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  1. Chemistry

    What is the ionic equation for (NH4)2CO3=2NH3+CO2+H2O
  2. chemistry

    1) A 3-fold degenrate subshell can carry a maximum number of how many electrons?
  3. chemistry home work

    2 examples on sediment plz reply fast...
  4. chemistry

    HI(aq)+KOH(aq)→H2O(l)+KI(aq) express this as a complete ionic equation
  5. chemistry

    The reaction of chlorine (Cl2) with 1,4-dimethylcyclohexane (show three possible monochlorination products) *what?!*
  6. Chemistry

    How many moles of each of the following are needed to provide 1.0 osmol? a)CaBr2 b)NaOH c)Al(NO3)3
  7. Chemistry

    What is the geometry of S2O82- its basically two SO4 molecules connected by the O-O bond
  8. chemistry

    I want to boil 25c, 50c, and 75c to 100c but I don't have a thermometer. I did 0c which was 1.42 but I can't do the others.
  9. Chemistry

    A gas occupies 30 0dm3 at stp what volume would it occupy at 91 and 380mm hg?
  10. chemistry

    calculate the mass of Pbl2 produced by reacting of 30.0g Kl with excess Pb( NO3)2
  11. Organic Chemistry

    Why is benzyl chloride reactive in both tests, whereas bromobenzene is unreactive?
  12. chemistry

    give two examples each of the physical changes and the chemical changes involved in the use of household products.
  13. Chemistry

    If 17.0 g Al reacts with 25.0 g O2, how much excrsss reagent will remain? 4Al + 3O2 —> 2 Al2O3
  14. Chemistry

    Convert each quantity to an amount in moles: a) 4.27 x 10^21 atoms of He b) 7.39 x 10^23 molecules of ICl
  15. chemistry 12th grade

    can carboxyl groups undergo controlled oxidation...why or why not??? thanks
  16. chemistry grade 12

    If air contains 78% in water at 25degree centgrad .what is the concentration of nitrogen?
  17. Chemistry

    Use a diagram to help explain how LiF dissolves in water. Dont know if you guys can help me on that..
  18. Chemistry

    How is the temperature change in an alcohol related to how storng the intermolecular forces are?
  19. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of a 0.253-mL sample of a liquid with density 0.789 g/mL
  20. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH and concentration of H3O+ of a 0.285M oxalic acid solution.
  21. chemistry

    what volume of 0.100 M NaOH will react completely with 28.00 mL of 0.550 M HCl?
  22. chemistry

    Estimate the volume of one sodium atom using its metallic radius of 186pm please help
  23. chemistry

    How do you draw the structure of the reaction of 1-hexene with h2o in the presence of acid
  24. Chemistry

    Why is it hard to use the periodic table to predict the oxidation #'s of the transition elements?
  25. Chemistry

    What is product form when 2-bromobutane reacts with potassium cyanide in ethanol?
  26. Organic Chemistry

    Different conformers of C3H7Cl? I know that there are different constitutional isomers. But, Im not sure about the conformations.. Please help and explain this to me!! Thank you!
  27. chemistry

    What is the chemical composition of ozone, carbon dioxide, salt and water
  28. chemistry

    write a chemical reaction for lead2 nitrate + sodium iodide ->
  29. Chemistry

    2HCl+Pb(NO3)2---> PbCl2 (s)+2HNO3 Can you please tell why this is not an acid base reaction?
  30. AP Chemistry

    How do you determine the heat of solution for a substance? how can we report this answer in both kJ/g and kJ/mol? thank you!!!

    How much of h2so4 would be required to make 2.5dm3 of a 1/10 normal solution? 1)12.3g 2)24.5g 3)49.0g d)122.5g
  32. chemistry

    Write a Lewis structure of OSF4 in which the formal charges of all atoms are zero
  33. chemistry

    1. How many monochlorinated compounds of molecular formula C3 H7 Cl can be made by chlorinating propane?
  34. chemistry

    What quantity of CaCO3 (limestone) on heating will give 112g of CaO?

    What is the effect of plus two degree celcius miscalibrated themometer on the enthalpy of neutralization?
  36. chemistry

    what are the products of a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride if the electrodes used are inert
  37. chemistry

    what chemical properties of the nitrogenous bases contribute to stability of DNA?
  38. chemistry

    What volume (in mL) of the base will react completely with 30.00 mL of 0.550 M HCl? 0.0500 M Ba(OH)2
  39. Chemistry

    How many moles of a gas are present in 2.0L cylinder at 1.50 atmospheres and 17 degree's celcius?
  40. Chemistry

    How much solid ammonium chloride would be needed to make 100 mL of a 0.5M solution?
  41. chemistry

    If 80g KNO(3) is mixed with 100g water at 30 degrees C how much will not dissolve?

    Arrange the following ions in order of increasing size: Br- Ca2+ K+ Se2-
  43. chemistry

    explain why some numerical values have an unlimited number of significant digits
  44. Chemistry

    Consider the titration of 50.0 mL of 0.20 M NH3 (Kb = 1.8x10^-5) with 0.20 M HNO3. Calculate the pH after addition of 50.0 mL of the titrant.
  45. AP Chemistry

    write an oxidation- reduction reaction for the reactants OCl- and S2O3-2
  46. Chemistry

    Why is it important to have the correct bond angles of the different atoms and the shape of the molecule?
  47. Chemistry

    Decomposition reactions result in __________ compounds. bigger smaller not sure
  48. chemistry

    what does copper look like under normal condition(solid,liquid,gas,color,etc)
  49. chemistry

    Why would a unknown solid cube sink in cholorform that has a density of 1.489
  50. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of a pure iron cube that has a volume of 4.30 cm3?
  51. chemistry

    Which of the following is the STRONGEST acid? 1. CH3COOH 2. CH3CH2OH 3. CHCl2COOH 4. CH2ClCOOH 5. CCl3COOH
  52. chemistry

    Which of the following has the HIGHEST pKa? 1. HClO3 2. HBrO 3. HClO 4. HIO 5. HClO4
  53. Chemistry-ish

    What is the pH of a solution that has a OH- concentration equal to 1x10-5M? 14-x 14-5=9 can I use that simple of math 9?
  54. Chemistry

    (Ammonium) NH^3 is classified as what technically? its not just an acid or a base is it? So would it be either depending on the circumstances?
  55. Chemistry

    Please explain what is the photoelectric effect and how light has particle-like properties? I do not understand.
  56. chemistry

    Assign oxidation states to all atoms in compound. C2H2O4 i already know the other 2 but how do i find C C - ? H - +1 O - -2
  57. chemistry

    What would the standard cell potential in volts be for Mn(s) + 2Ce4+(aq) -> Mn2+(aq) + 2Ce3+(aq)?
  58. organic chemistry

    What is the negative part reagent in the markovnikov's rule ? It's urgent ...
  59. Chemistry

    explain how the celsius scale was devised and why it is not appropriate to use it when describing the behavior of gases
  60. Chemistry

    What is the precipitation of CaSO4 and Na2CO3 when mixed? What is the net ionic equation?
  61. chemistry

    c6+h6+o2=co2+h2o in acidic medium balance by oxidation method
  62. Chemistry

    What would the net ionic equation be for : HBr (aq) + KOH (aq) = KBr + H2O
  63. Chemistry

    How many moles of Al2O3 exist in 250.0 g of sample? Please help tried still can't understand how to get it. Need before tomorrow. Thanks so much.
  64. Chemistry

    How many grams of NaCl are contained in 500ml of normal saline solution which is 0.85%(w/v).
  65. Chemistry

    a mothball composed of naphthalene has a mas of 1.06g. how many napthalene molecules does it contain
  66. Chemistry

    A sugar crystal contains approximately 1.7x10^17 sucrose. What is its mass in milligrams?
  67. chemistry

    sodium cyanide nacn, contains how many single, double or triple bond?
  68. 8th grade chemistry

    which of the following molecules does not contain 5 atoms? A. CaCO3 B. Mg(OH)2 C. NaHCO3 D. Fe2O3
  69. Chemistry

    What is the gram solubility of Mg(OH)2 in a 0.55mol/L solution of KOH if the Ksp of Mg(OH)2 is 9.0x10^-12?
  70. chemistry

    2NO + O2 = 2NO2 How many grams of NO2 will be produced when 5.00 moles of NO react?
  71. chemistry

    What is the molarity of the Cl- ion in the solution of a sample containing 0.187g Cl- dissolved in 50.0 ml water?
  72. Chemistry

    would it be possible to dissolve 50g of sodium chloride in 100g of water? explain.
  73. chemistry

    white powder of calcium oxide is added to beaker containing water?
  74. chemistry

    What is the mass (in kilograms) of a cube of silver that measures 0.26m on each side
  75. chemistry

    if you burn 20.2g of hydrogen and produce 1.80x10^2g of water, how much oxygen reacted?
  76. Chemistry

    Why do ionic compounds conduct electricity when they are melted or dissolved in water?
  77. Chemistry - Solutions2

    Explain how ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, is able to dissolve in water.
  78. Ap Chemistry- Organic

    How does polairty of isopropyl alcohol differ from polarity of water?
  79. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of oxygen which will be evolved on heating 5g of potassium Trioxochlorate (v)
  80. Chemistry

    ISO electrons series S2-,CL-K+,Ca2+ are ions increase and decrease.
  81. chemistry

    0.195 m of ca oh 2 solution to neutralize 750 ML of a 0.235 m of hno3 and balance it
  82. Chemistry

    What is the pressure in a 22.1-L cylinder filled with 16.3g of oxygen gas at a temperature of 329K?
  83. Chemistry

    In Standardization of NaOH, why can the flasks you put your samples of acid into be wet?
  84. Chemistry -- plz help

    how do i calculate the percentage of ionic character .. ex. H-O = electronegativity difference = 1.2
  85. chemistry

    What mass of AuCl3 contains 160.9 g of gold? My work i got 104.6 g is that correct
  86. Chemistry

    All the following are necessary parts of a neutralization reaction except A) an acid B) an indicator C) water D) a salt.
  87. Chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen gas must react to give 2.80g of ZnO?
  88. Chemistry

    If I was to react a borax solution with a sulphuric acid to neutralise it, what products will I get?
  89. chemistry

    cal culate the ph of a mixture of 100 ml distilled water and 2 ml of 2M of NaOH
  90. Chemistry

    What is the name for the following coordination compound or ion? Na3[Cr (NH3) NO2 Cl3]
  91. Chemistry

    The color of light emitted by a hot solid object depends on?
  92. chemistry

    When you mix baking soda with vinegar is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?
  93. chemistry

    if a sample of cough syrup has the mass of 50.0g and a density of 0.950 what is the volume
  94. chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical equation for the dissolution of magnesium sulphate
  95. chemistry

    A mixture of 94.6g of O2 and 82.2g of Ne is placed in a 200.0L container at 250K . What is the partial pressure of O2 in atmospheres?
  96. Chemistry

    I do not understand why this cannot go to equilibrium? Na2CO3(aq)+HCl(aq)->H2O(l)+CO2(g)+NaCl(aq)
  97. Chemistry

    Calculate the energy (kJ) required to raise the temperature of 22g of water from 12 C to 90 C.
  98. Chemistry

    What mass of pure silver would you obtain from 85.0 g of AgNO3? My work The answer i got is 53.55 g Am i right?

    What pressure would be required to form a 0.045 M solution of helium (kH = 3.7 x 10-4 M/atm) at 25 °C????
  100. chemistry

    P4 + HNO3 = H3PO4 + NO2 + H20 by partial method balancing