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  1. English-- literature

    Cyrano de Bergerac: (you don't really have to have read the book) I have to think of contemporary (modern day) parallels (ie: crimes, political, entertainment, or gossip column news, advertisements, etc.) for each of these characters or events: (I've been

    asked by suz on December 4, 2006
  2. Science Fair Project

    I need help thinking of a topic for an highschool science fair project the actual topic not a link please i really need help thinking of one Testing the water in your school for lead. DOES SODA LOSE IT;S CARBONATION FASTER AT LOW OR HIGH TEMPERATURE

    asked by nique on August 13, 2006
  3. calculus

    Consider the function f (x)=x1=5(x��4). This function has two critical numbers A < B Find A and B For each of the following intervals, tell whether f (x) is increasing (type in INC) or decreasing (type in DEC). (-inf;A]: [A;B]: [B;inf) The

    asked by Mandy on March 19, 2012
  4. algebra

    Find the two consecutive odd integers such that 5 times the first integer is 12 more than 3 times the second. can some explain to me how to get this i was thinking the formula would be ' 5x+12=3x No, that's not it. The second integer is x+2, since it is

    asked by laura on March 29, 2007
  5. advanced math

    I did the math for the previous problem I posted, using this formula: -b+ or - the square root of b^2-4ac/2a. When I did this for -x^2+2x-1, I got 0/-2. I did the math and the x and y intercept came out to be -2 and -2. But when I graphed this on my

    asked by Sharon on March 2, 2008
  6. Calculus

    Suppose f(x,y) = XY(1-10X-5Y). f(x,y) has 4 critical points. List them in increasing lexographic order. By that we mean that (x, y) comes before (z, w) if x

    asked by Rajeev on October 16, 2011
  7. Diff Calculus

    Find the interval(s) where the function is increasing of decreasing. find the: a) critical value(s) b) critical point(s) c) max. value + max. point d) min.value and min. point e)point on inflection if there is: 1) y=x^4-3x^3+22x^2-24x+12 thanks:)

    asked by unknown on October 2, 2011
  8. algebra 1

    I cannot find it in my text book I have a math problem : 2f2 + 9f + 6 for f = 10 The second 2 is to the second power. So with the order of operation do I muliply 2 by 10 first and then 20 the the second power? Thanks Math is really killing me!

    asked by Kati on June 9, 2010
  9. intro to psychology

    Critical thinking involves being able to: A. wonder, ask questions, define the question in clear terms, and accept the obvious. B. examine the evidence, analyze assumptions, and avoid emotional reasoning. C. examine the evidence, be curious and ask

    asked by elly on June 25, 2015
  10. Current Events

    Hey! Kayz, so regarding the stance 'that the US should remove political, social and economic support from dictatorships'. So far I'm thinking of adapting the sanctions on South Africa during apartheid for this. I'm also thinking of looking at current

    asked by Tina on May 8, 2011
  11. trig

    What is cos(11pi/3)? Explain your thinking. What is sin(13pi/4) ? Explain your thinking.

    asked by BreAnne on January 27, 2012
  12. math 2

    armani is thinking of,a number that is,a factor of 36 and,also a multiple of 3. what are the possible numbers Armani could be,thinking of?

    asked by stephie 21 on January 7, 2013
  13. written analysis

    In weeks 1 and 2, via your introduction to the critical thinking process, you are briefly introduced to some of the most powerful and complex questions humans have ever asked: What is truth? What is knowledge? How do you know what you know? In this

    asked by yosiel on March 27, 2012
  14. math

    ok im struggling in math becuase my math teacher isnt really explianing things really good my mom tried 2 swich me to a different teacher but they don't let me wat do i do?

    asked by joclyn on February 21, 2010
  15. math

    Ms Writeacher my math work book which is a fifth grader Harcourt Math Practice Workbook does not say what Tues so my mon think it has to be the same Tues in the week of the other days

    asked by charlie on March 9, 2009
  16. Math

    Julia studied math for 3 1/2 hours during the 4 days before her last math test. What was the average amount of time she studied each day?

    asked by mindy on December 11, 2008
  17. math

    ok i have 10th grade math next year and i don't even know half the stuff for this year and its summer brake and im worrying about math..what do i do

    asked by caroline on June 14, 2012
  18. math

    julia studied math for 3 1/3 hours during the 4 days before her last math test what was the average amount of time she studied each day

    asked by elizabeth on May 14, 2013
  19. Math for Business Analysis

    Let f (x, y) = xy + 5x + 4y model the utility a consumer feels based on the number of the number of cups of coffee, x, and the number of donuts, y, consumed on a given Thursday. Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values of f(x, y) over the

    asked by lex. on June 12, 2016
  20. math

    A concert promoter wants to give away 240 tickets to 3 radio stations. Which basic math fact can he use to find 240 image 3 using mental math?

    asked by nathalie on February 6, 2014
  21. Test

    Tomorrow the whole state is going to take this assessment and I'm stressing out. There is this website that I am practicing on right now and most of the math questions I don't even know. I don't know what to do and I'm worried that I'll fail the math

    asked by Joy on October 15, 2012
  22. math sets

    out of 320 students at a university,190 taking math,235 taking chemistry and 120 taking physics.125 are taking both chemistry and math,95 taking both chemistry AND PHYSIC,55 TAKING BOTH MATH AND PHYSICS.HOW MANY ARE TAKING ALL THE THREE SUBJECTS

    asked by kelvin on January 16, 2017
  23. English

    posted by rfvv Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 5:57am 1. I laugh. Don't laugh, I tell myself. Think of tomorrow's math test. That works. I sit quietly. -------------------------------------------------------- In the book, 'Don't laugh' is in italic type. In the

    asked by rfvv on April 9, 2018
  24. Math

    Based on the data, of 40% Reading and 25% Math, Out of 240 students, how many would choose reading or math as their favorite subject?

    asked by James on March 27, 2012
  25. Math

    Match/Choose the math sentences that count up and back by tens. 47+40=88 57+30=87 46+10=56 56-10=46 87-40=47 87-30=57 Write the matching math sentences.

    asked by Student on May 18, 2016
  26. Math

    if you have a f in math what is the percent of the grade in math?

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G on March 21, 2017
  27. math


    asked by FOR MS. SUE consquela on March 5, 2012
  28. Algebra

    Suppose you want to enclose a rectangular garden plot against a house using fencing on three sides, as shown at the left. Assume you have 50 ft. of fencing material and want to create a garden with an area of 150 ft². A. Let w = the width. Write an

    asked by Sophia on December 1, 2015
  29. HSPA

    In my school, I have to pass the HSPA in order to graduate. We had to take the Language and Math HSPA in March. In order for a student to pass the HSPA, you have to get a score of 200 or more on both parts. I received exactly a 200 on the Language part of

    asked by Mack on August 22, 2007
  30. math

    I am having a hard time on the ACT with the math have bought several books trying to learn the math and need some help please take the ACT sat. and again on the 23rd have to get good score to start classes in august

    asked by mel on June 6, 2013
  31. math

    Answers (not puzzle, math answers) to what do you call it when someone pays back a quick loan. I know the answer is a sudden debt pay off i need help writing them out(math part).

    asked by Jamlle on February 24, 2015
  32. Chemistry

    I am having so much trouble understanding how to classify reactions as precipitation, acid base, or oxidation reduction. In one example in particular, it reads Iron II oxide reacts with oxygen and water to yield Iron III hydroxide. I wrote out the equation

    asked by Tracey on April 21, 2015
  33. statistics

    The average math SAT score is 500 with a standard deviation of 100. A particular high school claims that its students have unusually high math SAT scores. A random sample of 50 students from this school was selected, and the mean math SAT score was 530. Is

    asked by Nancy on November 23, 2010
  34. Math

    Hello! I am not asking for the answer to this question, I am asking for a step-by-step explanation. Mr. Green band, choir, and math. This year, he has 57 students that take at least one of his classes. He teaches band to 25 students. There are 9 students

    asked by The Philly Inquirer on March 31, 2016
  35. bus. stats

    Given that math SAT scores are normally distributed (follow the empirical rule) m=500 Standard deviation=100 what is the math SAT score for someone who is in the 80th percentile of his or her class.

    asked by mike on March 3, 2010
  36. bus. stats

    Given that math SAT scores are normally distributed (follow the empirical rule) m=500 Standard deviation=100 what is the math SAT score for someone who is in the 80th percentile of his or her class.

    asked by mike on March 3, 2010
  37. English

    1. I have to do scince and math homework tonight. 2. I have to do my science and math homework. ------------ Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Do you have other way of expressing?

    asked by rfvv on November 29, 2014
  38. math

    the width of a math textbook is 0.75 inches. how many math textbooks can be placed standing up on a shelf that is 18 inches wide

    asked by cat on April 11, 2015
  39. Math

    Match the math sentences that count up and back by tens. 47+40=88 57+30=87 46+10=56 56-10=46 87-40=47 87-30=57 Write the matching math sentences.

    asked by Student on May 18, 2016
  40. math

    In a local college, 60% of the math majors are women. Fifteen math majors are chosen at random.

    asked by michelle on September 21, 2010
  41. math

    a teacher allows 5/6 of an hour to be spent on homework, she wants to spend 1/3 of that tome on math. how much time will be spent on math?

    asked by emma on April 12, 2011
  42. To sam!

    Was the five part unknown question for compounds A through E yours? If so, did you get it answered ok? no it was not mine! can you please check my math? can you please check my math?

    asked by DrBob222 on December 4, 2006
  43. hostos

    the average math sat score is 500 with a standard deviation of 100. a particular high school claims that its students have usually high math SAT scores a random sampel of 50 students from this school was selected, and the mean math sat score was 530 . Is

    asked by tina on May 3, 2014
  44. math

    Help! I am gettting a C in math and I am so cofussed! How do I study better but have fun while I do it? I love math, I take it as a game, I take the #'s and use their equations. I know you might not like problem solving q?, but try to get a tutor & I know

    asked by Kendall on November 13, 2006
  45. Dont I need more info for this Math problem??

    You borrow $2,000 at a rate of 3% for a period of 4 years. How much will you re-pay at the end of 4 years? This is a 7th grade math question and I feel like it's a trick question. I am thinking that I should use the simple interest formula, but I know that

    asked by SDog on March 19, 2014
  46. statistics

    SAT Exam Scores – A school administrator wonders if students whose first language is not English score differently on the math portion of the SAT exam than students whose first language is English. The mean SAT math score of students whose first language

    asked by Liz on October 7, 2011
  47. Chem

    What molarity of a NH4NO3 solution has a pH of 5.220? Kb for NH3 is 1.8 x 10^-5. Choose one answer. a. 6.31x 10-6. b. 2.21 x 10-6 c. 5.56x 10-10. d. 0.065 I started by taking the inverse log of the PH to get (6.02*10^-6) then I was thinking its not the way

    asked by AMI on April 6, 2010
  48. statistics

    Last week Tom had exams in Math and in Spanish. He had a score of 45 on the Math exam and a score of 65 on the Spanish exam. For which class should Tom expect the better grade? a. Math b. Spanish c. The grades should be the same because the two exam scores

    asked by Lyndyc on December 31, 2013
  49. To Desire

    Your posts have been removed, mainly because you have given absolutely no thought to how you'll solve those problems in your assignment. In the future, please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math,

    asked by Writeacher on November 28, 2009
  50. writing

    How would you encourage a reluctant peer reviewer? What is your thinking on this? The question has been asked over the past few weeks several times, with good answers. I, and others, will be happy to critique your thinking. Please go to the site listed

    asked by nicole on June 22, 2006
  51. Reading

    can you help me thank you: 2.Detecting bias is one of the major keys to effective critical thinking and reading. True or False, I believe True 3.Deductively valid arguments can guarantee their conclusions. True or False, I believe it is false 4.A fallacy

    asked by Naomi on August 6, 2011
  52. 1st grade Math Fair

    My school is planning a Math Fair. Each grade will compete with same grade team members. The rules are: TO make it fun and use Al. math strands . The problem is I don't know where or how to begin this project. Can anyone help?

    asked by Joyce on January 1, 2010
  53. Math

    Post a New Question Current Questions Homework Help: Math (HELP PLEASE) Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 8:37pm. Estimate the total precipitation in inches and in days for Asheville and Wichita. City: Inches: Days:

    asked by I need help on this to on September 19, 2013
  54. Biology

    Which of the following is true? A.Biased thinking promotes scientific ideas. B.Open-mindedness restricts scientific thinking. C. Creativity fosters scientific discovery. D. Skepticism inhibits scientific exploration. I think it is C...?

    asked by Cassie on August 28, 2013
  55. Calculus

    For the function below, determine the intervals of concavity: f(x)=xlnx I tried doing it but the second derivative would always be f''(x)=1/x, so it would be concave up at x>0 and concave down at x

    asked by Isabella on January 10, 2016
  56. quantitative analysis

    consider a manufacture whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x) = 10000 + 5x+1/9x^2 a) what is the average cost function of A(x) = c(x)/x? b)how many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c)what is the

    asked by tyler on November 27, 2012
  57. math

    A class of college freshmen is composed of 110 students. Among these students, 75 are taking English, 52 are taking history, 50 are taking math, 33 are taking English and history, 30 are taking English and Math, 22 are taking History and Math, and 13 are

    asked by vilma on October 26, 2012
  58. math

    A class of college freshmen is composed of 110 students. Among these students, 75 are taking English, 52 are taking history, 50 are taking math, 33 are taking English and history, 30 are taking English and Math, 22 are taking History and Math, and 13 are

    asked by vilma on October 26, 2012
  59. 7th grade math (probability)

    I'm not sure how to answer this: 3. THe 7th grade wants to have a back-up representative just in case the first teacher is absent. Based on the same scenario as #2, if a math teacher was chosen to be the 7th grade representative, what is the probablility

    asked by Alexis on March 30, 2015
  60. biology

    I have some questions that relate to table 2.1 which lists the chemical elements that occur naturally in the human body. Similar percentages of these elements are found in most living organisms. a. In what abiotic (non-life) chemical forms are these

    asked by muffy on September 10, 2009
  61. Information Technology

    what are the benefits from using thinking skills you succeed in your educational and personal life i guess!!! I would love to hear and critique what you think of for this answer ;) Matt What happens if you DON'T use thinking skills? That is, if all you do

    asked by Cassy on March 19, 2007
  62. calculus

    One litre of water at 0 degrees Celsius will have a different volume at higher temperatures. For a temperature 0 ≤ T ≤ 30 (in Celsius) this volume (in litres) is well approximated by the function V = −aT 3 + bT 2 − cT + 1 using the coefficients a =

    asked by Mable on February 21, 2017
  63. calculus

    I've done the first question but I cannot get any farther. I'm so stuck. Please explain or just help me to figure out the next steps. A printed poster is to have a total area of 837 square inches with top and bottom margins of 7 inches and side margins of

    asked by casidhe on April 20, 2012
  64. order of magnitude estimate

    Which of the following is the best order of magnitude estimate in meters of the height of a mountain? a) 1 m b) 10 m c) 100 m d) 1000 m And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work. I perosnally think that it is d is that

    asked by Anonymous on September 6, 2006
  65. philosophy

    I am suppose to write a paper on ethical dilemma.I was thinking about writing about a woman who works in retail sales and a customer gives her to much change. I was thinking that would be an ethical dilemma. I was wondering what anybody thinks. I really

    asked by ANGELA on January 30, 2013
  66. ms.sue

    can you help me with accounting or you do english and other stuff but not math because i know mathmate does math but i don't know if he does accounting.but i asked him anyway, by his name i think its a yes or maybe.or do you know someone that can help me.

    asked by henry on August 2, 2009
  67. Math Units

    Why is a informal math unit considered to be more fun for students than a standard math unit?

    asked by Susan on April 16, 2008
  68. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+60x^4−100x^3+4. For this function there are four important intervals: (−INF,A], [A,B] ,[B,C] , and [C,INF) where A, B, and C are the critical numbers. Find A, B, and C. At each critical number A, B, and C does f(x) have

    asked by Karku on April 1, 2011
  69. chemistry

    Calculate the hydronium ion consentration and the hydroxide concentration in blood in which the PH is 7.3. Hydronium = [H3O+] = 10-pH or [H3O+] = antilog (- pH) and I got 1.00 x 10^7.3 for both concentrations is this correct? ABsolutely silly. You did not

    asked by Jon on March 23, 2007
  70. statistics

    To test H0:µ =80 versus H1:µ < 80, a simple random sample of size n = 22 is obtained from the population that is known to be normally distributed. (a) If = 76.9 and s = 8.5, compute the test statistic. (b) If the researcher decides to test the hypothesis

    asked by Liz on October 7, 2011
  71. Absolute and relative change

    In one region the number of students in Math 101 is 20% more than the number of students in Math 123. If there are 480 students in Math 101, how many students are in Math 123?

    asked by jane on April 24, 2016
  72. Mathematics Education

    1.What are the type of errors committed by beginning mathematicians? 2.What are the Process errors in mensuration? 3.How does this process errors affect the academic achievement of students in mensuration? 1.What are the type of errors committed by

    asked by Mfonobong on August 22, 2006
  73. 4th grade math

    Hi! This question says Joe is thinking of o function machine.He says that the output is 12 if the input is 4.what are 2 rules that he could be thinking of for his function machine?( I would really be grateful if you helped me) ;)thanks

    asked by Lexie on May 14, 2013
  74. english

    what are the pros and cons of joining "netville 2" a computer company that came to your neighbourhood. We will be happy to critique your thinking on this. thanks im having trouble thinking of cons. The only thing i have for cons are: hidden fees and

    asked by barry on April 21, 2007
  75. Algebra II

    The grades on the last math exam had a mean of 88%. Assume the population of grades on math exams is known to be normally distributed with a standard deviation of 6. What percent of students earn a score between 72% and 90%? (5 points) 0.6255 0.5843 0.6754

    asked by Pewdiepie on May 23, 2014
  76. Just for "Ms.Sue"

    Hey, "Ms.Sue". Ms.Sue you have been very helpful. But I keep getting stuck. 5th grade math is a challenge especially after my teachers stroked and we were out of school for almost all of September and no one in my house understands this new math either. I

    asked by Candy Corn &#58437; on October 4, 2011
  77. math 6th grade

    I left my math book at school, grabbed my geo. :( We were supposed to take notes in a math textbook about Variables and Algebraic expressions. Can I have a good website with definitions and examples? Thanks. (and next time i'll remember my textbook)

    asked by Isabel on September 15, 2009
  78. stastistics(psychology)

    A study was conducted to identify the predictors for symptomatic distress in EMS workers. Five predictor variables were used in a regression model and fitted to a data collected on n = 147 EMS workers and yielded F* = 34.47. In testing the usefulness of

    asked by jamal on February 3, 2012
  79. psychology

    Take one of the Emotional Intelligence tests at the sites listed below. Reflect on your results and explore ways that you might develop an enhanced emotional IQ. The sites below have informal self-administered surveys that introduce the concept of EI in an

    asked by AJ on August 15, 2008
  80. biology

    On a television talk show, a guest claims that people who exercise vigorously for 15 minutes or more every day are able to solve math problems more rapidly than people who have no vigorous exercise in their daily routine. Describe a controlled experiment

    asked by ms.sue help on December 23, 2013
  81. English

    Now since I have corrected those errors, and change some stuff in the 2nd par. could u go back and check my whole paper for spelling, commons, semi colon, period, subjust verb agreement,and make sure that everything is correct. I would really appreciate

    asked by Angel on November 10, 2009
  82. math

    A parabola has the equation y = 4(x-3)^2-7 Choose 2 true statements: A) The parabola has a minimum value B) The parabola has a maximum value C) The parabola does not cross the y-axis D) The parabola does not cross the x-axis E) The vertex of the parabola

    asked by claudia on May 15, 2007
  83. math

    During one school year, Billy Bob earned $25 for each Math test he passed and was ined $50 for each Math test he failed. By the end of the school year, Billy Bob passes 7 times as many Math tests as he failed and he had a total of $375. How many tests did

    asked by Anonymous on January 23, 2011
  84. Physics

    A car is traveling at 50km/h. The driver sees a child run out into the road 5m ahead. She applies the breaks and the car stops in 5s. The driver's thinking time is 1.5s. a. Will the car stop in time? b. If the driver's thinking time is increased to 2.5s,

    asked by Yesuf on December 17, 2016
  85. psychology

    What is the name of the type of thinking that humans do naturally? What is the weakness of this type of thinking?

    asked by Komal on April 8, 2010
  86. language

    Juan has an essay due in English on Wednesday and a page of math homework due on Friday. How should Juan approach this work? A. Get the math out of the way so he can focus on the essay. B. Split his study time between the courses from now until Wednesday.

    asked by Anonymous on February 2, 2016
  87. chem.

    Hey this is my question: At a temperature of 300°C and a pressure of 40.5 MPa, 90.0 mol of H2(g) and 80.0 mol of N2(g) are injected into a reaction vessel. When equilibrium is established, 37.0 mol of NH3(g) are present. The number of moles of H2(g)

    asked by yo! on June 18, 2006
  88. Statistics

    2 samples were collected to determine whether there was a difference between two weight loss methods targeting men. The average weight loss method is provided for the 2 samples along with the respective standard deviations. Is the second method - with an

    asked by kristen on February 27, 2007
  89. Preschool-Creative Thinking and Arts Based Learnin

    Read the book, but could not find this answer. Creative thinking in children is like creative thinking in adults in that they both: a. have experiences that are complex, challenging, and creative. b. have intelligence that develops into skill. c. lack

    asked by GALEN on November 7, 2014
  90. Math

    If possible, could a math tutor check the math post question that "daylo3" asked at 6:42 pm today, that I answered? I don't usually answer posts that I am not 100% sure of the answer. I would like to know if the way I approached this problem is correct?

    asked by helper on January 29, 2011
  91. grammar


    asked by ANGIE on March 18, 2008
  92. Early childhood

    I need to see an written example of a summary report on a child for preschool that covers the seven domain. 1.Personal and social development 2. Language and Literacy 3. Mathematical Thinking. 4. Scientific Thinking. 5. Social Studies. 6. the Arts.

    asked by Karen on August 24, 2013
  93. statistics

    A medical board claim that the mean number of hours worked per week by surgical faculty who teach at an academic institution is more than 60 hours. A random sample of 7 surgical facility has a mean hours worked per week of 70 hours and a standard deviation

    asked by Jessie on May 10, 2012
  94. Math

    This isn't a question for math homework but i have a really low grade in math and i want to raise it up. What can i do to get my grade up because i am getting progress reports on Monday and i want to get a really good grade.PLEASE HELP!!!!

    asked by Jimena on September 20, 2012
  95. 4th grade New

    Jason is thinking of a number. He adds 8, multiplies by 2, subtracts 4,and then divides by 2. The result is twenty-four. What number is Jason thinking of?

    asked by Regina on December 3, 2009
  96. algebra

    Math Magicians charges $45 registration fee plus $30 per hour for tutoring. Math Master charges $25 registration fee plus #35 per hour tutoring fee. How many hours per tutoring would it take to make Math Magicians cheaper than Math Master?

    asked by andrea on February 5, 2011
  97. English

    1. My favorite class is a math class. 2. My favorite class is math class. (Which one is right? are both OK? Do they have a different meaning?) 3. I have two math classes today. 4. I have two math class today. (Which one is right?)

    asked by John on May 19, 2009
  98. English

    is a critical response of a poem the same as a poem analysis? if not what is a critical response?

    asked by jason on May 29, 2011
  99. Maths (Simultaneous equations)

    You know f(x)= ax² + bx + c. Well when you get the equations why is it always like: 1) a + b + c = something 2) 4a + 2b + c = something 3) 9a + 3b + c = something I mean why is the first one always 'a+b+c'? etc. Also does it have to be f(x) or can it be

    asked by ana on October 6, 2006
  100. Creative thinking in preschool

    Creative thinking in children is like creative thinking in adults in that they both: a. have experiences that are complex, challenging, and creative. b, have intelligence that develops onto skill. c. lack inhibition when responding to external stimuli. d.

    asked by GALEN on November 7, 2014