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  1. Chemistry

    In what part of the electromagnetic spectrum would transition lines of n = 7 be expected to be found?
  2. chemistry

    What mass in grams of potassium hydroxide is cntained in 500 mL of solution that has a pH of 11.5?
  3. chemistry

    how many moles of methane are required to produce 22g of CO2 after combustion
  4. Chemistry

    How many grams of aluminum sulfate are produced if 15.7 g Al reacts with excess CuSO4?

    What is the Keq of NaOBr dissolving in water if the Ka of HOBr dissociating is 6.4*10^-6
  6. Chemistry

    Do you have a site where I can have notes on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Spectroscopy. Thank you What do you want to know?
  7. college Chemistry

    what mass of H 2 O is needed to completely react with 5.10g SiCl4
  8. Chemistry

    When oxygen expands from the liquid to gaseous state how much more volume does it occupy?
  9. chemistry

    How does salt affect the boiling point of water? (in simple words)
  10. Chemistry

    How energy is needed to vaporize 100 g of ethanol from its boiling point?
  11. chemistry

    what would be the name for these compounds? K3PO4? It's not Tripotassium phosphate. HCL? its not Hydrogen chloride.
  12. Chemistry

    Are the atoms in stearic acid and ammonia held together by covalent bonding?
  13. chemistry

    Ans me plxxx Identify the hydrogen bonding in DNA and ice......
  14. Chemistry Subatomic particles

    What data led to the need for change in Daltons ideas?
  15. chemistry

    if all the sulphur atoms from 9.8 kgh2so4 are removed and converted to s8 than how many moles of s8 can be prepared?
  16. Chemistry

    Calculate the maximum concentrations of Pb+ that can exist in 3.0 x 10(-2)M Na2SO4 without forming a precipitate.
  17. chemistry

    What aldehyde and primary alcohol might be oxidized to yield 4-methylcyclohexanoic acid?
  18. Chemistry Subatomic particles

    What data led to the need for change in Daltons ideas?
  19. Chemistry

    What pH is required to start precipitation of Fe(OH)3 from a 0.380 M solution of FeCl3? Ksp of Fe(OH)3 = 4.0e-29.

  21. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of a pure iron cube that has a volume of 4.30 cm3?
  22. chemistry

    How many molecules are in 0.0700 mol NH3? Answer in units of molec.
  23. Chemistry

    Kc=1. The initial concentrations are A = 0M, B = 0M, C=10M. A+B --> C calculate the reaction quotient. (c)/(a)(b) = 10/0 .. is the answer zero?
  24. Chemistry

    how many milliliters of 0.250M KOH will react with 15.0mL of 0.305 M H2SO4?
  25. chemistry

    if you burn 20.2g of hydrogen and produce 1.80x10^2g of water, how much oxygen reacted?
  26. chemistry

    A solution contains 72.0 g of HCl and 468 g of (C6H6). What is the mole fraction of benzene?
  27. chemistry

    what is the concentration, in % m/m of a solution prepared from 50.0g sodium chloride and 150.0g of water
  28. chemistry

    What is the mass (in kilograms) of a cube of silver that measures 0.26m on each side
  29. Chemistry

    A balloon contains 0.350 mol of Ar at 5.00°C and 68.0 kPa pressure. What is the volume of the gas?
  30. Chemistry

    what tests can be run to identify the cation and anion of an ionic compound?
  31. chemistry

    How many kilojoules of heat energy does it take to change the temperature of 50 grams of water from 20 C to 24 C?
  32. chemistry

    if someone has a blood sugar number of 200 after 12 hours of fasting, what would you tell the patient?
  33. chemistry

    when 25.0 of lithium iodide completely dissolves in water how much heat is evolved
  34. chemistry

    report on the preparation of 0.004M stock solution of ethanoic acid
  35. Chemistry

    How do you separate a mixture of iron fillings and sulphur powder by use of methylbenzene
  36. chemistry

    what type of intermolecular bonding would be expected between molecules of carbon monoxide and why?
  37. chemistry

    2. If you used 0.500 g of Mg and an excess of HCL, how much hydrogen gas should be produced at STP?
  38. chemistry

    Why can't lead chloride be directly prepared by adding hydrochloric acid?
  39. chemistry

    Assuming a temperature of 37 C and 1 atm pressure, how many mol/min of CO2 is this?
  40. Chemistry

    What are the pros and cons of using the lewis structure? What I have so far is that it shows the shape of the compound.
  41. chemistry

    Why would a unknown solid cube sink in cholorform that has a density of 1.489
  42. chemistry

    How many grams of CuCl2 are required to make 75 mLof a 0.20M solution?
  43. chemistry

    What volume of 0.25M solution can be made from5.0 gof KCl?
  44. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the following aqueous solution: 1.00 mol/L sulfuric acid, H2SO4(aq)
  45. Chemistry

    For an equation N2(g)+3H2(g) double arrowed to give 2NH3(g) what is the catalyst?
  46. chemistry

    How many grams do 6.2×1024 atoms of argon weigh? Answer in units of g.
  47. 10th grade Chemistry

    What is the hydroxide ion concentration in a solution with [H3O+] = 7.67*10^-9 M?
  48. Chemistry 111

    What is the mass of 7080 moles of magnesium chloride (MgCl2)?
  49. chemistry

    Explain how the addition of a solute affects the vapor pressure of the solvent.
  50. chemistry

    what does copper look like under normal condition(solid,liquid,gas,color,etc)
  51. chemistry

    I am wondering why H2S has only London Dispersion forces and not Hydrogen Bonding?
  52. Chemistry!

    What is theoretical yield when 15.6g of bromobenzene & 8.3g of methyl benzoate is used in a Grignard reaction.
  53. Chemistry

    Decomposition reactions result in __________ compounds. bigger smaller not sure
  54. chemistry

    Report the preparation of stock solution of 0.04M of sulphoric acid
  55. chemistry

    2K(s) . Cl2(g) KL 2KCl(s) Write the six possible mole ratios for this equation im so confused
  56. Chemistry help please

    i need some help understanding this problem please. How many moles of O are there in 32.4g N2O5, how many oxygen and nitrogen atoms are there in the 32.4g?
  57. chemistry

    How many grams of Li3N can theoretically be produced from 1.77 moles of Li? 6Li+N2 = 2Li3N
  58. chemistry

    if equal volumes of solutions having pH6 and pH7 are mixed what is the resulting pH?
  59. Chemistry

    At constant pressure, which of these systems do work on the surroundings? Check all that apply. A(s) + 2B(g) ---> C(g) 2A(g) + B(g) ---> 4C(g) A(g) + 2B(g) ---> 2C(g) A(s) + B(s) ---> C(g)
  60. Chemistry

    Calculate the Ph of an aqueous solution that is 3.00% KOH, by mass, and has a density of 1.0242 g/ml.
  61. chemistry

    Draw and name the different structural forms of L-fructose that would exist in aqueous solutions
  62. Chemistry

    Which of these solutions is the most basic? [H+] = 1 x 10^–2 M [OH–] = 1 x 10^–4 M [H+] = 1 x 10^–11 M [OH–] = 1 x 10^–13M I think it is C - please explain - I'm guessing and don't really understand..Thanks
  63. chemistry

    How many mL of 0.750 M HCl are needed to neutralize 14.89 mL of 0.350 M NaOH? ____ mL
  64. Chemistry

    I need help balancing this acidic equation out with reduc/oxidation. Mn+2 (aq) + NaBiO3(s) -----> Bi+3(aq) + MnO4-1(aq)
  65. Chemistry

    How many grams of water are formed when 250 mL of 2.0 M Mg(OH)2 are neutralized by a solution of HCL ?
  66. Chemistry

    How many grams of chromium could be deposited on a bracelet using 0.180 A of electricity for 4.65 hours
  67. chemistry

    Compare the three types of bonds based on what happens to the valence electrons of the atoms
  68. Chemistry

    How many grams of HCl need to be dissolved in 0.5L of water to prepare a solution of pH 1.5? Does anybody know how to work this out? Thanks :)
  69. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of water has been dispensed if the initial buret reading was 0.38 ml and the final is 24.70 ml
  70. Chemistry honors

    You have 2.657 x 10^2 mL of oxygen gas (O2) at 7.02 x 10^2 mm of Hg and 46 oC. What is the mass of the sample in milligrams?
  71. chemistry

    Prescription:Morphine 10mg IM q 4 to 6HR for pain,how many mg will you need for a 24HR period?
  72. chemistry

    capacity of the drink is 4.18 J/g·°C? (Assume that the heat transfer is 100% efficient.)
  73. Chemistry

    You mix 1.00 L of 2.00 M BaCl2 with 1.00 L of 2.00 M AgNO3. What compounds remain in solution, and what are their concentrations?
  74. Chemistry

    is H2CO3+2LiOH=Li2CO3+2H2O a oxidation reduction reaction??
  75. Chemistry

    What happen when the pink stock solution is heated in a water bath?
  76. Chemistry

    energy required to raise the temp of H2O from -15C to 125c
  77. chemistry

    showing your work convert R=0.08206 atm dm^3 mol^-1 k^-1 to jmol^-1 k^-1
  78. chemistry

    1.10 is allowed to react with 9.57 , producing 2.50 . What is the theoretical yield for this reaction under the given conditions?
  79. general chemistry

    the radius of a chlorine atom is 99 pm and its mass is 5.89 X 10^-23 grams what is the density
  80. chemistry

    What is the positively charged part of an atom called? electron or proton
  81. college Chemistry

    Ok this is the question... Complete the combustion of butane... CH3CH2CH2CH3 + O2 ====> ____________
  82. chemistry

    balance this stoichiometric equation: SO2 + CaCO3 + O2 ------> CaSO4 + CO2
  83. chemistry

    what are effect of the nitrate or chloride ion in the solutions on the color emission?
  84. chemistry

    when 2.31 moles of sulfur hexafluoride are synthesized from te elements, how many grams of fluorine were used
  85. chemistry

    how much concentrated 12 M hydrochloric acid is needed to prepare 100 mL of a 2.0 M solution?
  86. chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 10.3 g of CuSO4*5H2O? What is the mass percent of carbon in C(12)H(22)O(11)?
  87. Chemistry

    I think that titrating NH3 with HCl solution has a neutral equivalence point where the pH = 7.0. Is this right?
  88. chemistry

    Ethylene glycol (antifreeze) has a density of 1.11 {\rm g/cm^3}.What is the mass in G of 435mL of this liquid?
  89. Chemistry

    If you mix 10 mL of 6M HCl (aq) and 2o mL of 3M NaOH, will the solution be acidic, neutral, or basic?
  90. Chemistry

    If you mix 10 mL of 6 M HCl (aq) and 10 mL of 3M NaOH, will the solution be acidic, neutral, or base?
  91. Chemistry

    I think that these precipitates have their molar solubility affected by pH changes: BaSO3, CaCO3, Ag2S, Zn(OH)2. Is this right?
  92. chemistry

    What is the molarity of the solution containing 6.245g of oxalic acid, H2C2O4 in 750mL
  93. chemistry

    What can be said about opposing forces of attraction when sodium chloride dissolves in water?
  94. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of 75 ml of the buffer composed of .1M HC2H3O2 with .2M NaC2H3O2; to which 9.5 ml of .1M HCl is added.
  95. Chemistry

    How many grams of HCl need to be dissolved in 0.5L of water to prepare a solution of pH 1.5? Does anybody know how to work this out? Thanks :)
  96. chemistry

    h2s + HNO3 -->s+ no+H2O balance by oxidation number change
  97. Chemistry

    Identify the acid-base pairs in the following reactions HSO4^1-(aq) + OH^1- <==>SO4^2-(aq) + H2)(I)
  98. Chemistry

    If 2.5x10^-3 moles of O2 were produced in the reaction, how many grams of H2O2 had to react?
  99. chemistry

    ewhat is the solubility of X in mol/dm3 if 25cm3 of its saturated solution contains 4.0g of X
  100. Chemistry

    The \rm p \it K_{\rm a} of this reaction is 4.2. In a 0.74\it M solution of benzoic acid, what percentage of the molecules are ionized?