowlan. Can anyone help me. It is for a year 8 exam.
  93. For rfvv - English

    Please see our responses here: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1413767376
  94. English

    In what ways do APA format and style make academic communication hard?
  95. English

    What is the definition of the word "presumptuous"? puzzling too bold*** silly pitiful *** - My Answer
  96. English

    Can somebody help me? I have to write a paper about the causes of the fall of ancient Rome + bibliography. I have no idea how to start. What do I need to do first? I really need help. Please..
  97. english

    Please tell me where I could get the summary of "Eyes on the prize, promised land 1967-1968. Its homeork where can I get it. Thanks!
  98. english

    Marion claims her duty is to (1 point) a.Helen b.the children c.Lincoln d.France
  99. english

    According to scholars, what is one way the advent of talking pictures changed the behavior of movie audiences
  100. English

    hELLO! can anybody give me some ideas? i have to write an essay on: Parents should have every right to controll their children's TV viewing.