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  1. Please check my Calculus

    1. Find all points of inflection: f(x)=1/12x^4-2x^2+15 A. (2, 0) B. (2, 0), (-2, 0) C. (0, 15) D. (2, 25/3), (-2, 25/3) E. none of these I got D. I found the second derivative and equaled it to 0 and solved for x. I plugged the x values in to get my

    asked by Anonymous on January 12, 2015
  2. Statistics

    A population =100 and sd=25. A sample (n=150) has X=102. Using 2 tails of the sampling distribution and the .05 criterion. What is the critical value? Is the sample in the region of rejection? What does this indicate about the likelihood of this sample

    asked by Pam on February 4, 2016
  3. HVAC

    the density of a solid or liquid material divided by the density of water is called the_____ of the material. latent heat specific volume critical point specific gravity

    asked by simon on December 13, 2017
  4. economics

    what are the arguments of high income, middle income, low income and corporate tax payers who are critical o the Canadian government's income tax policy.

    asked by Anonymous on March 7, 2010
  5. Statistics

    A friend gives you the following Fs and decision made. Does the decision appear to be correct? Explain.Do NOT provide critical or table values as explanations. F(2, 63) = .10, not significant F(3, 85) = -1.70, not significant F(1, 120) = 64.32, not

    asked by Lizzy on November 3, 2016
  6. Derivative Test

    Consider the function y = 3x5 – 25x3 + 60x + 1. Use the first or second derivative test to test the critical points. How many relative maxima did you find? I got 2 as the relative maxima, is this done correctly?

    asked by May on December 9, 2014
  7. Calculus

    Find the intervals on which the given function is increasing and decreasing. y=-x^2-2x y'=-2x-2 critical point x=-1 Increasing [-infinity,-1) Decreasing (-1,infinity] is this the correct way of writting this wiht the brackets

    asked by kieran on September 24, 2012
  8. Algebra--please help!

    I really need help with my math homework today, because I am totally confused! Please give me the answer, but also walk me through it, too, so I can fully understand it, because just the answer won't really help. #1: A math teacher wants to curve a set of

    asked by Celina on December 17, 2008
  9. economics

    what are three main goals sought by policymakers in the economy? please help me one of my posts has a question I need checked and the other I don't know. I don't know what you guys are thinking.I really need help im not some kid on here scrapping for

    asked by Jon on April 28, 2007
  10. Math repost for Jasmine

    Math - jasmine, Sunday, September 30, 2007 at 6:24pm san you help me with this 2.7,2 1/7,3.13,1 9/10 numder least to greateat

    asked by Ms. Sue on September 30, 2007
  11. Math

    Math - Tyler, Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 2:51pm Solve (z +2)^ 4/3 = 4 where z is a real number please helpp

    asked by Anonymous on May 14, 2014
  12. math

    What are some suggestions teachers can give to parents so that they might assist their children with unfamiliar math concepts?

    asked by Anonymous on March 16, 2011
  13. math

    Josh completed 2 math problems in 2 minutes. Julia says he did 3/5 of a problem each munute. is she correct?

    asked by Camila on January 10, 2014
  14. 5th Grade Math

    I need help on how to figure out compund area of a shape. I meen we have the math part of the CRCT tommorow and I'm STILL NOT sure how to do it? Can someone please help me

    asked by Desiree on April 27, 2011
  15. algebra

    I guess 4th grade math is getting more dificult or Mom is getting not to smart. Find the value of 7n when n is 7,565?

    asked by Veronica on October 28, 2008
  16. Algebra

    what is the positive difference in the sums of the letters in the words MATH and COUNTS, if each letter is assigned a value as follows: A=1, B=-2, C=3, D=-4, ..., Y=25, Z=-26?

    asked by Jack on April 2, 2011
  17. algebra

    I don't understand this math question.It says :Two consecutive numbers have a sum of 327,what are the two number?

    asked by wendy on October 21, 2009
  18. math

    Please Help!!!!! If i spent 3 hours in homework and of that time 1/3 on math and 1/5 on science, what method could i use to solve this problem????????? Please Help Thanks!!!!

    asked by Brittney on April 24, 2014
  19. @Haley/Madison

    Please limit yourself to your own questions or USEFUL answers. Posting that you agree with a professional math teacher is ridiculous!

    asked by Ms. Sue on May 5, 2017
  20. Math

    I am stuck on a couple of math problems. I need help on the following numerical patterns. 5,7,11,17,25,?,47,61 80,40,20,?,5,5/2 It looks like you add two to each increment. For example, 5 + 2 = 7. 7+4=11 11+6=17 17+8=25 25+10=35 etc. For #2, I think each

    asked by Tori on January 11, 2007
  21. math

    I am already weak at math, but when they throw in letters it throws me off and confuses me more... can someone please show me how to work this problem? Ax+Hy=L,for x.

    asked by Anonymous on September 24, 2009
  22. 4th grade

    it wants me to make a circle graph with this Favorite Subject math 50 sience 20 reading 30 but i do not know the answer

    asked by christian on October 29, 2009
  23. math

    create a tree diagram to show all possible arrangements of the word "MATH" how many outcomes exist?

    asked by umnia on February 25, 2016
  24. mathematical

    What are some suggestions teachers can give to parents so that they might assist their children with unfamiliar math concepts?

    asked by Anonymous on March 15, 2011
  25. multiplying metrics

    im in 6th grade--we have a math problem to multiply 3km x 200m x5 can you walk me thorough how to get the answer? Thanks

    asked by jane on November 12, 2009
  26. Math

    I am behind in my school and need to catch up I am having trouble in math and need help grade 7 unit 3 lesson 1 in connection there is 5 question and I need HELP

    asked by Hi yo on December 6, 2018
  27. Intermediate Algebra

    How would I figure out this math problem? (a video game was $49.95. The price dropped to $45.50. what was the percent of decrease.)

    asked by Andy on May 10, 2010
  28. Algebra 2

    my math teacher gives me questions i cant answer. he doesnt explain them and ive never seen this stuff in my life, what should i do

    asked by Johny Appleseed on September 18, 2007
  29. Repost Math for Steve Dowling

    Math - steve dowling, Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 8:44pm what is -5/18 (8/15)= Can you show the work Thanks

    asked by Ms. Sue on September 13, 2007
  30. Math

    2nd grade math question. Kara's shirt has 3 more tens than ones. The value of the ones is greater than 4 and less than 6. What is the number?

    asked by matthew on November 10, 2010
  31. to " ... anime lover"

    You need to choose a screen name that doesn't include obscenities. Then your questions will show up and a math tutor might help.

    asked by Writeacher on December 14, 2015
  32. math please help

    Evaluate the following expressions show all your work. A.11^0 B.11^2/11^2 C. Are the answers to both parts the same? Why or why not? Please help me I'm really stupid in math and I can't figure these out?

    asked by hopeless on May 19, 2015
  33. Happy Pi Day

    asked by Ms. Sue on March 14, 2014
  34. 3rd grade math

    Writing in math. Explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten.

    asked by javon on September 27, 2010
  35. Algebra Honors

    Graph the inequality: 2x-5>y My Work: 2x-y>y -> 2x-5>y a) m= 2/1 b= -5 My Question: Should I shave above or below? Whenever I do the math, the results say below, but according to my notes I should shade above.

    asked by Anonomus on December 4, 2015
  36. Algebra 2

    the test score for a math class are shown below. 81,84,82,93,81,85,95,89,86,94 what are the mean, median, and mode of the data set?

    asked by wendy on May 19, 2014
  37. math

    I don't understand how to multiply rational expressions. My math book isn't helping at all.

    asked by emmy on May 19, 2014
  38. College Algebra

    Hello, I have been trying to do my math homework for a few hours now and can not figure out how to find the indicated intersection or union in interval notation. Example: (-1,5)n[0,8) Please help me!!

    asked by Marie on February 23, 2013
  39. 7th grade

    What should I do to practice my math and reading before I start school so I can get my brain in gear and havesome time to know what i'm doing that is new.

    asked by Anonymous on August 2, 2011
  40. Algebra 1

    Hi! I'm doing my math homework, but I got confused. Can someone please help me how to solve simplest radical forms with an example? With square roots?

    asked by Bob on March 20, 2014
  41. Math

    I scored 3031 on my math performance series scantron that a good score?

    asked by Peach on May 22, 2015
  42. math

    find the product using mental math and the distributive property for 7(15) showing the work as shown

    asked by monse on August 29, 2012
  43. English

    Where should the comma go in the following sentence. Maria is going to take extra courses at the university in math her favorite subject.

    asked by Duhamar on December 11, 2017
  44. math gr 9

    hi can someone please post a website where I can do free grade 9 math exam practice.. i have already tried proprof but they are full...

    asked by Anonymous on January 26, 2010
  45. math

    I'm very confuse my teacher talk bout her life in never teach us students the math lesson. y=3/2x-1 y=-x+4

    asked by keidra on January 7, 2015
  46. math

    1 1/2 * 3 1/5 = 1 1/2 = 3/2 3 1/5 = 16/5 Multiply numerator and denominator to arrive at the answer. Be sure and reduce the fraction if possible. Please help Angelina!!!!!!!!!! With Math.

    asked by laura on February 7, 2007
  47. math

    Could you help me with this math? i don't know what is 2 gram equal to how much of a teaspoon. I'm trying to measure the granulated sugar. Thank you in advance.

    asked by Happy Face on November 22, 2008
  48. Math

    I've missed a lot of math in the past few years so I'm a bit behind. I need to solve this question using reciprocals. 15.6 + 5.5 ------------- 18.1(11.1-9.2)

    asked by Lallie on February 23, 2009
  49. math

    what are the odds in favor of getting at least one head in three successive flips of a coin? I need to know the formula on this. I have 1/6 over 1- 1/6. But I can't figure out how to do the math. Am I right?

    asked by Brian on December 1, 2009
  50. Math

    how do you do the slope formula backword? what is the dimensions of retangle that can be made from 24 of tiles 6thgrade math help. who is the best ?

    asked by Adrean on October 4, 2006
  51. Math

    I have a 24 question test to do and it's 7th grade math!!! I need help plz. Unit 6 lesson 11 if that helps.

    asked by Ranya on December 10, 2018
  52. Algebra 1A

    What are some suggestions for new students starting a math class? Creating a list of three to five important requirements.

    asked by Kim on July 8, 2013
  53. Chemistry

    What volume in liters will be required to dissolve 60.9 grams of Mg(OH)2? Ksp = 1.8×10-11 After doing the math, i got 1.58e-4, but its not right, so i have no idea what to do now.

    asked by Brianna on March 25, 2014
  54. math

    Math:How could the following information be represented as a ration? Of fifty people interview, none had ever eaten sushi. is it 50:0

    asked by T on June 1, 2010
  55. Pretoria Muslim Trust sunni school

    Math Litracy,Life sciences,Cat,Business studies. Can I become a psychologist with these subjects

    asked by Mpho Molokomme on October 31, 2015
  56. Reading

    How to get a 7 year old to comprehend reading, math, and writing? (and 1st grade book reports)

    asked by Susan on October 21, 2007
  57. 6th grade math

    Can't figure this math problem out: Write an algebraic expression for the product of five less than a number and three, less eight, is twenty-eight. HELP ME PLEASE!!

    asked by Nicholas on November 25, 2012
  58. algebra


    asked by donna on June 13, 2009
  59. Math - please elaborate

    can someone please further explain my question on? it's just a farther bit down. The subject is "Math - help really needed" I think I almost got the answer, but I'm not sure where to go from there. really appreaite all the help so far as well; thank you.

    asked by Rani on December 2, 2008
  60. math

    The test scores for a math class are shown below 83,85,82,93,83,84,95,87,86,94 what is the standard deviation of the data set?

    asked by heather on May 19, 2014
  61. Nutrition

    How can I write although reading, writing and math are important in school so is health and physical education?

    asked by Jo-Ann on December 3, 2012
  62. math lit, geography, life science,business studies

    hey there! what career can do with math lit, geography, life science and business studies?

    asked by mujtaba on February 4, 2015
  63. reading

    My son is daydreaming during school and it is effecting his grades, especially in reading and math. What can I do to redirect his focus?

    asked by Denise on September 27, 2008
  64. Math-Ms. Sue or Bob

    Can either one of you help me with the math problems I asked? I really need help and do not understand how I would calculate the sample statistic and parameter population....

    asked by Jen on October 9, 2011
  65. English

    After school, I go to an afterschool class to study math. (Is this a correct sentence? Do you ahve better expressions?)

    asked by John on May 19, 2009
  66. Math

    Does anyone have the answers for the Penn Foster Math for Business and Finance proctored exam? 060497

    asked by Anon on February 28, 2017
  67. math lit, accounting, business studies, cat

    Can i study (b com)supply chain management in varsity. My main concern is math lit.

    asked by sine on January 2, 2015
  68. 3rd grade math

    Writing in math, how would a 3rd grader explain how to use multiplication to convert yards to feet?

    asked by Julie on December 10, 2009
  69. Math

    We are doing multi-step equations in math. And this equation is kind of hard for me because the variable is alone. h-6+7h=42 What does "h" equal?

    asked by Jennipher on May 5, 2011
  70. chemistry:Gas Laws (2)

    shouldn't i set it up like this: P(6)=(.5)(300) but then i do the math... 2P=150 75atm. but the answer has to be (2.05 atm) what am i doing wrong?

    asked by chris on May 28, 2009
  71. Algebra

    What is the positive difference in the sum of the letters in the words MATH and COUNTS, if each letter is assigned a value as follows: A=1, B=-2, C=3, D=-4,..., Y=25, Z=-26?

    asked by Matt on April 4, 2011
  72. algebra

    someone help please im homeschooled and dont understand math at all, its my weakest subject :( If y varies inversely with x and y = 6 when x = 3, then what is y when x = 2? a.) 9 b.) 12 -im guessing this? c.) 18 d.) 36

    asked by megann on October 21, 2016
  73. Social Studies (SS)

    Sorry I accidentally put math but can you please Describe George Washington's expeditions into French territory.

    asked by Anon on October 2, 2014
  74. Can someone help me

    multipy both sides by 44x Then take the square root of each side. Math question here. Can someone solve this for me?1/x=x/44

    asked by bobpursley on May 21, 2007
  75. Math

    my math book tells me (Use the digits0,2,and5 to make a three digit numberthat has both 2 and 5 as factors.) please help

    asked by Harley on October 22, 2007
  76. math

    you must do ahomework in math,history, science and georaphy in how many diffrent or derscan you do yor homework?

    asked by Anonymous on May 11, 2010
  77. Math

    Explain how to find the greatest common factor of three numbers. Grade 6 GO MATH BOOK

    asked by Mamta on September 29, 2014
  78. English

    Is this sentence in past progressive tense? The freshman math classes were already behind schedule by three weeks.

    asked by Matt on March 15, 2012
  79. calculus

    A polynomial function p(x) has a relative maximum at (3, -4) a relative minimum at (-1, -6), a relative maximum at (-5, 2) and no other critical points. How many zeros does p(x) have?

    asked by James on March 23, 2013
  80. calculus help please

    Consider the function f(x)=2x+9x^–1.? For this function there are four important intervals: (-inf,–A], [A,B),(B,C), and [C,inf) where A, and C are the critical numbers and the function is not defined at B. Find A= ????? and B= 0 and C =?????

    asked by amy on May 22, 2008
  81. calculus

    g(x)=(x^3)-(3x^2)+17 a)find and classify all critical points of g(x) using exact with x and y values. b)for what values of x is the function concave down; again exact x and y values.

    asked by matt dunlap on November 18, 2010
  82. not sure

    many american cars feture speedometers that show kilometers per hour. If you are required to drive 55 miles and you know that one kilometer is approximately 5/8 of a mile, how many kilometers would you cover in that journey? 800 but how and why? nevermind.

    asked by chris on July 25, 2007
  83. C programming

    I am suppose to create a code that uses the pow function in math.h to calculate the hyperbolic cosine when the user inputs an angle x. the equation I have to use is cosh x= e^x + e^-x /2 can someone check my code. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. do I

    asked by jasmine on September 7, 2014
  84. Physics

    What is the critical angle (in degrees) for a ray of light coming from a medium with an index of refraction of 1.4 to a medium with an index of refraction of 1.2? label the unit.

    asked by Amanda on April 7, 2014
  85. Physics

    The velocity of sound in air is about 330m/s, and in water is about 1700m/s. Calculate the critical angle for sound leaving air and entering water.

    asked by Robert on April 19, 2018
  86. Calculus

    7) Consider the function f(x)=x2e4x. For this function there are three important intervals: (−∞,A], [A,B], and [B,∞) where A and B are the critical numbers. Find A and B For each of the following intervals, tell whether f(x) is increasing (type in

    asked by Hailey on October 20, 2014
  87. english

    the assignment is to write a paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing. I need clarification on whether the four types of writing should be summary,analysis,synthesis,evaluation or narrative, descriptive, comparative,

    asked by Tara on March 21, 2011
  88. english

    The subject of this unit is the role of those mythologies which determine the meaning of being male or female in American culture. As always, your aim as a writer is to incorporate what the critics have been arguing into your own thinking, thereby to enter

    asked by Katie on March 16, 2012
  89. Physics

    Two transparent media F and G are separated by a plane boundary. The speed of light in medium F is 2.0x108 m/sec and in medium G is 2.5x108 m/sec. The critical angle for which a ray of light from F to G is totally internally reflected is

    asked by Judish on October 9, 2012
  90. physics

    total internal reflection between two materials is seen to occur if a critical angle of 60 degrees is exceeded. if the index of refraction of the material that the light is entering is 1.98,find the inndex of refraction of the material in which the light

    asked by deondre thomas on November 22, 2011
  91. Statistics

    "Suppose two independent samples have been collected.Based on a sample of 26 from the first population, you observe 14 successes. The second sample of size 26 had 17 successes. What is the critical value for a 85% confidence interval that compares these

    asked by Chris on November 5, 2016
  92. math-old

    A bag got mix up 6 pairs of shoes – 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 purple. Picking randomly, how many shoes must I pick before for sure that there is one matching pair in red or blue? Ms Sue answered 4. Request for explanation please. math - Ms. Sue, Tuesday,

    asked by rama on January 29, 2013
  93. world Geo

    What part of a map tells the relationship of distanceon the Earth? I'm thinking the answer is the scale,some of the scales shows miles and killometers... I think i am right but I'm not sure of it.

    asked by Carly on October 14, 2008
  94. philosophy

    I am to write a two page dialogue between Socrates and a person. I was thinking about writing about domestic violence. What do you think about that subject. Should I use statistics and numbers regarding this issue.

    asked by angela on March 28, 2013
  95. applying fundamental concepts

    An understanding of which of the following processes is needed to do patterning skills? A. Pictorial mapping B. Algebraic thinking C. Numeral recognition D. Seriation my answer is d.

    asked by lauren on February 28, 2015
  96. english

    Hi I have to compare Mending Wall by Robert Frost to modern day time. I was thinking about comparing it to a song or movie, but I'm not sure of any. Do you have any ideas?

    asked by jack on April 11, 2012
  97. math

    I am thinking there has to be a typo on my homework. The question states to Decide if the given number is a solution to the given equation and below it it shows 24/x 2;3.... does this make sense if so could someone explain it to me?

    asked by sam on September 20, 2009
  98. biology

    The blastopore is a structure that first becomes evident during a. the eight-cell stage of the embryo. b. coelom formation. c. fertilization. d. cleavage. e. gastrulation. I think that it is (e). But I am kinda thinking that it could be (d) too. PLEASE

    asked by Sarah on February 24, 2009
  99. English

    4. Which one of these sentences contains a prepositional phrase? A. Trolls live under bridges; elves do not. B. Where did you find the papers that I lost? C. You may think otherwise, but what I tell you is true. D. To be, or not to be: that is the

    asked by Sarah on November 20, 2014
  100. Chemistry

    I am not sure if I have the right answer or not to the following question. One mole of NO2 would be produced from how many moles of molecular nitrogen> According the equation N2 + 202 > 2NO2. I was thinking maybe 2. Does anyone know if I am right or wrong.

    asked by Alex on September 15, 2011