Connections Academy what is 3! simplified as a 2 b 5 c 3 d 6*** simplify 10p4 a 210 b 360 c 5,040*** d 151,200 simplify 15c3 a 182 b 455*** c 2,730 d 910 my answers 1-d 2-c 3-b

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  1. Connections Academy

    Sooo this isn't really a question about something in school or anything, but I was wondering, how many Connections Academy student really go on here ( Whether its to cheat or not [We don" cheat shame here] )

  2. Algebra

    1. Simplify the expression: 4√18+5√32 A.45√2 B.32√2 C.116√2 D.9√50 2. Simplify the expression: 7√5-3√80 A.-5√5 B.-4√75 C.-5 D.4√-75 3. Simplify the expression: √21(√3+√14) A.9√7-49√6 B.2√6+√35 C.3√7+7√6 D.√357

  3. Language arts

    which words signal the passage of time from connections academy 1.) Some 12 million people 2.) fled religious persecution 3.) through Ellis Island 4.) For 62 years

  4. Geometry

    Does anyone have the answers for connections academy geometry b unit 7 lesson 7 circles unit test?

  5. Math - geometry

    Does anyone have the answers to connections academy geometry b unit 3 sample work? With the triangles and the “how long is this side” question?

  6. Algebra

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? -3 6 15 24 Geoff planted dahlias in his garden... please help with Lesson 13 Functions Unit Test Algebra for Connections Academy!

  7. geometry

    find the values of angles X, Y, and Z. x=91; y= 51;z=31 x=89; y=91; z=0 x=60; y=120; z=31 please HELP!!! math 7 B unit 1 geometry test!!!! anyone from Connections Academy 7th grade please help me

  8. math

    I need all the answers to Mid Unit Review on Measurement Practice for connections academy please hurry timed for 30 minutes

  9. Comm Tech

    1.)what is an aup? A.)The abbreviation for the school administrator in an online education environment B.)A Document outlining what is acceptable behavior when using the internet for schoolwork*** C.)A policy outlining the proper formatting to use in

  10. Measurement Unit Test Unit 1 Lesson 13

    Can someone post the answer that goes to connections academy please?

  11. Math

    Connections Academy: Algebra 1A, Part 1 Practice Test. 1. Solve the equations using Addition or Subtraction. 4=q+13 A: q=4 B: q=17 C: q=-9 D: q=-2 (Please Help)

  12. science

    answers to the human body unit test connections academy 1) A 2) C 3) D 4) C 5) A 6) A 7) D 8) A 9) D 10) B 11) C 12) C 13) A 14) dermis 15) chemical 16) urine 17) epidemics 18) B 19) gas 20) ligament 21) lungs 22) minerals 23) synasp

  13. Math

    In the following figure , triangle abc and triangle DEF are similar. What is the value of x You would know if u go to connections Academy

  14. Math

    Does anyone have the answers to Unit 4 Lesson 10: Solving inequalities Unit Test for Connections Academy? My teacher told me they'll boost my grade up if I get it all right! There's 25 questions.

  15. Math Help Please ASAP Connections

    Write a ratio and a percent for the shaded area. a 6 x 6 grid with 12 shaded cells. a. 3/10, 27% b. 1/2, 50% c. 1/3, 33.33% d. 3/10, 30% Please help Lesson 11 Connections Academy Percents Unit Test im stuck

  16. mathematics

    I can't figure out for a question for math connections academy for number 16 page 542, I don't know how to solve The price of shoes decreases $21 over 7 days what do I need to do to solve can you help me

  17. math

    Connections Academy what is 3! simplified as a 2 b 5 c 3 d 6*** simplify 10p4 a 210 b 360 c 5,040*** d 151,200 simplify 15c3 a 182 b 455*** c 2,730 d 910 my answers 1-d 2-c 3-b

  18. mathematics

    - 2/5 x -1 1/4 - 2/5 x -1 1/4 1 2/5 x -3/4 - 7/8 x -1 3/7 Connections Academy Math 7 A Unit 4 Lesson 6

  19. Art

    Lesson: 8 Unit 4: Principles Of Design. Connections Academy 1. A 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. C

  20. Math

    What's the answers for lesson 5 unit 1 on the 2nd part for connections academy

  21. geometry

    did anyone take connections academy unit 2 test form a for 10th grade

  22. science

    connections academy science 7B unit 1 Lesson 14 test answers


    Which number is NOT in the solution set of x − 8 < 14? A) 17 B) 19 C) 21 D) 23 THIS IS FOR USA TEST PREP AND CONNECTIONS ACADEMY

  24. Biology

    Has anyone done the effect of cell size on material transport portfolio in Connections academy?

  25. ELA (6A)

    PLSSSS HELP ME!!! I am failing ELA and need help with Lesson 10 unit 6 New Beginnings (Connections Academy?) Please help!

  26. math

    Estimate the value of the square root of 43 to the nearest integer 1. 8 2. 6 3. 5 4. 7******* which one? am i right? oh and how goes to connections academy webmail me......

  27. math

    What are the answers to properties of exponents unit 3 lesson 6 for connections academy students

  28. Geometry circles test

    Can someone help me with the answers to connections academy circles unit test in geometry? I don't understand any of it.

  29. Connexus Art

    If any of you are in connections academy, and you know the answers to the Unit 4 Lesson 8 Principles in Review Art 6A, I would love the help

  30. Social Studies

    does anyone know the answers to Fedual Europe Unit Test Social Studies 6 grade Connections Academy

  31. music

    6th grade connections academy, did a portfolio in music called "do it yourself I need to do a relearn on it, can anyone give me examples of what I need to do?

  32. ELA

    I need help with the Connections Academy 6th grade The Cay chapter 5-7 quiz. NO THIS IS NOT CHEATING! I said I need help. With the short answers. Thanks! =)

  33. history

    can I get help with the connections academy unit 3 test please its on the American revolution and what happened after (links and stuff to get info)

  34. Math7a

    negative four and two sixths divided one and two thirds lesson 12: operations with fractions unit test connections academy grade 7

  35. social studies

    Does anyone know the answers to the Unit 4 Lesson 3 Ideas that Influenced the Constitution Quick check (Connections Academy, 8th grade). I cannot figure it out.

  36. math

    Why is it important to simplify radical expressions before adding or subtracting? How is adding radical expressions similar to and different from adding polynomial expressions? Provide a radical expression for your classmates to simplify. In your own

  37. English

    1. I go to academy for my English. 2. I go to an academy to learn English. 3. I go to an English academy after school. 4. I go to English academy to learn English. 5. I go to a private institute to learn three subjects such as English, math and science. 6.

  38. Science

    I need help with lesson 18 unit 2 properties of matter unit test 😂for connections academy

  39. math

    8th Connections Academy Unit 3 Lesson 11: Rational Numbers Unit Test i need the answers please help

  40. Algebra

    I never do this but I just don’t understand! Does anyone have the answers to the International Connections Academy Systems Of Equations And Inequalities Unit Test in algebra 1? The first question is Which graph represents the solution to the given

  41. Algebra

    Answers to Connections Academy 7B (7th grade semester 2) Unit 4 Lesson 12: Graphing in the Coordinate Plane Unit Test.

  42. English

    posted by rfvv Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:16pm 1. He goes to an academy to study math and English. [Is 'an academy' in generic use? Or Does 'an' mean 'one'?] 2. He goes to academies to study math and English. [Is the word 'academies' in generic use?] 3.

  43. Algebra

    Semester review practice lesson 1 unit 4 connections academy I am terrible at math and barely passing if anyone knows or has the answers to this practice that would be awesome.

  44. 8th grade Math

    What is the decimal equivalent to 72/100? A.7.2 B. 0.72 C. 0.072 D. 0.0072 Rational numbers unit test part 1 connections academy (I don't need the answer but when I did I couldn't find it so I'm putting up the question for anyone who needs it please leave

  45. Chemistry

    Does anyone have the CORRECT answers for the international connections academy Chemistry 10B Unit 2: Solutions, Acids, and Bases Lesson 12:Unit Test? Preferably all of them, but at least the multiple choice.

  46. Algebra

    What is the second simplified form of these two problems if there is any other way? 3. There are many ways to simplify exponents. Provide two different ways to simplify each of the problems below. Please write all final answers using positive exponents.

  47. Math

    Are there any connections Academy users here?

  48. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 7:03am 1. If we don't go to school, we go to academies. 2. If we don't go to school, we go to an academy. 3. If we don't go to school, we go to academy. 4. If I don't go to school, I go to academies. 5. If I don't go to school,

  49. Question I have

    Is this website only used by people that go to Connections Academy?

  50. English expression

    1. I went to an academy. 2. I went to academy. 3. I went to Chicago Academy. 4. I went to the academy. ---------------------------- Students go to a private institute after school to study further. Which expressions do we have to use?

  51. Science

    Periodic table answers connections Academy

  52. algebra

    please help i is stuck and go to connections academy 1. find the slope please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Math

    I’m on geometry review in connections academy and I need the answers to both tests.

  54. Honors Algebra

    I have a test coming up on CONNECTIONS ACADEMY SOLVING INEQUALITIES...can anyone help me i'm so confused.

  55. math

    anyone in connections academy that's in 8 grade were your on lesson 4: Classifying Polygons? if so could i have the answers?

  56. science

    Can anyone give me the answers for Lesson 2: Science 7 B Final for connections academy?

  57. social studies 8 B

    Can someone give me their sectionalism and civil war portfolio from connections academy, please

  58. Social studies

    IS ANYONE IN CONNECTIONS ACADEMY 6th GRADE! I need help with the social studies test please!

  59. Kansas state history

    Which of the following states is not a part of the Midwest region of the U.S? Can someone help me with the whole test for connections academy please?

  60. maths

    can some one help me on how i work these qustions out..i need to simplify and write out the full solutions. 2x + 4 / 2 and 2x^2 / x^3 I'm not sure what you mean by write out the full solutions but If that means find x... the first one is simplified and

  61. Science

    Has anyone done the effect of cell size on material transport portfolio in Connections academy?

  62. French

    It is customary to greet someone on the street with "allo." Is this true or false? Please help! Connections Academy

  63. math

    Which is a set of collinear points? A.G,H,I B. L,H,I C. G,H,J D.G,I,J connections academy sixth grade lesson 11 unit 2

  64. math

    Can't be right quiz connections academy 8th grade. Help me I don't know how to find the leg of a shape

  65. Art

    need help on Lesson 5: Proportion Art i am in connections academy does any body have the answers...................HELP ALREADY OVERDUE PS. Thank you to anybody that helps me ;)

  66. Eng

    Has anyone done Lesson 14: Romeo and Juliet: Unit Test for Connections Academy yet, if so can anyone give me the answers?

  67. Algebra

    Answers for Applications of Percent test Part 1( for Califorina connections academy students) A B D D C B B C C D B B C A B D

  68. Shutner

    Connections Academy: Math7B, Home Library Statistics portfolio is driving me nuts. I could use a little help. If you want to know the questions, ask.

  69. english

    does anyone know how to write a persuasive essay map on romeo and juliet for connections academy English B lesson 12 unit 2

  70. Algebra

    What is the value of 13x^-3y^-1 when x=-1 and y=4 A)-13/14 B)-52 C)-4/13 D)-156 (If you go to connections academy PLEASE GIVE THE ANSWERS I WANNA MAKE SURE IM RIGHT I REALLY NEED THIS) lesson 9 unit test

  71. Math

    This problem is going to reveal the first name of the offender. Simplify the expression: (6^4⋅6^9/6^3)3 If the simplified expression is 6^16 , the first name of the culprit is Mandy. If the simplified expression is 6^18 , the first name of the culprit is

  72. Statistics

    Anybody on this whole site going to school at Connections Academy taking Statistics B? I need help asap. Message me on discord. My username and number is SlimeRancher#7157


    sqrt2/sqrt10 here is what I got: sqrt (2/10)= sqrt (1/5) sqrt 0.2 * I don't think that it is right but pleasee check it.Thanks Yes, that is one way you could do it, then simplify further by taking the square root of 0.2, but you are probably supposed to

  74. Language Arts

    This Language Arts Unit Test (connections Academy) is hard to solve this Test can I have help please?

  75. English

    Does anyone have the multiple choice questions for lesson 9: unit 4: other worlds unit test (connections academy}

  76. 8A thermal energy unit test

    I need help with connections academy unit 5 lesson 20 thermal energy test!! ALL OF IT I bombed the entire unit! Helppppp

  77. Math

    Unit 4: Measurement Connections Academy 7th grade Which number is irrational? What is/16? What two integers is /70 between? Which numbers are rational? Select all that apply. There's two more questions but it won't let me type them for some reaon?? But can

  78. Math

    Connections Academy Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) A Unit 3: Equations and Inequalities: Can someone explain to me what the Dog Debate is? Lol I don't get it.

  79. Math

    If anyone in Connections academy has done this lesson Lesson 6: Classifying Polygons CE 2015 Essential Math 7 B Unit 1: Geometry Can you please give me some tips. It's a discussion type thing but I really need help!

  80. Science

    What is the main factor causing the salinity of the Everglades to change? climate change flood control levees transportation canals snake populations This is for connections academy please i need help

  81. Social Studies

    The louisiana purchase most likely contributed to? A.ending the civil war B.U.s victory in the AmericAN revolution c.The development of manifest destiny D.the onset of industry revolution PLEASE HELP this question is from connections academy.

  82. math

    using graphs to analyze data connections academy 1) A 2) A 3) C 4) A 5) A 6) A 7) B 8) D 9) B 10) D 11) B 12) B 13) D 14) A 15) C 16) B 17) D 18) C 19) B 21) 6|4,9 8|8,8 9|1,2,3,4,5,7,7 10|0

  83. English 12 ..

    Is anybody Currently attending to ONLINE connections Academy and taking ENGLISH 12 ? .

  84. Math

    i need help on stem and leaf plots. Math 6 A Connections Academy

  85. Algebra HELP!!!!!!!

    Hi I am from Connections Academy and I need help Fast!!!!! What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n-1)-4

  86. Algebra 1 a

    Will someone please help with algebra 1 a semester exam for connections academy please post the right answers.

  87. Math...just curious

    In connections academy is a quick check count as a sample work? just curious

  88. social studies

    how can I pull up my social studies grade rapidly/// connections academy student

  89. Social Studies (please be helpful)


  90. math

    does any one know the answers to the chapter 5 lessons 1-3 quiz in algebra 1 linear coursework. Connections academy

  91. geometry

    guys!! add me on snapchat, @glaudia_awesome , i go to connections academy im in 10th , lets help eachother out :)

  92. Health

    1. Risk Factors 2. Diabetes 3. Flexibility Final Exam for health on connections academy GRCA

  93. Social studies

    Could someone help me with reviewing the Latin America test? (Its for TCAH, connections academy on connexus.) A link would be helpful :-)

  94. math

    I need help with assignment " Finding the Best Price" How do I write equation and plot prices. Thank you very much. Show an example Connections Academy

  95. not school related.

    So i am going to a new school in a few days because my mother doesn't want me to do Connections Academy anymore because she has a new job. I just moved to a new area a few months ago and don't have any friends because they didn't actually like me.. What do

  96. Math

    Simplify. (5x-1)/(x-1) My textbook says it can't be simplified any further. But can't it be simplified to 5?

  97. algebra

    how do i simplify the following: 2x^2 +13x +15 over 4x+6 . I simplified 4x+6 to 2(2+3), but I can't remember how to simplify the top part. Please help


    PLEASE HELP THANKS! CONNECTIONS ACADEMY 6TH GRADE! hamburger meat is on sale for 2.50 a pound this can be written as 2.50x evaluate this expression if you buy 7 pounds of hamburger


    Which of the following battles prompted the british retreat from South Carolina A- Camden B- Kings Mountain C- Port Royal D- Huck's Defeat Anonymous or Mrs. Sue Please Help!! Or Connections Academy people!!!!!

  100. connections academy

    Dear connections academy, Lately, i havent seen many posts from us, so, please start posting again. Im doing okay-ish without jiksha to cheat. But it takes a LOT longer. So, if we can, lets start to post more! okay, thank youuuuu byeeeeeee


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