Could anyoneplease help me about this short answer for college application? I think I wrote a very bad paragraph, I have nothing to say about these two skills, is any one give me some ideas about how to expend my

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  1. math

    the stem-and-leaf plot shows the height, in inches, of the players on two different basketball teams. How many players on each team are less than 70 inches tall? Heights of Players In inches Austin College Barton College Leaf Stem Leaf 6 7 8 8 9 6 4 6 8 1

  2. Engineering Statistics

    "A study has shown that 20% of all college textbooks have a price of $90 or higher. It is known that the standard deviation of the prices of all college textbooks is $9.50. Suppose the prices of all college textbooks have a normal distribution. What is the

  3. theoretical probability

    Each student in a class of 25 students wrote down a random digit. What is the predicted number of students who wrote a digit that is greater than 7? The answer is 5... How did they get 5? THANK YOU!!

  4. Comp

    Which of the following is a simple sentence that correctly includes the phrase “college acceptance letter” A the college acceptance letter and Jason B Jamal was excited to get the college acceptance letter C many times, the college acceptance letter D

  5. EdTech

    1.what contributes to your passive digital footprint? A)entering your address into a website to sign up for a contest B) cookies that track your online habits**** C) uploading a profile picture to a social media site D) posting information on your personal

  6. Alg2

    For a college application, Macawi must select one of five topics on which to write a short essay. She must also select a different topic from the list for a longer essay. How many ways can she choose the topics for the two essays?

  7. math

    Before they graduate from Great Lakes High School, all 12th-grade students fill out a survey about their future college plans. Are you attending an in-state college after high school graduation? Will you begin college during the summer semester? The same

  8. English 11

    Which of the following authors wrote in the same genre? (2 points) Anne Bradstreet William Bradford Olaudah Equiano Thomas Jefferson I think its Equiano and Bradford, but I'm not sure. Because Equiano wrote about the slave trade. Bradstreet wrote poetry.

  9. math(algebra)

    A small college opened in 1999. In the linear model below, x represents the number of years after 1999, and y represents the student population. Interpret the slope. y = 576 + 173x Answer choices are::: A: An additional year of the college being open is

  10. english

    Elaine is applying to work as a summer assistant at her local newspaper. She is writing a cover letter as part of the application. Read the sentence she wrote for the opening paragraph. Having taken composition classes in my freshman year, the newspaper is

  11. english

    Write an application letter in answer to the below. You may make up details but do not copy directly form sample letters in the study unit or any other source. Your letter should sound professional, but should also reflect something of your own

  12. Math

    The combined math and verbal scores for students taking a national standardized examination for college admission, is normally distributed with a mean of 620 and a standard deviation of 220. If a college requires a student to be in the top 10 % of students

  13. Civics

    Please help i don’t know the answer Explain the purpose and function of the Electoral College. How are it’s members chosen? How does the Electoral College reflect the will of the people?

  14. STATS

    The probability of a manufacturing defect in an aluminum beverage can is .00003. If 100,100 cans are produced, (a) Find the approximate probability of at least two defective cans. (Round your answer to 4 decimal places.) (b) Find the approximate

  15. Business Comunication

    A job application letter is different from a resume in that: presents a job candidate's qualification. uses short,parallel phrases and sentence fragments. is adapted to a position rather than to the needs of a particular organization.

  16. college algebra

    find a real-life application of a quadratic function. State the application, give the equation of the quadratic function, and state what the x and y in the application represent. Choose at least two values of x to input into your function and find the

  17. biology/science

    Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes for human needs or purposes. Currently, this topic includes such general examples as cloning, stem cells (adult, umbilical cord, and embryonic), DNA fingerprinting, biological warfare,

  18. Language arts

    1. Which of these likely influenced Eloise Greenfield most when she wrote “Langston Terrace”? A. Eloise Greenfield’s family struggled financially. B. Eloise Greenfield was female. C. Eloise Greenfield achieved great success.* D. Eloise Greenfield had

  19. math

    Wells College in Aurora, New York was previously an all-girls college. In 2005, the college began to allow boys to enroll. By 2012, the ratio of boys to girls was 3 to 7. If there were 200 more girls than boys in 2012, how many boys were enrolled that


    can you help with these: for each inequality tell whether the number after symbol ; is a solution. x -3 ; 3 i said yes k ¡Ý 5 ; 0 i said no 3z ¡Ü 12 ; 4 i said yes n - 5 >3 ; 6 i said no 2g + 8 ¡Ý 3 ; -1 i said yes also i need to write real word

  21. English

    I have to write a letter of intent to a college stating why I am a good fit for their journalism program. In the rough draft, I wrote this sentence: "I follow current events on a casual, weekly basis." How can I sound a little more dedicated to my approach

  22. Compare two college essays, everyone please come!!

    I come back... and bring an new college application essay, please help me to revise the new one(the first one), and more important... to compare which one is better for my college application. If you are not good at writing, it doesn't matter, just tell me

  23. :(

    I wrote a 1 paragraph answer for one of my short answer questions and when I put it into grammarly, it says that there is significant plagiarism!! BUt I didnt plagiarize!! Now I am scared to turn it in. HELP

  24. business

    A job application letter is different from a resume in that: presents a job candidate's qualification. uses short,parallel phrases and sentence fragments. is adapted to a position rather than to the needs of a particular organization.

  25. English

    In the blank space next to the sentence, type the letter F if the item is a sentence fragment and the letter S if the item is a complete sentence. A:The most important preparation for college admission....F B:Begins long before you fill out the

  26. GSU

    I have to fill out the college application for Georgia State University, and I'm really getting late on that. can someone give me the link to it please. or tell me where to find it on their site i don't think i saw it on their website

  27. Math

    The probability that a student at a certain college is male is 0.498 . The probability that a student at that college has a job off campus is 0.712. The probability that a student at the college is male and has a job off campus is 0.315. Find the following

  28. technology

    how would you develop a hypotheses for: Is technology changing the way humans correspond? or behave with one another? A hypothesis is what we think may be the answer to a question. Usually it is a short sentence. Therefore, think about the answer and state

  29. English

    I'm writing a (mock) college application essay for English. It's about what I learned from a bad experienced and the impact it had in the future. If the entire essay is supposed to be around 500 words, it is appropriate to have a paragraph describing the

  30. introduction of computer

    Your mom is trying to save room on her hard drive and wants to uninstall some of her applications. She asks you how to do this. What do you tell her? Question 2 options: a) Find the application folder in Windows Explore and select Uninstall from the

  31. English

    Check my answer? Is the Doll's house by Katherine Mansfield considered a modern short story or a traditional short story? I think it is considered a modern short story because it uses dramatic irony, and and is concerned with character development and

  32. Statistics

    What percentage of college students are attending a college in the state where they grew up? Let p be the proportion of college students from the same state as that in which the college resides. If no preliminary study is made to estimate p, how large a

  33. Math

    Antione and Zachary each wrote an expression to represent the problem "sixteen more than a number divided by four" Antoine wrote the expression 16 + n ÷ 4. Zach wrote the expression (16 + n) ÷ 4. Tell which student id correct

  34. Statistics

    How do you find the p-value??? Thanks! In the past, 35% of the students at ABC University were in the Business College, 35% of the students were in the Liberal Arts College, and 30% of the students were in the Education College. To see whether or not the

  35. English

    Which sentence uses the word application as it appears here? Greenfield’s family filled out an application to live in Langston Terrace. A. We had to find the right type of paint for this application. B. The application of sunscreen is important for most

  36. Texas Colleges

    I would like to apply for scholarships. Is the site which was recently posted regarding college for all texans an online application site or did I misunderstand? I looked into it but could not find an application link.

  37. Alg2

    A video store has 8 new releases this week. Each is available on videotape and on DVD. How many ways can a customer choose a new release and a format to rent? answer here How many ways can six different books be arranged on a shelf if one of the books is a

  38. English

    My teacher asked us to write a poem in the style of Langston Hughes' poem Theme for English B, and I don't see a style. I reread several of Hughes' poems. He used short lines and short words. Some had rhyme schemes, but many did not. He also wrote about

  39. College Essay

    Is any one can help me to revise my college application? Thank you. Question: Please describe which of these activities ( extracurricular or personal activities or work experience) has had the most meaning for you, and why. I was used to be a President of

  40. English

    1. I'll look over your application and call you in a few days. 2. I'll look thoroughly your application and call you in a few days. (Is 'look thoroughly' the opposite of 'look over'?) 3. I will look closely at your application. 4. I will take a close look

  41. Business Managment

    Which of the following statements most effectively applies you-attitude? A."We began processing your application today." B."Your application is now being processed." C."We will have your application processed by next Thursday." D."Your application will be

  42. biology

    Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes for human needs or purposes. Currently, this topic includes such general examples as cloning, stem cells (adult, umbilical cord, and embryonic), DNA fingerprinting, biological warfare,

  43. English

    I am currently attending college but I recalled a couple days ago of my provincial English exam that I took in gr 12. I had wrote a beautiful story in the essay and I really wanted it back but I don't know if that is possible since we only got our percent

  44. Algebra 2

    Dana invests $8,000 into her son college fund when he is born. The college fund earns 3% interest and is compounded daily. What will the value of his account be if he takes the money out at 18 to go to college? Please write answer rounding to 2 decimal

  45. Biology

    I am a little confuse can someone help me with these questions. Or if you can give me a link to a website where I can locate the information. I would appreciate. Thanks in advance...........Biotechnology allows us to use living organisms or their processes

  46. computers

    I need some help with creating a simple, but automatic site status (uptime/downtime) monitor script in ColdFusion. Basically I would like the script to check if an application on my site is accessible or not every 60 minutes. If the application is down at

  47. mathematics (probability)

    For each working day, in a local bank, there will be n people applying for personal loan. The probability that the person’s application is successful is p. Given that the mean number of successful application is 27 and the variance is 2.7. (i) Calculate

  48. English expression

    1. Paying attention to punctation marks, write the following sentences in short words. 2. After you read the following passage, mark appropriate punctuation marks. After that write them again. 3. After you read the following passage, using short words,

  49. Math

    i go to college and it take 40 to 45 gallon every monthto go to college, some time cost of the gallon varies 2.96 to 3.61 /gallon . what would be my weakly cost to drive college. please answer . i come up with 21 dolor.Am i right or miss some thing .

  50. english

    how about this for starters? The shift from being a high school student to a college student can be both pleasurable and discomforting at the same time for the simple fact that college is nothing like high school. In college there are no “boundaries”,

  51. college writing

    ok. so i found out that there is also an artistic scholarship program in the private college that i applied to. ONe of the helpers told me that if I send in a written portfolio, one of my best works, to the counselor, then they will decide if I can qualify

  52. Math

    I need need help with this math problem. I need to know do I start from left to right with the parentheses or brackets first. (15-5)/[(12/2*2)-2] Brackets first Work from the outside in. When you wrote 12/2*2, it is not clear whether you mean 12/(2*2) or

  53. english

    Choose an essay or a short story to read. Then answer the following questions in the space provided. 10.What is the title of the story essay? 11.Who wrote it? 12.Whom is the story about? (Identify the main characters [or, if an essay, the subject

  54. aLgEbrA variable & expression

    i need to define a variable and write an algebraic expression for each phraase. 1) two points few than 3 times the number of points scored yesterday. i wrote: 3p-2 = 2) one metere more than 6 times your height in meters i wrote: 1 + 6h 3) seven pages fewer

  55. statistics

    At a small college it is known from previous years that 35% of all college freshman start in college algebra. The new freshman class has 100 students in it, What is the probability that between 35 and 42 freshman will start in college algebra? Is it

  56. Mathematics

    Two ladders are leaning against a wall at the same angle, as shown. How long is the short ladder? (two ladders, one is 60 and 50, and the other short ladder says 20). Can you check my answer plz? 24 ft 40 ft 30 ft 20 ft My answer is 24 am I correct?

  57. misc.

    if something says your pursuing a college degree does that mean your in college are are planning in the future to go to college?

  58. Math

    A community college has 3,000 students and 90 instructors. The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year. How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same student to instructor ratio?

  59. College

    My dream is to go to Harvard University. When I grow up I want to become an artist, & creative writer (like writing stories & stuff. Here are some questions I would like to ask you guys. Please answer these questions please I know I'm too young (age 12,

  60. Question about college application

    I had submitted a college application essay three days ago, but after I submitted it, I felt so uncomfortable with that one, because the essay was so bad, but I had to do that, it was the last day for priority application. Since I could not change anything

  61. Resume

    Is the commment placement correct in the first part of my resume? OBJECTIVE To attend an excellent college or university that will provide a challenging course of study in world cultures and languages, with a study abroad program to enrich my knowledge of

  62. College Application

    I am filling out a college application to a university in ohio that has a few thousand students enrolled. On the application there is a page for optional information like family, ethnicity, gender, etc. There is also an optional essay where you choose a

  63. Short answer for college application

    Could anyoneplease help me about this short answer for college application? I think I wrote a very bad paragraph, I have nothing to say about these two skills, is any one give me some ideas about how to expend my ideas, and help my writing, too. Thank you

  64. Science

    I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP SO 1.I need to do an essay asking you (me)to explain what is the difference between erosion,transport,and deposition?... 2.another essay asking me to explain you (me) to explain the destructive and positive effects of a volcanic

  65. College - Unweighted GPA

    On my college application, am I supposed to give my GPA for my senior year only or my total GPA? On my college application: What was your unweighted high school GPA (grade point average)? Please enter a value between 0.00 and 4.00. If you are still in high

  66. eng

    How do i write an application for a day's leave from school? I would use a memo format -- -- and make the text of the memo short and to the point. "I am requesting leave on Tuesday, February 27, 2007,

  67. Humanities

    Why is the Nice France Attack matters to you right now? *I already wrote a short paragraph but I need one more short paragraph to make it two. Can someone help me. Thanks a lot.

  68. College

    Im want to fill an application for Prince Geroges Community College online. what is the link?

  69. math short response

    i need to write a short response: a number is divided by 2, then is subtracted from the result. what operations are needed to return to the original number? i wrote division and subtraction n/2 - N = ? im not sure how to answer this can you help[

  70. Essay writing

    how do u go about writing essays that are questions like "why do u want to go to this college" or "why did you decide to major in this" or "what is the reason for you application/clariy your interest in this event" help please!!! Thank you!

  71. Devry

    1. You are part of a team given the task of designing an application to determine a students letter grade for a short course. The application will process a quiz, a project, a midterm exam and a final exam to determine the total score. The result of

  72. English

    Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy for short-answer questions? 1.If you don’t know the exact answer, don’t write anything. 2.(If you don’t know the exact answer, write down whatever you do know.) 3.Make your answer as short as

  73. IT

    What steps would you take in diagnosing an application that has been changed from its original state? How does this affect the level of support required to facilitate Microsoft® Access® users? I need this for my college paper. Thanks

  74. Question

    In college application when they ask Rigor of secondary school record do they means what I did in middle school???

  75. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? He wrote a book. It is short. Many people like it. Mostly the ending. is it d pls help

  76. auditing

    I have been asked "Determining whether amounts are in conformity with GAAP addresses the proper measurements of assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses which includes all of the following except: a. the reasonableness of management's accounting

  77. persuasive essay!!

    Is it better to go to college and be successful or open your own business without a college degree? Need help writing thesis. What are some benefits of going to college rather than not going to college and opening your own business


    Please help and let me know if I did something wrong. If a cart is released from rest at a 10 meter incline and takes 28 seconds to travel down this incline. 1. Calculate the average speed of the cart? I wrote s=ad/at=10m/28 sec = 357 m/s 2. calculate the

  79. Writing - application essay

    I am writing an application essay to try and get accepted into Haywood Early College. I am writing four paragraphs and I already have 2 paragraph topics. I guess what I am trying to ask is could I possibly get help with 2 more topics?

  80. english essay help

    hi,in my english class, we had to read an article about a girl who attended stanford. she went for an interview and had trouble filling out the forms. she thinks that colleges don't offer classes that help kids in real life situations. for example, she

  81. Statistics

    The president of a bank selected a sample of 1500 applications to check if the approval or rejection of an application depends on which one of the two loan officers handles the application. The information obtained from the sample is summarized in the

  82. English

    For my English class, I had to write an essay comparing two short stories. I wrote it but I am not at all confident with the quality of it. Can I post it here to have it proofread? It's 3 pages double-spaced.

  83. English

    What other types of writing is similar to the autobiographical essay email sent to a friend that tells her about an event in your life 2.a book report you wrote for school 3.a postcard sent to your family while you are traveling. 4. A multiple choice

  84. visual basic net

    Formula F=1.8 * C + 32 Create an application that displays a table of the Celsius temperature 0 through 20 and their fahrenheit equivalents. The application should use a loop to display the temperatures in a list box.

  85. math

    can someone check my answers approximately 4 out of 10 students at sonia's college lives on campaus. the college has 3,000 students . how many live on campus? 1,200 multiply (4)(-3/2)= -6 solve for the unknown 2/3=1.8 10 r answer 12

  86. Math Essay

    Can some one please do the essay or give me a website that writes custom essays Introduction Over the last thirty years, tuition at public 4-year colleges has increased by about 50%, and tuition at private 4-year colleges has increased by a whopping 110%!

  87. civics

    1)What are the current flaws in the Electoral College system? 2) What changes would you make in the system? 3)Would you make these changes? Why? How? 1)There are several flaws in the Electoral College system. Among these, is the Winner Take All system.

  88. Statistics

    How is the statistical application of Pearson r used for hypothesis testing. Through application of the Spearman Correlation what type of data is the Pearson formula used for.

  89. Algebra check+help?

    What percent of 225 is 99? So then I wrote out 225 Over X and then I wrote = To 99/100? Is that what you would do? Because if you add up all percents, you should always get 100? Could someone correct me and help me get the right answer? THANK YOU! -Allyson

  90. essay

    what are some good topic to do a personal statment on for an college application?

  91. SCAD

    It would also be very helpful if I could get the application link for Savannah College of Art and Design thanks again

  92. business

    A job application letter is different from a resume in that: presents a job candidate's qualification. uses short,parallel phrases and sentence fragments. is adapted to a position rather than to the needs of a particular organization.

  93. Business English

    Which of the following statements most effectively applies you-attitude? "We began processing your application today." "Your application is now being processed." "We will have your application processed by next Thursday." "Your application will be

  94. essay

    can someone critique my short college admission essay and if so how do I submit it

  95. final exam

    a study shown that 20% of all college textbooks cost at least $ is known that the standard deviation of the prices of all college textbook is $9.50.assuming that prices of all college textbooks follow a normal distribution, find the mean price of all

  96. Art for Bob & Mitchell

    Since we have received no answer from the e-mails to Dawn Dupree, I also sent requests to Goldsmith College, where she is a lecturer, The London Printworks Trust, where she also lectures and to the Southwark College of Art, where she has exhibited. Let's

  97. Computer Viruses

    A virus that infects an application program is known as a _________. a) boot sector virus b) macro virus c) Trojan horse d) file virus From what I understand, both macro viruses and file viruses affect application programs such as Word and Excel. So which

  98. Spanish

    Hi there, I need to answer a few questions and I want to make sure I wrote them out correctly. Can you please check my answers? 1. if you were president, what would be your most important decision Si yo fuera presidente, me gustaría bajar los impuestos 2.

  99. stats

    This week we practice with Binomial Distribution. You can use Appendix Table E or Excel Function Binomdist. About 30% of adults in United States have college degree. (probability that person has college degree is p = 0.30). If N adults are randomly

  100. math

    describe an application for the use of ratios or portions. And describe how an application problem could be useful in daily life? Lok at the post directly below yours. I think it will serve as an example.


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