Critical Thinking/Math

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  1. calculus

    What are the critical attributes that obtain between a derivative and a differential?
  2. Statistics

    Compute the critical value za/2 that corresponds to a 85% level of confidence.
  3. electronics

    At the critical frequency, the output of a filter is down from its maximum by
  4. Calculus

    P(x) = 12x / (1-x) What are the critical points and where is P(x) increasing and decreasing?
  5. slu

    what are critical points for the function g(x)=36x-9tanx
  6. Compensation and Benefits

    Which one of the following characteristics is not critical in defining a team
  7. Biology

    Are organisms critical to the completion of the water cycle? Why or why not?
  8. calculus

    find critical values for the function sqrt x^2+x-20
  9. Please bobpursley help.algebra 2

    This is a critical question.. Why does y=3 represent a function and x=3 does not
  10. Calculus

    Help me simplify this down some more so I can set it to zero and find my critical points. f(x) = x^3 (x+2)^6 f'(x) = x^3 * 6(x+2)^5 + 3x^2 * (x+2)^6
  11. English

    Could you please tell me if the following verbs can take the -ing form in the examples below? I included a sentence I need to write in an email. 1) I'm smelling the perfume of the flowers. I'm testing a red wine. 2) I'm hearing him coming (I think you can
  12. math

    I am thinking there has to be a typo on my homework. The question states to Decide if the given number is a solution to the given equation and below it it shows 24/x 2;3.... does this make sense if so could someone explain it to me?
  13. math

    in triangle abc the radian measure of angle c is pi/6, what is the length of bc? ab = 2 i was thinking of taking the sin of pi/6 since bc is the y axis. but it does not match the answer of 2 root 3
  14. Critical Thinking

    Post your response to the following: State your stance on the Terri Schiavo case, and identify the moral value judgment that influenced you to choose your stance. • An example of a stance is, “Terri Schiavo should have been allowed to live, despite her
  15. Calculus

    Let g be a function that is defined for all x, x ≠ 2, such that g(3) = 4 and the derivative of g is g′(x)=(x^2–16)/(x−2), with x ≠ 2. a.Find all values of x where the graph of g has a critical value. b.For each critical value,

    Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much more interest would you pay on a $195,000 home if you put 20% down and financed
  17. English

    The person who correctly guesses what I am thinking of should come to the front and continue playing the Twenty Questions Game. He or she should think of something in mind. Other students should start asking Yes/No questions to try to know what it is. 1.
  18. Math

    Audrey is thinking of a number. If the number is divided by 3 and added to 12, the result is 29. Of which number is Audrey thinking? A.63 B.54 C.51 D.44 C? Look at the number tiles below 279 Which group of numbers shows all 3-digit numbers that can be made
  19. Calculus

    The rate of performance is given by dN/dt=1/(2sqroot(t+1)) where N is the number of unity completed t hours after beginning a new tak. If 2 units are completed afer 3 hours, how many units are completed after 8 hours? N= INT 1/2 (t+1)^(-1/2) I will be
  20. Help me think of ideas for my essay?

    My thesis statement for my synthesis essay to connect The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby and The Death of a Salesman is "It is impossible to maintain honor and also achieve success." Could anybody give me any ideas for my 3 body paragraphs I'm having
  21. Type Sketch - Cynic

    I have to do a type sketch of a cynic...but i really am running out of ideas...this is what I wrote so far but i need a couple more points. Any ideas please? ************************************* The cynic is a person who is skeptical of life. They are
  22. Advice...about chemistry degree Dr.Bob

    Based on the question topic posted by Britney below titled:In your opinion (your answer to this reminded me of something) (I posted the same thing there but I thought it was improper to piggyback on that post so I posted this under a new topic) I don't
  23. logic

    What would be the standard form of the following sentence? "The only road to success is hard work" First I had "All roads to success are hard work." Now I'm thinking that that's wrong because "roads" is plural and I'm talking about "THE road." So now I'm
  24. math

    When simplifying a rational fraction, why do you need to factor the numerator and the denominator? Include two examples! I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. I wouldn't ask if I knew how to guess
  25. history

    In what ways is Lincoln being President critical to the Union's success?
  26. ob

    Critical, selfish, and rude are opposite traits for which dimension of the Big Five?
  27. Literature

    A critical analysis of the poem `whoso list to hunt`
  28. science

    Why are hetercysts in cyanobactiria critical components of the nitrogen cycle?
  29. english

    What does this critical lens quote mean? "Man is the only animal that blushes or has need to".
  30. calculus

    Find critical points of f, and the extrema of f on the given interval. a)f(x) = x^4-10x^2; [0,3] b)f(x) = (x/e^x); [0,2]
  31. civics

    why was the ratification by New York and Virginia critical to the success of the Constitution
  32. human resources

    What are the most critical steps to successful implementation of HPWS?
  33. Health

    Identify and give a brief history of a critical care nurse
  34. statistics

    Using the z table, find the critical value (or values) for an = 0.12 right-tailed test.
  35. calculus

    Locate all critical points ( both types ) of f(x)=sqrt(-58-4x^2+32x) Thanks
  36. Critical Analysis

    how do you identify the principal issue presented by the source.
  37. Calculus

    Find the critical numbers of the function. h(t) = t3/4 − 5t1/4
  38. Physics

    What must the critical angle be if light transmits from diamond into water?
  39. EDU230

    Why is classroom management a critical focus of effective instruction?
  40. Calculus

    Trying find the critical numbers for X^3+X^2-8x But i cant remember how to simplfy the derivitive of 3X^2+2X-8 can someone help me?
  41. Diff EQ

    Find all critical points of the given system and investigate the stability of each. dx/dt = y - 1 dy/dt = x^2 - y
  42. English

    Having trouble with critical analysis forms. This is a final assignment. Can someone help me.
  43. English

    Would someone be willing to grade or check my rough draft of a critical review?
  44. calculus

    Find all the critical numbers for the function f(x) = cube root of 9-x^2. help please?!
  45. literature

    Trace and explain in your own words the literary periods We will be happy to critique your work or thinking, but we do not do the work for you. Do you have a question about this assignment? We will be happy to critique your work or thinking, but we do not
  46. Math

    Find the Maximum area for the given perimeter of a rectangle. State the length and width of the rectangle. 28 inches Well, finally a calculus problem. Ok, we know that the area for a rectangle is A=l*w and the perimeter is P=2(l+w) In this problem P= 28,
  47. Math

    Let f(x)=x^4-4x^3+10 Find the first derivative of the function. Find the critical values of the first derivative.
  48. Math

    Let f(x)=x^4-4x^3+10 Find the first derivative of the function. Find the critical values of the first derivative.
  49. help!! organic chemistry

    Write the mechanism for the reactions of 1) (E)-3-hexene and bromine and 2) (Z)-3-hexene and bromine in dichloromethane. Assign R,S configuration for each of the products and determine whether they are related as enantiomers or identical. I know how to
  50. Math

    You choose a head coach and an assistant from a group of 12 applicants. How many different groupings are possible? I know it is either 24 for a double combination of 12 - or I was thinking for number of possibilities it could be 12x11 = 132? Can anyone
  51. MATH - CALC

    Use calculus and algebraic methods to do a complete analysis (i.e., intervals of increase and decrease, intercepts, critical points, points of inflection, and intervals of concavity) for each of the following functions and then sketch a graph of the
  52. Critical thinking

    More than forty years after President JFK’s assassination, it’s no easier to accept the idea tha a loser like Lee Harvey Oswald committed a crime of the century all by himself with a $12.78 mail-order rifle and a $7.17 scope. Yet even though two
  53. Calculus

    Given f(x) = cubed root of x^2 (2x+5)^3, find the critical numbers after you identify the domain.
  54. american literature

    write a critical analysis on the poetry of henry longfellow
  55. peresonal finance

    how does education plays a critical role in financial success
  56. American Politics

    why is New Hampshire such a critical state in the presidential selection process?
  57. U.S. HIstory

    Why might the early years of American government be called the "Critical Period"???
  58. english

    what is the critical lens statement in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry?
  59. science

    what is the general trend of the critical angle as the refractive index increases?
  60. statistics

    what is the critical value t that satisfies the condition that the t distribution with 8 degrees of freedom has probability .10 to the right of t?
  61. calculus

    Find any critical numbers of the function h(x)=sin^2(x)+cos(x) 0 < x < 2π
  62. heat transfer

    Explain the concept of critical thickness of insulation with expression
  63. CaLcULus

    (5x-4)e^(-2x) How do you find the critical point I don't understand how to take the derivative of e^ to a negative?
  64. Shayna

    Find the value of a so that the function f(x) = xe^(ax) has critical point at x = 9 I found that the derivative is axe^(ax)+e^(ax) But I am not sure where to go from here?
  65. calculus

    The first derivative of the function f is given by f'(x) = (cos^2x)/x - 1/5 How many critical values does f have on the open interval (0,10)?
  66. hrm

    What are the critical coponents of a compesation strategy? Would these be the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards or something else.
  67. Critical thining

    How can a person distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?
  68. Interpersonal Communications

    Develop strategies for active, critical, and empathic listening.
  69. Critical Reading

    what is an invalid comparison for the analogy: Taking an online class is like?
  70. question

    But critical writing like argumentative essays have structure. (can you tell me what is wrong with this message?)
  71. diamond accodamy

    in providing critical radius of insulation ...... and ........ are having significant importance.
  72. Science

    Prior to the detonation of the first atomic bomb, had the scientist been able to prove by theory that the reaction would stop? I assume they did considering they continued with the test. If not, how was Bethe able to calculate the yield of the explosion?
  73. Math

    I am thinking of a number. If I add a half, fourth, and a ninth of it together, I get a total of 62. What's my number?
  74. 3rd grade math

    Sven is thinking of two numbers. The sum is 12. The difference is 4. What are the two numbers?
  75. thinking works math

    Part 'A' answer: Show all of your calculations and label your answer. *
  76. math

    kathyrn is thinking of four numbers from 1 through 9 with a sum of 18 find the numbers. this is the questions to the answer above.
  77. math problem solving

    Eduardo thinks of a number between 1 and 20 that has exactly 5 factors. What number is he thinking of?
  78. math

    fred is thinking of three numbers. if they are added in pairs, the results are 34, 44 and 52. find the three numbers.
  79. math

    What if Julie is thinking of an even number between 12 and 29with digits whose difference is 7? What is the number?
  80. Math /Algebratic thinking

    If the product of two whole numbers greater than 1 is 63, what could th ewhole numbers be?
  81. Math

    Alice is thinking of two numbers. When she adds them she gets 64. When she multiplies them she gets 735. What are her two numbers?
  82. math

    Eduardo thinks of a number between 1 and 20 that has exactly 5 factors . what number is he thinking of ? explain
  83. Calculus (increasing/decreasing)

    Find the interval(s) where the function is increasing and the interval(s) where it is decreasing. (Enter your answers using interval notation. If the answer cannot be expressed as an interval, enter EMPTY or ∅.) f(x) = (5 − x^2) / x my work: a)
  84. math

    Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6. i tried 12,24,36,48,42 its non of those
  85. Math

    I need help on finding the median, and I'm not quite getting it. Question : Find the median of 3,6,7,9,9,10 I am thinking 8 because 7+9= 16 ---- 2 So, I am diving 16 by 2 which is 8. It is one of my answer choices though. Thanks
  86. Gr. 3 math

    Is the square tan in a tangram congruent to a square pattern block? Explain your thinking.
  87. Gr. 3 Math

    I need to know is a square tan in a tangram congruent to a square pattern block? Explain your thinking?
  88. Statistics

    A group of doctors is trying to see if a vaccine causes a certain type of disease. They take individuals with the certain disease and individuals without the disease. They then use research to estimate the relative incidence of the onset of the disease
  89. Critical Thinking.

    Identify any examples of fallacies in the following passages. Tell why you think these are fallacies, and identify which category they belong in, if they fit any category we’ve described. Am I correct 2. Letter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s
  90. Calculus (pleas help!!!)

    Please answer the following questions about the function f(x)=e^(-0.5x^2) Instructions: If you are asked to find x- or y-values, enter either a number, a list of numbers separated by commas, or None if there aren't any solutions. Use interval notation if
  91. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Please answer the following questions about the function f(x)=e^(-0.5x^2) Instructions: If you are asked to find x- or y-values, enter either a number, a list of numbers separated by commas, or None if there aren't any solutions. Use interval notation if
  92. Calculus (pleas help!!!)

    Please answer the following questions about the function f(x)=e^(-0.5x^2) Instructions: If you are asked to find x- or y-values, enter either a number, a list of numbers separated by commas, or None if there aren't any solutions. Use interval notation if
  93. Physics -- Electromagnetic

    A 7.4 Ù ­ square loop, whose dimensions are 4:5 m x 4:5 m, is placed in a uniform 0.093 T magnetic field that is directed perpendicular to the plane of the loop The loop, which is hinged at each vertex, until the separation between points C and D is d =
  94. Statistics

    What does this statement mean - "Measurements are nearly always of individual differences" And WHAT tools do we have that will allow us to interpret individual measures? My thinking for the first part of the question is something like, the reporting of a
  95. math

    Mrs. Jones is thinking of a number that when rounded to the nearest hundred is 400. what is the number? explain
  96. factoring,math

    can someone show me how to factor this: i keep getting -6 and 5 but i want to factor: x^2+7x+6 x^2+7x+6 = (x+1)(x+6) This means the roots of x^2+7x+6 = 0 ar -1 and -6 duhhhhh...i was thinking completely wrong..thank you 75 75
  97. Math

    Hi im lost on my last question. k^-3 = 1/256 this is negative exponets "^-3" that is a negative exponent, I need to know the value of k? a)-64 b)-4 c)4 d)64 I was thinking 64, eh I don't understand this one. Thanks!
  98. math

    ruben is thinking of a number x.if he multiplies the number by 5 and then subtracts 12 from the product, the answers he gets is equal to 3 times x. what is x?
  99. Math

    Solve the equation for x in the interval 0<x<2pi 1/ 1+tan^2x = -cos x How would i do this? im thinking of maybe changing the 1+tan to sec^2x?
  100. Math

    A line has a slope of 6/7 and a y-intercept of -5. Which of the following is the equation of the line? 7x - 6y = -35 7x - 6y = -5 6x - 7y = 35 6x - 7y = -35 I'm honestly not sure with this, I'm thinking that it's 7x - 6y = -5.. Not sure though. Also, could