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  1. Math, please check answer

    Find the slope of the line through the given points. ( 8, -2) and ( 8, -1) Since 8-8 is 0 would the slope be 0 or would there be no slope?
  2. Chem answer check

    Does this look correct? Thx! Write the balanced equation for the reaction between solid copper and silver nitrate, that produces solid silver and copper(II) nitrate in solution. Include your experimentally determined mole ratios for the copper and silver
  3. Math

    As you can see from my nickname, math and I don't have great history. That is why I would like someone to check my answer. Q: Samantha types 40 words per minute. How many words can she type in 8 minutes? My Answer: 320 How I got to this: This question
  4. @ elena - intro to physics

    I posted this question earlier and thank you for respnding, but the answer you give me was incorrect. I try looking at hw you solve and cant find the mistake but when when I check your answer it said it was wrong. Can you please look over it again, I
  5. Calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by y = x^2, y = 0, x = -1, and x = 2. I tried the integral from -1 to 2 of x^2 and got 3 as the answer. I tried (integral from 0 to 1 of √y + 1) + (integral from 0 to 4 of 2 - √y) and got 13/3. What is wrong with the
  6. Calculus

    Evaluate the limit as h -> 0 of: [tan (pi/6 + h) - tan(pi/6)]/h I thought the answer was √3/3, or tan(pi/6, but apparently that is wrong, any tips here?
  7. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Récrivez les phrases d'après le modèle. modèle: Il est parti? Oui, il vient de partir. 1. Ils sont partis? Answer: Oui, il viennent de partir. 2. Vous avez tous fini? Answer: Oui, vous venez de finir. 3.
  8. Chem. reply+asap!

    In some industrial processes, sodium chromate is added to water coolants. When the coolant is drained, the chromate ions can be removed through an electrolysis process that uses an iron anode. The products of the electrolysis are aqueous iron(II) ions and
  9. calculus

    Find the exact value of the given expression. (tan17pi/12 - tan pi/4) / (1+tan 17pi/12 tan pi/4) can you help with this? i got the answer 1/ squareroot 3
  10. Calculus

    More questions on - finding dy/dx 1) y = sqrt 4 + sin 10 x - I am lost again 2) y = 10/sin x answer: - 10 csc x cot x 3) y = sin x/ 8x
  11. calculus verify answer

    Evaluate the limit: Limit as x approaches 6 from the right: Sq.root of (x - 6). I know the limit is 0, but how do I show this? Thanks in advance.
  12. English

    Mom, I'm going to the stationery store. I'll buy some ball-point pens, fountain pens, and mechanical pencils. I'll buy some notebooks and workbooks, too. I'll come back around 7:00 p.m. Don (Is this passage corect?) 1. I'll be back around 7:00 p.m. 2. I'll
  13. Calculus

    1. Calculate the population within a 7-mile radius of the city center if the radial population density is ρ(r) = 5(5 + r2)1/3 (in thousands per square mile). (Round your answer to two decimal places.) 2. A population of insects increases at a rate 280

    Help. Am I right or wrong. The use of a plant crop to harness the sun's energy for conversion to energy sources is termed ___________ Bioconversion? Check these sites for your answer.
  15. English(check)

    Will someone please check my answers. I'm not sure what is the answer for #1. It is just too confusing. ** Italic. ()underlined. 1)Choose the answer that tells how to correct the sentence. If the sentence is correct, choose "correct." “I’ll make a deal
  16. Art

    7. Which of the following pairs are art movements? A. Impressionism, Victorian B. Renniasance, Expressionism C. Renoir, Classicism D. Art Deco, Cubism My answer is B and you please check @Ms.Sue
  17. Math

    I the question is simple but I haven't done fractions in a while. So check my answer please. Are and  equivalent fractions? A. No B. Yes, because both fractions are divisible by 2.**** C. Yes, because the difference between the denominator and numerator
  18. Math.... again......!!!!!!...

    A fraction is equivelant to 4/5. The sum of the numerator and the denominator of the fractionis 36. What is the fraction? The fraction is 4x/5x where x is a number. You have that 4x + 5x=36, so solve for x, then you have what 4*x is and 5*x. The answer for
  19. Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

    Write the product of (1.7 x 10 to the 9th power) x (1.4 x 10 to the 2nd power) in scientific notation My Answer - 2.38 x 10 to the 11th power am i correct and please reply this post
  20. Math

    Hi! I’m practicing for the SHSAT, and I am doing some math problems. I don’t want to take advantage of this website, so I decided to ask you guys first. Am I allowed to ask lots of math questions? But I will answer them(at least the ones I know) could
  21. English-Please check

    I have a question- I finished reading The Sound and the Fury and I have 50 questions to answer; I'm not sure about two of them; Why was Benji's name changed from maury early in life- The choices were: The mother disapproves of her brother Maury so she
  22. Calculus

    Find the absolute extrema of the function. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) f(x) = xe^-x2 on [0,2] Absolute maximum value: at x = Absolute minimum value: at x =
  23. Calculus

    Find the absolute extrema of the function. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) f(x) = xe-x2 on [0,2] Absolute maximum value: at x = Absolute minimum value: at x =
  24. Calculus

    How can I prove this series alternating series converges(this is the answer)? (-1)^2*(2/3)^n I tried it this way: an = (2/3)^n, then i just broke it down. 2^n/(3^n) and i took the ratio of it and got 2/3 which does not equal to one which would mean the
  25. Calculus

    This is the question: i[dot]imgur[dot]com/EHneTuB[dot]jpg Am i correct in simply adding 1 + (-3), and equates to (-2) being the answer.
  26. Calculus

    F(x) = cos(x) • the integral from 2 to x² + 1 of e^(u² +5)du Find F'(x). When i did this, i got: -2xsin(x)e^((x²+1)² + 5) But my teacher got: -sin(x) • the integral from x² + 1 of e^(u² +5)du + 2xcos(x)e^((x²+1)² + 5) Do you know why the
  27. Calculus integral

    evaluate the integral: integral from -pi/4 to 0 for the function 6sec^3x dx. it has to be an exact answer and i did it and keep getting it wrong. I got 4sqrt(2)-4ln(-sqrt(2)+1)
  28. Calculus

    For the question "Determine the equation of the tangent to the curve y = xtanx at the point with x-coordinate π." how is the answer -πx + y + π2 = 0?
  29. Calculus Problem

    I need to find the integral of e^(2x)sin(3x) I used integration by parts and I let u=e^2x and dv=sin(3x) My final answer was (-3/8)(e^(2x))(cos(3x)) - (1/8)(e^(2x))(sin(3x)) but it's wrong. Please help!!
  30. math

    how do you write an equation and state what the variable n represnts. 54 -n- =24 If you're writing an equation where you need to state what the variable is, then you need to end up with an equation where n is the only thing on one side of the equal sign.
  31. Maths

    given (e^x)sin3x = Im((e^x)(e^i3x)) Integrate (e^x)sin3x.dx You can just take the imaginary part of the integral of ((e^x)(e^i3x))= e^([3i +1)x] which is IM(3i +1)e^(3ix + x) = IM (3i +1)e^x*e^(3ix) = IM {(3i +1)*e^x* [ cos (3x) + i sin (3x)] = e^x* sin
  32. Social Studies

    What agreement set the official border of the Louisiana Territory between Canada and the United States? A. Rush-Bagot B. Monroe Doctrine C. Adams-Onis Treaty D. Convention of 1818 Can you please check this, my answer is C. Am I right?
  33. World History (Check answer)

    4. What practices among the Moche did the Inca adapt to unify their empire? A. Construction of roads B. etching of geoglyphs C. planting on artificial islands D. sharing power among Kings of city-states Is it A?
  34. History (check answer!)

    During the mid-19th century, Transcendentalist writers had a strong influence over the formation of (5 points) labor unions new Protestant sects utopian communities*** nativist organizations I believe it's C. Can anyone assure this? Thanks :) I'll try and
  35. childcare

    A child in your program has just returned after having chickenpox. You notice that she still has a few dry scabs. What should you do? a. Send her home. She is still contagious. B Welcome her back and let her know what there is to do today. C Allow her to
  36. World History

    What was one of Maria Theresa's successes as an absolute monarch? A. uniting the German states** B. forcing Frederick out of Silesia C. strengthening royal power D. adding Hungary to the Hapsburg empire I said A please check my answer.
  37. LA

    Which quote from the selection shows that a character may be experiencing internal conflict? No one, It seems, had though to check a weather forecast. The last wisps of light dissolved. James fussed at the others, who ignored him. Arturo sighed heavily and
  38. law

    please check my answer thanks :) which is true of quashing 1.the pt has signed an authorization for relase 2. medical records have been subpoenaed 3. a malpractice suit has benn filed 3. a breach nof confidentiality has occurred. i said 2 none of the rally
  39. Physics Please check my answer

    How much work is done by the centripetal force (in this case, the friction between the tires and the road) on a 1200 kg car moving on a circular track of radius 50 meters at a constant speed of 31.4 m/s? A. 7.4 • 10^6 J B. 19.7 J <--- C. 2136.7 J D.
  40. Chemistry

    Element X and fluorine react to form two different compounds. In the first reaction 0.480g of X reacts with 1.000g of F. In the second, 0.960g of X reacts with 1.000g of F. What are the possible formulas for the two compounds? (Multiple choice) a. XF (for
  41. Intro to Probability, please check my work.

    A fair coin is flipped three times. You win $5 every time the outcome is heads. Let the random variable X represent the total number of dollars you win. (a) List the sample space. (b) Determine the probability function of X. ====================== Answer:
  42. French

    could you please check these thanks Directions: Connaître et savoir: Rewrite the following sentence with each pronoun and make all necessary changes. Use this model for each sentence Je connais Marie et je sais qu'elle est française. 1. Il
  43. french

    Can you check these also thanks. Directions: Récrivez les phrases au passé composé. Le passé composé: être ou avoir. 1. Marie monte au troisième étage. Answer: Marie est monté au troisimème êtage. 2. Elle monte ses bagages. Answer: Elle a monté

    Please check my answer thanks :) An individual SAR team's mission is to A. clear the area and search for clues. B. camp out in the woods. C. help other teams. D. find the missing person. I said C
  45. GA State History

    1. How did mechanization change the agricultural industry? (Choose all that apply. (2 points) I think the answers are It increased production of crops, and It caused the cotton industry to decline. Can you check the answer for me? Thank you.
  46. physics

    The fundamental frequency of a string fixed at both ends is 375 Hz. How long does it take for a wave to travel the length of this string? Please check my answer Solution: f=v/2L v=2Lf t=1/2f=l/v 1/2(375hz)= .0013 sec
  47. Math

    Please check my answer thanks You bought 4 chairs for $22.oo each a table for $212 and an umbrella for $85 what is the total bill if your sales tax rate is 6% 22x4=88 then add 88 212 + 85 ___________________ 385 x 6% _________________
  48. Social Studies

    In return for offering the throne to William and Mary, it was demanded that all laws had to be approved by? A: Parliament B: King James C: The Catholic Church D: The Protestant Church My answer is A. Can someone please check if this is right?
  49. check geo

    in the 1800s ___________ opened up the western united states to immagration and buisness. A. The transcontinental railroad B. The underground railroad C.Route 66 D.Cattle farming .The answer I chose was B .
  50. geography

    Can you check my answers. I actually have been researching this for a couple of days! Which African countries does the equator pass through? My answer-Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya.
  51. Dogs Hunting Training

    Please check my answer thank you :) True or False AKC Retriever field Derby stakes sre open to Retrievers younger than two years of age I said True
  52. geography

    Can you check my answers. I actually have been researching this for a couple of days! Which African countries does the equator pass through? My answer-Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya.
  53. geography

    Can you check my answers. I actually have been researching this for a couple of days! Which African countries does the equator pass through? My answer-Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya.
  54. English

    Please check my answer thsnks :) When preparing a formal business presentaion, the phase that can make or break your report is the _________ phase. 1 2 revision outline 3 4 organization writing I picked 3
  55. math 1 question --- pls check my work!

    ok, did i do this right? (is this the right answer) Find the lateral area for the given cylinder. Use 3.14 for and round to the nearest whole number. (1 point) 144 yd^2 288 yd^2 2,712 yd^2 904 yd^2 i think its D, 904??
  56. Literacy

    Use one of the sources available in the Almanacs and Yearbooks section to identify the approximate time of sunrise in Anchorage, Alaska, on December 25, 2015. (Hint: Check the source's Astronomy section.) A. 10:15 A.M. B. 11:30 A.M. C. 8:10 A.M. D. 9:45
  57. English

    please check my answer thanks :) What is this sentence missing and where ? One day my dad and his brother stop me if you've heard this story started on what they thought would be an uneventful drive to work. I thinks it's missing commas
  58. History (check answer)

    The __________ resulted in the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance. Civil War. *** Stock Market Crash. Great Migration. Great Depression. ( I can't pick between A or D.)
  59. Physics

    A basketball player, standing near the basket to grab a rebound, jumps 73.6 cm vertically. How much time does the player spend in the bottom 15.4 cm of the jump? Ok...after this I swear I'm done! I just need someone to check my final answer, which is
  60. algebra

    Coulld someone take the time and check my answers please. 11) without graphing is the system independent, dependent, or inconsistent? y=-x+5 -3x-3y=-15 (my answer; dependent) 12) your club is baking vanilla and chocolate cakes for a bake sale. they need at
  61. French check my answers

    I had to write 20 sentences , 2 sentences for each answer with 10 verbs in the present form and reprise. Please check my answers and help me to correct them, thanks 1. Je chante. Je peux chanter. 2. Tu dessine. Tu peux dessiner. 3. Il danse. Il peut
  62. Introduction to Business

    1. The employees of Abs "R" Us, which includes 12 fitness parlors in and around the metro area, feel they can improve the performance of the company. This would be called a ______ buyout. A. Leveraged C. Negotiated B. hostile D. Management Answer: A 2.
  63. Introduction to Business

    1. The employees of Abs "R" Us, which includes 12 fitness parlors in and around the metro area, feel they can improve the performance of the company. This would be called a ______ buyout. A. Leveraged C. Negotiated B. hostile D. Management Answer: A 2.
  64. Cultural Diversity

    Will someone please check my answer to make sure I have chosen the most appropriate choice. 1. Gabriella speaks Spanish at home with her family and friends. She attends public school where she is learning some English and is instructed in English for all
  65. Math (calculus) (mean values)

    A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold S is given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. s(t)=155(7-9/(2+t)) a) Find the average rate of change of s(t) during the first year. Which my answer was 1395/28 b)
  66. calculus

    The maker of an automobile advertises that it takes 10 seconds to accelerate from 30 kilometers per hour to 90 kilometers per hour. Assuming constant acceleration, compute the following. (a) The acceleration in meters per second per second (Round your
  67. Health of young children

    A teacher is in a prime position to observe children because A.the teacher sees children in relation to other children of the same age. B. the teacher sees each child for fewer hours than the parent and can, therefore be objective. C.he or she is often
  68. Calculus

    Use the shell method to find the volume of the solid generated by revovling bounded by the curves and lines about the x-axis. y= sqrt(x) y=0 and y=(x-5)/4. I tried thsi problem and got 775/6pi as the final exact answer and its wrong. please someone help!
  69. French

    Could you please check these Thanks you!!! Directions: Complétez Part 1 1. Au bord de la mer, on va à la ----------------. Answer: plage 2. Il faut mettre de la ---------- quand on prend un bain de soleil. Answer: créme solaire 3. Laure apprend à
  70. algebra inequalities

    can you check these tell if the number after the: color is a solution x < 7; 7 i say yes p > -3;3 i say yes k is greater than or equal to 5; 0 i say no 3z is less than or equal to 12;4 i say yes n - 5 > 3; 6 i say no 2g + 8 is geater than or equal

    please please someone check my work I don't understand it fully so I am asking if someone could please check my work thank you if it's too much I'm sorry. God Bless
  72. Opinion (check)

    Please check the if they are all opinions: Martin's neighbors accused the mother of eight of ordering phantom puppies to attack them and of walking in the rain without getting wet. One explanation for the girls' behavior was that they were simply bored
  73. English

    Could you check these few sentences n travelling. Thank you 1) Go to the check-in desk. Put your luggage on the conveyor belt for it to be weighed. 2) Once you get your boarding card, go through security. Put any metal thing in a basket for it to be
  74. Calculus

    The length of a curve for 0 <= x <= 20 is given by the integral from 0 to 20 of √(1 + 84x^4) dx. If this curve contains the point (1,11), what is the equation of the curve? My answer is 3x^3 + 8.
  75. College Calculus 1

    We have to find the first and second derivative of f(x)=x^(2/3)(6-x)^(1/3) I have the first derivative as being (4-x)/(x^(1/3)(6-x)^(2/3)) And that I know is right. The second derivative is -8/(x^(4/3)(6-x)^(5/3)) I did all the work but I am not getting
  76. Calculus

    Let F(x)= x^2 ∫ sqrt(1+t^3)dt x Find F'(4). I applied the FTC and thought that F'(4) = f(4) which in this case would be sqrt(1+4^3), giving me an answer of sqrt(65), however this is incorrect. I'm not sure how to proceed with the question.
  77. Pre-Calculus

    Use a calculator to approximate two values of theta (0 <= theta < 2pi) if csc theta = 1.03. Round answer to two decimal places.
  78. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y with the respect to x: y=sin‾²(x³) y'=cos‾²(x³)(3x²) y'=3x²cos‾²(x³) How come my answer is incorrect? Thanks in advance.
  79. calculus

    this question is a multiple choice question, however i don't know how to start or finish it. The solution set of |3x+2|<1 contains... i need help trying to figure out how to solve for x. other then that i believe i could answer the question.
  80. Pre-Calculus

    Use a calculator to approximate two values of theta (0 <= theta < 2pi) if csc theta = 1.03. Round answer to two decimal places.
  81. calculus

    evaluate integral or state that it is diverges integral -oo, -2 [2/(x^2-1)] dx ----------------------------------- integral -oo, -2 [2/(x^2-1)] dx Through partial fractions, I came up with lim [ln(x-1)-ln(x+1)] b, -2 b->-oo I get (ln(3)-0)-(oo-oo)). The
  82. Calculus

    How do you do this question. f(x) = (5x-1)/(2-3x), find f^(-1)(x). The answer is supposed to be (1+2x)/(5+3x). -------------------------------------- And can you please explain this one to me. Suppose that xy^(3)+2y^(2)+xy+2x^(3) = 0. Find the general
  83. Calculus 1

    Consider the following. B(x) = 3x^(2/3) − x (a) Find the interval of increase.(Enter your answer using interval notation.) Find the interval of decrease. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) (b) Find the local maximum value(s).(Enter your
  84. Calculus

    A rectangle is bounded by the x axis and the semicircle = square root 25-x^2. What length and width should the rectangle have so that its area is a maximum? When I worked the problem out(which is a bit detailed). I started with y = square root 25-x^2 then
  85. sewing.

    can someone tell me if my answers are correct or not? thank you :) If your sewing machine were skipping stitches,wat would u check first? A.bobbin stitches B.needle setting C.thread type D.tucker my answer:A How do you secure the beginning and end of every
  86. Calculus Help!

    At a price of $7.5 per ticket, a musical theater group can fill every seat in their 1500 seat performance hall. For every additional dollar charged for admission, the number of tickets sold drops by 95. a) What ticket price maximizes revenue? Round your
  87. French

    Could you please check my answers thanks so much God Bless. Directions: Answer according to the cues) 1. Qui fait les courses? (Élodie) Answer: Élodie fait les courses? 2. Elle fait les courses quand? (le samedi matin) Answer: Elle fait les courses le
  88. Calculus

    Use the Fundamental Theorem to evaluate the integral from 0 to 3 of the quantity x cubed minus 6 times x, dx. (Your answer must include the antiderivative.) Use a graph of the function to explain the geometric meaning of the value of the integral.
  89. Calculus

    It requires 8 inch pounds of work to stretch a certain spring 2 inches from its rest position. Assuming that the spring follows hooke's law, what is k? Please answer this question. Thanks for your answers in advance.
  90. calculus

    One side of a right triangle is known to be 45 cm long and the opposite angle is measured as 30°, with a possible error of 1°. (a) Use differentials to estimate the error in computing the length of the hypotenuse. (Round the answer to two decimal
  91. calculus

    answer the following for the given quadratic function f(x)=x^2-2x+1 a. Does the graph of f open up or down? b. What is the vertex of (h,k) of f? c. What is the axis of symmetry? D. What is the intercepts? E. What is the domain? F. What is the range? G. On
  92. Calculus-limits

    I'm studying for the AP exam and I can't figure this problem out. I thought the answer was negative infinity but that isn't an option. Thank you in advance! What is the limit as x approaches infinity of (9x-x^2-7x^4)/(x^3+12x)? a. 9 b. 7 c. -7/12 d. -7 e.
  93. Calculus

    Use the Direct Comparison Test to determine the convergence or divergence of the series. Justify your answer and show all of your work. Sigma (lower index n = 1; upper index infinity) 4^n/(3^n-1)
  94. Calculus

    An airplane is heading due east with an airspeed of 220km/h when it encounters a wind from the south at 76km/h. What is the direction of the resultant velocity of the airplane The answer is E19.06°N but I don't know how
  95. calculus

    If x^{2} + y^3 - x y^2 = 5, find dy/dx in terms of x and y. Using your answer for dy/dx, fill in the following table of approximate y-values of points on the curve near x=1, y=2. Finally, find the y-value for x=0.96 by substituting x=0.96 in the original
  96. Calculus

    Suppose that f (x) is a function such that the relationship given below is true. f (3 + h) - f (3) = 9h^2 + 8h (a) What is f '(3)? (b) What is the slope of the secant line through (3, f (3)) and (7, f (7))? Please do not use shortcuts(from future chapters)
  97. physics- answers check

    1. For a bar magnet, the magnetic field lines point a. towards the South pole. b. towards the North pole. c. always towards the magnet. d. always away from the magnet. my answer: a 2. Magnetic field lines a. are straight lines. b. are always circles. c.
  98. need help calculus plz plz-sir steve

    if y=3e^(2x)cos(2x-3) verify that d^2y/dx^2-4dy/dx+8y=0 plz help me i tried all i could but it become too complicated for me here set u=3e^(2x) v=cos(2x-3) du/dx=6e^(2x) i used chain rule dv/dx=-2sin(2x-3) dy/dx=-3e^(2x)sin(2x-3)+cos(2x-3)6e^(2x) d^2y/dx^2
  99. health check my answers

    1. the type of medical professional who makes sure your eyes are healthy and free of disease is a(n) A. nutritionist. B. oncologist. C. ophthalmologist. <My Answer D. pediatrician. 2. groups like girls scouts of america, habitat for humanity, and united
  100. statistics

    Give an estimate for each expression in Exercises, Then state whether you believe that the exact answer is greater than or less than the estimate. Explain how you decided. Use a calculator to check the accuracy of your estimate. 978 X 66