1. english

    the best why for a good market
  2. english

    what are transitive verbs

  4. english

    what is the antonym for terrible
  5. English

    When can you begin a sentence with "but"?
  6. English

    What is academic integrity?
  7. English

    I just want to know if I can send you my homework.
  8. english

    what is an appositive phrase?
  9. english

    prepositional phrases
  10. english

    what is the historical allusion?
  11. english

    what is SCS,SCV?
  12. english

    what is llatetpsh unscrambled
  13. English

    if i had a 1.875 and i get a C to go up to a B what is my GPA?
  14. ESL

    what is English Second Language?
  15. english

    what are some sub details in education
  16. English

    Joseph ======== In this name, is 's' pronounced [s] or [z]? Are both OK?
  17. english

    one purpose of the summary is to ?
  18. English

    What is dramatic purpose?
  19. english

    Canceled or cancelled? with one L or two L's?
  20. English

    How do you pronounce this name "Silverstein"?
  21. English

    Would you let me know the full form of "Way to go!"
  22. english

    What are some verbal techniques?
  23. english

    how to write a composition
  24. english

    sentence labeling
  25. english

    Which value is reflected in Heracles ?
  26. English

    rules of punctuation
  27. English

    What is the plural of scientist?
  28. english

    I need examples of a sonnet!
  29. English

    What is another way of saying 'i don't mind'?
  30. English

    What are collective nouns?
  31. english

    Which of the following is a subordinate clause?
  32. English

    Why is religion sometimes not the cause of war?
  33. english

    what is example of affirati ve /positive
  34. English

    is nationalism capitalized?
  35. English

    1. Polly the Parrot had (come, came) with me. come
  36. English

    Is it a mistake if I include "in", then? Thank you.
  37. English

    The lion _______
  38. English

    What does the child wonder about his teacher
  39. English

    Harmatan weather
  40. english

    How did mandela grow up?
  41. english

    when identifying sentences, what does cx mean
  42. English

    What is a homonym ? Please explian thanks :)
  43. English

    If I use "anything," should I pair it with "it" or "them?" For example, "if I wanted anything, I could get it/them there."
  44. adv english

  45. English

    What is a complete subject?
  46. English

    Where does Macbeth live?
  47. english

    how many musicians in a quartet?(5, 6,or 7)
  48. english

    where do you use semi colons
  49. English

    One of the chairs are broken
  50. science-english

    What does radioactive mean?
  51. english

    i need information on a storyboard
  52. English

    conclusion of the story
  53. English

    D. Secondary Research
  54. english

    What does handicapping in sports mean?
  55. english

    Identify and name any rhetorical
  56. English

    Hi what is a counter agrument? Thanks
  57. English

    What is a pivotal event? Please Help!! Thanks!!
  58. english

    name three t.v heroes and why the are on your list
  59. english

    it is my summary I just need it to be revised
  60. english

    help unscramble lesfat
  61. english

    I need help writing a DBQ
  62. english

    what was shakespeares best play?
  63. English

    What is a textual change?
  64. English

    What is the hellenic perspective?
  65. English

    How should I start an example essay?
  66. english

    what does optimistic and pessimistic mean?
  67. English

    What did sodhi think of goeff
  68. english

    what are some contractions of hawaii
  69. English

    Why is leadership something you must continue?
  70. english

    yes that is the website for what my homework is
  71. English

    what are the different way to start a paragraph
  72. English

    ___ are going for a walk. a) He and I b) Me and him c) Him and me d) I and he Again, I think it is A
  73. english

    How do heros inspire you?
  74. English

    What is a synonym for melancholy?
  75. english

    what is song about determintation
  76. english

    What is the adjective from love?
  77. English

    What does the following saying mean an elbow only bends one way ??
  78. english

    you can help me in plural form
  79. english

    few lines on my home is the best
  80. english

    should not mean is what part of speech
  81. english

    what is a proper noun
  82. English

    As I looked at that photograph
  83. English

    What is an Adverb? and How is it used in a sentance?
  84. English

    What are all the settings in "Frankenstein"?
  85. English

    What is a fragmented plot?

    Can someone tell me what is Elite tourism?
  87. english

    What is bluntbomb corp
  88. english

    what are some nongovernmential organization
  89. English

    Metaphor for beauty
  90. english

    Can someone give me an example of a metaphor
  91. english

    won't to can't green to ?
  92. english

    you can help me in plural form
  93. English

    When do you use the past participle: had had, had have, had has?
  94. English

    Why can learning be bad?
  95. English

    what is the name of bulb producer
  96. English

    What is author style?
  97. english

    What is the meaning of tonto
  98. English

    What are helping words
  99. English

    What are the ways of getting acquainted?
  100. english

    why was shakespeare so impornt?