1. Government

    According to the doctrine of judicial restraint,the judiciary should A.defer to the decisions of elected officials. B.deny most appeals for retrials. C.deny individual rights when they conflict with the majority's desires. IS it (B)

    asked by Calvin on December 29, 2011
  2. World History

    I need the differences between the 21st century and the 19th century for the following areas: education, legal rights, and family. You don't have to give me the answer i just need a website I want to be able to get it on my own I am not good at researching

    asked by Anonymous on January 22, 2016

    Another one. Which amendment? Senator Russell argued that the federal government has no right to control marijuana sales since it is not mentioned in the Constitution. I think it's the ninth amendment because it guarantees unenumerated rights. Your

    asked by Meg on May 23, 2007
  4. History

    Compare the constitution of 1824 and the U.S. constitution in terms of the individual rights, religion, power of the president, and the right to possess firearms. 4 points please an essay question I need someone to answer and see if I am correct

    asked by hihihiya on October 24, 2018
  5. History

    What federal document did Susan B Anthony quote in the beginning of her speech in I believe 1872? I know she was trying to equal rights between women, and I think it would make sense for it to be the preamble to the Federal Constitution. Opinions?

    asked by imissbobby♥ on March 27, 2014

    I really need help on this question so please help me. Make an organizer to compare government under a republic (the commonwealth), an abcolute monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy. Use the following headings: the ruler, the role of law, and the rights

    asked by Sarahh on October 14, 2012
  7. history

    which of the following was the source for many of the basic ideas in the declaration of independence? a) the bill of rights b) The scientific revolution c) The articles of confederation d) The enlightenment Connexus quick check; the american revolution

    asked by annoymous on October 18, 2018
  8. General

    Downloading resources from the Web is beginning to be fairly common. What do you think the legal issues are when doing this? Should people expect to give up property rights to material they have created when they post it on the Web? Why or why not?

    asked by bryan on November 13, 2008
  9. World history; Check:P

    Before the 1500s, who and what were the final authorities with regard to most knowledge? The church and it's leaders, the bible, and the king/queen. If they could not come up with an answer to a question, they would say that God did it. 2.What was the

    asked by Unknown on February 12, 2013
  10. social studies

    ARticle 3 deals with A. The executive branch B. The legislative branch C. The judicial branch D. The rights of an individual I got the answer C.

    asked by Lisa on January 16, 2009
  11. history

    were anti-federalists mainly southern states, and federalists were northern? did they compromise by federalists adding the bill of rights into the constitution, that way it could be ratified?

    asked by Blaze on September 23, 2013
  12. American Government

    I want to see if my answers are right. Here are just a few for now. 1. Which statement accurately explains the key difference between the divine right of kings and a constitutional government? A. The divine right of kings and a constitutional government

    asked by Abby on February 1, 2017
  13. English

    Can you please help me figure out what kind of writing this piece is considered? A Bill of Rights for Future Generations We, the people of the future, like the twenty thousand generations who came before us, have the right to breathe air that smells sweet,

    asked by Sabrina on February 2, 2009
  14. U.S.History

    the main goal of the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction was to a. prevent African Americans from exercising their rights b. gain control of state legislatures c. restore the Confederacy d. improve conditions for poor whites A this is just a guess

    asked by y912f on February 18, 2009
  15. Government

    A gender gap is most likely to occur in an election in which the major issue is A.war. B.women's rights. C.gun control. d.political ethics. e.school prayer. http://www.msmagazine.com/fall2004/gendergap.asp

    asked by La Toya Payton on June 21, 2005
  16. Basic English

    In which sentence is the underlined word a preposition? A. The Constitution calls for equal rights for all. B. It was a sunny day, but Jane remained indoors. C. Senator Young objected to the bill, but he didn't say why. D. She skipped her breakfast, for it

    asked by fernanda on September 22, 2014
  17. Social studies

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness." How does this excerpt from the Declaration

    asked by Summer.a.w.j on May 11, 2016
  18. american government

    an example of a policy that aimed chiefly to overcome defacto discrimination is: a. the equal rights admendment B. busing the chieve racial integration in the schools C. the brown v board of education of topeka ruling D. the fourteen amendment

    asked by jasmine on August 19, 2012

    Which examples best shows the united states as a mediator? A.) Debating human rights with China B.) Supporting democracy in the Philippines C.) Promoting a peace agreement in Bosnia D.) Encouraging the end of apartheid in the South America Is it C?

    asked by Karkat on March 23, 2018
  20. English 7 Essay: Rosa Parks (Ms. Sue)

    Ms. Sue can you check my essay is it good. Btw we did the conclusion today at class (last paragraph). I did the mistakes I made yesterday (that you told me to change). Rosa Parks A person's characteristics are shaped by the setting and beliefs of society

    asked by Laruen on December 1, 2011
  21. ethincs

    Which of the following ethical frameworks suggests that morality should be linked to human nature, including a concern for human dignity and universal human rights

    asked by moniqa on March 2, 2015
  22. Government

    Most civil rights laws in the U.S. resulted from efforts made by and on behalf of A. women. B. Native Americans C. Asian Americans. D. African Americans. I said D am i right?

    asked by Anonymous on April 3, 2012
  23. government?

    Which feature did the State constitutions and the Articles of Confederation have in common? a. royal governors b. bill of rights c. principle of popular sovereignty d. a strong executive elected by popular vote

    asked by lucy smith on March 28, 2013
  24. Social Studies

    6: how did the constitution most likely encourage immigration? A: by guarenteeing individual rights and freedoms B:by opening the nation to unlimited immigration C:by enshrining the doctrine of Manifest Destiny D:by promising land to all new citizens

    asked by Plz help asap ty on November 30, 2018
  25. Texas Government

    Which of these was NOT a major factor in the emergence of a two-party system in Texas? a. The Shivercrats b. The civil rights movement c. In-migration d. Failure of the New Deal e. Support among minorities for liberal policies I would say In-migration

    asked by HM on December 4, 2011
  26. Law

    Each of the following is a duty or responsibility of the United Nations EXCEPT: A. Promote respect for human rights B. Fight terrorism and drug trafficking C. Assist refugees D. Consumer protection in the United States is it D

    asked by Amy on May 31, 2014
  27. Social Studies

    Which of the following characteristics of all states are also shared by the United States? Select all that apply. (4 correct answers) 1- Open Borders 2- Government 3- Population 4- Sovereignty 5- Territory 6- Universal Rights *My best answer: 3, 4, 5, 6

    asked by G-Eazy on August 19, 2016
  28. College History

    Comment on what James Baldwin said of the Civil rights movement challenging the Unites States to rethink “What it really means by freedom, including whether freedom, applied to all Americans or only to part of the population.

    asked by T-Bone on November 20, 2008
  29. math

    With income earned by selling the rights to his life story, an actor invests some of the money at 3% and 30,000 more than twice as much at 4%. The total annual interest earned from the investments is $5600. How much is invested at each rate?

    asked by zach on April 21, 2010
  30. cj 220

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay in APA format explaining the theory and reality of law as a “living body.” In your essay, include the following: o Law as a “living body” · Law on books versus laws in action · Objectivity of law · Law as a

    asked by carey on September 14, 2008
  31. history

    Which came first? A. Formation of the french revolution war b.execution of king louis xvi c. American bill of rights d.seven years war e. World war 1

    asked by courtney on September 9, 2009
  32. Social Studies

    Britain guaranteed the rights of French Canadians in the ? 1 Quebec Act 2. Act of Union. 3. British North America Act 4 Dominion of Canada. Thanks

    asked by Dominik on December 14, 2014
  33. social studies

    Why Must citizens fulfill responsibilities? A.) To keep too many people from being citizens. B.) To avoid breaking the law or going to jail. C.) To keep the government in power. D.) To protect the rights of all citizens. I chose D

    asked by Melissa bowers on October 22, 2015
  34. history

    5. Public Domain How is the U.S Constitution portrayed in this cartoon? A. always winning, despite attempts, to misinterpret it. B. losing to anyone willing to study and use it. C. too complex for any one person to interpret D. willing to crush anyone who

    asked by summer moriarty on April 29, 2016
  35. HSM210 Human Services in the United States

    I am not sure that I am grasping the concept of this assignment.. Could someone please read through my answers and let me know what you think? Thanks so much! (my answers are the letter or letters in front of the #'s) CRITICAL THINKING ACTIVITIES #1

    asked by Tawnya on June 4, 2010
  36. History

    Can someone check my answers please? thank you. Why did president Johnson veto the civil rights act of 1866? A. he believed too many US citizens would loose their right to vote B. he believed blacks were given too many rights that they were not prepared to

    asked by HI there on April 25, 2016
  37. Economics

    I said C to this question but im not for sure if im right can someone help please? In what way does the Bill of Rights protect individuals' freedom to engage in business activities? A. It recognizes property righs. B. It denies the government the ability

    asked by Anonymous on April 30, 2012
  38. Management

    When Nike yielded to pressure from uman rights groups and agreed to close its manufacturing plants located in developing nations,they were acting as (a) proactive, (b) accommodative, (c) defensive, or (d) environmental managers. I chose (c) for my answer.

    asked by Carol on March 11, 2012
  39. U.S.History

    i have to make a graphic organizer showing causes of the American Revolution. i have written down: 1.French and Indian War 1. 2. 2.New British Taxes 1. 2. 3.New Ideas about Natural Rights 1. 2. now i have to write at least two examples of colonists'

    asked by y912f on January 25, 2009
  40. ss - 1 question!

    5. What is nativism? (1 point) the patriotism that led to America's success in World War I the belief in the importance of rights for Native Americans the anti-immigrant feeling that prevailed during the 1920s the strengthening of national military prowess

    asked by TTR+S<3 on June 11, 2014
  41. American Government

    when Alabama's governor refused to end the policy of segregation in public universities he invoked which common argument for separation of powers under federalism? A. States' rights *** B. Checks and balances C. Direct initiative D. bicameral legislation

    asked by Hi ;) on December 10, 2018
  42. ethn: Need info please

    please direct me to some to the websites where I can get information for the question beloow: Leaders of the civil rights and black power movement and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this

    asked by rose on July 1, 2008
  43. social studies

    2. After independence, most South American countries A. extended voting rights to all men B. established communist systems with command economies -------- C. were dominated by wealthy landowners D. shifted from plantation agriculture to small scale farming

    asked by bark on December 18, 2018
  44. history

    the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education ended a. the "separate but equal" doctrine b. Jackie Robinson's career in baseball c. Eisenhower's support of civil rights d. discrimination in the hiring of federal employees A

    asked by history on April 19, 2009
  45. S.s

    1. Which is an example of checks and balances? (1 point) The constitution contains a bill of rights that details the basic rights of the state’s citizens. The constitution clearly outlines voting requirements and the qualifications for holding public

    asked by Unknown on February 21, 2017
  46. American Politics

    Which of the following was a primary influence on the Framers as they drafted the Constitution? A. French Revolution B. French and Indian Wars C. advocacy for states' rights by John Adams. D. revising the Articles of Confederation Is D. the answer

    asked by Bianca on November 13, 2013
  47. Social studies

    Which cause most motivated the push for mexican independence from spain? A:trade with the United States My answer is B. B:lack of rights and opportunities among non Spanish C:Catholic missionary efforts D:geographic distance from spain

    asked by Helpmepleaseandty on March 10, 2019
  48. english

    Would this be a good thesis for an expository essay? "People’s attitude toward animal rights changed in the Renaissance, the 19th century, and the 20th century by becoming more considerate towards animals that were powerless in the past before humans."

    asked by Mia on February 18, 2014
  49. histroy

    all powers not delegated the united states by the constitution..are reserved to the states respectively or by the people "this language drafted by____and incorporated into the____amendment bill of rights was intended to adress the concerns of the

    asked by eve on September 13, 2011
  50. Life orientation

    Write a report. Evaluate one organization that you think is making a useful contribution to our country in terms of addressing human rights violation. Give at least 3 practical examples. Discuss in detail why you chose this organization.

    asked by Tumelo koloti on March 18, 2015
  51. Law

    1. What document guarantees the presumption of innocence until conviction in a court of law? A. United States Constitution B. Articles of Confederation C. Civil Rights Act D. Supreme Court Bylaws im confused between A and C

    asked by Amy on June 20, 2014
  52. American Goverment

    In the United States, the emphasis on individual rights helped to shape A. a powerful foreign policy. B. a sense of national identity. C. a strict class system. D. a system of religious intolerance. ?? help Please.

    asked by lalt on February 16, 2012
  53. AP European History

    Im supposed to do this outine on the Glorious Revolution and for the 2 part it says list and explan 3 The public policy changes that took place does that mean like William and MArys Bill of rights, and the toleration act as well as the Act of settlement im

    asked by Chelsea on November 2, 2011
  54. US History

    14. The main argument in support of the Bill of Rights was that A. they would help opponents of slavery gain the upper hand B.without them the US would be a republic government C.they would protect them the people from a tyrannical government D.without

    asked by Sarah on October 19, 2011
  55. The Curriculum

    Which of the following is not part of negotiating a conflict? A. Enforcing your preferred solution B. Explaining the reasons behind a suggested solution C. Accepting reasonable disagreement D. Listening to and acknowledging others' rights, opinions, and

    asked by Daniela on September 13, 2014
  56. Civics

    7.   The original purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was to  A. develop the principle of states' rights. B. solve the slavery issue. C. revise the Articles of Confederation. D. elect the first president of the United States.  C?

    asked by Sarah on March 27, 2015
  57. English/Please revise

    In the United States vs. Fawaz Yunis, five men hijacked a Jordanian airliner. Among the passengers were two American citizens who were apparently not the target of the terrorist activity. Hijackers latter released the passengers and blew up the aircraft.

    asked by Christi on April 9, 2008
  58. Business Law

    please can you help me in this: Ethical Systems Table Ethical Systems Table Directions: 1. Fill in brief definitions of each primary ethical theory. 2. Identify alternate names or variations of each ethical system based on your reading of the text and

    asked by Green grass on October 8, 2010
  59. SS7R Question/Help! (plz read)

    The American Revolution From 1763 through 1776 the American colonies sprit of rebellion was escalating. After a long period of being ignored, England put harder rules over the colonist. Economic, political, and social factors made the colonist take steps

    asked by Laruen on February 12, 2012
  60. world history

    Use the excerpt below from the English Bill of Rights to answer the following question: "That the pretended power of suspending the laws or the execution of laws by regal authority without consent of Parliament is illegal; That the pretended power of

    asked by jamie on February 27, 2019
  61. History: Constitution

    Help on writing thesis: Would you have been a Federalist or Anti-Federalist? Explain your response using specific information about the ratification of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation, the size of the nation, and power

    asked by Sidney on March 19, 2016
  62. Social Sciences

    I am writing a paper about a new amendment proposal to the Bill of Rights proclaiming that people should be able to marry who they want (same sex or not). I need an opening statement that declares the amendment in congressional form and is a paragraph

    asked by Francis on April 14, 2011
  63. criminal justice

    while the us constitution specifically the bill of rights, was a comparatively short document, it has stood the test of time, but has been the focus of how much controversy throughout the years. does this living document provide u.s citizens w/ample

    asked by josh on November 24, 2009

    THE ANSWERS ARE NOT IN MY BOOK, MS SUE AND IF THEY WERE THEN I WOULDN'T ASK FOR HELP Make an organizer to compare government under a republic (the commonwealth), an abcolute monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy. Use the following headings: the ruler,

    asked by Sarahh on October 14, 2012
  65. history

    The ______________________________ signaled the end of the Reconstruction era and completed the repudiation of the idea, born during the Civil War and pursued during Congressional Reconstruction, of a powerful federal government protecting the rights of

    asked by jacqueline on September 2, 2015
  66. what does interim mean?

    I looked up the word in the dictionary and it said it has something to do with time. However I do not understand the meaning of interim in this question. Can you please help? "Can individuals be granted interim measures to avert the further deterioration

    asked by Christi on April 23, 2008
  67. Social Studies

    Between 1820 and 1860 which two issues dominated United States politics? (1 point ) a.)Trust and economic growth b.)National security and law c.)The environment and states' rights"""" d.)Westward expansion and slavery

    asked by Qwerty on October 23, 2018
  68. Language

    I need help answering this question.. How did you or your family deal or cope with these issues? These are the social justice issues i came up with : Poverty, Alcohol & drinking, violence, racism, and lack of human rights.. I know it's my own opinion but I

    asked by Annie on May 25, 2014
  69. law

    What kind of questions trigger the reading of the miranda rights? Is there a case that deals with this specific issue... whether the question asked by the police was part of an interrogation or just an informal question getting basic information? Do these

    asked by Anonymous on January 19, 2015
  70. Politics

    What 20th century political scandal recalled the historical tensions that developed between feminists and civil rights activists in the nineteenth century? In the Supreme Court it raised issues of race and gender.

    asked by Nori on February 8, 2016
  71. History

    Which of presidents carters politics best explains his defeat in the 1980 election? A reforms to social security and the tax code ***** B support for human rights C foreign policy in the Middle East D constructive responses to inflation Is this correct?

    asked by Lmaoo on May 8, 2018
  72. Social Studies

    "No free man shall be seized [arrested] or imprisoned, or stipped of his rights or possessions ... except by the lawful judgment of his peers." This quote from the Magna Catta shows the ideals that set up which branch of the goverment? a) Executive b)

    asked by Help please?!? on October 9, 2014
  73. American Government

    When Alabama's governor refused to end the policy of segregation in public universities, he invoked which common argument for separation of powers under federalism? A.states' rights B.checks and balances C.direct initiative D.bicameral legislation I think

    asked by Anon on November 26, 2016
  74. us history

    I'm doing a mock trial defending Andrew Jackson being impeached. He is being indicted for violating states' rights in his dealings with South Carolina in the nullification crisis. I'm finding it extremely hard to find any info to form reasons to defend

    asked by Michelle on November 6, 2010
  75. History

    The roots of the Iranian hostage crisis resided in: 1. Jimmy Carter’s emphasis on human rights. 2.the Shah of Iran’s despotic regime. 3.economic inflation in the United States. 4. America’s isolationist stance in foreign affairs. I think it's either

    asked by Mary on April 23, 2012
  76. history

    which factors influenced the growth of the ranching industry? select all that apply. * American Indians were driven out of the North Texas Plains. * More cattle trails were developed. * Ranchers received ownership rights. * Barbed wire was invented.

    asked by Anonymous on February 15, 2018
  77. history

    please check these which of the following is a reason the United States became involved in affairs in the Middle East following World War II? a. to limit Jewish immigration into the region b. to prevent oil-rich Arab nations from falling under Soviet

    asked by history on April 14, 2009
  78. government

    Growth of Democracy "The United States intends to be and independent and self-governing nation" is the essential message of the a.Declaration of Independence b.Articles of Confederation c.United States Constitution or d.Bill of Rights Declaration --

    asked by m on November 5, 2006
  79. Socials Studies

    The royal charter gave the HBC "exclusive" trading rights in a vast area of Canada. What is meant by "exclusive trading righters"? Can someone please help me. Thanks very much.

    asked by John on March 23, 2010
  80. social studies

    These two world powers struggled against each other in what is known as what? A. World War II B. The Great Depression C. the civil rights movement**** D. The Cold War

    asked by need helppppp on January 29, 2019
  81. business

    I need help understandinddifferent ethics duty-based, consequence-based, rights-based, human nature, relativistic and entitlement-based

    asked by Joyce on April 13, 2010
  82. Sociology

    Please check my answers. My answers have * by them. 1. In _______, citizenship in the society automatically makes a person a member of the religion. A. churches* B. sects C. ecclesia D. cults 2. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in one God who, as

    asked by M on December 8, 2017
  83. U.S History

    Jacksonian Democracy is associated with which of the following? A) rejection of states’ rights B) rejection of a national bank** C) rejection of weakening the central government D) rejection of strict interpretation of the Constitution

    asked by #1Student on May 30, 2014
  84. History

    Why did the Civil Rights Movement emerge when it did? What tactics did it use, and how did those tactics change over time? What were the consequences for the movement as it incorporated demands for economic and cultural equality?

    asked by Julie on May 14, 2010
  85. Law

    What are some barriers of human rights in 2012? Specifically for: -Women -Immigrants -Aboriginal People -People with disabilities For women, I said that they are still paid less than men that do the same work.

    asked by Willaim on December 17, 2012
  86. political science

    According to Justice William O. Douglas, where can zones of privacy (the right to privacy) be found in the Constitution? A. throughout the Constitution B. in the penumbras of the Bill of Rights C. in the First Amendment D. in the writings of the Founders

    asked by Anonymous on March 5, 2016
  87. History

    How does the Supreme court affect the rights of citizens? *They affect citizens by looking into judical law before correcting political circumstances. Is my answer okay or should I fix it? Can you help me? I'm not 100% sure. Thank you :)

    asked by Rose on July 3, 2017
  88. Grammar Please Help!!

    Can you help me correct theses sentences with punctuation or tell me if its correct or not.... 1.)Johnny Cash was one of only a few musicians. Who have ever been inducted into both the rock and country halls of fame. 2.)Georgia O'Keefe was an American

    asked by Tianna on May 2, 2013

    How did the political and social ideas of the five philosophers John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Voltaire, Baron de Montesquieu, and Denis Diderot, impact social equality, democracy, human rights, constitutionalism, and nationalism?

    asked by Terrence on November 16, 2008
  90. English

    1. Paul and (I, me) read about how he became crippled with polio. 2. (She, Her) and many others fought for equal rights for minorities. 3. Her aides and (she, her) traveled all over the world. 4. One of Eleanor Roosevelt's greatest admirers today is (I,

    asked by Hayden on September 29, 2015
  91. History

    What was the main goal of the American Indian Movement? A)to achieve the right to form reservations B)to win greater rights for all Native Americans C)to establish a U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs D)to overthrow the tribal government My choice B

    asked by Appreciated Help on September 29, 2015
  92. History

    Which of the following were basic principles of the Know-Nothing Party? A. anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic B. less federal government regulation, no abolition C. support women's rights, prison reform D. spread the Second Great Awakening, encourage

    asked by Anonymous on November 29, 2018
  93. History

    What is the purpose of government according to John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government? to care for the monetary welfare of society to protect the natural rights of people to negotiate treaties with other nations to enforce laws that dictate morality B

    asked by malia on November 2, 2017
  94. Thesis for Research paper

    Is this a good thesis for my research paper. Although gays are deprived of same-sex marriage, they are stripped of their respect,equal rights and financial security; therefore, the Federal government must pass a law allowing same-sex marriages

    asked by Amor on May 13, 2011
  95. American Government Please Check

    Which of the following are reasons why Madison supported the ratification of the Constitution in the Federalist Papers? Select all that apply. a. power of the executive branch b. competent representation in government*** c. checks and balances d. limited

    asked by girly girl on March 29, 2018
  96. Geography

    Which of the following were basic principles of the Know-Nothing Party? A. anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic. B. less federal government regulation, no abolition. C. support women's rights, prison reform. D. spread the Second Great Awakening, encourage

    asked by marley patarly on November 14, 2018
  97. U.S. History

    During the presidency of Richard Nixon, the United States a) sought to protect human rights. b) sought to close the USSR out of world markets. c) retreated into relative isolation. d) worked for a reduction of tensions known as detente. e) none of the

    asked by Sherry on May 10, 2018

    During the turbulence of the 1960s, black activism focused primarily on A. stopping the Vietnam War. B. supporting the nonviolent strategies of Martin Luther King, Jr. C. expanding voting rights. D. expanding economic opportunity. I THINK IS D. IS THAT

    asked by JESSICA on September 3, 2012
  99. history

    a few states agreed to ratify the constitution only if what condition was met? A.George Washington will be elected president*** B.a bill of rights will be added C.the federalist government would maintain complete power D.no new states would enter the union

    asked by Anonymous on October 17, 2016
  100. SS

    1. What is a definition of citizenship A. having to be born in a country b. being a full and equal member of a nation c.having pledged to respect and support a government valus*** d.Full filling all the responsibilities and having all the rights of living

    asked by THAT GIRL on October 4, 2017


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