Can someone link me sites where they have information on the two below? 1. In Act IV, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet cries, ''O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris . . . And I will do

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  1. English

    1. Imagine you are writing a research paper on social networking sites. Which of the following thesis statements would be the most effective? A. Social networking sites have become incredibly popular in recent years and have millions of members. Many of

  2. Physics

    In the figure, a chain consisting of five links, each of mass 0.100 kg, is lifted vertically with constant acceleration of magnitude a = 2.50 m/s2. Find the magnitudes of (a) the force on link 1 from link 2, (b) the force on link 2 from link 3, (c) the

  3. History help

    15. The compromise of 1850 included which of the following? A. The Homestead Act B. The Fugitive Slave Act C. The Indian Removal Act D. The Missouri Act I think the answer is A,but not for sure.

  4. United States History

    1.) Which of the following describes an effect of the watergate scandal? a.) Amendments to the federal election campaign Act limited the amount of money in an individual could legally give to a presidential campaign b.) The Freedom of Information Act

  5. Literacy

    When using the Internet as an information source, it's important to remember that A. scholarly sources have a domain name ending in .sch. B. Web sites are permanently archived in the Invisible Web. C. The Public Web is the best choice because it's free. D.

  6. Physics

    A chain composed of four identical links is suspended by a rope and does not move. How many force vectors would be drawn on the free body diagram of each link and which direction would they point? My answer: ---------- FIRST LINK (top): Upward force from

  7. buisness

    Read about Wanda’s complaint to the FDIC. What action did the regulator most likely take in this case? The FDIC found out that a company misreported information to a credit scoring company about Wanda. Wanda contacted the company and asked them to fix

  8. Ed Tech

    What is the purpose of social networking sites? A. to publish factual information about current events B. to share personal information with the world C. to encourage students to meet strangers in real life D. to allow people to interact in the online

  9. Health

    The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act applies to A. life insurers. C. disability insurers. B. health insurers. D. accident insurers Could you check my answer please? The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 was adopted in May of 2008.

  10. Math

    Each exterior angle of a regular polygon is 15 degrees. How many sides does the polygon have? and What is the sum of the interior angles? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "polygon angles" to get these possible

  11. English

    Thanks, Writeacher for the links I have checked several times, I couldn’t find the exact information I needed. My article information was title Durga Puja found at Calcuttaweb link, the links you sent were a lot of help but do I use


    Can someone help me with the essay writing please First you should make a list of reasons you agree or disagree with this topic. Arrange these items in a logical order. Next, write an introductory paragraph, briefly stating these reasons, and concluding

  13. com150

    The Internet radically reduces the cost of creating, sending, and storing information while making that information more widely available. The Internet reduces search costs, allowing customers to locate products, suppliers, prices, and delivery terms. The

  14. Finding and evaluating sources

    12.These sources of information provide up-to-date and generally reliable information about current events. Newspapers and news organizations Scholarly articles Serious trade books and articles Sponsored Web sites MY ANSWER A

  15. Eastern Religion

    I am looking for reliable link on Dogen Kigen - a Zen monk. Can someone provide a link or suggestion to find information about this philosopher? Thanks!

  16. english

    correct term thank you for all you did for us. or thank you for all you have done for us. Both sentences are correct. The first sentence means that whatever you did is completed. The second sentence means that whatever you did may be continuing into the

  17. business

    what is a recent canadian safety regulation act that got violated ie. acts such as food and drugs act meat inspection act seeds act hazardous products act customs act

  18. english

    What free sites or services offer feedback on writing pieces? For now, I do not opt for sites that teaches me how to write (like grammar/ structure/ etc.) I would like to know if there are sites that I can be able to chat with skilled individuals/tutors?

  19. U.S.History

    this is my question: How did the Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans differ in their opinion of how the Constitiution should be interpreted? please tell me if you can give me information or some sites with information thanks jiskha:)

  20. Computers

    This week, you learned the differences between the most popular 3 browsers. How might you change your normal, everyday browsing “habits,”. I am having trouble coming up with more ideas and information. (150 words) This week I learned about three

  21. gen/105

    • Conduct online research regarding the strongest of your multiple intelligences. Find three Web sites that accurately describe that intelligence. If you identified more than one intelligence, choose one. • Compile the following information: o Links to

  22. English

    1. The purpose of evaluating the sources of your research material is to test: A. the currency of information. B. the reliability of the information. C. whether the information is scholarly. D. which Web sites are legitimate. im confused between B & C 2.

  23. Science

    You may have to decide a second theme be sure to show a variety of examples (plant, animal, and other kingdoms) from a variety of smaller habitats within your ecosystem. explain how your examples fit the extreme theme. this is ecology. Thank you for using

  24. Language Arts

    How do I do a Bibliography for an interview? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on how to write a Bibliography and the second one is good for an interview: 1. 2. (Broken

  25. social studies

    what an indian circus is all about? These sites have information about a book called Indian Circus and circuses in India. (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)

  26. To SraJMcGin

    Could you post that link again, Im not getting the link to that documentary, these other sites pop up, like amazon, and I don't want to purchase it.

  27. Aurthers & Books

    In Act One of the Crucible by Arthur Miller. Miller included information about land disputes, lawsuites, and job oppointments. What effect do you predict this new crisis of suspected witchcraft will have on the commounity? Please note that we don't do

  28. Art

    What medium was Fernand Leger's 'Femme a la cruche'? It's an etching, using a process called "aquatint." Check these sites for more information. (Broken Link Removed)

  29. music

    The Wikipedia article "Samba" is about the Brasilian musical genre. i tried it only goes ona bout the steps and im after the music but thnks for the suggestion x x i need a website with plenty of information on the dance "the samba" but it needs to be

  30. social studies

    information ob taxation without representation on sugar act, stamp act, and Townsend act(townshed act)

  31. reading

    from "i know why the caged bird sings" How does margarite feel about her mothers relationship with mrs Flowers? These sites should provide the information you need. (Broken Link Removed)

  32. history

    describe the moral climate in the 1920's. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with this specialty online right now, be

  33. Ecology

    Tell me everything about water scorpion even where they live what they eat etc? These sites have a lot of information about water scorpions. (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)

  34. Economics

    Is the airline business considered to be a monopoly or oligolply? it's an oligopoly, I think. If you think about it that's more likely. Good question by the way. Tom is right. Please check these sites for more information.

  35. loins

    what websit has imformaton about lions Go to wikipedia and search for lions These sites have information about lions. (Broken Link Removed)

  36. ETH

    Information I can use to do a powerpoint presentation on Cultural Diversity These sites have a wealth of information about cultural diversity.

  37. Paris

    Need help finding a good website on Paris? Ones I find always are the same info or are just adds for places you can stay in paris. These sites have a lot of information about the history of my favorite city plus the backgrounds of some of its most famous

  38. computers

    You’re as IS professional, and your boss has asked you to prepare a briefing for senior staff on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of three competing tape drive technologies: Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT), and

  39. history

    Can someone please help me find a website that explains who the minorities were and what contribution did they and women make in World War I? These sites have some information:

  40. American Government

    I have to do a 5 minute presentation on George Washington and I have to focus on his contributions towards the Constitution. All the sites I go to have pretty much the same information. Does anyone have sites that could help me?

  41. world geography

    Where are you from if you are a: a.carioca b.limeno c.porteno d.paceno d.paulistano All the "n's" have a tilda on them. Check out these sites. (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)

  42. English

    Where can you find a list of credible sources on the internet, like website for research papers. Critical reading is the best guide to content credibility. In the early days, sites with .edu were reliable, but I find that is no longer a reliable guide. My

  43. Religion,History

    What makes up the Hindu religion considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system. Two of the unifying elements of Hinduism are a belief in Brahman and reincarnation. Check these sites for more information. (Broken Link Removed)

  44. social studies

    I would like to know about 5 animals &5 flowers of the New York State. These sites have a lot of information about the native wildflowers and animals in New York.

  45. science

    information on forces and motion yikes! This is a huge topic! Do you have any specific questions? yo mama is so Your post does not indicate exactly what information you are seeking. Also I cannot open the post of DanH, so I don't know if I might be

  46. Online learning

    copying the content exactly cutting the pasting from trustworthy sites making a mental note of which sites give information came from paarapharshing and appropriately identifying your source

  47. social studies

    which web sites often have more dependable information than other sites?

  48. Phy. Ed

    What are the maximum dimensions of a golf course? Or is there no limit? Apparently there is no limit to the size of a golf course. Check these sites for information about a couple of the world's largest golf courses. (Broken Link Removed)

  49. US History

    What is the Reagan Revolution? Is it another way of saying the presidency of Ronald Reagan? Yes. The Reagan Revolution was President Reagan's administration. Check out these web sites for more information.

  50. gurublue

    can u help me find sites that have info on blood diamonds? (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed) thank you very much

  51. science

    Can you direct me to a site(s) which can help with college chemistry and statistics? Here are a couple of good chemistry sites that pretty well cover the waterfront. I don't know any stat sites but if you will repost with the subject line of "math" I'm

  52. nutrition and wellness

    i have to write a research paper on a topic concerning Nutrition and Wellness. My topic is Diet and Diabetes. For now i just have to pick my topic and pick 5 websites that will help me with my topic. The sites have to be very useful, and give me the

  53. Stem Cell Research

    Hi I need to find 4 articles about stem cell research. 2 need to be ones that just support it and 2 the just oppose it. Does anyone have any link of web sites where I can find this. It can't talk about both it has to oppose or support. Also a website would

  54. Art

    Hi. I have to do a 8-paged paper on Egyptian art. I was wondering if anyone knew of any topics I could talk about. This is what I thought of so far: Gender roles in Egyptian Art Earliest forms of Egyptian Art The influence Egyptian art has had on other

  55. Business Law II

    What statute requires banks and other financial institutions to disclose to consumers any non-public information they wish to reveal to third parties? A) Banking and Financial Institution Privacy Act. B) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy Act. C) Electronic

  56. social studies

    How did the Fugitive Slave Act and the Kansas-Nebraska Act further divide the North and South? What role did the concept of popular sovereignty play in these conflicts? Do you think there was any way to avoid the violence that came out of this era? pls

  57. BiO

    I am comfused about meiosis and mitosis. First of all, both are forms of asexual reproduction, right? I know that in mitosis, you end up with two offspring. In meiosis, you end up with four. I don't get the part about the chromosomes. If you start out with

  58. computer system organization

    2. You're an IT professional, and your boss has asked you to prepare a briefing for senior staff on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of three competing tape drive technologies: Digital Linear Tape (DTL), Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT), and

  59. English

    I checked the site, it's really good. Did I get this right? TR=transitive ACT=action AUX=auxiliary L=linking visit = TR scare = TR is = L lines = TR stay = TR has driven = AUX strut = ACT pound = ACT wave = ACT toss = ACT catch = ACT twirl = ACT are = L

  60. social studies

    where can I find info about the draft for WWI such as what countries used the draft, what the qualifications for going in were, what got you out of going and I need graphics and pictures. Please help. M Here are some sites with good information. (Broken

  61. cultural diversity

    I need some help. I have to pick a subordinate group and write a journal entry. I have to describe as if i were a member of that group, tell where the group originated from and so on. I chose to write about African Americans. I have found most of the

  62. French for Maximus

    Here are some interesting sites for Corneille that you may not have seen: 1. 2. (select "Music/Videos" from the top menu and you can see and hear some songs!): (Broken Link Removed) 3. (You Tube & Avec Classe

  63. ms.sue

    the hard part is wording the words to a child about judaism . I can explain it or describe theconcept but then to word it to a kid. its the difficult part. because they will be in blank. is there a website for kids on judaism by any chance. These two sites

  64. Social Studies

    Who were the Sioux and what did they do in their everyday lives? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Sioux Indians" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link Removed)

  65. SOSE

    Hey people! i really need some help here. im doing an assignment and i need info (sites) i need to no umm the average humidity, UV index, daylight, wind, storms, cyclones and any other things. please. oh, and i need it on townsville. so if anyone could

  66. environmental science

    A migratory bird corridor is the route birds take while migrating from north to south and back again. One of the busiest is along the Mississippi River. Check this site for a map and more information. What exactly is

  67. Cross-Cultural Art Project Have fun. =) Hi everyone, My art class is studying artwork from around the world, and as part of our midterm projects we have to research a particular artist who represents one of the cultures

  68. american history

    1. Which of the following was not part of Britain's new imperial system after 1763? The Sugar Act The Molasses Act The Stamp Act The Currency Act The Quartering Act Please check the date for the Molasses Act.

  69. French sites for Suzana

    An audio sites: Some other sites: 1. (Broken Link Removed) 2. grammar = 3. verbs =


    I am searching for the history of American disablility Act (ADA). Did this act start in 1990 or was it earlier? Please guide me to a web site that has the correct information. Thank you

  71. HUM 130

    I'm having a little trouble finding information about societal and cultural influences in the Hinduism religion. I looked through the sites that were previously given in questions that were asked but didn't see much in the way for the information I need.

  72. science project

    i need to do a graphic or table for my science project.The project is Does water with salt boil faster than plain water? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on boiling water: 1.

  73. Math

    what is the name of this formula in this link:

  74. english

    need some help..waht is predicate, predicator and predication in this sentence: Twenty years ago London could have claimed the title "Smog City,Europe". Writeacher has given good information here.

  75. computer science

    XYZ Corporation employs 40,00 people with their own associated IP addresses, and operates over 400 servers, including e-mail (SMTP and POP3), FTP, Web, and DHCP at two locations: one in Muncie, Indiana, the other about 20 miles away in Hartford City. Dual

  76. English

    What is the simple subject of the following sentence? Several sites on the internet give information about extreme sports. I believe the simple subject is: sites

  77. Rhetoric Writing

    Hey I am doing a Process Analysis assignment. I chose "How a magician saws a woman in half" I need some help in finding information for this topic as it relates to the stages and steps taken in doing this magic. Also i will like to find some visual of how

  78. Marketing

    Select a company and product (real or imaginary). Use the Internet to find 5 websites that provide the types of information and data that you would use in a marketing information system for that company. You need to find information, data, and/or

  79. TCP/IP Networks

    XYZ Corporation employs 40,000 people with, their own IP addresses, and operates over 400 servers including e-mail (SMTP and POP), FZTP, Web and SHCP at two locations: one in Muncie, Indiana, the other about 20 miles away in Hartford City. Dual T1 lines,

  80. TCP/IP Networks

    XYZ Corporation employs 40,000 people with, their own IP addresses, and operates over 400 servers including e-mail (SMTP and POP), FZTP, Web and SHCP at two locations: one in Muncie, Indiana, the other about 20 miles away in Hartford City. Dual T1 lines,

  81. Fitness

    Try the exercises explained in these sites. (Broken Link Removed) I need different links for different toning exercises. 1.

  82. law

    what ways ae companies to be distinguished from partnership Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is some information for you: 1. (Broken Link Removed) 2. (Broken Link Removed) 3.

  83. English

    What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? How can stereotyping effect group relations? Here are some sites that will help you with this question.

  84. Romeo and Juliet quick question

    Could you give me a link to the best site that has a good summary for act 2 so I can understand it better. Thanks.

  85. Science

    we did a field study of two different was a grassland and one was a forest... considering that our two sites were so close together, why were the abiotic factors in the sites not identical?

  86. Social Studies

    What info might included in a journal entry written by a midwife during the Middle Ages, including social class, clothing, housing, church affiliation etc. Also need some kind of physical evidence to submit. Thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework

  87. General question

    What is difference between people lives of Iraq and the way we live. These sites have information about life in Iraq. (Broken Link Removed)

  88. Debating

    i reallyy need helpp and sites with information on this question and im on the negtive side so im finding it pretty hard to find information on the question. Modern media is more manipulative than informative? plesee can anyone help.

  89. outlines

    where would i go to find different samples of outlines? Try these sites. (Broken Link Removed)

  90. history

    what was education like in sydney in the 19th century? These sites may help you. (Broken Link Removed)

  91. psychology

    Does the axon or terminal button transmits information to neighboring neuron? I am confused between the two because they both transmits information. Please provide link to your answer.

  92. HUM

    Could you please help me re word this paragraph. I need it to be at least 100 words, but this one that I did was not good enough. Social media sites have affected commerce because people can advertise to thousands of people all at once through different

  93. humanities

    i need a website where you can research your family tree THNX :) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If we knew the last name it is easier to find more information. Many geneology sites seem to charge to belong, but hopefully the following

  94. Religions of the World

    Find 2 websites dealing with indigenous cultures/religions.Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous people you explored. Are indigenous religions still practiced today? If so, how have the practices changed over

  95. history

    i need 2 write a paragraph about anubis wot shood i write????? i fink i need some info to copy??????? I think you need some religion: The kind that a tough hard nosed teacher can give. It appears you are long overdue. Apparently, no one has ever told you

  96. history

    Hi, I wanted to now if anybody knows a website that has maps of Europe during World War because I looked on Google, and it did not have a map that I wanted. (Broken Link Removed) This is about as complete as I can find. I hope you find a map you can use in

  97. Biology URGENT

    Where can i find the Scientific Name of the Phyla/class of Eubacteria, Cyanobacteria, and Prochlorbacteria? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Eubacteria phylum" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link

  98. English

    I am supposed to cite my sources using the MLA format. I am trying to cite a source for these two sites. one is for the jarvik heart and the other is for life gift. I am having trouble finding information such as name of the author, name of editor or

  99. us history

    In response to which acts did colonial opposition become violent? stamp act sugar act townshend act tea act

  100. art

    a video technician must be knowledgable as to These sites will give you a job description. (Broken Link Removed) jikojnkjhnkljhn,n,m


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