1. spanish

    what does el noche mean in English?
  2. History

    How did English evolve so much?
  3. To ms sue

    Can you please help me with my English , much appreciated
  4. english

    What is is in shirly english
  5. english

    what are some curriculum in english?
  6. Spanish

    what does solito mean in english?
  7. English (Journal Entry)

    You see I have this weekly assignment for english which is a journal entry. Every week on monday she gives us a a journal entry topic to write about & it always due on friday, so for this week topic is: If you could visit with a historical figure for a
  8. English

    Could you please tell me if everything is OK? Thank you. I had to include the linguistic objectives of the project as well as the methods we are going to employ. Linguistic objectives 1)To provide students with the necessary linguistic structures to
  9. English

    1. He can not only swim but also dance. 2. He not only can swim but also can dance. 3. Not only he can swim but also he can dance. (Are they all grammatical? Which one is commonly used?) 4. He is not only strong but also fast. 5. He is fast as well as
  10. English

    English posted by rfvv Friday, October 20, 2017 at 8:58pm. The frog brew and brew. "Pop!" At last he died because ______________ 1. he blew himself up too much. 2. he tried to make his belly bigger and bigger. 3. because he wanted to get bigger than the
  11. English

    Writeacher, can you please tell me if I should group the linguistic objectives differently? Being a teacher yourself, could you please tell me if you would include other objectives when considering the study of a scientific subject in a foreign language?
  12. english patient continued

    Okay, it's me again. can you read my next paragraph of my essay. This is analyzing one of the themes in the english patient. The English Patient is truly an inspiring piece in literature. One of the various types of themes in this novel is the pain,
  13. political science- PHL

    hello can u help me please? write a few words about Machiavelli, Locke and how they are relevant today? John Locke is another philosopher who is considered as relevant today for some of his ideas he expressed. His writings were a great influence to the
  14. need help

    what are italic words in paragraphs???? In English, we use italics for the titles of books and movies (and anything else that would be underlined, not put in quotation marks). We also use italics for words from another language. For example, if you use a
  15. English

    I urgently need to write a short email to a scholar specialized in Comenius projects. After presenting myself and the school I'd like to include this: 1) As you are a scholar with an in-depth knowledge of Clil within a Comenius project, I would like to
  16. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 7:45pm. 1. I wish I were good at ja dance. 2. I wish I were good at ja dances. ------------- Which on is grammatical? English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 7:48pm Sorry -- but I don't know what
  17. college

    Complete an Internet search to find at least two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners. For example, some states have ceased funding for bilingual education and may not instruct
  18. English

    I want to go to London. It is ten miles form here. ------------------------------ Does 'it' refer to 'London'? Or does it refer to 'the distance' used as an impersonal pronoun? =============================== How far is it from here to the station? (Here
  19. math

    The river rose 4 feet above flood stage last night. If a= the river’s height at flood stage, b= the river’s height now (the morning after), which equations below say the same thing as the statement? Explain your choices by translating the equations
  20. Art

    Thank you, Writeacher. Here is the last part of the same summary. Could you please check it? 1) The names of the ingredients are reported using an international code, INCI which is the same for all EU countries though it is also used in other countries,
  21. English

    English posted by rfvv today at 6:01am. a person who is in charge of props in a play. 1. a prop man 2. a prop master 3. a property man 4. a property master 5. _________ ------------------------------------------- What are the proper words for the
  22. Languate...Grammar

    Hello. 1. I wish he were a bird. 2. I wish he was a bird. 3. I wish I were a doctor. I think #1 is correct. What about #2? Is it OK? And what about #3? Numbers 1 and 3 are correct; 2 is incorrect. Read about the use of subjunctive mood in English:
  23. Manuscript on an Article (bobpursley)

    Posted by bobpursley on Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 8:56pm in response to English (Speech). Read the article. What did it say? What was it point of view? Was the author complete in the analysis? What needs to be done? How did it make you feel? So in the
  24. English

    what should you study for a english benchmark?
  25. english teachers?

    are there any english teachers on here at this time?
  26. English

    Is English the language of opportunity?
  27. ELLS

    Do you know anything about English Language Learners?
  28. speech

    ENGLISH is the language of the opportunity
  29. sozamg high school

    why english is the language of opportunity .
  30. french

    i have some questions to ask about how to spell it in english
  31. french

    i need some help what does toast mais mean in english
  32. French

    What does "un surv¨ºtement" mean in english?
  33. english

    english due tommorow. Need Help
  34. Urgent Spanish Help

    How are the I and E in Spanish similar, also how are they different to the I and E in English?
  35. french

    Ou'vit le garcon? mean in english?
  36. English

    1. I am going to try an English club. 2. I am going to join an English club. (Does 'try' mean 'join'?)
  37. french

    what does tu préféres le français mean in english
  38. English

    How did boy come into modern English
  39. English

    What are the verb forms in English? I know that there are 12.
  40. spanish

    What does esta' soleado mean in english?
  41. 8th grade

    how can i improve my maths and english
  42. Spanish

    What does basandote mean in English? (the a has an accent on it).
  43. spanish

    what does this say in english: Que usa la abuela?
  44. essay on advantages of speah english in 500 words

    what are the advantages of speak english
  45. 5th Grade Social Studies

    What are the names of the first 3 English settlements?
  46. Language

    How do I learn English good?
  47. English

    I need help writing an english essay
  48. spanish

    What does "to dal ay nochay" mean in English?
  49. English

    What is the meaning of 'cyber' in English?
  50. English

    What are written techniques in English?
  51. english

    why bother to teach ENGLISH
  52. french

    what does tu préféres le français mean in english
  53. french

    what does casa la salle mean in english?
  54. French

    Hello, does "partage" mean share in english.
  55. english

    how to learn good english
  56. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue u be able help me with my english questions?
  57. social studys

    What was one cause of the English Civil War?
  58. spanish

    how do say la senora va de compras in english
  59. Biology

    what does ribosome mean in simple english?
  60. English

    Does anyone have the Answers for Ashworth English 3 please? Anyone!
  61. english speech

    English as a language of opportunity
  62. geography

    What does the word napasta mean in english?
  63. english

    what can i do to be a better learner in my english class
  64. spanish

    whqat does me duele mean in english?
  65. English

    What does solid analysis mean in english?
  66. English

    As an English teacher where would i go in ENgland and Why??
  67. english

    Hey, can naybody please look wheter I wirte it all right? Thanks :) Negative Concord - Means that there must be more then one negative word in a sentences - Can be find in some languages like French, Spanish or Russian -> French: Je na vais nulle part.
  68. math

    The English Alphabet has 20 letters more than one−fourth the number of letters in the Greek Alphabet. The English Alphabet has 26 letters. Which of the following equations would you use to find the number of letters, g, in the Greek Alphabet?
  69. English

    Posted by rfvv on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 8:41pm. 1. What are they like? -They are brave. 2. What is their presonality like? - They are brave. (Are the questions and answers right and the same?) 3. It is shaped like a fish. 4. They are shaped like
  70. English..Ms.Sue(take a look here please)

    Discuss the society in Brave New World as a utopia. What should i make my thesis be??? Please help im so lost. It is a utopia •English - Ms. Sue, Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 1:14pm I think a good thesis would be: Brave New World reflects a dystopia, not a
  71. English (MLA Citations)

    I need to cite Beowulf from The Norton Anthology of English Literature, but I'm not sure how, as the author is unknown. Here's the general format for MLA citations given by my teacher: Authors. Title of Piece. Title of Book. Edition. Vol. Editors’ Names.
  72. english

    Hi I have some questions and I would really if you answer my questions! I want to be Nurse Practitioner and I am very passion about it. But I have a lot of problems. First English is not my native language, second I am not good at math, third I am kind
  73. To: TP (Romeo and Juliet)

    I just saw your last post -- English - Connected Texts - TP, Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 4:17am Is Romeo and Juliet a book that has a lot of complex themes or messages? I haven't read it personally, but I just want to make sure I'm not in-over-my-head
  74. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 9:16am. 1. Yesterday was his 100th day. 2. one hundredth day 3. a hundredth day (How can we read '100th day'?) English - Writeacher, Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 9:41am Do you mean his 100th birthday?
  75. English

    Read the clauses. Then write main or subordinate for each clause. if the clause is a subordinate clause add a main clause to make it a complex sentence Before I go to school Subordinate Before I go to school I take a shower We heard a concert at Town Lake
  76. English

    Homework Help: English Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 7:17am. Posted by rfvv on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 10:27pm. 1. Don't feel stressful. 2. Don't get stressful. 3. Don't feel stressed. 4. Don't get stressed. 5. Don't be stressed out. 6.
  77. math

    In a survey of 25 college students, it was found that 9 were taking an English class, 14 were taking a math class, and 8 were taking both English and math. How many students were taking a math class only
  78. Emglish

    Can you help me check these sentences,please? Thank you. 1)Briefly outline the main features of Wordsworth's poetry as stated in his "Preface to the Second Edition of Lyrical Ballads". 2)Answer three out of the following four questions. For each question
  79. english

    Please answer this question mi hoo na of in english
  80. american history

    how do you translate eglish into modern english
  81. sra JMcGuin spanish

    we were suppose to write in spanish then in English
  82. Foreign Languages

    Can someone proofread this spanish paragraph please. here it is in english: 1)
  83. english

    what are English words that are difficult to spell?
  84. English

    I'm looking for that word which describes that if everyone has something. then i should have it too I need it for an English assignment
  85. spanish

    I need to translate words in to Spanish from english
  86. Spanish

    what does que bueno mean in english? *there is and accent over the "e" in que. i just cant figure out how to get it on there =]*
  87. english

    Is "May you please contact me today?" proper english?
  88. english

    English I part II GP Final – Exam 4
  89. English

    Give four characteristics of standard English.
  90. math

    Which other country besides the U.S. uses the English metric system?
  91. Inglish

    Hello teachers. Plese help me learnm english.
  92. government

    What was stated in the english bill of rights?
  93. history

    who decided education would be in english in 1835?
  94. art

  95. history

    THese events in english history were similar in that they all
  96. Leo: font

    Perfect!! From an English teacher... You done good! =)
  97. english

    i need a motto for my English class but i cant think of one plz help!
  98. Essay

    Being an English Teacher in a Foreign Country
  99. jm

    need how to do English I part II GP Final – Exam 4
  100. spanish

    what does "todo esta bonito" mean in english?


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