1. history

    which factors influenced the growth of the ranching industry? select all that apply. * American Indians were driven out of the North Texas Plains. * More cattle trails were developed. * Ranchers received ownership rights. * Barbed wire was invented.
  2. us history

    I'm doing a mock trial defending Andrew Jackson being impeached. He is being indicted for violating states' rights in his dealings with South Carolina in the nullification crisis. I'm finding it extremely hard to find any info to form reasons to defend
  3. ethn: Need info please

    please direct me to some to the websites where I can get information for the question beloow: Leaders of the civil rights and black power movement and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this
  4. History

    The roots of the Iranian hostage crisis resided in: 1. Jimmy Carter’s emphasis on human rights. 2.the Shah of Iran’s despotic regime. 3.economic inflation in the United States. 4. America’s isolationist stance in foreign affairs. I think it's either
  5. Grammar Please Help!!

    Can you help me correct theses sentences with punctuation or tell me if its correct or not.... 1.)Johnny Cash was one of only a few musicians. Who have ever been inducted into both the rock and country halls of fame. 2.)Georgia O'Keefe was an American
  6. English/Please revise

    In the United States vs. Fawaz Yunis, five men hijacked a Jordanian airliner. Among the passengers were two American citizens who were apparently not the target of the terrorist activity. Hijackers latter released the passengers and blew up the aircraft.
  7. world history

    which came first? a)formation of the french national assembly b)execution of king louis xvi c)american bill of rights d)seven years war e)world war 1
  8. Proofread 6-page Essay Due Tomorrow?

    I realize this is very last minute. I wrote a 6-page history paper on the topic of civil rights and I want someone to read it over before 3pm tomorrow, if that's possible. thanks!
  9. History

    2.The writings of Transcendentalists had the greatest influence on which of the following movements? A. Labor movement B. Women's movement C. Civil rights movement D. Counterculture movement I am stuck between 2 answers: B and C which is correct?
  10. political science

    According to Justice William O. Douglas, where can zones of privacy (the right to privacy) be found in the Constitution? A. throughout the Constitution B. in the penumbras of the Bill of Rights C. in the First Amendment D. in the writings of the Founders
  11. Social Studies 7R - Bill of Rights Project

    What are the 8 amendments and what are their jobs (that includes interesting facts)? Is their a website for that. Plus make sure it's on a 7th grade social studies level. Thank You! :)
  12. Sociology

    Please check my answers. My answers have * by them. 1. In _______, citizenship in the society automatically makes a person a member of the religion. A. churches* B. sects C. ecclesia D. cults 2. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in one God who, as
  13. history

    a few states agreed to ratify the constitution only if what condition was met? A.George Washington will be elected president*** B.a bill of rights will be added C.the federalist government would maintain complete power D.no new states would enter the union
  14. criminal justice

    while the us constitution specifically the bill of rights, was a comparatively short document, it has stood the test of time, but has been the focus of how much controversy throughout the years. does this living document provide u.s citizens w/ample
  15. History

    What is the purpose of government according to John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government? to care for the monetary welfare of society to protect the natural rights of people to negotiate treaties with other nations to enforce laws that dictate morality B
  16. English

    1. Paul and (I, me) read about how he became crippled with polio. 2. (She, Her) and many others fought for equal rights for minorities. 3. Her aides and (she, her) traveled all over the world. 4. One of Eleanor Roosevelt's greatest admirers today is (I,
  17. Social Sciences

    I am writing a paper about a new amendment proposal to the Bill of Rights proclaiming that people should be able to marry who they want (same sex or not). I need an opening statement that declares the amendment in congressional form and is a paragraph

    During the turbulence of the 1960s, black activism focused primarily on A. stopping the Vietnam War. B. supporting the nonviolent strategies of Martin Luther King, Jr. C. expanding voting rights. D. expanding economic opportunity. I THINK IS D. IS THAT
  19. History

    What was the main goal of the American Indian Movement? A)to achieve the right to form reservations B)to win greater rights for all Native Americans C)to establish a U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs D)to overthrow the tribal government My choice B
  20. U.S. History

    During the presidency of Richard Nixon, the United States a) sought to protect human rights. b) sought to close the USSR out of world markets. c) retreated into relative isolation. d) worked for a reduction of tensions known as detente. e) none of the
  21. SS7R Question/Help! (plz read)

    The American Revolution From 1763 through 1776 the American colonies sprit of rebellion was escalating. After a long period of being ignored, England put harder rules over the colonist. Economic, political, and social factors made the colonist take steps
  22. HSM210

    Mrs Sue, Sorry to keep bothering you ! I have once more corrected the four answers . Do you mind checking them again. I so hate these assignments as I have such a hard time. Thank you so much for looking over my answers for me. 8. The victims’ rights
  23. CRT/205

    I just want to make sure I am on the right track with this assignment. I have answered the questions about an article but I struggle with premises and conclusions. I just want to know if I have answered the questions appropriately. Here is the article I

    Another one. Which amendment? Senator Russell argued that the federal government has no right to control marijuana sales since it is not mentioned in the Constitution. I think it's the ninth amendment because it guarantees unenumerated rights. Your
  25. politics

    Most people would agree that everybody has a right to privacy. However, that right is not explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution. As such, many argue that the Supreme Court overstepped it's authority in establishing a Constitutional protection for
  26. Lit

    humanism is a.equal rights for all b.devotion to the greek and latin classics c.the renaissance system of classifying people d.none of the above from what I understood from reading about renaissance humanism from wikipedia I chose B
  27. History

    What problems did medieval towns face? How did medieval europeans attempt to deal with those problems? How did an independant judiciary and common law in England help to protect individual rights?
  28. PHI445

    Who is generally given credit for introducing fundamental human rights into the American political system? A) Thomas Hobbes B) John Locke C) Thomas Jefferson D) Alain Locke
  29. American Government

    When Alabama's governor refused to end the policy of segregation in public universities, he invoked which common argument for separation of powers under federalism? A.states' rights B.checks and balances C.direct initiative D.bicameral legislation I think
  30. Social Studies

    "No free man shall be seized [arrested] or imprisoned, or stipped of his rights or possessions ... except by the lawful judgment of his peers." This quote from the Magna Catta shows the ideals that set up which branch of the goverment? a) Executive b)
  31. what does interim mean?

    I looked up the word in the dictionary and it said it has something to do with time. However I do not understand the meaning of interim in this question. Can you please help? "Can individuals be granted interim measures to avert the further deterioration
  32. U.s.history

    How did womens experiences in civil rights and antiwar protests increase their awareness of sexism? A feeling of equality. I think they were aware of sexism well before the civil rights movement. For example, during World War II in the United States, women
  33. History. Please Help!

    1. “Had this chief turned a deaf ear to Mr. Oglethorpe, refused his friendship and denied his request, opposing him on the part of the Creeks, then this settlement on the banks of the Savannah would have ended amid smoke and blood.” – Charles C.
  34. business- opinion question

    Hey. I don't really have an opinion on this, so just seeing what everyone else thinks. Do you think the United States should trade with China or other countries with a poor human rights record? Thanks!!! I'm ok with using economic policies as a tool to
  35. history

    Harry S. Truman became the first President ever to campaign in Harlem, the heart of New York City's African American population. How did Truman's support of civil rights cause a split in the Democratic party? ?:( it would help greatlyy if someone could
  36. History

    A common contribution is essential or the maintenance of public forces for the cost of administration. This should be equitable distributed among all citizens in proportion of their means. -Declaration of the Rights of Man (article 13) Is this the duty of

    THE ANSWERS ARE NOT IN MY BOOK, MS SUE AND IF THEY WERE THEN I WOULDN'T ASK FOR HELP Make an organizer to compare government under a republic (the commonwealth), an abcolute monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy. Use the following headings: the ruler,
  38. economics

    which of the following is not a goal of governmetn programs? A. To enforce private property rights B. To prohibit natural monopolies C. To reduce pollution D. To transfer money from higher-incom households to the poorest households E. To maintain price
  39. History

    Which of these gave the Confederacy an advantage over the Union during the Civil War? The South's strong military tradition The loyalty of most of the South's slave population Control over a large navy The popularity throughout the nation of the
  40. writing

    im stuck on the topic... If you were the president, how would you help society? so far, i have stuff like making sure that every1 had jobs, health coverage, good education, and safety. i'd make sure that no family in the us wud be snatched of their
  41. English

    women were not able to make any progress in their rights during the 1920s false women got vote and they could do some jobs that just for men before most of the authors listed for the years between 1920 and 1930 wrote fiction false is it right?
  42. Social Studies 9

    compare the government under a republic (commonwealth), an absolute monarchy and a constitutional monarchy. use the following headings the ruler, the role of law, and the rights of people. I don't understand how you would do this. like how would you use
  43. US History

    How did the South reverse much of the Civil Rights Act of 1866? By electing African Americans By electing a Southern president By passing Black Codes** By passing blue laws C?
  44. Social Studies PLS HELP!!!

    Jury duty is A: a right because it is discussed in the u.s constitution B: a right because only some citizens are required to do it C: A responsibility because citizens do it to help protect other's rights D: A responsibility because judges cannot make
  45. soc..

    write a essay describing de jure segregation include why was it established , what happen with de jure segregation from reconstruction to the civil rights movement , and how was jim crow enforced throughout this period
  46. History

    How did John Adams help establish a stable government after the constitution? Like I know he almost put us in the Quasi-War and threatened civil rights with the Alien & Sedition Acts, but how did he HELP establish a stable gov't?
  47. Literature

    The civil rights movement consisted of many events, such as freedom rides and sit-ins. Some of the events, such as fires and murders, were violent and unsettling. But the killing of the four little girls in Birmingham is considered one of the most
  48. social studies

    " The Supreme Court has to censor and limit our first amendment rights." - determine whether the statement above is true or false. - pick one side of the argument - use cases and precedents as examples - have a thesis statement - have a concluding
  49. English

    Hello. Dear Writeacher, thank you a lot! Please answer two more questions: 1) in case of loyalty, they were granted additional benefits (is it natural, I mean "in case", maybe "in the case"?) 2)it proved enough for the increase of influence of the nobility
  50. s.s

    what were the two main goals of the constitution's creators? a.create local goverments and elect a president b.establish the 51st state and define borders c. raise taxes to build the treasury and pay off war debts d. protect citizens' rights and defend the
  51. government

    Accorditn to Article V of the constitution, no amendment may a. deprive a state of its equal representation in the Senate. b. abolish the protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. c. deny the people the right to vote because of race, color, or gender.
  52. American Goverment

    Affirmative action is about (Points : 1) making financial amends for slavery. achieving a color blind society in America. moving the Civil Rights Movement into its next phase by promoting equal opportunity. enrolling more minorities than whites in
  53. History

    Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson both sought to fight poverty and racial inequality. The legislation that Kennedy proposed was called the New Frontier and that which Johnson proposed was called the Great Society. Even though some of
  54. Civics

    Montesquieu's system of "separation of powers" means that Government is divided into three branches*** People are born with rights that can not be taken away. government may rule because the citizens consent people have the right to life,liberty, and
  55. Law

    1. What document guarantees the presumption of innocence until conviction in a court of law? A. United States Constitution B. Articles of Confederation C. Civil Rights Act D. Supreme Court Bylaws im confused between A and C
  56. civlilization

    All of the following are correct about nineteenth century Liberalism EXCEPT: A. having economic and political components. B. supporting the idea of civil rights. C. wanting to limit governmental power. D. opposing limiting governmental power.
  57. cjs

    explain the major purposes of the criminal trial process. Do you think this process is effective in its goal to ensure justice, to serve the public, and to keep the rights of the defendants and victims intact? Explain your answers.
  58. History

    All of the following are correct about nineteenth century Liberalism EXCEPT: A. having economic and political components. B. supporting the idea of civil rights. C. wanting to limit governmental power. D. opposing limiting governmental power. d
  59. World History

    What is the significance of Fredrick Douglass? My answer: Fredrick Douglass is significant because he was an asset to the abolitionism of slavery and helped the black people, as well as helping women earn fight for their rights.
  60. SS help

    The eventual election of Andrew Jackson indicated which sift in the U.S. politics? A. increased reliance on aristocratic families B. acceptance of the common man ***(?) C. increased rights for Native Americans D. acceptance of British influence
  61. Texas Government

    Which of these was NOT a major factor in the emergence of a two-party system in Texas? a. The Shivercrats b. The civil rights movement c. In-migration d. Failure of the New Deal e. Support among minorities for liberal policies I would say In-migration
  62. s.s

    the declaration of independence raised questions about slavery because the document ... A) ensured that slaves would have to fight in the revolution. B) proposed passing laws that would grant rights to slaves. C) sent a message that did not match up with
  63. History

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act did all of the following except: a. ban discrimination on the grounds of sex b. prohibit racial discrimination in employment c. prohibit racial discrimination in privately owned businesses that provided public accommodations
  64. U.S. History (Check!)

    1. True or false: The Watts Riot was a race riot in the Watts neighborhood. A: True 2. True or false: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the biggest civil rights law passed in the U.S. A: True 3. True or false: Malcolm X died of old age in 1983. A: False 4.
  65. US History

    what are some examples of each Core Democratic Value What do you consider the core democratic values? Please post these values and what you think are examples of them. Then we'll be glad to help you. Core Democratic Values are the ideals and qualities
  66. History

    Could someone please check my questions? There are only 10/30. 1.)What does the "Age of Enlightenment" refer to? a)The Middle Ages b)The philosophical atmosphere of the 18th century =c)The reassertion of absolutism by the French monarch d)The period in
  67. American Government

    This dynamic also applies to same-sex marriage. The challenged laws burden the liberty of same-sex couples, and they abridge central precepts of equality. The marriage laws at issue are in essence unequal: Same-sex couples are denied benefits afforded
  68. American Government

    This dynamic also applies to same-sex marriage. The challenged laws burden the liberty of same-sex couples, and they abridge central precepts of equality. The marriage laws at issue are in essence unequal: Same-sex couples are denied benefits afforded
  69. English

    Animals have been used in medical research for centuries. Most of the animals used for research are rodents such as rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. Some dogs, cats and a variety of goats, ferrets, pigeons, monkeys and rabbits are also used .The struggle
  70. S.S

    what major change convinced many states to votes for ratification? A. Washington was elected as the fist president B. Federalists promised to include a bill of rights. C. the Northwest Ordinance was put into effect. D. the framers promised to dissolve the
  71. Life Orientation

    Critically discuss ways in which human rights violations influences individuals, groups and the broader S.A I thought of many individuals will no longer be free and won't feel safe in their own country which increases emigration and reduction in S.A's

    I am working on a paper for my college HIS class, I have found everything I need but am struggling finding information to answer one area..if someone could point me into the direction of some useful information, I would really appreciate it! : How was the
  73. History

    How are living conditions in the twenty-first century different than conditions in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? (You may compare any of the following areas: the role of women, leisure and entertainment, social classes, education, family,
  74. Social Studies

    Which cause most motivated the push for Mexican independence from spain? A.trade with the United States B.lack of rights and opportunities among non-Spanish C.Catholic missionary efforts D.geographic distance from spain I read my textbook and I came up
  75. History

    What event occured in the U.S. between 1861-1865? Civil War? What is located at 0 latitude and 0 longitude? Gulf of Guinea Name the 3 famous Civil RIghts leaders for African-Americans. Harriet Tubman,Frederick Douglas,and Dred Scott?
  76. U.S. History (Check)(REED)

    1. True or false: The Watts Riot was a race riot in the Watts neighborhood. A: True 2. True or false: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the biggest civil rights law passed in the U.S. A: True 3. True or false: Malcolm X died of old age in 1983. A: False 4.
  77. histoy

    Which of these reflects a democratic principle? A. Once appointed, a Roman senator could stay in office for life. B. Patricians had certain rights that plebeians did not have. C. Roman citizens gathered to vote at legislative assemblies. D. Some Roman
  78. Social Commentary

    The civil rights movement consisted of many events, such as freedom rides and sit-ins. Some of the events, such as fires and murders, were violent and unsettling. But the killing of the four little girls in Birmingham is considered one of the most
  79. Social Studies (History)

    What dived the Federalists and hurt John Adams chance for reelection? a) states rights b) a treaty with France c) Neutrality Act d) war with France my answer is a treaty with Franc
  80. New Mexico State History

    How did the constitution most likely encourage immigration? A. By guaranteeing individual rights and freedoms B. By opening the nation to unlimited immigration C. By enshrining the density of Manifest density D. By promising land to all new citizens Please

    I need to check these answers Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones go to court to settle an argument over a tree that is on Mr. Smith's yard but hangs over Mr. Jones' new cement driveway. Which amendment does this apply? I think it's the Ninth because it guarantees
  82. politics

    The attitude of the Department of Justice toward civil rights groups during the Clinton administration was: A. generally hostile. B. generally supportive. C. one that preferred a “class conscious” approach. D. one preferring a “color-blind”
  83. History

    All of the following are correct about nineteenth century Liberalism EXCEPT: A. having economic and political components. B. supporting the idea of civil rights. C. wanting to limit governmental power. D. opposing limiting governmental power. Ans: C
  84. Criminal Justice

    a suspect can be compelled to testify against himself at trial True or false? < True ? Prisons contain only felony criminals? T < or F Prisoners give up all consitutional rights when they are prosecuted or sentenced? T or F < The possibility of
  85. Question

    Before the Civil Rights Movement there was a lot of prejudice towards blakc people. In the boxes below, draw three signs you might have seen that were unjust towards black people in a small southern town. I need help. I sorta understand what it is asking.
  86. CRT 205

    1.Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. 2.Identify any areas that are vague or ambiguous. If none exist, explain how you determine this. Abortion Is a Woman's Right The Center for

    1: What was the initial purpose of the Constitutional Convention? A: to write the Constitution B: to amend the Constitution C: to amend the Articles of Confederation *** D: to ratify the Constitution 2: What fundamental problem did Noah Webster see in the
  88. English

    Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences, please? Thank you very much in advance. 1)If I hadn’t missed it, I would have arrived on time at the theatre and I could have seen Murphy’s performance. 2) I don’t feel well and I’d
  89. U.S History

    Each quote is either from the Constitution (what part of it?) or the Bill of Rights (which amendment?) 1."He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states: for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners" 2."For cutting
  90. history

    pleases check this question for me What was the goal of the Selma March? a. to integrate bus terminal lunch counters b. to get more low-cost housing built c. to get voting rights legislation passed d. to abandon violent, militant tactics in favor of civil
  91. POL 201 Week 4 quiz help

    Question 1.1. The Judiciary Act of 1789 established all of the following except that the Supreme Court would (Points : 1) have one Chief Justice. have five associate justices. sit in two sessions each year. determine how many federal districts there would
  92. POL Week 4. Answer check

    Question 1.1. The Judiciary Act of 1789 established all of the following except that the Supreme Court would (Points : 1) *A) have one Chief Justice. B)have five associate justices. C)sit in two sessions each year. D)determine how many federal districts
  93. COMM 100

    Assertive speakers tell their listeners what they mean and what they expect. true or false, Assertive communication is said to be where you take in the other persons feelings and rights into consideration, however assertive makes me think of firm, so I
  94. US History

    what were the bargaining agents, collectively bargaining for, (during the second new deal FDR)? were they bargaining for workers rights like more pay/ less hours? But, then what did the industry leaders gain in return if they gave more pay?
  95. Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7

    1: Why is urbanization associated with the Industrial Revolution? A:The expansion of family farms refocused the nation on agriculture. B:The concentration of factories in cities brought job opportunities. C: Settlers expanded the frontier West of the
  96. History

    How does the right to a grand jury protect the rights of the accused? A:It prevents one form self-incrimination. B:It stops the government from trying a person for the same crime twice. C:It requires sufficient evidence before moving to trial in cases of
  97. social studies

    4.What was the Antifederalists’ greatest opposition to the Constitution? A. They wanted to keep power in the hands of large business owners. B. They worried it would create the same abuses of power that the colonies faced.* C. It outlawed slavery in the
  98. History 11

    I am not getting a clear answer. I show what I think is correct: Which of the following is a successful result of the Reconstruction? states could limit voting rights in elections more African Americans could go to school segregation kept the races apart

    marbury vs madison mcculloch vs Maryland dred scott decision plessy vs ferguson brown vs board of education roe vs wade bowers vs hardwick mapp vs ohio bakke decisioN What amendments are these linked to and rights related to.
  100. Social studies

    Which statement best describes the importance of magna carta? A. british judges should hold power B. even the king must respect certain rights of the people C. federalism is the best form of government D. parliament should have the power to determine tax


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