1. math help

    Use the following table to answer the questions. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) x 1 1 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9 y 3 2 6 1 3 3 3 2 5 3 (a) Find the equation of the line of best fit. y hat = + x (ii) Graph this equation on a scatter diagram. (Do

    ich of the following best illustrates the government's role in controlling financial institutions? A. The government directly influences the price of stocks in the stock market by taxing purchases of stock. B. The government limits the amount of loans that
  3. pre-cal: graphs of functions- fill in the blank

    To find the domain of a function from its graph... To find the range of a function from its graph... To approximate the relative minimum or maximum of a function using a graphing utility,... Let a(,f(a)) and (b,f(b)) be two points on the graph of a
  4. Calculus check

    A function f(x) is continuous for all x and has a local minimum at (1,8). Which must be true? A. f'(1)=0 B. f' exists at x=1 C. The graph is concave up at x=1 D. f'(x) is less than 0 if x is less than 1, f'(x) is greater than 0 if x is greater than 1 E.
  5. Calculus check

    Let f(x) be a polynomial function such that f(3)=3, f'(3)=0 and f"(3)=-3. What is the point (3,3) on the graph y=f(x)? A. Relative maximum B. Relative minimum C. Intercept D. Inflection point E. None of these I got C
  6. precalc review/calc

    For the curve y=2^[sqrt(9-x2)], find the range of the function. I think the range is [0,8] but I don't know why. Could you show me how to get to that answer? Thanks.
  7. math

    find the points to the curve y=(cos x)/ (2 + sin x) at which the tangent is horizontal... can you explain how get the answer thoroughly and step by step...
  8. Calculus

    Lines tangent to the curve y-1=2x^2+3x pass through the point A(2,-1). Find the x-coordinate(s) of the point(s) of tangency. The answer is 2+2^1/2, 2-2^1/2, I just don't know how to get there. Please help! Thank you!
  9. Marketing

    Hello, My group has been assigned to do a General Market Survey on a foreign country (we picked France). Can anyone give us some pointers on what topics/statistics to include, where to find information, anything at all? We are to use secondary data to
  10. MATH

    Graph is a complete graph -it called K6- IT HAS 6 VETICES. also, every vertex is connected to every other vertex. a) how many possible Hamilton circuits ( say starting from A) including reversals, does the graph have? b) if we were to use the Brute Force
  11. Law ( contract)

    Frank and fanny farmer have been married to 10 years. On march 1, 2002 fanny farmer decides to go on “strike” she refuses to do any farm chores or chores around their home. She puts up a big sign by the road and writes in bold letters “ FANNY FARMER
  12. Chemistry - check answers

    1) Which element has the largest first ionization energy? A) Rb, B) Fr, C) K, D) Na, E) Mg Answer: E 2) Which has the highest electronegativity? A) Na, B) Cs, C) Si, D) Te, E) Cl Answer: E 3) In which of the following are the bonds arranged in order of
  13. math check

    Would some please check these and see if I am doing them right thank you 1. Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about 1 1/2 gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)?

    A pair of jeans is on sale for 25% off the original price. Which expression represents the sale price? If the original price of the jeans is $40,evaluate the expression to find the sale price. s=p-0.25 p;$30 s=p-25:$15*** s=p-0.25p;$10 s=p-0.25;$39.75
  15. Difficult math 2

    At the market, 0.2 of the pieces of fruit are peaches, 0.25 is apples, 0.05 is lemons, 0.1 is cherries, 0.2 is grapes, and 0.15 is plums. There are also 8 pineapples and 4 mangos. How many peaches are for sale at the market? How many apples? Lemons? Plums?
  16. Maths Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello I'm in grade 9 and i still get confused with the expressions and how to make then in maths although i'm queit very bright ! Any tips on this please thanx Practice. We learn by experience. You may want to buy an extra workbook at the bookstore, which
  17. check please

    hi ms. sue i was wondering if you had email that i can have to email you if i need help because i need help with accounting with some type of graph but it wont fit here is there anyway you could help me through your email or i can send it to your email and
  18. Science - Maps and Computers - Please Check

    Please help me with the following: A single ocean color satellite can collect how many data points? A. 2,000 B. 2,000,000 C. 20,000 D. 2,000,000,000 I know the answer is not D, because I got it wrong. I think the answer is mostly A, but I also think it is
  19. college algebra, Please help!!

    which of the following best describes how the graph of f can be obtained from the graph of y=1/x^2? f(x)=14/x^2 choose the correct answer a.vertical stretch by a factor of -4 b. reflection over the y-axis, vertical shrink by a factor of 4 c. reflection
  20. H.W in Partial economy

    Bundle** Oranges/Week ** Total Utility A 0 50 B 1 80 C 2 100 D 3 115 E 4 125 F 5 133 G 6 139 H 7 144 I 8 146 J 9 147 K 10 147 L 11 147 M 12 147 N 20 147 From the above table draw TU curve and MU curve find MU when using the fourth oranges, then derive the
  21. chemistry

    How many calories must be supplied to 59 g of ice at −6 C to melt it and raise the temperature of the water to 61 C? The specific heat of ice is 0.49 kcal/kg · K and of water is 1 kcal/kg · K; the heat of fusion of water is 79.7 kcal/kg, and its
  22. Math

    f(x)=1/2(x^2-2x+15) I did the quadratic formula and my answer is 2 plus or minus i square root 8/2. Could someone check my answer please
  23. AP calculus

    ∫[0,x^(3),(t)/√(1+t^(3)),] Find the derivative of the integral. A. (3(x^3))/((1+(x^9))^0.5) B. (x^3)/((1+x^9)^0.5) C. (3x^3)/((1+x^3)^0.5) D. (5x^3)/((1+x^6)^0.5) E. (3x^5)/((1+x^3)^0.5) I think the answer is A. Can you check my answer please?
  24. Pre-Calc

    Can someone check this? Thanks! :) Which pair(s) of functions are inverses? There may be more than one correct answer. a.) f(x) = x - 12, g(x) = x + 12 b.) f(x) = 3x, g(x) = 1/3x c.) f(x) = 4x, g(x) = -4x d.) f(x) = 2x + 1, g(x) = 2x - 1 My answer: A & C
  25. pre algebra answer check

    Use a proportion to answer the question. 21 is 4% of what number? 21.875???
  26. Math- Please check my answer!

    Is the fraction 6/8 greater than or less than or equal to 8/10? My answer: 6/8=8/10 Please tell me if i'm correct or not!!! Thank you in advance!
  27. Math answer check

    Determine the type of number that the solutions of x^2 +5x+3=0 will be I have the answer as rational is that right?
  28. Science

    Can someone check my answer? ____ is anything that has mass and volume. My answer: matter. Is that correct?
  29. Math116

    (17)( -7)=119 simply your answer.Type an integeror a decimal.) check this answer see if this right.
  30. Algebra: Check Answer

    What are the solutions of the equation: x^2 + 14x = -130 ? a) 2, -16 b) 10, -13 c) -2, 16 d) no solution (~~ MY ANSWER d. ~~)
  31. math check answer

    Solve by elimination method 3x - 6y =4 3x - 6y =5 is the answer x=9 and I think it is inconsistant and not consistant
  32. grammar

    Identifying antecedents. 1a. The antecedent in the following sentence is Doctors: Doctors should schedule more time for patients so they do not spend so much time in the waiting room. 1b. The antecedent in the following sentence is patients: Doctors should
  33. calculus

    I am trying to find equation of the tangent line to the curve 2/(1-3x) at x=0 using the definition. I applied it into the formula lim h->0 [f(a+h) - f(a)]/h which gave me [2/(1-3x+h) - 2/(1-3x)]/h I took the conjugate and came with [4/(1-3x+h)^2 -
  34. math-algebra please help

    The line y=0.15x+0.79 represents an estimate of the average cost of gasoline each year. The line 0.11x-y=-0.85 estimates the price of gasoline in January of each year (“Consumer price index,” 2006). a. Do you expect the lines to be intersecting,
  35. algebra

    selling prices of homes can depend on several factors such as size and age the table shows the selling price these data may be modeled by the equation P=a+ba+cs Price (P) Age (A) Size(S) 190 20 2 320 5 3 50 40 1 (a) write system of linear equations whose
  36. chemistry- can you check my answers?

    can you please check my answers?? 9. For the following reaction delta H=2816 kj. 6 CO2(g) + 6 H2O(l) -> C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) how is the equilibrium yeild of C6H12O6(s)affected by each of the following? a) increasing pressure of CO2 increase decrease no
  37. Understanding Paragraphs

    Read each of the following paragraph and underline the topic sentence. Many people assume that the law is based on the consent of citizens, that is treats citizens equally, and that it serves the best interest of society. If we simply read the U.S
  38. Social Studies/American Government

    Could you check my answers by the way they have to do with the Missouri State Missouri State Constitution. Missouri State Constitution. 1. What is the Preamble? Answer: The Preamble is the first paragraph of the Constitution, and it states why the
  39. economics

    There are two goods 1 and 2. Denote by (x1; x2) the consumption bundle consisting of x1 units of good 1 and x2 units of good 2. A consumer has preferences that described by the linear utility function: u(x1; x2) = x1 + 2x2: 1. Write down the equation for
  40. Microeconomics

    What keeps oligopolies from becoming a monopoly? Why don't the firms join to dominate the market? I know what oligopolies means: There are three conditions in a oligolopolistic market place. There has only a few large dominant firms. Market has high
  41. Math

    Ryan Miller wanted to make some money at a flea market. He purchased 55 small orchids from a nursery for a total of $233.75, three bags of potting soil for $2.75 each, and 55 ceramic pots at $4.60 each. After planting the orchids in the pots, Ryan sold
  42. economic

    Draw a production possibilities curve for a hypothetical economy producing capital good and consumer goods. Suppose a major technological breakthrough occurs I the capital goods industry and the new technology is widely adopted only in this industry. Draw
  43. Pre-calculus-check answers

    If f(x)=4x^2 and g(x)=2/x, find [g x f](x). Answer: -1/2x^2 2) Are f(x)=1/2x+5 and g(x)=2x-5 inverses of each other? Answer: no
  44. Math

    Check my answer? As estimate for square root 47 is between _____________ 1: 4 and 5 2: 5 and 6 3: 6 and 7 4: 7 and 8 Is the answer 6 and 7?
  45. Algebra

    Could someone help me check my answer? Thanks. -Write each quotient as a complex number. 1. 3i/-2+i (Is the answer for this one = 3/5-6i/5)
  46. AP Chemistry

    What is ksp for lithium carbonate? I got an answer of 2.40 x 10^-4 but i need to check that answer with somebody who can work this out
  47. 6G Math (pls check my answer)

    Solve the inequality. y+3<6 My answer: y+3<6 y+3-3<6-3 y<3 Am I correct?
  48. math

    what is the answer to this question? I just want to double check my answer that I wrote on a test? (3a)^1/2 x (3a)^-1/2
  49. math

    9. solve |4x + 3| = 9 + 2x and check for extraneous solutions. the first answer I got was: |4x +3| = 9 + 2x |4x| = 6 + 2x 2x = 6 x = 3 can someone help me find the other answer? thank you!
  50. Math

    How many factors do the number 8 and 9 have in common? I got, 8:1,2,4,8 9:1,3,9 My answer: 1 Can you please check my answer to see if I got it correct?
  51. Math Check

    Can you please see if you got the same answer as I did? Thank you. 3/x + 2/x-4 3x-12=2x subtract 3x from both sides you get -12=-1x divide by -1 final answer is 12.
  52. MAT201-Basic Statistics

    A dealership sold 15 cars last month. The purchase price of the cars, rounded to the nearest thousand, is represented in the table Purchase Price/# of cars sold $15,000 3 $20,000 4 $23,000 5 $25,000 2 $45,000 1 A.Find the mean and median B. Which measures
  53. business law

    You are the chief executive officer of Money Games Inc.(MGI), which has begun to market Borrow & Spend, a video game set in the world of finance. To buy ads, MGI borrows $50,000 from First Savings Bank. On MGI's behalf, you sign a note for the loan and
  54. Math Bar graphs

    Which would be the best way to display the data—a bar graph, a histogram, or a line graph? I think a bar graph because it is more accurate. please help and tell me why you chose the one you chose.
  55. Economics

    How does increasing or decreasing the quantity of capital goods produced this period affect next period's production possibilities curve and why? The only thing I can think of is that if more products are produced this period, less can be produced next
  56. Economics

    How does increasing or decreasing the quantity of capital goods produced this period affect next period's production possibilities curve and why? The only thing I can think of is that if more products are produced this period, less can be produced next
  57. Business 101

    1. Carmen Santiago works for a number of businesses as a “consultant.” She has helped design accounting systems, provided accounting services, and analyzed the financial strength of her clients’ businesses. Carmen is working as a A. public
  58. math

    Highway engineers often use quadratic functions to model safe distance for cars. For example, f(x)= 1/2 x^2 + 4/5x is sometimes used to model the stopping distance for a car traveling at X miles per hour on dry, level pavement. If a driver can see only 200
  59. economics

    In an article about the financial problems of USE Today, Newsweek reported that the paper was losing about $20 million a year. A Wall Street analyst said that the paper should raise its price from 50 cents to 75 cents, which he estimated would bring in an
  60. Calc

    The slope of a curve at each point (x,y) is given by 4x - 1. Which of the following is an equation for this curve if it passes through the point (-2,3)? A) y=4x²-x-15 B) y=x²-4x-9 C) y=2x²-x-7 D) y=2x²-x E) y=2x²-x+7
  61. Check my answer? Math(:

    Solve for x. 4(12)4x=1000 Enter your answer to the nearest hundredth in the box. x ≈ 1.9
  62. Math

    Write each equation in standard form. 1.y-3=-2.4(x-5) -The answer I got was 2.4x + y = 15. Could someone please check my answer and tell me how to solve it if it wrong? Thanks
  63. math

    PLEASE HELP Could someone check my answer? I need to figure out the equation of the circle given the center of (-9,0) and radius of 7. (x-(-9))^2 + (y-0)^2 = 7^2 answer(x+9)^2 + y^2 = 49 is this correct?
  64. math

    Could someone check my answer? I need to figure out the equation of the circle given the center of (-9,0) and radius of 7. (x-(-9))^2 + (y-0)^2 = 7^2 answer(x+9)^2 + (y-0)^2 = 49 is this correct?
  65. Calculus

    What is the limit (as u--->2) of square root(4u+1)-3/u-2. I got 1 as an answer, but I want to check if that's right. I heard it could be something else so I'm unsure and doubtful of my answer.
  66. Math- Graphing (check answer)

    Determine which ordered pair is a solution of y= -5x + 10. A. (-15,5) B. (2,0) C. (-1, -5) D. (3, 25) My answer is A. Am I correct?
  67. Algebra

    Check my answer- Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. Y=x^2+2x Y=3x+20 My answer: X^2+2x+3x+20 X^2-x-20 (x-5),(x+4)=0 x=5, x=-4 y=35, y=8 Thank you!
  68. math

    I've worked these problems but I was just wondering if someone could check over them to see if they're correct...if not please help! (u-2)(u+7) my answer: 7u^2-49u (5t-4)^2 my answer: 25t^2-40+16 Thank you :)
  69. algebra 2, check my answer plzzzzzz

    What is the inverse of f(x)=5x3 ? Enter your answer in the box. f−1(x) = 3sqrt25x/5
  70. Algebra check

    Convert to exponential equations. 12.) m=log3 9 I have the answer as 3^m =9 13.) log2 64=6 I have the answer as 2^6 =64 Are these answers right?
  71. Math

    what is 10 thirds in standard form? A.10 B.100 (my answer) C.1,000 D.1,0000 Please check my answer!!
  72. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    Find the percent of markup. Round to the nearest whole percent. 6. Store's Cost: $136.50 Selling Price: $184.70 (1 point) 48% 26% 14% 35%6. Store's Cost: $136.50 Selling Price: $184.70 (1 point) 48% 26% 14% 35% So you previously said 48% wasn't
  73. math

    went to market with a whole crop of pumpkins which I had grown in my pumpkin patch. I sold half of them plus half a pumpkin, and found that I had one whole pumpkin left. How many pumpkins did I take to the market?
  74. BioChem

    I have a hard time with this question. Please help. One way to determine the concentration of protein in a solution is to perform a "protein assay". There are several assay kits on the market that one can use, but they all rely on the common paradigm that
  75. Chemistry - check answers

    1) Which of the following sets is arranged according to increasing base strength? A) F-, OH-, Cl- B) F-, Cl-, OH- C) OH-, F-, Cl- D) OH-, Cl-, F- E) Cl-, F-, OH- (my answer) 2) What is the pH of a solution formed by adding 4.3 x 10^-5 moles of KOH in 1 L
  76. math

    What to Do: Consider the following, and then do the calculations to solve (formulas and concept explanations in the book). Your business provides a service to local residents. Your fixed costs are $2,000 per month, and you expect 40 customers per month.
  77. Economics (inflation)

    Hello! Could someone please check my answers for the first 2 problems and help me out with the 3rd? Thanks! 1. If the CPI in 1863 was 9 and the CPI in 2000 was 171.9, how much has inflation increased (%) since 1863? I used the inflation rate equation and

    What is the phase constant (from 0 to 2π rad) for the harmonic oscillator with the velocity function v(t) given in Fig. 15-30 if the position function x(t) has the form x = xmcos(ωt + φ)? The vertical axis scale is set by vs = 5.50 cm/s.
  79. social studies

    1. Which of the following helped to increase the populations of northeastern cities? (1 point) more diversity successful cotton crops growth of factories and trade building of the Erie Canal 2. A boundary was set between Canada and the United States as a
  80. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following helped to increase the populations of northeastern cities? (1 point) more diversity successful cotton crops growth of factories and trade building of the Erie Canal 2. A boundary was set between Canada and the United States as a
  81. Calculus

    find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of the function f through the point (xsub0, ysub0) not on the graph. TO find the point of tangency (x,y) on the graph of f, solve the equation ....
  82. Math

    8. The graph below was drawn with the output on the vertical axis and input on the horizontal axis. What does this graph indicate about the relationship between the input and the output? (1 point) (Can't display graph) Please help I do not understand how
  83. microeconomics

    i have to write a paper for a final and need some help with ideas for what I am writing about.. here is the question.... the competitive market system provides highly efficient mechanisms for the allocation of scarce resources to consumers. Using the
  84. Algebra 1

    Task 2 In Task 1 you determined how much of your own money you’re willing to spend to get your business started. This is your limit—when making your product you can’t exceed this amount. a. Write an inequality that represents the fact that while
  85. stats business

    The manager of Fresh Foods, a grocery store in Utah, is considering expanding store hours from the present 7 A.M. to 11 P.M schedule to a 24-hour shopping. Based on information from Information Resources, Inc., a national market research firm, the
  86. Introduction To Business

    Hi, could someone help me please with the following questions? Thanks 1. Carmen Santiago works for a number of businesses as a “consultant.” She has helped design accounting systems, provided accounting services, and analyzed the financial strength of
  87. math work did i do right

    Interpreting Graphs and Intercepts Introduction: Graphs are created so that we can quickly derive meaningful information from them. They provide a visual representation of the data and, therefore, an understanding of the scenario. Interpreting graphs,
  88. Canadian Law

    I was asked the question, what are some principles of law that can be used in everyday life? I got the following: don't judge a book by it's cover innocent till proven guilty I can't think of anymore. Could someone help me please. I've tried google but it
  89. Math

    please check my answer thanks :) How much money must be deposited now, at 6% interest compounded semiannually to yield an annuity payment of $4,000 at tha beginning of each six-month period,for a total of five years? Round your answer to the nearest cent.
  90. Math

    A 6-pack of 4oz containers of yogaurt costs 2.99. what is the unit price in cents per ounce? Round to the nearest hundredths of a cent. First I would take 6 x 4 = 24 oz. Then I would divide 2.99/24 and get an answer of .1245833. Would my answer be 12
  91. comparing words

    what is the exact connection between, "flout" and "law" Please look up these words in a dictionary. Then tell us what you think the connection is. We'll be glad to comment then. flout means to mock and law is the rule i think the connection is...umm is it
  92. accounting

    On December 31, 2013, University Theatres issued $500,000 face value of bonds. The stated rate is 8%, and interest is paid semiannually on June 30 and December 31. The bonds mature in 15 years. If required, round your answers to the nearest whole dollar.
  93. Physics

    A monoatomic gas expands isobarically.What will be the percentage of heat supplied that increases the thermal energy and that involved in doing work for expansion?
  94. Health

    Essential nutrient? a) are made by the body b) only can be supplied adequately with dietary supplements c) must be obtained through diet d) consist of over 75 different types of nutrients
  95. Health

    Essential nutrient? a) are made by the body b) only can be supplied adequately with dietary supplements c) must be obtained through diet d) consist of over 75 different types of nutrients
  96. chemistry

    I am giving a titration curve of a weak base and strong acid. The pH on the y scale is from 0-14 and the volume of titrant in mL is from 0-34. It looks like the equivalene point is around 22? The question is: "The above titration curve was obtained when a
  97. algebra

    Solve for s in this equation. Depreciation. D=C-s/n This is my answer D-C=C-s/n-c D-C=-s/n -n(D-C)=-s/n*(-n) -nD+nC=s s=n(C-D) Please chack to see if this is correct Looks fine to me. A slightly shorter (by 2 lines) rearragement is: D=C-s/n D+s/n=C s/n=C-D
  98. math, correction

    Write the equation of the line with given slope and y-intercept. Then graph each line using the slope and y-intercept. Problem #1: Slope: -2; y-intercept: (0,4) my answer: The points I used to graph were: (0, 4) and (2, 0), the equation is: Y= -2x + 4
  99. Chemistry

    A voltaic cell designed to measure [Cu2+]is constructed of a standard hydrogen electrode and a copper metal electrode in the Cu2+ solution of interest. 1. If you wanted to construct a calibration curve for how the cell potential varies with the
  100. English

    Is the following sentence grammatically correct, or do I need to make it into two sentences? Thanks. I think that explains a lot, don't you? Also, will you please check my grammar on these two items? I think he enjoyed the fact that his prank had a two for