1. algebra

    write each equation in slope-intercept form. then graph the line described by the equation. 2y=4x+6

    asked by genny on January 24, 2014
  2. Algebra

    Solve and graph. I send this problem last night could someone please help me I have trouble with it. x+122 The solution is { x | x< or X > } please help me with this problem.

    asked by Johnnie on April 5, 2009
  3. Algebra 1

    y intercept is when x is zero y=3.2 *0 -4 yintercept 0,-4 I am not certain about your remarks on the slope I'm sorry, I was trying to graph the equation and identify the y intercept for y= 3/2x-4. I very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

    asked by Esther on January 3, 2011
  4. Precalculus

    Identify the graph of the equation. What is the angle of rotation for the equation? y^2+8x=0 How do i figure this out? I think it has to be a hyperbola.

    asked by Beatrice on August 19, 2011
  5. math

    Find the discriminant. Tell which conic section each graph will be. 4x^2 + 9y^2 +7x-2y-100=0 4x^2+14xy+7x-2y-100=0

    asked by Rick on March 2, 2012
  6. graphing

    given one point on the graph (-2/3,(2,5) and the slope, m=-3, develop an equation in te slope intercept format

    asked by Pat on November 13, 2010
  7. trig

    Use a graph of the cosecant function to find the value of theta for which csc theta equals 1.

    asked by Amanda on May 17, 2011
  8. calculus

    Determine the coordinates of the point on the graph of f(x)= (2x+1)^(1/2) where the tangent line is perpendicular to the line 3x+y+4=0

    asked by Anonymous on March 1, 2013
  9. Math

    If x=1 is the vertical asymptote and y=-3 is the horizontal asymptote for the graph of the function f which of the following could be the equation of the curve A.f(x)=(-3x^2)/(x-1) B.f(x)=-3(x-1)/(x+3) C.f(x)=-3(x^2-1)/(x-1) D.f(x)=-3(x^2-1)/(x-1)^2

    asked by Anonymous on October 15, 2018
  10. math

    Two circles of radius 4 are tangent to the graph of y^2=4x at the point (1,2). Find the equation of these two circles.

    asked by Anonymous on October 7, 2009
  11. math

    First find the general derivative of f (x) = {√(x−1)} . Then find the equation of the tangent line to the graph at x = 10.

    asked by billy on April 25, 2011
  12. Algebra

    I need help with solving these absolute value inequalities. I have to graph them as well. y< |x+2|+4 and y>|x+5|+3 I just don't know what to do without a coefficient in front of the absolute value!

    asked by Mimi on September 13, 2013
  13. Calculus

    For what values of x is the graph of the function f(x)= x^2e^x concave down. Give your answer using exact values

    asked by Keya on January 12, 2012
  14. math

    how are 2 hours and the distance traveled in 2 hours represent in the table? how are they shown on the graph?

    asked by rico on December 4, 2013
  15. economics

    if ad1 and as1 are the before curves and ad2 and as2 are the after curves how is this graph set up

    asked by misty on October 24, 2010
  16. Algebra

    Find the x and y intercepts and graph the equation plotting the intercepts.Show work...-5x+8y=-40

    asked by sherry on March 17, 2012
  17. math

    I need help solving this equation please. Use the qudratic formula to find any x-intercepton the graph of the equation. Y=3x^2+9-1

    asked by Sam on April 24, 2013
  18. Physics

    1) what does the y intercept on a force vs acceleration graph represent? 2)what is the relationship of mass and acceleration?

    asked by Aly on October 30, 2013
  19. analytic geometry

    FINd an equation in x and y that has the same graph as the polar equation r=α sin theta, with α is not equal to 0.

    asked by Anonymous on September 17, 2015
  20. physics

    Look at this graph depicting the position of a person walking. During which interval was the person stationary?

    asked by Anonymous on May 15, 2012
  21. calculus

    A line in the first quadrant is tangent to the graph of y=1/x^2. How can we minimize the area between the line and the axes?

    asked by Susan on December 4, 2010
  22. Calculus

    when trying to find the intervals of where the derivative is positive is it the intervals of where the original graph is above the x axis?

    asked by Anonymous on November 5, 2018
  23. math

    How are the real solutions of a quadratic equation related to the graph of the quadratic function?

    asked by cj on October 29, 2015
  24. math

    The graph of the function f(x)=(x^-9)/2x^2-5x-3 has a vertical asymptote a x=a and a horizontal asymptote at y=b. What are the values of the constants a and b? A. a=-3 b=2 B. a=-1/2 b=1/2 C. a=1/2 b=1/2 D. a=3 b=2 B???

    asked by Anonymous on September 4, 2018
  25. math

    How are the real solutions of a quadratic equation related to the graph of the quadratic function?

    asked by cj on October 27, 2015
  26. math

    find the area between the x-axis and the graph of the given function over the given interval: y = sqrt(9-x2^2) over [-3,3] actually, it's y = sqrt(9-x^2) over [-3,3]

    asked by jamay on April 18, 2007
  27. 8th grade

    Consider the equation 3x+5y=k, what values could k so that the x-intercept and y- intercept on the equations graph would both be integers. explain.

    asked by Monkeylover:) on November 4, 2010
  28. algebra

    please give me step by step instructions on how to solve the following equations; x-y=3 and -x+4y=9 I am trying to graph the coordinates.

    asked by sherry on February 1, 2010
  29. precalc

    The question is: is (root(x2+2))/x=f(x) even or odd? I got that it was odd because f(-x)=-f(x) but on the graph it does not look like it is symmetric to the origin what did i do wrong?

    asked by Alex on November 2, 2008
  30. Precalculus

    Find the equation of the ellipse with the center at (2,-3), one focus at (3,-3), and one vertex at (5,-3). Also graph the equation.

    asked by Anonymous on May 13, 2014
  31. Math

    If you wanted to put 36, 34, 26, and 4 percent into a circle graph, how many degrees would each angle for each percent be?

    asked by LILY on February 20, 2008
  32. Math

    Sketch a graph of the equation y=-x^2 + x + 10 for x=0...x=4 i think that the equation y=-x2+x+10 is a parabola and for the x values that were given am i suppose to plug in?

    asked by Anonymous on September 9, 2010
  33. Algebra 2

    [3y+6]>or equal to 21 If you could put this in set notation, graph, and interval notation that would be great. Thanks

    asked by Brandon on September 18, 2011
  34. calculus

    The Horizontal Assymptote for the graph of f(x) = (-6x3 +2x + 5)/(x3-1) is the horizontal line with equation y=___

    asked by joel on November 13, 2012
  35. calculus

    Q4. Given a function f(x)2/3x^3+5/2x^2-3x. a) Find i. The inflection point. ii. The y-intercept and x-intercept. b) Sketch the graph of f(x).

    asked by yaya on December 15, 2012
  36. calculus

    can someone help me to understand how or what the points would be for me to graph this line containing the point p and having slope m. P=(3,4) slope undefined

    asked by Heather-needing help!!!! on December 18, 2012
  37. Math (URGENT)

    How to graph this: Step 0: y=x(x-4) Step 1: y=x^2-4x What's next? Calculator shows vertex at (2,-4) I asked before, but I'm still stuck. Please help. thanks.

    asked by John on November 21, 2011
  38. math

    Has anyone ever used Equation Editor ? If so how would you do for instance graphing on it for the following equation x>4. I know how to graph it on paper etc. BUt using this program i do not.

    asked by jasmine20 on December 21, 2006
  39. Algebra 2 Please Help

    22. The graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the left 8 units and up 2 units. What is the function rule for g(x) given f(x) = x²? (2 points)

    asked by Robert on October 22, 2012
  40. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    use the graph below to answer the question 1. what are the coordinates of point f 1 point & how do you post a pichure?

    asked by hi on March 7, 2017
  41. Physics

    how would i find the total time spent decelerating on a velocity time graph

    asked by jake on February 22, 2010
  42. calcu

    (4,-3) is on g For each of the following functions find a point on its graph. Enter exact answers. I cannot find the other three :( a) g(2x) - 5 ,(2,-8) b) 3g(x) + 1 c) -(g(1/3(x+4))-8) d) 1/2g(-5x-15)-8

    asked by Ray on October 17, 2014
  43. math

    FIND THE X INTERCEPTS OF THE GRAPH OF THE EQUATION pleaze explain thanks 1)Y=x to the second power+ 2x -8 2) Y=6X TO THE SECOND PoWER -x-12

    asked by SYNESTER on February 29, 2008
  44. calculus1

    Find the arc length of the graph of the equation y+1/4x+x^3/3=0 from the point(2,67/24) to point(3,102/12) help me with this thanx!

    asked by karen on June 11, 2015
  45. Math( help please ! )

    for what value of k will the function f(x)=kx^2-4k+k have no zeros the graph of the function f(x)=x^2-kx+k+8 touches the x-axis at one point. What are the possible values of k

    asked by Poppy on October 21, 2011
  46. algebra

    Graph the system of inequalities (shade each half-plane solution,not only the overall solution). y

    asked by Anneliese on December 27, 2016
  47. calculus1

    Find the arc length of the graph of the equation y+1/4x+x^3/3=0 from the point(2,67/24) to point(3,102/12) help me with this thanx!

    asked by karen on June 11, 2015
  48. Algebra I

    Determine whether the equation y=2x^4-8x+6 has a graph that is symmetric with respect to the​ y-axis, the​ x-axis, the​ origin, or none of these

    asked by Marie on February 25, 2017
  49. Algebra

    Graph the linear equation y=4/5x+5 I know how to plot the points. I just need help figuring out what numbers to plot.

    asked by Christopher on April 23, 2014
  50. Math

    For a quadratic with a vertex of (4, 1) with the graph opening downward, is this the right construction in vertex form? -a(x - 4) + 1

    asked by Anonymous on January 22, 2015
  51. Calculus

    A line in the first quadrant is tangent to the graph of y=1/x^2. How can we minimize the area between the line and the axes?

    asked by Cristy on August 2, 2012
  52. Math

    How do I graph the inequality on a number line? How do I solve the problem? x < 8 (The < has a small line under it)

    asked by Amy on January 22, 2015
  53. ECTC

    Determine the equation of a parabola with vertex (7, -2), and passing through the point (6, 0). Graph the parabola.

    asked by Tanisha H on September 3, 2017
  54. algebra

    for every point (x,y) which is in the first quadrant and is on the graph y = 24 -4x^2, consider the rectangle with corners (-x,0), (-x, y), (x,0) and (x,y). for which value of x does the rectangle have maximal area?

    asked by Nabil on October 11, 2011
  55. Math

    is x=5 a function No. The plot (graph) is a vertical line at x=5, so y can have many different values, in fact, any value. a function has one y value for each x value. thanks

    asked by Nikki-Ole on November 6, 2006
  56. graphs

    the numbers in a data file are 71,56,62,77,and 38. What scale would you use to graph the data? Explain your choice.

    asked by amber on January 14, 2010
  57. Math

    Find the quadratic polynomial whose graph goes through the points (-2,5), (0,5), and (1,11). f(x)= ______x^2+ ______x+ _______

    asked by Lucy on May 4, 2014
  58. calculus

    find the x coordinate of each point at which the line tangent to the graph of f(x)=x^4-3x^2 is parallel to the line y= -2x+4

    asked by Anonymous on October 6, 2012
  59. Calculus

    How do I find the derivative of e^y -y=x^2 -2? Do I use chain rule with -d/dy or -d/dx or dy/dx? And then how do I find the slope of the graph if the point's at (2,0)?

    asked by Maddie on July 19, 2017
  60. Math

    Determine whether the graph of x=y^2-1 is symmetric with respect to the x-axis, the y-axis, the origin, or has no symmetry.

    asked by Jake on September 19, 2014

    HOW IS A GRAPH SIMILAR TO A DATA TABLE both summarize data living things?

    asked by matt on November 5, 2006
  62. trig

    secx=5 use a graph to solve the following equation in the interval x is greater than -pie but less than pie

    asked by Courtney on March 30, 2011
  63. Math

    Which is the best type of graph to show the number of markers in each classroom, if markers come in boxes of 20?

    asked by Coco on May 11, 2015
  64. math $$

    The graph of 5x-2y=10 intersects the x-axis and y-axis what are the order pairs for these two points of intersection? A.(2,0) and (0,5) B.(2,0) and (0,-5) C.(-2,0) and (0,5) D.(-2,0) and (0,-5)

    asked by Angie on February 21, 2013
  65. Physics

    How to determine the work done on the object with a FCosTheta(Y axis)-Displacement(X axis) graph.

    asked by Jennifer on February 23, 2015
  66. math

    The line y=2x + b is tangent to the graph y= sqrt x at the point P= (a,sqrt a). Find P and determine b

    asked by erika on September 21, 2011
  67. Calculus

    Determine the coordinates of the point on the graph of f(x)=3x^2-7x+4 where the tangent line is parallel to the line 5x+y=3

    asked by matt on October 19, 2016
  68. calculus

    Find the points on the graph y = -x^3 + 6x^2 at which the tangent line is horizontal. I found -x^2 + 4 = 0 are the points [4,32]

    asked by heather on February 9, 2017
  69. Calc

    The tangent line to the graph of y=f(x) at both x=3 and x=4 is y=-x+5. Which of the following statements must be true? The function f(x) is the line y=-x+5 f(3)=f(4) f'(3)=f'(4) f(x) is not differentiable at x=3 and x=4 None of the above

    asked by Sarah on December 6, 2016
  70. calculus

    find all points at which the tangent line to the graph of y=x3 is parallel to the line y=27x+5

    asked by ellen on October 3, 2011
  71. Chem

    A bottle of win contains 12.5% ethanol by volume. The density of ethanol (C2H5OH) is .79 g/mL. Calculate the concentration of ethanol in wine as mass percent and molality. I calculated molality as 2.4 m/kg, but I'm stumped on the mass percent [although I'm

    asked by Jessica on March 26, 2007
  72. Geography

    Can someone please check my work? 1. Name the South American countries through which the Tropic of Capricorn passes. Paraguay, chile, Argentina, Brazil 2. Classify each of the following as high, mid, or low latitude. Europe: high South America: low

    asked by John on February 26, 2010
  73. math, correction plz

    Can someone correct these for me.PLZ Problem#1 Directions solve equation ãx+4 = 3 My answer: x = 5 Probelm #2 Directions solve equation ã(4x+1) + 3 = 0 My answer x = 2 Problem #3 Directions solve equation ã(2y+7)+4=y My answer y= 1 and y = 9 the

    asked by jas20 on March 25, 2007
  74. statics

    A1. Miss Dombo, a Ticketing Manager with an Airline ying international routes, has realised that not all passengers show up for their reserved seat. It is clear to her that each passenger's behaviour is independent of the other. Having xed the chances of a

    asked by TINASHE on October 26, 2016
  75. English

    Hi, If anyone has read Hamlet...I have to write an essay showing how Hamlet is a hypocrite or similar. I need 3 main points of proof. I only have one, which is that Hamlet says he loves Ophelia but hes the cause of her death and he shunned her. I need two

    asked by Raj on March 4, 2007
  76. Simple Physics

    Which of the following is most appropriate to follow motion in one dimension? -linear scale -solid coordinates -x-y-z coordinates -graph with x- and y-axes

    asked by Anonymous on October 24, 2014
  77. algebra

    enum =5 four=2 three= 1 suppose the function f is defined, for real numbers, as(x) follows f{4if=0 1ifx=0 graph the function f

    asked by Pat on October 4, 2015
  78. math

    Given f (x) = √(7 + x) + 4 . Use the rectangle method to approximate the area on the interval [0, 8] using 4 rectangles. (Assume the graph goes through the midpoint of each rectangle.)

    asked by Geoff on December 19, 2010
  79. Pre-Algebra

    "Triangle LMN has L at (1,-1) and M at (2,3). Triangle L'M'N' has L' at (-1,-1) and M' is at (3,2). Describe the transformation." This question is really tripping me up. I even tried putting it on a graph to solve it, but I just can't. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    asked by purplegurl on January 27, 2017
  80. Pre-calculus

    can someone show how to graph step by step the polynomial function -x^4 - 4x^2. That is -x to the fourth power minus -4x squared. Please Help!!!

    asked by Misty on September 15, 2011
  81. Calculus (derivatives)

    Find the points on the graph of f where the tangent line is horizontal. x/x^2+25 I know you have to do the quotient rule to find the derivative, but then I do not know what to do after that.

    asked by Eve on September 17, 2013
  82. math question 2- very urgent !

    Given f (x) = √(7 + x) + 4 . Use the rectangle method to approximate the area on the interval [0, 8] using 4 rectangles. (Assume the graph goes through the midpoint of each rectangle.)

    asked by Carla on December 20, 2010
  83. Alg 2 HELP!

    Identify the x-intercepts, local maximum, and local minimum of the graph of f(x)=x^3+2x^2-13x+10 I am confused on where to begin.

    asked by Jess on June 12, 2015
  84. Math

    find the vertex line of symmetry the minimum naximum value of the quadratic function and graph the function f(x)=-2x^2+2x+2.

    asked by Allison A on November 29, 2011
  85. algebra

    Find the slope of each of the three line segments in the graph below. Please show all of your work. Between which two points is the slope the smallest?

    asked by jasmen on May 10, 2011
  86. Math

    I am struggling with how to start this problem. The following points are on the graph of: y=f(x) Use theorem to identify the corresponding points on the transformed functions. y = 2f(x-3)-2

    asked by Mel on February 5, 2017
  87. pre-calc

    on a graph there are 3 points, (-3,0) (0,2) (1,0) now, by using transformations, y= f(x)+1 is the answer: (-3,1) (0,3) (1,1) ?? and also y= -f(x-2) (using original points) is it (-3,2) (0,0) (1,2) or is it (-3,-2) (0,-4) (1,-2) ?? im not sure in what order

    asked by dilated on September 13, 2013
  88. algebra

    Write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line.Please show work. Show in graph.(-3,-5)(6,1)

    asked by sherry on March 19, 2012
  89. microeconomics

    if a few large firms were broken down into a lot of smaller firms how would this effect the supply and demand in a graph?

    asked by rochelle on November 20, 2009
  90. algebra 2

    graph each system of equations and describe it as consistent and independent, consistent and depedneent, or inconsistent 37. y=3x-4 y=6x-8 38. y=2x-1 y=2x+6 39. 2x+5y=10 -4x-10y=20

    asked by anonymous on September 29, 2014
  91. AP Calculus

    Let R be the region bounded by the x-axis and the graph of y=6x-x^2 Find the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved around the y-axis

    asked by Kelsey on April 23, 2012
  92. calculus

    Investigate a quadratic which touches the x-axis and its reciprocal. and a clear graph of the two functions on the same set of axis.

    asked by eugene on September 7, 2008
  93. Determining symetry

    Determine algebraically whether the graph of the function g is symmetric with respect to the x-axis, y-axis, or origin. g(x)=[(x^2)+(y^2)]^2=2xy

    asked by Shannon on September 9, 2008
  94. mom needs math help

    can anyone in simplistic terms explain difference between HISTOGRAM and BAR GRAPH i need to explain it to a ten year old.

    asked by daniel on October 10, 2013
  95. Algebra 1-8th Grade

    Describe a situation in which a graph is more helpful thana table. Explain why. I can't thing of any situation that relates to this.

    asked by Joy on September 30, 2008
  96. Calculus

    Find dy/dx at the point (-3, 1) for the equation x = y^3-9y^2+5. A. -1/17 B. -1/13 C. -1/15 D. 1/17 E. 1/15 I posted this question before with a typo, but the point still doesn't appear to be on the graph of the function.

    asked by Anonymous on November 1, 2016
  97. Calculus

    Given the graph of f'(x) with f(x) continuous on all reals, find the intervals f(x) is concave up and down and find the x values of the points of inflection.

    asked by Joshua reynolds on July 26, 2017
  98. algebra

    Relations and functions y=-3/4x+4 and y=2(x) state weather each equation is a function state shape and location on the graph

    asked by tbell on June 5, 2014
  99. Maths

    I am requuired to plot a graph given the linear function: F:x maps onto 2x + 1/2 using the domain 3 is less than o equal to x, and x is less than or equal to 10. What would the x values be?

    asked by Shequana on March 7, 2010
  100. calculus

    My teacher told me to use the distance formula for this problem but I am not sure how to do it... find the point (s) on the graph of y^2=6x closest to the point (5,0)

    asked by Anonymous on July 7, 2012