1. Please Help Me On This GCSE Higher Question

    Can anyone answer this question which is in a form of a fraction? Simplify: 8x^2+20x-12/8x^2-2 Thanks What does this expression equal? What do you mean by the word "answer"? Did you mean to type 8x^2+20x-12/(8x^2-2)=0 ? the answer is: 2(x+3)/2x+1 ) In an

    asked by Rachel on June 23, 2006
  2. math,correction

    Directions:Multiply Problem: ((x)/(3)+(3)/(4)) ((3x)/(4)-(3)/(5)) so the answer for it i got: ((20x^2+20x-36)/(80)) I worked it and I have what you have EXCEPT 29x instead of 20x. If you can't find the error, post your work and we can help you find it.

    asked by Jasmine20 on January 24, 2007
  3. algebra 2

    1.Simplify the difference. n^2 - lOn+24 9 / n^2 - 13n + 42 — 7 A. n-13/n-7

    asked by Anonymous on July 28, 2012
  4. Algebra 1

    Are these right? xy - 3x - 8y + 24 (3x-y)-(8y+24) 8y+24 4x^2 + 20x + 5y +xy 36x+(5y+x) 36x-5y I don't think so it's right.Your question xy-3x-8y+24 is itself the answer.It cannot be further calculated bcause it doesn't have the terms containing the same

    asked by mike on March 8, 2007
  5. college algebra

    question 1: build the fraction x+5/x+3 to an equivalent fraction whoes denominator is x^2 question 2: simplify (x^2+6x+9)(3-x)/(x-3)(2x+6) question 3. find the product in simplest from x^3-9x/x^5+27x^2 * x^2-3x+9/x^2+3x

    asked by ashley on September 2, 2014
  6. Calculus

    I'm reviewing for a test tomorrow and two of the questions on the review had me a little stumped. Lim Sq. Rt.(x+5) - Sq. Rt (5) all divided by X-->0 X I was able to rationalize and ended up with (X)/ x ((sq. rt.(x+5))+ sq. rt.(5)) which gives me 1/ sq.

    asked by Danya on September 12, 2013
  7. math

    Simplify the given equation. 17x - 6 + 3x - 5 = x + 11 + 4x A)20x - 11 = 5x + 11 B)20x + 1 = 5x + 11 C)9x = 16x

    asked by nicky on March 8, 2010
  8. someone help

    my post is still on this page as algebra, could someone elaborate on what bobpursley tried to help me with. See your original post. I am guessing you are referring to your question 5)Simplify:(5x-4)^2 and your answer= 25x^2 - 16 (5x-4)^2 =(5x-4)(5x-4) =

    asked by erin on August 1, 2007
  9. maths

    1a) Solve the each of these equations by factorising the left hand side into a product of linear factors: (i) x^2 - 6x - 40 = 0 (ii) 3x^2 + 20x - 7 = 0 (b) For each question in part (a), check your solutions by substituting them back into the equation. 3.

    asked by Saphina AlMatary on October 24, 2016
  10. maths

    1a) Solve the each of these equations by factorising the left hand side into a product of linear factors: (i) x^2 - 6x - 40 = 0 (ii) 3x^2 + 20x - 7 = 0 (b) For each question in part (a), check your solutions by substituting them back into the equation. 3.

    asked by Michael on October 25, 2016
  11. maths

    1a) Solve the each of these equations by factorising the left hand side into a product of linear factors: (i) x^2 - 6x - 40 = 0 (ii) 3x^2 + 20x - 7 = 0 (b) For each question in part (a), check your solutions by substituting them back into the equation. 3.

    asked by Michael on October 24, 2016
  12. Math

    Find the intersection of two lines. i have the answer just please tell me how it was made 4x-3y-4=0 , 4x+2y+5=0 -5y/-5 = 9/-5 y= 9/5 4x-3(-9/5)-4=0 5(4x+27/5-4=0) 20x+27-20=0 20x+7=0 20x/20=-7/20 x=-7/20 (-7/20, -9/5

    asked by Joy on July 1, 2014
  13. Algebra-Please check

    5 - sqrt of 20x + 4 >= -3 5- 20x + 4 >= -3 5-4 - 20x >= -3 1 - 20x >= -3-1 -20x >= -4 x

    asked by Juliette on October 12, 2010
  14. Math

    Find the product. Your answer should be in simplest form. 1. one-third• 7 (1 point) one over twenty-one two and one-seventh two and one-thirdFind the product. Your answer should be in simplest form. 2. –seven-ninths• start fraction 3 over 5 end

    asked by mr mega on September 23, 2019
  15. algebra

    Please correct,if necessary, and simplify using long division: (-72-4x^2+8x^3-36x) devided by (x-3). My solution: 8x^2+20x+24 ------------------- 8x^3-4x^2-36x-72 8x^3-24x^2 ------------------ 20x^2-36x-72 20x^2-60x ----------------------- 24x-72 24x-72

    asked by Anneliese on April 15, 2017
  16. Algebra

    1) Simplify: (Y^4) (y^3) A:y^1 B:y^7 (my answer) C:y^12 D:y^43 2)Simplify: Y^6 / y^2 A: y^8 B: y^4 C: y^3 ( my answer) D: y^1 3: Convert into a fraction 5-^3 A: 1/5 B:1/15 (my answer) C:1/25 D:1/125 4: 15^0=? A:0 (my answer) B:1 C:15 D:1/15 5: Select all

    asked by Lexi on September 26, 2016
  17. Algebra

    1. Find the degree of the monomial 6p^3 q^2. A) 2 B) 3**** C) 5 D) 6 2. Simplify (7t^2+9)+(6t^2+8) A) t^2 +1 B) 13t^2+17 C) 13t^4+ 17**** D) 42t^2+72 3. Simplify 3n(4n^2 + 5n) A) 12n^3 + 15 n^2***** B) 7n^2+8n C) 12n^2 +15n D) 12n^2 +8n 4. Factor 18s-63 A)

    asked by Olaf on February 12, 2015
  18. math

    how do you estimate fractions? I know how to estimate numbers and decimals but the questions wants us to estimate fraction sand have the answer in fraction form. the question is : 2 1/10 divided by 1 1/5= how would these be estimated? without estimating I

    asked by E6 on October 23, 2014
  19. math, algebra,correction & help

    directions are: write each fraction in simplest form: (-15x^3y^3)/(-20x^1y^4) My answeris: (3x^2)/(4y) THESE TWO NEXT ONES ARE THE ONES THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND: pROBLEM #1 DIRECTIONS: Write each expression in simplest form. (4x-28)/(5x-35) Problem #2

    asked by jas20 on February 23, 2007
  20. math

    On this question:She then ate half of the remaining Skittles and saved the rest. What fraction of the bag of Skittles did she save? Simplify the fraction,if possible Did I have to simplify 25/80 to get 5/16? If I did where was I suppose to get 25/80 from

    asked by running.from.myself on March 8, 2012
  21. Math

    Ok I'm on castle learning and for homework this weekend we have to do #1-4 (assignments) that is due on Saturday @ midnight because that the time it will close and I need help on this question. My assignment is: Math 7 (Q1) Assign #2 - Fractions (i already

    asked by Laruen on November 12, 2011
  22. college algebra

    1. divide and simplify x^2+x-56/x^1-1 / x-7/2x+2 2. find the product in simplest from for x^2+x-6/2x^2-x-3 * x^7-2x^6+4x^5/x^4+8x 3. perform the indicated operations and simplify: 2/3x +4/3x^2 y^4 -6/2x^4 y^5 4. perform the indicated operation and simplify

    asked by ashley on September 1, 2014
  23. Math

    Simplify the expression, reporting final answer using positive power: 4x^-3 y^-2 z^-5/-20x^-5 y^8 z^6 = ______

    asked by Chandrakant on February 25, 2013
  24. Algebra 1A


    asked by Terri on September 27, 2009
  25. Algebra II

    Simplify the complex fraction: x+(4x/y)/(7/3x) I know that the answer is 3x^2(y+4)/7y. I don't know how to get this answer. Can someone please help me walk through this and figure out how to simplify it? I would be so grateful.

    asked by Confuzzled on March 14, 2018
  26. PreCalc

    - 2x^3 2x√(x^2+5) ----------- x^2+5 --------------------------------------- ***The lines are fraction lines*** x^2+5 This question asks you to simplify or perform the indicated operation. The answer is also given as 10x ---------- (x^2+5)^3 can someone

    asked by Art on October 30, 2018
  27. Algebra

    Can you please check my work? You have helped other students I know. Thank you:) Multiply -7(2a2 -4) = -14a2 + 28 Multiply 0.5(a + b -5) = 0.5a + 0.5b - 2.5 Factor bx - by + bz = b(x - y + z) Combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 - y = 6x -

    asked by Sharon (ms. Sue) on November 8, 2011
  28. Algebra (check my answers)

    Please check these answers. Multiply -7(2a2 -4) = -14a2 + 28 Multiply 0.5(a + b -5) = 0.5a + 0.5b - 2.5 Factor bx - by + bz = b(x - y + z) Combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 - y = 6x - 12y - 5 Evaluate the expression 3x2y when x = 3 and y

    asked by Sharon on November 8, 2011
  29. math/algebra

    Simplify: 3/4/4/5 answer choices are: a) 3/5 b) 5/3 C) 15/16 d)16/15 How do I go about solving this fraction, please show me how to work this. 3/4 divided by 4/5 1. Invert the second fraction. 3/4 / 5/4 2. Multiply the numerators and denominators. What

    asked by Diana on July 15, 2007
  30. algebra

    How do you simplify [2/(x+4)]+2 ----------- [3/(x+4)]+1 I know the answer is 2(x+5)/(x+7), but I have little idea how to get there! Please help?! multiply your fraction by (x+4)/(x+4) you end up with [2 + 2(x+4)]/[3 + (x+4)] simplify and you will get your

    asked by Lydia on May 9, 2007
  31. algebra

    There is a fraction such that if 5 is added to the numerator, its value will be 1/3, and if 7 is subtracted from the denominator, its value will be 1/5. What is the fraction? Give the answer in the form of fraction.

    asked by mnprt on October 11, 2017
  32. Algebra

    1) translate to an algebraic expression: one less than a product of two numbers A: xy-1 2) 12/25 = ? A: ? = .48 3) Find -x when x= -25/41 (this is a fraction) A: -x = 41/25 4) Use a commutative law to find an equivalent expression. An equivalent expression

    asked by Carmen on September 21, 2008
  33. Algebra

    1) translate to an algebraic expression: one less than a product of two numbers A: xy-1 2) 12/25 = ? A: ? = .48 3) Find -x when x= -25/41 (this is a fraction) A: -x = 41/25 4) Use a commutative law to find an equivalent expression. An equivalent expression

    asked by Carmen on September 21, 2008
  34. algebra

    Need some one check my homework. Evaluate 3p/q when p=2 and q=6. Answer:1 Use < > or = for __ to write a true sentence: 0.001 __ 0.0010 Answer:< Question 3 Evaluate -3/8 - 5/8. Answer:7 Question 4 Evaluate: 84 + (-99) + 44 - (-18) - 43 = Answer:4 Question

    asked by Lisa on May 29, 2014
  35. pre-calculus

    find the complex zeros of the polynomial function. write F in the factored form. f(X)=x^3-7x^2+20x-24 use the complex zeros to write f in factored form. f(x)= (reduce fractions and simplify roots)

    asked by ladybug on October 1, 2012
  36. Math

    Write the expression as a single fraction and simplify. 3/a + 3/b Is this when you cross multiply and get 3a + 3b? Except the answer has to be a fraction so I am not sure.

    asked by Selena on August 25, 2015
  37. algebra

    Simplify 1/9^-4 One divided by 9^-4 Directions say to simplify answer and type an integer or a fraction. Is 6561 correct?

    asked by becky on February 7, 2008
  38. geometry

    Find the sine of ∠K. 36 77 85 K J I Simplify your answer and write it as a proper fraction, improper fraction, or whole number.

    asked by Anonymous on June 6, 2016
  39. 6th Grade Probability

    You roll a number cube twice. Find P (even, then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. I'm fully clueless to the answer to this question. Can someone please help me out? Thanks Very Much and need the answer A.S.A.P!

    asked by MusicLover14 on June 10, 2015
  40. math

    You roll a number cube twice. Find P (even, then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. I'm fully clueless to the answer to this question. Can someone please help me out? Thanks Very Much and need the answer A.S.A.P!

    asked by Dejavu on April 27, 2017
  41. algebra

    1)Simplify:(3x^0y^-4)(2x^2y)^3 answer=6x^6 over y 2)Simplify:2x^2y^5z^-4 over 8x^6yz^3 answer= y^4 over 4x^4z 3)Saturn is 1.4 x 10^9 kilometers away from the sun. If light travels 3.0 x 10^4 km per second,how long does it take light from the sun to reach

    asked by erin on August 1, 2007
  42. Calculus Infinite Geometric Series

    So this is what Im basically doing, I got how to do Number 1 and 2. This is the way I did it. Im supposed to find the common ration and the sum number. 1. 4 + 2 + 1 + ... The Common ratio is 0.5, so in decimal form it would be 1/2. I sort of get confused

    asked by Anonymous on September 19, 2011
  43. simplify fractions{someone help plz}

    ok how do i simplify a fraction if there is no fraction. like for ex this is one of the problems i simplify to 1/2. my numerator is a prime number between 44 and 52 who am i? see i don't get it someone help plz There is only one prime number between 44 and

    asked by breiona on February 21, 2007
  44. Math

    2x(5*2-3) > x(3-5)-2(x-1) the answer I have got is x > 2/18. Can someone please tell me if this is the correct answer? 2x(10-3) > -2x - 2x + 2 20x - 6x > -4x + 2 18x > 2 x > 2/18 correct! sorry! simplify x > 1/9 Thanks i thought it was right b/c i tried to

    asked by Karla on August 6, 2007
  45. Please check answers)

    Perform the indicated operations and simplify the result. Leave your answer in factored form. 1) x/16 - 1/x all over 1 + 4/x A) x+4/16 B) x-4/16 C) 16/x+4 D) 16/x-4 E) -16/x+4 I chose answer C. I saw this as x^2-16/ x+4. Multiply the following using the

    asked by Hannah on September 9, 2010
  46. math

    5/x-2 - 4/x-3 express as a single fraction in its simplest form. I had done the question like this: = 5/x-2 (x-2)(x-3) -4/x-3 (x-2)(x-3) = 5x-15-4x+8 = x-7 but how in fraction?

    asked by humza on November 19, 2016
  47. math,mathguru

    you asked me about how did i came up with my answer this is what i did: Write each fraction in simplest form. #18 (-5x^3y^3)/(-20xy^4) = (3X(-5)X(x)X(x)X(x)X(y)X(y)X(y))/(2X2X(-5)X(x)X(y)X(y)X(y)X(y)) = after canceling the common terms top and bottom i am

    asked by jas20 on March 3, 2007
  48. math

    Find the product. (2x)(10x) A.20x B.12x C.20x^2 D.-5x Is the answer A?? Thanks

    asked by nelly on May 13, 2015
  49. Algebra

    Can someone tell me if I am right? Factor by group 20x^2-12x=15x-9 20x^2+3x+9 (4x+3)(5x-3) answer

    asked by Tim on March 13, 2008
  50. math

    5(3+4x)-6>=129 I get 2 different answers on this one. 15+20x-6>=129 15+20x-6+6>=129+6 15+20x>=135 15-15+20x>=135-15 20x>=120 20x/20>=120/20 x>=6 Is this worked out properly, are there any shortcuts?

    asked by barb on August 22, 2010
  51. precalculus

    please check my answers 1.Use Gaussian elimination to write the system of equations given below in row-echelon form. 2x+4y+z=-4 2x-4y+6z=13 4x-2y+z=6 answer:2x+4y+z=-4 8y-5z=-17 z=1 2.Find the solution to the system of equations given below. x+y+z=2

    asked by Anonymous on November 30, 2016
  52. Maths

    simplify and express as a single fraction in its simplest form: (a) 4/a^2 -2a-3 + a/a-3 + a/a+1

    asked by Debby on May 23, 2016
  53. English

    If you want to answer my questions, put up your hands....(one question)..(A boy answers the question, but not in a complete form....) 1. Try to answer the question in a full sentence/form. 2. You should answer the question in full sentences/forms. 3.

    asked by rfvv on December 2, 2015
  54. Algebra 1B Radical expressions & data analysis

    1. Simplify 2/√5 A. 2/√5 B. √10 C. √10/5 D. 2√10/5 *** My answer 2. Simplify -11√112 A. -44√7 B. -176 √7 C. -27 √7 D. 4√7 *** My answer 3. Simplify 17√17 -9 √17 A. 8 *** My answer B. 8√17 C. 26√17 D. 8√0 4. Simplify 6/ √3 +

    asked by Mermaid99 on May 23, 2016
  55. math

    I am a little confused on the first question of this problem could someone please check my answers and please explain why and what I need to do to get correct answer thank you Calculate the mean, and write this as a mixed fraction.

    asked by My worst subject is math on September 4, 2009
  56. math

    Multiply and simplify 2/3*13 The answer is 22. Right? if you mean (2/3) * 13 or 2 / (3*13) i believe according to both your answer is wrong Is that (2/3)*13? If so, then (2*13)/3= something other than 22. Or if it is 2/(3*13) = it is not 22. Show your work

    asked by KC on August 19, 2007
  57. Algebra

    (8m^7 - 10m^5) / 2m^3 Answer choices - 4m^7 - 5m^5 4m^4 - 10m^5 8m^7 - 10m^2 4m^4 - 5m^2, please show me your work Simplify into one fraction -2/x+3 - 4/x-5 answer choices - -6x - 2/ (x+3)(x-5) 6(x-1)/(x+3)(x-5) -6/(x+3)(x-5) Simplify into on fraction

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP on May 20, 2015
  58. algebra

    please review the questions and table and check my answers. tank you tutors. table planets' orbital velocity planet orbital velocity (mi/s) mercury 29.74 venus 21.76 earth 18.5 mars 14.99 jupiter 8.12 saturn 6.02 uranus 4.23 solve. show your work. express

    asked by anon on September 24, 2015
  59. math

    Simplify each expression blow: (a). 18.5 - (4.8 + 0.2)² + 4.1  2= (b). 11.35 + (0.2  3.5 )² - 3.7= ©. On a business trip, Jason bought the following amounts of gasoline: 15.4, 12.2, 13.8, and 10 gallons (gal). How much gasoline did he purchase on

    asked by rosland on January 10, 2009
  60. Math Algebra

    Resolve(17x²+14x + 9) – (-13x² +6x - 12) 30xsquared+20x+21 I'll try to be helpful and show the work. This is the method I learned last quarter. (17x"sq"+14x+9) + (13x"sq"+6x+12) = (30X"sq"+20x+21) I used the vertical method but the step are the same

    asked by Rosa on June 5, 2007
  61. maths

    Hi, could someone please tell me how I would go about working these out: (the answer must be in the form aãb where a and b are integers and b is as small as possible.) 1) Simplify ã500 2) Simplify ã50 x ã60 Also.. Simplify the following

    asked by em on February 22, 2007
  62. Algebra 2

    would some one please check these for me 1. divide x^2-36y^2 over 5x^2+30y divide (x^2-6xy) A: x+6y over (5x)(x^2+6y) 2. Add. Express your answer in simplest form. 2x 0ver x^2+15x+54 + 4over x+6 A: 6 over x+9 3. solve: (9 over x-5) -1= 8 over x+5 A: -10

    asked by Ray on June 2, 2007
  63. math

    how do i change 3.75 into a fraction simple or improper fraction? you could say 3 and 3/4 (since .75 = 3/4) or you could go from there and convert to improper. basically simplify 375/100 (multiply 3.75/1.00 by 100/100) but it can't be 3 and 3/4 your answer

    asked by jasmine20 on April 15, 2007
  64. Math

    Can someone please help me with these two. What is the quotient (6-x)/(x^2+2x-3)÷(x^2-4x-12)/(x^2+4x+3) in simplified form? State any restrictions on the variable. Simplify the complex fraction ((x)/(x+2))/((1)/(x)+(1)/(x+2))

    asked by Kylie on May 30, 2013
  65. math

    5x^2-20x=0 ? How to simplify

    asked by linda on November 13, 2012
  66. Math

    x^2-4x-32 / x^2-20x-96 how do you simplify this?

    asked by Liz on November 29, 2012
  67. algebra

    Simplify x / 6x - x^2 Please show me how you did it so i can understand! Another one, Simplify x^2 - 3x - 18 / x + 3 This is a fraction Another one, k + 3 / 4k - 2 (this is a fraction) * 12k^2 + 2k - 4)

    asked by PLEASE HELP ASAP on May 20, 2015
  68. math

    i'm studying for a test and i've just got a few questions.. 1-If x^2+8x+m has one double root then m=? and the vertex is? 2-I got -3-i(s.r)5 / 5 for this problem-> -15-(s.r)-125.. is that correct? 3-Is the answer for (5-3i)^2 -30i+ 16 ? 4-is the answer to

    asked by cici on February 25, 2009
  69. math

    Will someone please show me how to do this problem. I have to write this ratios in simplest form. The ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10. Change each of your mixed fractions to an improper fraction, then divide the first by the second. Remember to divide fraction #1

    asked by jeff on February 4, 2007
  70. Algebra

    I would appreciate an explanation of how to simplify this question. Write the fraction as a difference. 3x-7 --- 12

    asked by Madison on September 18, 2015
  71. math

    (16xy^3/-24x^4y)^-3 simplify the rational expression in the form A/B. Single fraction with only positive exponents.

    asked by aly on January 19, 2013
  72. Math help, anyone?

    Solve the proportion. Where necessary, round to the nearest hundredth. Plz help i really need 2 get this in!! 11. 9/10 = x/10 9 *** 90 10 100 12. x/4 = 6/7 168 0.21 28 3.43 13.Write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 22:36 14. Write the ratio as a

    asked by Anna on November 26, 2013
  73. Math

    Simplify the expression. –4 – 5(x + 8) A. –5x – 44 B. –5x + 36 C. –x – 8 D. –20x + 8

    asked by Anonymous on December 19, 2018
  74. algebra 1

    how to simplify and solve 2/5(20x+5)-1/2(8-4x)=38

    asked by kate on September 5, 2010
  75. Algebra I

    Hi, I would like someone to explain to me the process to get to the answer of these questions. (The answers are in the back of the book, but I don't understand how to get them myself): QUESTION ONE Warren has 40 coins (all nickels, dimes, and quarters)

    asked by A on November 12, 2010
  76. Calculus

    Perform the indicated operations and simplify the result. Leave your answer in factored form. 4+(4/x)/4-(4/x) Give the answer in the form Ax+B/Cx+D is the answer x+4/x-4

    asked by George on August 26, 2008
  77. math

    will smeone please help me solve this question. Simplify the expression. Write your answer in the lowest terms ans leave it in factored form. __3y__ + ___4__ y(4y-1) 4y-1

    asked by Michael on April 4, 2013
  78. math

    Simplify the rational expression in the form A/B. X^-2+X^-4. Express the final result in a single fraction using positive exponents only.

    asked by aly on January 19, 2013
  79. Calculus

    This is a problem we did previously on a test; my answer was marked correct, but I am having trouble getting my answer in the same form that my teacher gave it. The question: Find the derivative of (x/(x+1))^1/2 His answer: ( (x(x+1))^(1/2) ) / (2x(x+1)^2)

    asked by Lauren on April 14, 2009
  80. algebra

    I was wondering if my answer is right. Let f (x)=(x+10)^2. Find x so that f(x)=72 (x+10)^2=72 x^2+20x+100=72 x^2+20x+28=0 x=(-20+-sqrt(400-112))/2 x=-10+6*sqrt(2)

    asked by dan on April 25, 2010
  81. math

    simplify the expression 1. 2x = 3(x-2) - 3(x-6) 1. 2x + 12 2. 2x - 8 ***** 3. 8x - 24 4. 2x - 24 2. C+6 -30 1. P > 6 2. P < 6 3. P > -35 4. P < 35***** 4. -4 - 5(X+8) 1. -5x - 44 2. -5x + 36 3. -x - 8 4. -20x + 8****** I really need help to check if my

    asked by ananymous on January 16, 2019
  82. Algebra

    simplify: [(2x^2+5x-6)/(5x^2+7x-6)]*[(20x^2-7x-3)/(6x^2-25x+4)]/[(4x^2-11x-3)/(6x^2-19x+3)]

    asked by Jeconiah on February 19, 2013
  83. Math, Algebra

    Can someone correct my homework. Evaluate.For number 1 1) /4/ + /-3/ My answer: 7 2)Business & Finance: A country exported $60,00,000 less than it imported, creating a negative trade balance. My answer: -60,000,000 Evaluate the following expressions

    asked by Jasmine 20 on November 24, 2006
  84. Math

    Becky found $2.00 in her back pocket when she got dressed this morning. She went to the grocery store with her mom and bought a large bag of Skittles. When she got home, she sorted them by color. The chart below shows how many of each color she had. Red 20

    asked by running.from.myself on March 8, 2012
  85. math

    Automobiles and small trucks make up 84% of the travel to and from work in the US. What fraction represents all other means of travel to and from work in the US? How would I set this up, I am guessing the answer is 16% but I have no clue how to get the

    asked by Rhonda on June 1, 2007
  86. math

    Tina has a pet sitting business. She charges a flat service fee of $20, plus $20 per day for each animal. If one of her customers spent less than $100 on one animal, which of the following inequalities could be used to solve for x, the number of days the

    asked by abella on December 7, 2018
  87. math,correction

    Problem #1 subtract. Express your answer in simplest form (3x)/(18) minus (x)/(18) MY steps: (3x-x)/(18) = (2x)/(18) and answer: (2x)/(18) Problem #18 write in simplest form. (3x^5)/(15x^12) My steps: (3)/(15) = .60 x^5-12 = x^-7 so my answer is: .60x^-7

    asked by jasort20 on March 18, 2007
  88. Math

    So I found the derivative of an expression and I cannot figure out how to simplify the final answer into the desired form. I got -csc^2(X)/(1+cotx)^2. Now how do I simplify this into -1/(sinx+cosx)^2. Help, it's killing me ahha. Thanks!

    asked by Beth on December 23, 2015
  89. math

    What is the answer for simplify fraction 12/44

    asked by Jackie on May 8, 2010
  90. math

    what is the answer to the fraction 6/8 when you simplify it

    asked by bejoy on March 10, 2009
  91. drbob222, math ,algebra

    can you explain to me the following problem , ms.sue and others are trying to help me but they are making me more confuse. Is there any short cuts to the following problem. Directions:multiply and write the answer in simplest form. 4/12 times 10/4 first,

    asked by jasmine20 on December 16, 2006
  92. math PLEASE HELP

    26. a. Show that the ratios Start Fraction 10 over 20 End Fraction and Start Fraction 30 over 60 End Fraction form a proportion by finding a common multiplier. b. Show that the ratios in part (a) are equal by writing them in simplest form.

    asked by Evie on December 15, 2017
  93. 8th Grade Algebra-Radicals:Answer Check

    Change each decimal to a fraction in lowest terms. 1) 0.4242.... Answer: 14/33 2)0.58 Answer: 29/50 3)0.14 (Repeating sign over both numbers) Answer: 14/99 Write each expression in simplest form. ( means that it is inside a square root. 1. (54 Answer: 3(6

    asked by Joy on January 13, 2009
  94. math

    i need some to explain how to turn 1.05 into a fraction Do you know how to add fractions? 1 + 0.05 equals 1.05. So if you can convert 1 to a fraction and 0.05 to a fraction, you can add the two fractions together. Your answer is 1.05 as a fraction.

    asked by Tammy Evert on July 19, 2006

    simplify the expressions... 1. (x^3)^5 2. (y^4)^5 3. 4^8/4^2(this is a fraction) 4. b^2/b^4(this is a fraction) 5. 28xy^7/32xy^12(this is a fraction) Please show me step by step because I am not really understanding these types of problems...

    asked by PrimroseEverdeen on November 19, 2015
  96. Math

    4/-3+(5/-12)= Simplify your answer. Type a fraction.

    asked by Jamie on September 26, 2009
  97. Algebra II

    I have some questions on my assignment, if you don't mind could you look over my answers. thanxs! Find all the numbers that must be excluded from the domain of the rational expression. x+8/x^2-16, my answer: x cant be -4 or 4 x-3/x^2+11x+24, my answer: x

    asked by Jesse on August 13, 2007
  98. Differential equation

    A first order linear equation in the form y′+p(x)y=f(x) can be solved by finding an integrating factor μ(x)=exp(∫p(x)dx) (1) Given the equation (x+4)^2y′+5(x+4)y=16 find μ(x)= I found it to be e^(5ln(x+4))which is correct** (2) Then an explicit

    asked by Joe on June 15, 2015
  99. Calculus

    How do you simplify: 5*e^(-10x) - 3*e^(-20x) = 2 I'm not sure if I can take natural log of both sides to bring down the exponents.

    asked by Kyle on January 11, 2013
  100. please help its bedtime

    how can you tell which form of a rational number is most appropriate in a given situation? Use an integer, or fraction, NEVER a decimal number. If your number is say 3.5, then the rational answer would be 35/100. if the number is .75, then the rational

    asked by kayla on November 16, 2006