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  1. Math

    math A particle A is projected vertically upwards from a point O on horizontal ground with speed 20ms. At the same instant a particle B is released from rest at point P which is 30 m above the ground. The point P Is not directly above O ignore air
  2. Math

    What is meant by the terms vertical and horizontal asymptotes Here is a nice graph with vertical and horizontal asymptotes. THe dotted lines are the asymptotes.
  3. Math percentage

    I don't really understand percentages grade 6 math. 1.60% discount on a 7$ item so items price is 40% of original so 0.4 x 7= 2.8$? 2. A population of 1500 people increases 15% each year how would this question be done? 1500 x .15=225 so the next years
  4. algebra

    please help me for this not good in math.the challenge involves in dealing with the owner is to use a 20 meter fencing material to build a pig pen so that the owner will not be buying any additional materials considering also that one side of
  5. Math -_-

    For all x in the domain of the function x+1 over x^3x this function is equivalent to \[a)\frac{1}{x^2}-\frac{1}{x^3}\\ b)\frac{1}{x^3}-\frac{1}{x}\\ c)\frac{1}{x^2-1}\\ d)\frac{1}{x^2-x}\\ e) \frac{1}{x^3}\] This is one of the questions to my math test can
  6. College English

    Can you eliminate all the crutch verbs in this story and still make it sound good? I prefer to live life in a large city where I can enjoy the freedom to do things that can't be done in a small town, where thier life's like thier neighbors. Their beliefs
  7. Help with a chemistry reaction

    2Fe + 3Cl2 -> 2FeCl3 How much FeCl3 can you produce with 10g of Fe and how much Cl2 will be consumed? The chain of thought in my head is, first calculate the amount of mol in Fe, done by taking the mass over the molarmass 10g/55,85 = 0,179mol If this is
  8. word problem, please

    Joe has scored 84, 89, and 90 on his first three exams in his math class. If the standard 70,80,90 scale is used for grades and the exams are equally weighted, what must he score on the final exam, f, in order to a) Get a C average on exams? f b) Get a B
  9. Math...Algebra :S

    Hi, okay um. I'm trying to get his math question (Algebra :o) and i'm not quite sure what i'm doing---but everything i do, i get the wrong answer. The Question is 2m+n M= 2/5 and n= 1/2 (Fractions) Everytime i do the question, i get 9/10 as a answer...but
  10. word problem, Im lost on how to set this up

    Joe has scored 84, 89, and 90 on his first three exams in his math class. If the standard 70,80,90 scale is used for grades and the exams are equally weighted, what must he score on the final exam, f, in order to a) Get a C average on exams? f b) Get a B
  11. Statistics

    A teacher gives a reading skills test to a third-grade class of n = 25 at the beginning of the school year. To evaluate the changes that occur during the year, students are tested again at the end of the year. Their test scores showed an average
  12. chemistry

    AgCl Ag^+ + Cl^- NaCl ==> Na^+ + Cl^- Ksp = (Ag^+)(Cl^-) = 1.8 x 10^-10 Let S = solubility of AgCl, then (Ag^+) = S (Cl^-) = S+0.01 Solve for S. Note: A similar problem to this post (0.1 M NaCl instead of 0.01 M NaCl) was on a couple of days ago; the one
  13. Leadership

    Deliverable Length: 1000-1200 words You are excited about your new position as compliance officer at ECG because this is your first role as a member of a senior executive team. You have the enviable opportunity to be a critical part of ECG’s growth as
  14. math

    4th grade math homework. rounding sums and differences. paper say "round each number to its highest place. then estimate the sum or difference." example says 92 +28= then says round to 90 and 30 to make 120. further down numbers get larger 12646 + 9103= do

    Subject-verb agreement 1a. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? 1b. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist have criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? I chose b
  16. History

    How does the story of the pandavas in the mahabharata relate to aryan history? the story provides a sense of the battles between rival aryan tribes the story shows us the aryan concept of the ideal king the story reveals that the aryans believed that duty
  17. to writeacher

    The Pines 1. does that mean that he knows the woods in and out? is that what your trying to say? 2. i don't understand exactly what the contradiction is try to tell us also, the mood is still unclear to me but i am thinking it might be related to that poem
  18. math , steve or damon pls

    for questions 15 and 16, multiply. write in scientific notation (9x10^4)(8x10^6) 7.2x10^25 1.7x10^11 7.2x10^11 1.7x10^25 (1.7x10^-4)(5x10^-5) 8.5x10^-9 8.5x10^20 6.7x10^-9 6.7x10^20 for 15 I'm thinking it is c and 16 could be A pls check my work and
  19. Radicals and Trig.

    I am catching up over summer on math units that I have to rewrite. In my textbook it asks me to find the base of two triangles and add them together. the smallest angle of the larger triangle is 30 degrees. The opposite side to the angle is 40cm. it gives
  20. english

    I wrote this for my class and I just want to make sure I have it right. The role of education plays a very big part in the financial world. It's a big part of becoming successful. It can help with learning basic math skills in order to better your
  21. organic chem easy question

    How many hydrogen do you have to replace to get each of these products from 1-chlorbutane products are : 1,1-dichlorobutane 1,2-dichlorobutane 1,3-dichlorobutane 1,4-dichlorobutane IT is easy. What is your thinking on it? 1,2-dichlorobutane
  22. Basic Calculus-Optimization Problems

    Hello, please help me. There is a question where I have to optimize the area of a field that is being fence in like this: [|] i.e. two rectangle fields, side by side: area= 2x by y. I get to use 200ft of fencing. From that diagram and the amount of fencing
  23. Math

    How do I get the common multiple of 12, 20, and 35? I am not sure I understand the process. I have 18 toy vans I give7 to lexiev. and 2 to kaitlynne how many do I stil have The common multiple is the number that can be divided evenly by all three numbers.
  24. math

    Good day to you. How can I approach this math problem. "To save for a child's education, the Petersens deposited $2500 into an account that pays 6% annual interest compounded daily. Find the amount of interest earned on this account over a 20-year period".
  25. statistics

    A telephone company's records indicate that private customers pay on average $17.10 per month for long-distance telephone calls. A random sample of 10 customers' bills during a given month produced a sample mean of $22.10 expended for long-distance calls
  26. Physics

    A light ray of wavelength 610 nm is incident at an angle θ on the top surface of a block of polystyrene surrounded by water. Find the maximum value of θ for which the refracted ray will undergo total internal re- flection at the left vertical face of
  27. math

    wendy is thinking of a 7-digit number the digit in the hundred thousands place is twice in the tens place .the digit in the millions place.which could be wend's number
  28. mathematics -logs

    which three statements are true? a) if x= -10^4 then log 10 = -4 b)if x= 2^8 then log 2x = 8 c) log2 2= 4 d) if x= 3 then log10 3=x e) log 10 256-2log 10 a/log 10 b f)log 10 (a-b)= log 10 a/log 10 b g) the gradient of the graph of y= 2x^x at x= 2 is 2e^e
  29. English

    Instructions: Select the incorrect words in the paragraph. My answers are in capital letter thanks Recently, Sandra's family noticed her are becoming more serious ABOUT Adam. She has mentioned THINKING about us getting be married. She found Adam BY THE
  30. math

    on her first two math tests, Gracie has an average score of 86. If she got a score of 92 on the first test, what is her score on the second test?
  31. chemistry

    give the formular of the highest hydride and highest flouride of ununhexium and explain how you arrived at your answer You can find Uuh in the periodic table. Placement of Uuh in the periodic table will tell you that the chemistry will be similar to the
  32. Organic chemistry

    Help with prediction products of a reaction! 4-phenylbutanoyl chloride + AlCl3 --> ? the molecular formula of the product is C10H10O, and I need to determine the product. I was thinking an acylium ion would form, and then the carbonyl carbon would form a
  33. accounting

    home / study / math / other math / questions and answers / the following tabulation gives earnings per share ... Question: The following tabulation gives earnings per share ... The following tabulation gives earnings per share figures for theFoust Company
  34. Math

    Checking my son's homework and want to see if he figured this out correctly .. i am too old to be revisiting this math ... Here is the question ... The perimeter of a rectangle patio is six times the length of the shorter side. If the shorter side is 8
  35. Science

    I have some homework questions that i am having problems finding. Please help! 1. What is the value of math to science? 2. What is the value of using graphs to represent data? 3. How do units give numbers meaning and help verify correct formulas? 4. Why
  36. Physics

    When a butterfly lands 12 cm from a concave mirror, it's image is 18 cm behind the mirror. Find the focal length 1/f=(1/do)-(1/di) 1/f=(1/12)-(1/18) 1/f=0.0833-0.0555 1/f=0.0277 f=36 I'm pretty confident w/ my math but as I understood, it's do-di if it's
  37. chmistry

    Compound: Concentration: Measured deltaT LiCl 6.00 g/kg 0.492 deg C HCl 4.00 g/kg 0.389 deg C NaCl 6.00 g/kg 0.356 deg C Determine the value of the vant hoff factor for each salt for the experimentally measured delta T value. (kf=1.86) I have tried to
  38. math

    Assume the average height and weight of a female in your math class is 5'5" and 140 pounds. Use this information to write a variation equation then use it to find the weight of the female below if they had the same body type as the average female. Round
  39. Math

    Hi. This is my question: An art student wants to make a string collage by connecting six equally spaced points on the circumference of a circle to its center with string. What would be the radian measure of the angle between two adjacent pieces of string,
  40. 10th grade Math B

    Hi. This is my question: An art student wants to make a string collage by connecting six equally spaced points on the circumference of a circle to its center with string. What would be the radian measure of the angle between two adjacent pieces of string,
  41. english multiple choice

    The crowd washed back sudden, and then broke all apart, and went tearing off every which way, and Buck Harkness he heeled it after them, looking tolerable cheap. I could 'a' stayed if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. Huck's words "but I didn't want to"
  42. physics

    Two cars lost in a blinding snow storm are traveling across a large field, each thinking they are on the road, as shown in the figure on the left. They collide. If the distance x is 169 meters and the red car is travelling at 15.8 mph, how fast to the
  43. English

    Uther Pendragons willingness to give his son Arthur to Merlin in exchange for spending just one night with Igraine reflects the idea of courtly love chivalry "contemptu mundi" NoNE OF THE ABOVE This confuses me, I don't understand why he gave his child up,
  44. math

    Use symbolic Math symbolic representation: 1. You observe that oen fox eats 100 rabbits each year. You have the idea that every increase of one int eh fox population will cause the rabbit population to decrease by 100.
  45. Algebra

    I have this math probelm z-(3z)/(2-z)=(6)/(z-2) in my book it says to solve the equation. I have worked this problem many times and I keep comming up with different answers. When I use an online calculator to check my work it is giving me an answer of z=-3
  46. Math(Please respond)

    .50 - x / x = 3.20e-1 I need to solve for x. I was going to do .50 X 3.20e-1 and then take the square root but this is not correct. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help. Math(Please help) - Reiny, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 3:18pm You probably
  47. algebra

    The data list shows the scores of ten students in Mr. Smith's math class. 61, 67, 81, 83, 87, 88, 89, 90, 98, 100 What is the standard deviation, to the nearest tenth, of the data if the scores represent a sample of Mr. Smith's students?
  48. Math - is this correct?

    1. Estimate a 15% tip on a taxi ride that costs $23.25. I will first round the cost to the nearest dollar. $23.25 ≈ $23.00 I will now use mental math to find 10% of the cost. $23.00 x 0.1= 2.3 5% is 1/2 of 10%, so it would be $1.15. Finally, I will add
  49. chemistry

    Use kinetic molecular theory to explain why approximating ideal behavior (PV=nRT) is fairly accurate only at low pressures and high temperatures. Use several concepts of kinetic molecular theory, not just math, to explain.
  50. math

    Marla has three secret code cards. The first shows a 37. The second card has the first box blanked out, and the second box is a 2. The two code cards together equal the third card,which is 59. What is the missing number?. This is the word problem for 2nd
  51. Math

    Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. She only knew the grade of 4 of the tests she had taken, however the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83, and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on
  52. fundamentals math

    A standard math test was given to 6000 students. The scores were normally distributed with a mean of 420 and a standard deviation of 40. If george scored 340, how many students scored more than George? This is hrd because I tried using calculator but
  53. Division

    A Story Is 81 Pages Long. Miku Will Read 9 Pages Each Day. How Many Days Will It Take Miku-San To Finish The Story? ___ Days. (Please Post The Correct Answer In Each Of My Math Problems)!
  54. Math

    OK a pattern has 1 small square 1 3/4 on all sides middle has 5 1/4 on all sides large has 8 3/4 on all sides. I did'ent know how to do this now she wants to make the pattern 2 1/2 times bigger and show what will be the new lengths of the sides of the
  55. Algebra

    Mr. Wright has a class of 15 students. He can spend $23 on each student to buy math supplies for the year. He first buys all of his students calculators, which costs a total of $69.45. After buying the calculators, how much does he have left to spend on
  56. mat115

    Need help with this math question and need to show work. A computer transmits 11 web pages in 4 seconds to a web server. A second commputer transmit 33 pages in 8 seconds to the server. are these two computers transmitting at the same speed. Yes or no and
  57. Chemistry

    Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of N2, H2, and NH3 present when a mixture that was initially 0.10M N2, 0.10 M H2, and 0.10 M NH3 comes to equilibrium at 500 degrees C. N2(g) + 3H2(g) 2NH3(g) Kc = 0.040 (at 500 degrees C) I'm getting confused with
  58. math

    Posted by question on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 4:56pm. solve 5/8x + 1/16x=7/16+= the solution is x=___ Responses math - Mr. L, Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 7:23pm 5/8x is the same as 10/16x That should help my final answer would be 7/27 do i have it
  59. Math repost for Jake

    math - jake, Friday, December 7, 2007 at 2:06pm How many cats are in a small room if in each of the four corners a cat is sitting, and opposite each cat there sits 3 cats, and at each cat's tail a cat is sitting?
  60. Math generic rectangles

    Out of all problems this one I just don't know. I started it but I'm unsure .can someone help me please. Draw a generic rectangle to find each product. Then write a multiplication sentence with parenthesis for each one. 7 (1+11) So I am thinking the
  61. business finance

    Her are the data on $1000 par value bonds issued by Microsoft, Ford, and Xerox at the end of 2008, Assume you are thinking about buying these bonds as of January 2009. Answer the following questions. a. Calculate the values of the bonds if your required
  62. Chemistry

    I've seen the posts on solving this particular equation, and I know the answer is right in front of me. I'm still having trouble understanding why... a 42g piece of ice at 0.0 degrees C is added to a sample of water at 7.8 degrees C. All the ice melts and
  63. English

    I have an essay and this is one part of my thesis... "In the nineteenth century, some ways the middle class participated in revolutions was by establishing liberalism, one way was through literature, and through the revolutions of 1848." I wasn't sure if
  64. Lit

    I have an essay and this is one part of my thesis... "In the nineteenth century, some ways the middle class participated in revolutions was by establishing liberalism, one way was through literature, and through the revolutions of 1848." I wasn't sure if
  65. Social Studies

    "If we intend to stay hands off to the powers of europe, then sooner or later we must keep to ourselves" What future US policy toward Latin America is suggested by this quotation from Theodore Roosevelt? I was thinking the answer would be: The united
  66. Business

    What would you do if you were the employer of the individual who gave you poor service to increase the chances that you would recruit and select people would provide better service. Be specific and list at least three things I think the answer is 1. a Job
  67. science

    The nonmetals in Groups 6A and 7A ____. a. lose electrons when they form ions b. have a numerical charge that is found by subtracting 8 from the group number c. all have ions with a –1 charge d. end in -ate Check my thinking but I don't think the correct
  68. Art History

    I have to write a research paper on my field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, and discuss 8 items in length that we were meant to find in the museum. The only problem I am having is actually starting the paper, I don't want to just jump into
  69. Math

    Label each statement TRUE or FALSE. a. The sum of two one-to-one functions is one-to-one. b. The product of two one-to-one functions is one-to-one. c. If f is a one-to-one function and k is a real number (constant), then the function g(x)=k*f(x)is
  70. CHEMISTRY!!!=0

    Determine pH of each solution: 0.20 M KI i don't know how you know if you use.. K+H2O->KOH + H or... I- +H2O--> HIO +H Im thinking this one... I- + H2O --> HIO + H 0.20M--------------------0-----------0 0.20-x------------------x-------------x there is a Ka
  71. Government

    The top 1 percent of the American population possesses what percentage of the nation's wealth? A. 20 B. 27 C. 33 D. 39 The book says that the top 5 percent of the American population gets more than 21 percent of the national income. I'm thinking maybe c
  72. math

    Grandpa says sam can have all the coins in his pocket if he discover the correct total valeu of the coins. What is the total value of the coins in grandpas, pocket that same should discover?show all mathematical thinking.
  73. algebra

    please explaing reversing the digits. Find the product of 2 two digit numbers and reverse the digits and find the product. The products are the same. Does this happen with any pair of two-digit numbers? Eplain your thinking in solving this problem and
  74. Math

    You have a $200,000 mortgage. You have had the house for one year. The rate is 7.5% fixed for 30 years. Rates have come down and you are thinking of refinancing at the new rate of 6%. 1) What is your mortgage payment and interest on your current mortgage?
  75. science

    help - is the father but becomes the mother and the fertilized eggs mature into well developed young in his pouch What is it? A seahorse Thanks drwls, I was thinking it was either the seahorse or the darwin frog? Should I go with the seahorse? Since the
  76. URGENT! Last calculus question!

    Hey! So, I was wondering if someone could answer this. I am mad studying for my exam and I still have a few questions left that I just don't have time to answer, and the assignment is due tomorrow. Thanks and here is the question: Use calculus and
  77. ms.sue 5 grade math

    1-Becky made 4 quarts of chicken noodle soup in a big pot, then served -cup bowls of soup to 6 people. How much soup is left in the pot? (1 qt = 4 c) A. none B. 1 qt 3 c C. 1 qt 1 c D. 3 c my son put answer (B) 2- A bedroom has the dimensions shown. What
  78. math

    help my daughter has a math problem and came to me for help, I am lost.... what is the gcf for the following trinomial? x^3-18x^2+28x I am assumming you are trying to factorise we can simply take out an x to give: x(x^2-18x+28) the quadratic will not
  79. helpppppppp

    I have this problem abouth math pre algebra this is my problem I have 3 number that makes a total of 11 I have 1 4 6=11 in each way has to came out 11 up down side across and I have 2 more blanck spaces total of 3 its big square need help and I cant use
  80. algebra 1

    in the equation 5x+y=-1,m= I will be happy to critique your work on this. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with attempts to answer YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone
  81. Home work help

    I need help for this math question: Can you provide the steps on how you got the answer to this question? A bank requires a monthly payment of $33.45 on a $2500 loan. At the same rate, find the monthly payment on a $10,000 loan.
  82. stats

    The average GRE score for math in a sample of students is 490. When you create a 95% confidence interval around this average, the lower limit is 260. What is the upper limit for this 95% confidence interval?
  83. math

    In a recent Math Duel, my team began by graphing 51x+24+75. If our opponents graphed a line parallel to ours, they might have graphed A. 17x+16y=25 B. 17x+8y=50 C. 34x+8y+50 D. 34x+16y=50
  84. Math

    Barb and tammy shared a sub sandwich, but while Tammy was setting the table, Barb ate 2/5th of it. When Tammy came back, she ate 3/4 of what was left. How much of the sub did Tammy eat? Write a math equation.
  85. Math

    All 231 students in the math club went on a field trip some students Road in bands which hold seven students each and some students Road and buses which hold 25 through and see how many of each type of vehicle did they use if there were 15 Vehicles total
  86. Math

    Situation: You exercised 24 hours each month for a year. How many hours did you exercise by the end of the year? You may be able to do the math mentally thanks to expanded notation and the Distributive Property How would I put this into distributive
  87. Math

    I have a few math problems that I need some help with. I am somewhat confused on the one below. Nancy hears a report that the average price of gasoline is $2.82. She averages the prices of gasoline near her home. She finds the average price of gas to be
  88. mathematics

    need help badly. this is the math problem. is the rate three-forth's cup of butter/ 3 eggs equivalent to the rate of 3 cups of butter/12 eggs? Please show the work so I can study this equation for my next problem. thanks kindly
  89. Speech

    Listening to your friend sincerely as they tell you about their day ( empathic listening)? Not anderstanding because of accent ( cultural barrier)? Take notes in class and studying then so you can paraphrase the information for a test. (Academic listening)
  90. math

    At 1:00 p.m., a car leaves a city and travels north at a rate of 55 mi/h. An hour later, a second car leaves the city and travels south at a rate of 60 mi/hr. At what time will the two cars be 285 miles apart We will be happy to critique your work or
  91. Health

    What is the correct denominator for calculating the cesarean section rate? A. The total number of discharges B. the total number of deaths for the period C. total number of deliveries for the period D. total surgeries number? I was thinking that the answer
  92. 3rd Grade Math

    I thought the simple answer would be 150-70=80 too but, the problem states that she has 70 more nickles than dimes. So, I was thinking that the answer would be 40 dimes and 110 nickles-which adds up to 150 and 110 is 70 more than 40 but, I don't know how
  93. Geography

    how does perception have an influence on land use decision making? -I know what perception means, did my research there, I understand how it can impact our thinking but how does it impact land use desision making? I have already looked it up so from
  94. Chemistry

    How long would it take for 2.2 x 10^-4 mol H2 to effuse through the same orifice as the 2.2x 10^-4 mol N2? (It takes 105s for N2 to effuse) I was thinking of setting up the equation like: sqroot(28.014gN2/mol / 2.016g H2/mol) = 3.728 What should I do next?
  95. heat

    a silver bar 0.125 meter long is subjected to a temperture change from 200 degree celsius to 100 degree celsius. What will be the lenght of the bar after the temperture change? I will be happy to critique your thinking and/or work on this question. Please
  96. college,Business(Information Systems Strategy)

    Part 1: Strategy Development Present and explain five key IT/IS initiatives that should form company’s (mobile industry company) 3-5 year IT/IS strategy. You should present this strategy using Earl’s Risk & Return Portfolios taxonomy, then by

    Mrs Walsh is seeking legal advice. A friend of her recommended two law firms - Legal Eagles, which charges a consultation fee of $100 plus $40 per hour and A-1 Attorneys, which charges a consultation fee of $60 per hour. A) Write an equation for the cost
  98. Math

    On a quiz a student answered 16 questions correctly. This was 80% of the questions on the quiz. How many questions were on the quiz? 6th grade math.
  99. algebra

    Jess ate 1/4 of a pizza.Jack ate 1/3 of the same pizza.Dennis ate 1/2 of the same pizza.Explain and show with math if this is possible?
  100. Intro to Psychology

    For each of the following descriptions, identify a possibLe underlying personality trait. 1) Jenny is described by her coworks as overly sensitive, critical, and impatient. Her family describes her as warm and supportive. 2) Matthew is describes by his