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  1. English

    Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective? A. Jerry looks ill today.(ill is italicized) B. Jerry looks into the microscope.(into is italicized) C. Jerry looks disdainfully at the pile of
  2. Biology: I am really confused.

    What is an experiment group and what is a control group? I was thinking an experiment group were people who experiment the world around them out of curiosity.... and that a control group was people who tried to make the world around them better.... is that

    we are doing a biography on our favourite singer or singers, and i luv justin bieber and one direction. My first choice is one direction since i really love their music. but then the problem is that i will have to do 5 biographys since their are 5 people
  4. Hydrogen Bonding

    The longer the hydrogen bond, do the Intermolecular Forces increase or decrease. So if molecule A has a H-bond with a length of 1.7 A and molecule B has a H-bond length of 1.8 A would molecule A or molecule B have a stronger IMF? It would seem that the

    Lots of folks these days believe that CO2 emissions generated by human actions --- notably production of goods and services --- are causing climate change, more specifically, global warming. For the sake of dialectic discussion, let's suppose that claim is
  6. statistics

    Using the numerical data for your team project, conduct a two sample, two-tailed hypothesis test for the mean, with a 0.05 level of significance. Find and interpret each step. H0: H1: Test statistic = Critical value = p-value = Reject the null hypothesis
  7. language arts

    I have another question on object of the preposition. In the sentence, I found my homework inside my social studies book. Would the object of the preposition just be book or would it be social studies book? I'm getting confused. I know social studies tells
  8. SCI

    Hypothetically speaking, I placed a cell in a glass of water and after about a day the cell grew in size. Why did the cell grow? Well I was thinking this: The reason the cell grew was because there was a higher concentration of water outside of the cell
  9. another chem question

    Examine the following unbalanced chemical equation: CO(little2) + C --> CO Which of the following is the correctly balanced form of this equation? 2CO(little2) + C --> CO CO(little2) + C -->2CO CO(little2) + C(little2) --> CO CO(little2) + C
  10. As physics

    The table below shows how the braking distance x for a car depends on its initial speed u u / ms-1 5.0 10 20 4 x / m 2.0 8.0 32 128 the reaction time of a driver is 0.60s. Calculate the sopping distance of the car when u= 30ms-1. The mark scheme says:
  11. Psychology

    Jiskha Support Team, I am supposed to do a written assignment however I am having a problem with understanding instruction number #1 and #3 #1 through #4 is part of the requirement for my written paper #1). Must include an introductory paragraph with a
  12. chemistry electron config

    I need to know the predicted and actual electron configuration for Lanthanum I know for lets say Cr the predicted config is [Ar] 3d44s2 and the actual is [Ar]3d54s1 but lanthanum is different and i don't know how to do it. Any help? You can find the actual
  13. solutions

    How many molecules of glycerol (C3, H8, O3) would be present in 1 L of M glycerol solution? I am thinking it is 6.02 x 10^23 but have also heard conflicting opinions. You don't give the molarity of the C3H8O3. 1 mole of anything contains 6.02 x 10^23
  14. Statistics

    I'm trying to figure out which type of factorial ANOVA test to use for this data. The data is from a hypothetical study looking at whether males or females are more likely to ask questions during a seminar where people give various presentations. The

    Hi, Im learning about polymers. I did a lab to make slime where I mixed PVA glue & water. I then added borax to some water in another container, and the poured off the water from the wet borax. I then added the borax to the glue/water solution. I have to
  16. college

    You're thinking of investing in a automation project to reduce cost of production. -Investment in Fixed Assets: $900,000 at t=0; salvage value of $300,000 at t=6; straight line deprectiation over 6 years (assume book value is 0 at t=6) -Investement in NWC:
  17. poetry

    ok so im supposed to create a poem about child abuse...and i have some good ones but i totally just got writers block and i need is part of the poem, any suggestions MY PAIN it started with a pen and paper... i write my emotions without thinking
  18. Chemistry

    The molar heat of reaction, H rxn , for the reaction of Ca(s) + 2H+(aq)-> Ca2+(aq) + H2(g) was found to be -550kJ/mol The change Hrxn , for the reaction of CaO(s) + 2H+(aq)-> Ca2+(aq) + H2O(l) was found to be -189kJ/mol Based on these results if the
  19. Physics

    You are thinking about taking gymnastics, so you go to the facility and get an idea of what to expect by looking out from the viewing room. The viewing room window is 1.50 m above the trampoline directly below, so it is perfect for viewing the the
  20. physics

    You are thinking about taking gymnastics, so you go to the facility and get an idea of what to expect by looking out from the viewing room. The viewing room window is 4.40 m above the trampoline directly below, so it is perfect for viewing the the
  21. physics

    You are thinking about taking gymnastics, so you go to the facility and get an idea of what to expect by looking out from the viewing room. The viewing room window is 4.40 m above the trampoline directly below, so it is perfect for viewing the the
  22. finance

    Nucore Company is thinking of purchasing a new candy-wrapping machine at a cost of $370,000. The machine should save the company approximately $70,000 in operating costs per year over its estimated useful life of 10 years. The salvage value at the end of
  23. history

    what was america's response about joining the league of nations (after ww1)? a- the public thought that america should lead the league of nations b- the public generally supported the idea but wanted to play a smaller role c- it supported the president and
  24. science

    Given the list of pKa values, which acid will have the largest amount of conjugate base present in the solution at equilibrium? Acid: Pka: H20 15.7 NH3 38 HCL -8 NH4+ 9.2 H2O NH3 NH4+ HCl <- My answer I believe that the answer to this is HCl. I
  25. Chemistry

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys know the answer to this: Which of the following is NOT true of colligative properties? Colligative properties are... A. independent of the chemical identity of the solute. B. responsible for lowering the vapor pressure
  26. health fraud- hair products

    ok so i have to pick a product basically that is like a fraud and it has to be a hair product. then i have to write a summary about it. so i was thinking a product that claims it can grow hair and stop hair lose. Does anyone know of any products like that,
  27. Physics

    A skier swoops down a hill and over a ramp. She starts from rest at a height of 18m, leaves the ramp at an angle of 45 degrees, and just clears the snowman on her way down, making an angle of 30 degrees with the vertical as she does. Assuming that there is
  28. Algebra-based Physics

    In a rescue, the 76.0 police officer is suspended by two cables. The left cable has an angle of 35 degrees below the horizontal and the right cable has an angle of 48 degrees below the horizontal. Find the tension in the left cable. find the tension in the
  29. MTH233/statistics UOP

    A car company says that the mean gas mileage for its luxury sedan is at least 21 miles per gallon. You believe the claim is incorrect and find that a random sample of five cars has a mean gas mileage of 19 miles per gallon and a standard deviation of 4
  30. Language Arts

    1. Choose the word that defines the word in bold. “Kugler, Ferdinand was a thief before his tenth year and an INVETERATE liar.” A. Habitual.*** B. Believable. C. Undetectable. D. Entertaining. 2. Choose the word that defines the word in bold. “But
  31. anyone solve it....

    Question 1 Describe the following descriptors. Give their type and the value of all their fields: i.dd 01234567h, 789abcdeh ii.dd 30405060h, 70809010h Please remember these things, especially #s 1 and 2: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your
  32. Physics

    Kevin stands at the edge of a cliff, holding one ball in each hand. He throws one of the balls straight up with speed v, and at the same time he throws the other ball straight down, also with speed v. Ignoring air resistance, which ball hits the ground
  33. Math

    Gasoline accounts for 85% of the motor fuel consumed in the United States every day. If 8,882 thousand barrels (bbl) of motor fuel is consumed each day, how much gasoline is consumed each day in the United States? Round to the nearest barrel. Would his be
  34. German

    Choose the correct word order for the multiple verbs. "You have to go to school today." (familiar) Musst du heute in die Schule gehen. Du musst gehen in die Schule heute. Du musst heute in die Schule gehen. Du gehst heute in die Schule müssen. I'm
  35. English

    1. The best way to improve listening comprehension is to a. take informal notes on what you hear. b. use complete sentences to take detailed notes of both main ideas and details. c. concentrate on listening to the speaker's transitions. (C) 2. Critical
  36. English

    This is a paragraph for my essay about how immagination influenced Macbeth to commit murders I need it edited and proofread plz: Throughout the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, imagination influenced Macbeth to do evil in hopes of achieving his goal.

    cAN SOMEONE JUST SHOW ME HOW TO GET THE EQUATION IN ORDER TO SOLVE IT MYSELF. i'LL APPRECIATED. bUSINESS AND FINANCE. The Randolphs used 12 more gal of fuel oil in October than in September and twice as much oil in November as in September. If they used
  38. chem

    So I was given this question that I havetried to solve multiple times but I just can't get it. Here it is[it's a long one!] Nitroglycerin is a shock-sensative liquid that detonates by the reaction: 4 C3H5(NO3)3 -> 6 N2 + 10 H20 + 12CO2 + 02 Calculate
  39. poetry

    I need help determining the meter in my poem. The Ocean says, "Roar" to wake me up, And I smile as I grab my coffee cup, Because this is the day the Lord has made! I refuse to quiver and be afraid. The sunburst peeks through my window wide, And stay that
  40. Career

    4. Scott just started a new job that requires many of the same organizational and communication skills as his last job. These skills are Scott's: Big Five. Career types. Transferable skills. *** Type indicators. 13. All of the following traits contribute
  41. Biology (Science)

    Which of the following is not true about a hypothesis? 1) Previous knowledge can help support it. 2) It is a tentative explanation. 3) It can be proven to be false. 4) It must be testable to be useful. 5) It can be proven to be true. I know for sure that 2
  42. English

    how do Huck and Jim feel about the sanctuary of the raft and how do they feel about the violence and shame of the shore? I have to make a collage on this and I don't really know what to put. I was thinking of drawing a river and in the inside of the river
  43. what is a mortgage rate

    Hello, I am in college and thinking of buying a house. What constitutes an excessively high mortgage rate today? I got an offer of 7.5% APR, which I know is high. But with limited credit history but a great credit score, this is the best offer I have
  44. Grammar

    Was trying to see if my answers were correct. Subject-verb agreement 1a. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? 1b. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist have criticized horseracing
  45. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a phosphoric acid solution if 32.3 mL of the phosphoric acid solution is titrated to the final equivalence point with 20.6 mL of 0.581 M sodium hydroxide acid solution? H3PO4 + 3NaOH ==> Na3PO4 + 3H2O mols NaOH = 0.0206L*0.581 M=
  46. biology

    If plant species has a diploid number of 12 and plant species B has a diploid number of 16. What would a new species, C, that arises as an allopolyploid from A and B, diploid number be? I was thinking 14, because it would get 6 sets from plant A and 8 from
  47. Chemistry

    A mole of a pure substance contains 6.02x10^23 atoms. Alway true, sometime true or never true? -I was thinking sometime true since a pure substance can be like H2O but H2O have 3 "atoms" (Is this what you call individual part of H2O?). Each "atoms" have
  48. Allied Health

    What is a doctor’s responsibility if a patient requests restrictions on the use of his or her PHI? A. The doctor must comply with the patient’s wishes. B. The doctor need not comply with the patient’s wishes if HIPAA would otherwise permit
  49. physics projectile - please help....

    You are in an egg drop contest which you win by breaking your egg the hardest. You drop your egg off of a 3 story building (above the ground). You can throw it up with speed 11m/s, or straight down with speed 11 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, which case
  50. Physics

    A ray of light of frequency 5.09 x 10^14 Hz passes from air into flint glass (n=1.6). a.) If the ray enters the flint glass at an angle of 30*, what is the angle of refraction? b.) What is the critical angle for a ray of light traveling from flint glass to
  51. Chemistry

    I did a lab on vinegar and titration. The question asks.. In the titration of acetic acid and NaOH the use of the color indicator mandates that excess base be present to detect the reading endpoint. Will this cause the calculated and reported mass percent
  52. Maths B

    Kate is thinking about investing $45000 for 5 years. She deposits her money into an account which earns interest paid quarterly at a rate of 3.99% p.a. After 1½ years, Kate withdraws her investment (including interest) and deposits the full amount into a
  53. written communication

    Discuss how you would approach creating a negative message for a superior This has been addressed on Yahoo: When you come up with your attempt to answer this, please re-post, and someone
  54. Thematic units-question--Please Help!!

    I asked this question yesterday and didn't really get much help with it. Can someone please help? An appropriate way to make connections to thematic units involves: 1. cross-cultural activities 2. developing interpersonal activities 3. the use of an
  55. statistics

    Question 1 Question 1 1. Question 1 text The head of the History Department wants to compare the averages of 2 different instructor’s to see if they differ. A sample of 15 students in Instructor A’s class has average of 74 with a standard
  56. calc.

    I'm having a lot of trouble with this problem: Sketch the graph and show all local extrema and inflections. f(x)= (x^(1/3)) ((x^2)-175) I graphed the function on my graphing calculator and found the shape. I also found the first derivative: (7/3)(x^(4/3))
  57. Poetry

    Okay, heres an "I am" poem. But I need help on what to put for the "i am" lines. It has to be two personality characteristics. The theme is about the world being destroyed. I was thinking of using "I am hopeful and amazed", but don't if that would fit into
  58. English

    Please help me begin a story with these words. 1.exemplary-- (adj) outstanding, an example to others 2.extenuating-- (adj) excusing, lessening the seriousness of guilt or crime, e.g., of mitigating factors 3.florid-- (adj) red-colored, flushed; gaudy,
  59. DE Science

    I am thinking A. A scientist claims plants and animals that exhibit reproductive cycles based on the changing seasons are highly affected by climate change. What is the correct justification of the scientist's claims? A) Climate change can cause a timing
  60. statistics

    Using the categorical data for your team project, conduct a two sample, two-tailed hypothesis test for the proportion, with a 0.05 level of significance. Find and interpret each step. H0: H1: Test statistic = Critical value = p-value = Reject the null
  61. science

    5.imagine you are at the beach on a very hot day. you walk toward the water. the sand is eextremly hot. when you reach the water, you find that the water is much cooler than sand. a) using the term heat capacity, explain why the sand is hot and water is
  62. science

    5.imagine you are at the beach on a very hot day. you walk toward the water. the sand is eextremly hot. when you reach the water, you find that the water is much cooler than sand. a) using the term heat capacity, explain why the sand is hot and water is
  63. English -ms. sue

    ms. sue for my mental illness story i be writing, what narration I use? teacher say i can use same one in yellow wallpaper or come up with own unique style. I not know what be better than first-person narration? I think of third person narration but i not
  64. Chemistry

    Student in O-Chem Lab conducts a melting point experiment with an unknown compound and observes a melting range of 210 – 218C. Is this a typical range for a melting point? If not, what range would be typical? For this question, does it mean an unknown
  65. stat

    Which of the following statements is true about the t-distribution with k degrees of freedom? i. the t-distribution is symmetric ii. the t-distribution with k degrees of freedom has a smaller variance than the t-distribution with k+1 degrees of freedom
  66. English

    Can someone please tell me what's the "deeper" meaning (beyond literal) of this poem. I have a really hard time finding it. Thank you :) Alone Lying, thinking Last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty And bread loaf is not stone I
  67. English

    You know about Gatsby and Daisy in the past in the present -- but what about their future? Thinking about all you have learned -- about their characters, about the social classes that divide the, and about their views of the past -- predict what you think
  68. physics

    A bowling ball encounters a 0.76m vertical rise on the way back to the ball rack. Ignore frictional losses and assume that the mass of the ball is distributed uniformly. If the translational speed of the ball is 3.80m/s at the bottom of the rise, find the
  69. Intro. to Comp.

    Can you help with this question? Which would be the correct answer? I am thinking "A" is the correct answer. What is an advantage of using Flash in a web page versus a traditional plug-in such as Media Player? A. Flash allows both video and audio in
  70. english: please hel.

    This is the article: Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11* We present this selection as an example of a fairly well-reasoned argumentative essay. There is more here than arguments—there’s some window dressing and you’ll probably find some slanters
  71. Algebra

    I am thinking of two numbers. The first number added to the second number is 5. Twice the first number added to twice the second number is 10. What are the numbers. ????? 1&4
  72. English

    Which lines are characteristic of an elegy? A.(They came like shamefaced jackals, their shields / In their hands, to the place where the prince lay dead, / And waited for Wiglaf to speak.) B.(Too few of his warriors remembered / To come, when our lord
  73. Teaching Music Question

    By asking students to "freeze" their bodies for a moment when the music pauses, a teacher can help children understand: 1.musical rests 2.harmony 3.melody 4.relaxation Wouldn't the correct answer be musical rests? I am thinking the correct answer could
  74. AP physics C suggestions..........thanx!

    I have signed up for both AP Physics C Mech exam and E&M exam. Now I found that I don't have enough time to study for both exams (2 days left), should I give up E&M and focus on Mech? I felt that E&M is not harder than Mech, but need to remember many
  75. English

    Can someone please tell me who she is refering to as "you" in this poem? Also, what the poem means, beyond the literal level. Thank you :) Alone Lying, thinking Last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty And bread loaf is not stone I
  76. Physics

    A coin is dropped from rest into a well with water 45.0m below the hand that drops the coin. A) How much time passes between the release of the coin and its contact with the water? B)How fast will the coin be going when it lands in the pool? C)How long
  77. English

    I need to write a research paper on a topic that is relevant to, or is present in a book after I have read it. I wish to know any suggestions on good books to read on which an obvious research topic can be extracted from(preferably history related but not
  78. Elem. Ed.

    Which requires a child's coordination with speech and movement? A. puppet play and storytelling B. finger plays and flannel boards C. flannel boards and storytelling D. finger plays and puppet play I am thinking (A) puppet play and storytelling, but not
  79. English

    I am writing an essay about genres of movies (horror, action, comedy) if this is my thesis statement, what would be a good conclusion? "Horror movies allow the viewer to experience a range of emotions, and, in my opinion, are the most enjoyable
  80. Statistics

    Twenty (20) students randomly assigned to an experimental group are studying for a test while listening to classical music. Thirty (30) students randomly assigned to a control group are studying for the same test in complete silence. Both groups take the
  81. bill of rights

    im having trouble with these questions...i need to know what ammendment fits the statement... 1. A united states representative prohibited a local newspaper from printing an editorial that was critical of her record. 2. Congress told the state of Montana
  82. Statistics

    The mean serum cholesterol level in the population of males who do not develop heart disease is known to be 219 mg/100 ml. Suppose you perform a study to investigate whether the mean serum cholesterol levels in males who do develop heart disease is higher
  83. english

    • Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. • Mark each verb used in bold and, in parentheses, identify the specific tense used. • Post your
  84. English

    1. In Richard Rhodes’ article titled “Hollow Claims about Fantasy Violence,” the word “marginal” means: A. limited in extent or significance. B. a butter-like spread. C. of great intelligence and skill. D. bright in color. is it A 2. In Richard
  85. Psychology

    Discuss the prevalence and effects of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) in South Africa with reference to either Erikson’s theory of socio-emotional development or Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Identify at least one risk to normal
  86. Economics

    Rank in order from best to worst, the economic systems(command, market and mixed) according to which, in theory, best attempts to meet the conditions of The Human Development Index. Why did you rank them this way. I am thinking (in theory): 1-command
  87. equilbrium II

    when CO2 (.15mol) and H2 (.302g) in a 500L vessel at 576'C are allowed to come to equilibrium the mixture contains .000183 mol/L of H20. what is the equilibrium concentration of CO? CO2 + H2 --> <-- CO +H2O The equilibrium concentration of H2O = the
  88. Science Fair

    I'm planning on doing a science fair project, but it has to involve an experimen. I wanted to do it on how adding mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard to a small hamburger at McDonalds can so much fat to it that it can make it as bad as a big hamburger without
  89. Psychology

    15. How might adolescents’ tendency to engage in such risky behaviors as unsafe sex and experimental drug use reflect brain development during childhood and adolescence? a) The limbic system does not develop fully until early adulthood; adolescents
  90. English writing an e-mail

    Thanks to all that helprd me regaurding my e-mail questions. I was just wondering in the revised part there is no mention of the client being Joceyln Talbot. Also I was told that I do need a subject line I am not sure how I would do that being that I would
  91. statistics

    A rental agent claims that the mean monthly rent, u , for apartments on the east side of town is less than $675. A random sample of 21 monthly rents for apartments on the east side has a mean of $674, with a standard deviation of $18. If we assume that the
  92. Literature

    Which lines are characteristic of an elegy? A.(They came like shamefaced jackals, their shields / In their hands, to the place where the prince lay dead, / And waited for Wiglaf to speak.) B.(Too few of his warriors remembered / To come, when our lord
  93. thinking outside of the box

    one taxi company charges 75 cents for the first quarter mile and 15 cents for each additional mile the competing taxi company charges 1.00 for the first quarter mile and 10 each additional mile what distance would produce the same fare for the two taxi
  94. Plz Help Physics

    We know that the negative charge on the electron and the positive charge on the proton are equal. Suppose, however, that these magnitudes differ from each other by 0.00011%. With what force would two copper pennies, placed 1.4 m apart, repel each other?
  95. HELP

    In a "Rotor-ride" at a carnival, people pay money to be rotated in a vertical cylindrically walled "room." If the room radius is 4.8 m, and the rotation frequency is 0.6 revolutions per second when the floor drops out, what is the minimum coefficient of
  96. english

    I shall wirte what I would say, but we are speaking about modals, so I think I have to answer with them... My solutions: 1. Your teacher is carrying a pile of heavy books. Offer help. -> Shall I carry that for for? or Sorry, can I help you? 2. A friend
  97. word problems in algebra

    A square has sides of length 3x - 2 cm. Express the area of the square as a polynomial. would i write this as 3x-2cm^4 because there are foru sides sorry post went before i was done polynominial confuse me after thinking about what polynomial is suppose to
  98. literature: lord of the flies

    how much has ralph changed since he's had his first assembly? You will need to brainstorm this in two columns: ~one column in which to list characteristics of what Ralph was like at first ~second column in which to list his characteristics as of the end of
  99. physics

    when an object of mass M1 is hung on a vertical spring and set vertical simple harmonic motion, its frequency is 12 Hz. When another object of mass m2 is hung on the spring along with m1, the frequency of the motion is 4hz. Find the ratio m2/m1 of the
  100. business

    Today, many organizations and managers face new challenges every day. One critical aspect of the challenges that managers lack is within the planning stage. You have been asked by your manager to conduct a preliminary search of recommending the two most