1. finance

    Assume that the export price of a Nissan XTerra from Osaka, Japan is ¥3,750,000. The exchange rate is ¥121.84/$. The forecast rate of inflation in the United States is 2.8% per year and is 0.6% in Japan. a. What is the export price of the XTerra at the
  2. Chemistry

    Determine the rate law, including the values of the orders and rate law constant, for the following reaction using the experimental data provided. Q + X yields products Trial [Q] [X] Rate 1 0.12 M 0.10 M 1.5 × 10-3 M/min 2 0.24 M 0.10 M 3.0 × 10-3 M/min
  3. calculus

    a) Sketch a curve whose slope is always positive and increasing. b) Sketch a curve whose slope is always positive and decreasing. c) Give equations for curves with these properties. So for a, I drew a positive slope that was concave up. And for b, I drew a
  4. math help,algebra

    Okay this is what i have to do but i think i am doing something wrong. directions are: Identify the axis of symmetry, create a suitable table of values, and sketch the graph (including the axis of symmetry). The problem is: y = -x^2+6x-2 so i did my table
  5. business math

    Pete’s Warehouse has a market value of $5,000,000. The property in Pete’s area is assessed at 40% of the market value. The tax rate is $105.10 per $1,000 of assessed value. What is Pete’s property tax?
  6. business math

    Pete's warehouse has a market value of $5,000,000, the property in Pete's area is assessed at 40%of the market value. the tax rate is $105.10 per $1,000 of assessed value. what is Pete's property tax?
  7. Calculus

    At a certain point on the beach, a post sticks out of the sand, its top being 76 cm above the beach. The depth of the water at the post varies sinusoidally with time due to the motion of the tides. The depth d is modeled by the equation
  8. Basic Math

    I forgot how to solve for two variables... Please check if I solved both problems properly! Thank you. Equations: (solve for t and z) 12t + 4z = 80 2t + 4z = 20 My answer: t = 2, z = 14 The steps: (simplified it) z = 20 - 3t, z = 5 - 0.5t (equated both
  9. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Image URL: h t t p s : / / p r n t . s c / g n n q p 6 Use the image to answer the question. 4. Under which of the following categories does the artwork fall? (1 point) a) abstract painting b) portrait c)
  10. Physics helpp please!

    A 8000-kg freight car rolls along rails with negligible friction. The car is brought to rest by a combination of two coiled springs as illustrated in the figure below. Both springs are described by Hooke's law and have spring constants with k1 = 1700 N/m
  11. math

    A graph is given with the line going from (-2, 2) to (2,8). a) Find the length of this line. b) Find the midpoint of the line. c) write an equation for this line. my answers- a) 2√10 b) 0,5 c) y = 1.5x + 5 please check these answers.
  12. algebra

    Solve the following rational inequality. Write the solution in interval notation. Show the number line and breaking points or graph of the polynomial with the part of the graph that is the solution (x-4)(x+2)/(x-3)(x+5) ¡Ü 0
  13. algebra

    Solve the following rational inequality. Write the solution in interval notation. Show the number line and breaking points or graph of the polynomial with the part of the graph that is the solution (x-4)(x+2)/(x-3)(x+5) ¡Ü0
  14. Algebra

    Solve the following system of linear inequalities by graphing. x-3y>6 3x+2y>12 For the first equation I came up with y<1/3x+-2 (I flipped the sign because I divided by a negative) The second equation, y>-3/2x+6 For the graph: could someone
  15. U.S. History

    A/An _________ issued by a president has the force of law and does not have to be approved by Congress. 1. memorandum of law 2. formal opinion 3. determination letter 4. executive order Would this be an executive order? executive order is the strongest

    Hello, Please check my answers, with stars (*) are my answers! Please check if they are wrong please tell the right answer and why it is right (explain it) so I can understand why! Thanks! For questions 1-2, solve the inequality. 1.) x + 8 < -28 a~ x
  17. Regression Analysis

    1)Quantity of Beef 2)Price of Beef 3)Price of Pizza 4)Price of Coke 5)Income 1- list and explain each of the components of your regression model, both the dependent variable and the independent variables 2-list each of the independent variables,
  18. consumer math

    Your parents are buying a house for $180,000. They have a good credit rating, are making a 20% down payment, and expect to pay $1,500/month. The interest rate for the motrgage is 4%. What must their realized income be before each month and how much
  19. accounting

    This year , Kirby company sold 35,000 units of production at $16 per unit. Maunfactoring and selling the product required $120,000 of mixed manufacturing costs and $180,000 of fixed selling and administrative expenses. This years variable costs and
  20. Accounting

    Cost Allocation is a method to identify and distribute indirect costs. Direct costs are costs assignable to a specific cost objective, whereas indirect costs are costs incurred for multiple cost objectives or not assignable to a specific cost objective
  21. Algebra 1 B

    2. How is the graph of y = -6x^2 + 4 different from the graph y = -6x^2? A. It is shifted 4 units to the left. B. It is shifted 4 unites to the right C. It is shifted 4 units up. *** D.It is shifted 4 units down. 3. A model rocket is launched into a large
  22. macro

    Assume that the utility function of a consumer is given by U = ln c1 + ln c2 The interest rate is given by 5% and the endowments are given by (y1, y2) = (100, 120). (a) Draw the budget constraint. (b) Calculate the consumption and saving in period 1. (c)
  23. Physics

    Heat of 30 kcal is supplied to a system and 4200j of external work is done on the system so that it's volume decreases at constant pressure.what is the change in its internal energy (J=4200 j/kcal)
  24. chemistry

    Calculate the heat that must be supplied to a 488 g stainless steel vessel containing 441 g of water to raise its temperature from 38.7◦C to the boiling point of water 100◦C.
  25. maths

    A contractor supplied some items to a school. The contractor's bill is shown below. If each amount includes 5% VAT calculate how much the government receives as VAT. Electrical fittings = #52 500.
  26. Algebra

    I am having issues with factoring. I am trying to check my work using a TI84 Plus calculator but I don't know how to plug in a problem to check its factoring. Can anyone help? for example 44y^3+55y^2-11xy how can I go about plugging that in to check my
  27. Please check my calculus

    If x^2+xy-y=2, find dy/dx My answer: (2x+y)/(1-x)
  28. alGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

    x over (x+3) -x over(x-3)=x^2+9 over X^2-9 solve for x and check answer
  29. math

    please check this problem 2x + 5 < 7 answer x < 1
  30. Algebra

    My question is: b-3= -4 A.) 7 B.) 1 C.)-1 D.)-7** I think it may be D.). I would just like someone to check my answer.
  31. Math

    2/3 x 4 1/5= 21/5 x 2/3=42/15 42/15=2 12/15 Please check the above answer Ms. Sue. Thank you
  32. math

    Please check problem 4 x + 7 < 8y - 1 answer x > 2
  33. Math

    Please check this problem -5x > 30 answer x < -6
  34. Algebra Answer Check

    (7x^3 + 2x - 1) + (8x^2 - 6 + 2x - x^3) Ans: 6x^3 + 8x^2 + 4x - 7
  35. math

    Please check problem 3y - 2 > 12 - 5 y answer y > 7/4
  36. Math

    What is y + 0.4 = 2? I think that y equls 5 but I am not sure. I would thank anyone to check my answer to see if I am right or not, thank you.
  37. Math check 3

    Simplify: 9/(y+8)-y/(y-2)+(y^2+4)/(y^2+6y-16) IS the answer y-14/(y-2)(y+8)?
  38. Chemistry

    Can you check my answer for the PH question @12:04 11/20?
  39. Algebra check

    Determine whether f(x)=x^2 is one to one. I have the answer as yes. Is this right
  40. precalc (check answer)

    l(x)=3-x^2 l(x)=7 x=-2 am i correct?
  41. Algebra 1

    (4x^6-7)(x^8-4) = 4x^14-7x^8-16x^6+28 Check my answer please.
  42. Algebra 1

    Solve. Check your answer. 1. ((d + 2)/(d + 8)) = ((-6)/(d + 8)) A: ?
  43. Algebra 1--Please, check my answer!

    Solve. 1. ((3)/(s-6)) = ((4)/(s)) + ((1)/(2s))
  44. math

    Check my Answer Ms.Sue
  45. Algebra 1

    Solve. Check your answer. 1. ((3x-7)/(x-5)) + ((x)/(2)) = ((8)/(x-5)) A: ?
  46. ALGebra

    Can you check 2x + 3 (x-2) -3 (x-6) I got 2x+3x-6 -3x+18 2x+3x-3x= 2x -6+18 =12 Final answer : 2x+ 12
  47. Algebra 1--Please, check my answer!

    Solve. 1. ((3)/(a-4)) = ((a) / (a-2)) A: a = 6 or a = 1
  48. beginning algebra-check my answer

    [(x^2-1)/(x-3)] / [(x^2-x-2)/(3x-9)] I get (3x-3/x-2)
  49. Math

    if p=8 evaluate 4^2/p•3 2 3 6<---- 8 Check my answer
  50. math check

    subtract: 3+5i-(-4+6i) is the answer 7-i?
  51. math

    can someone please check my answer? -9<==4x-8<==-7 {x l -1/4 <== x <== 1/4} is this correct??
  52. Math

    2/8 plus 6/12= 6/24 + 12/24=18/24=9/12=3/4 Can you please check the above answer and tell me if I got this correct?
  53. Math check

    subtract: 3+5i-(-4+6i) is the answer 7-i?
  54. tenant relations

    check my answer 1-b 2- a 3- b 4- b 5- a
  55. math

    Can you check my work? (4+16)- 20+7= The answer is either 7 or -7?
  56. corporate finance

    here are questions and please show how you got the answers. 6. Andrew Thompson owns 65,000 shares of Beta Enterprises. His shares have a total market value of $1,820,000. In total, Beta Enterprises has 250,000 shares outstanding. Each share is entitled to
  57. Math

    Suppose f(x)=5/(x-2). f'(5)=-5/9. Use this to find the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=5/x-2 at the point (5,(5/3)). write your answer in the form y=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. The equation of the tangent line is.....
  58. social studies

    between 1962 and 1967 the supreme court reviewed and decided on four court cases involving law enforcement officers and persons accused of criminal acts. what were the four cases and have the decisions affected law enforcement today?
  59. Law of cosines

    A tree on a hillside casts a shadow 215 ft down the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hillside is 22 degree to the horizontal and the angle of elevation of the sun is 52 degreess, find the height of the tree. TIA sorry this is law of sines. sorry
  60. maths

    The curve C with equation y=fx passes through the point (3, 14/2) given that f'(x)=2x+3/xsquared a) find f(x) (5 marks) b) verify that f(-2)=5 (1 mark) c) find an equation for the tangent to C at the point (-2,5) giving your answer in the form ax+by+c=0
  61. math

    The curve C with equation y=fx passes through the point (3, 14/2) given that f'(x)=2x+3/xsquared a) find f(x) (5 marks) b) verify that f(-2)=5 (1 mark) c) find an equation for the tangent to C at the point (-2,5) giving your answer in the form ax+by+c=0
  62. Calculus

    The following table displays the number of HIV diagnoses per year in a particular country. Year 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Diagnoses 2512 2343 2230 2113 2178 2495 2496 2538 2518 a) Using Curve Expert or another curve modelling program,
  63. english

    please revise! not a good writer Is Patient Diplomacy the Best Approach to Iran’s Nuclear Program? Yes, a patient diplomacy is the best approach to Iran’s nuclear program. Professor Christopher Hemmer from the Department of International Security
  64. Math "Need Help Asap"!

    "Find each percent of markup?" 5.)Store's cos:$26 selling price:$39 6.)Store's cost:$125 selling price:$168.75 7.)Store's cost:$75 selling price:$90 "Find each selling price round to the nearest cent?" 8.)"A Video game costs a store $20. If the store sells
  65. Maths - crazy maths question which involves graphi

    This is a question that involves graphing although I'm not very good at it especially Trigonometric Functions >_< a) Find the equation of the tangent to the curve y = sinx at the origin For part (a) I've already found the equation its: y = 0 b) Using
  66. College Chemistry

    Calculate the cell potential for the following Galvanic cell: Co(s) Co2+ (0.15 mol L-1, ag)Fe 2+ (0.68 mol L-1, ag)Fe(s) Given that the standard reduction potential Eo for Co2+ is -0.28 V and Eo for Fe2+ is -0.44 V. Anwer is -0.14 V The left side of the
  67. Chemistry/Science

    Can you check my answers thanks. Directions: State which statements are true and false. 1. Carbon atoms can bond together in straight chains, branched chains, or rings. Answer: True 2. Isomers are compounds with the same simple formula but different three
  68. Math

    Can the product law of logarithms be used to evaluate log(-2) + log(-3)? I know that a negative logarithm is undefined. However, the product law will give: log(-2)(-3) =log(6) =.7782 Is this allowed? Thanks for your help.
  69. History

    What 3 slogans used by the government to try to get people to conserve? What law makes it a crime to help the enemy during war? What law makes it a crime to criticize the government during wartime?
  70. math

    My 3rd grader brought home a math worksheet and I'm not sure about the answers, so I wanted another opinion. Estimate each sun or difference by rounding. 23 + 71 so, do you answer the prblem and then write the rounded numbers to the right or do you just
  71. Math

    Find the discount sale price of a $80 item that is on sale for 30% off. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  72. Math

    At a 35% off sale. Daniela purchased a dress for $94.64. What was the regular price of the dress. Please give the answer and formula.
  73. math

    Jack saved $60 on a jacket during a 30% off sale.What was the original price of jacket. Will the answer be 200 dollars?
  74. Finance

    On Abby Ellen's graduation from law school, Abby's uncle, Bull Brady, promised her a gift of $24,000 or $2,400 every quarter for the next 4 years after graduating from law school. If the money could be invested at 6% compounded quarterly, which offer
  75. Check my Book Report

    Check for any corrections i should make... Heres the Instructions: -An Intro Paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement that adresses the prompt -At least 3 clear and detailed body paragraphs which cite specific examples from the novel and support
  76. math

    If sales tax is 1/16 of the price and the price is $16 how much tax do I pay?
  77. math

    if $13.69 is the price of a pair of sneakers after 75% was taken off, what was the original price of the sneakers?
  78. math

    A shirt is on sale for 30% off. The sale price is $51.50. What was the original price?
  79. math

    The price of a shirt is reduced by 30% to $14. What was the original price of the shirt?
  80. social studies grade 8

    1)Why were the Acadians evicted from Canada? A) they had entered the country illegally. B) they sold guns to the Indians to use against the British. C) the openly opposed the British in the French and Indian War. D) they refused to take an oath of
  81. social studies

    I need help check my answers. the * stands for my answer on 1 and 2 I have to answers cause im not sure if the answer is wrong I will put the 2nd answer later. 1. which of the following best describes daily life in the south during the civil war? about the
  82. Algebra

    A big sale is happening today at the Newton Shoe Store. You buy two pair od running shoes. The first pair is $64, which is 20% off the original price. The second pair os $72, which is 40% off the original price. what is the persent of discount on the
  83. Spanish: check answers

    16. Which sentence is correct? A. Yo no entiendo a la maestra. *B. Yo no entiendo a este libro. Possessive Adjectives 17. What would be the correct PA in Spanish? : Ellos tienen (their) libros. Answer:sus 18. What would be the correct PA in Spanish? : Ella
  84. physics

    i have this problem, it asks: (a) With what speed must a ball be thrown vertically from ground level to rise to a maximum height of 50m? answer: 31m/s (b)How long will it be in the air?\ answer: 6.4s (c) Sketch graphs of y, v, and a vs. t for the ball. On
  85. Algebra. Please help me understand.

    Write a linear system of equations that can be used to solve these problems. Then, solve to get your final answer. 3. The school that Kevin goes to is selling tickets to a fieldtrip. On the first day of ticket sales, the school sold 3 adult tickets and 1
  86. Finance

    professional career. Marcia is a trainee for a management position at a large department store, and Phil is an engineer at an electronics firm. Their careers have promising futures, but neither has exceptionally good income protection in the event of a
  87. math please help

    Take the real-life situation and create an equation or inequality that could be used for analysis, prediction, or decision making. Then, draw a graph to depict the variables in your situation (refer to problem 40 on p. 649). Use your graph and what you
  88. Mathematics.

    In the sales, a CD player costs £64 from Electrics 'R' Us and the same CD player costs £64.60 from Music World. Electrics 'R' us - 1/5 off normal price. Music World - 15% off normal price. Which shop has the cheapest normal price. Thank you in advance.
  89. math 5the grade

    word problem: Mimi's market sold 24 heads of lettuce one morning. That afternoon 2/7 of the remaining heads of lettuce were sold. The number of heads left was now 1/2 of the number the market had at the beginning of the day. How many heads of lettuce were
  90. calculus

    -find the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=5xcosx at the point (pi,-5pi) -the equation of this tangent line can be written in the form y=mx+b where m= and b= -what is the answer to m and b?
  91. English please check my answer

    Please see if I have the correct answer thank you The patient went into cardiac arrest. The- (iac) portion of the word is A. noun suffix B. plural suffix C. combining form D. adjective suffix My choice is B
  92. Health of young children

    Of the following, which action by a teacher is the most appropriate and useful? A.Diagnosing smallpox B.Recording a child's rash C.Interpreting a child's fever D.Reporting that a child looks ill I chose D as my answer can someone check my answer.
  93. algebra I

    Question: A telemarketing company had a loss of $2113.15 in July, a loss of $597.11 in August, and a profit of $4121.55 in September. Did the company make a profit during the 3-month period? If so, what was the profit? Answer: Yes, the profit was $1411.24
  94. college algebra

    A jazz group on tour has been drawing average crowds of 600 people. It is projected that for every $1 increase in the $15 ticket price, the average attendance will decrease by 60. At what ticket price will nightly receipts be $7,560?
  95. Business Math

    Professional Security Systems purchased 5 dozen dead-bolt lock sets from a manufacturer for $255. If the company's markup rate is 28% of the selling price, what is the selling price of each lock set?
  96. division write and solve

    the price of a 3- pack spinner is one third the price of the of a dozen flyboys. write and solve a division equation to find the price of a dozen fly-boys. there are $3 for each 3-pack spinner . is the equation supposed to be n/12=27?
  97. criminal justice

    Evaluate how television shows and movies of fictional police influence public attitudes about law enforcement in the United States. Address whether the majority of portrayals of law enforcement are positive or negative, decide if you believe real police
  98. math

    The gardener went to the market to buy 100 animals for a total of IDR 1.000.000. If the price of cow IDR. 50,000 /cow and goat IDR 10,000 /goat , rabbit IDR 5000 /rabbit , how many of each kind of animal which can he buy ? I wrote : Cow = X = 50.000 Goat =
  99. physics

    I have tried the ideal gas law to find the temp and Pressure so that i could then find the work but i am not getting the right answer in the end. any suggestions? 3.1 One kilogram of air in a piston-cylinder device undegoes a thermodynamic cycle composed
  100. College Algebra

    f(x)=3.1ã(x+19 1.Decribe the graph be obtained using transformations of the square root function. First, vertically stretch the graph of f (x) = by the factor 3.1; then shift the results up 19 units. 2.Determine how to tell the model describes the