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  1. Chemistry 105

    How many mL of O2 will form from 55.2g KClO3?
  2. chemistry

    Why is ice used during the sublimation process?
  3. Chemistry

    Consider a solution containing 0.150 M Ba(OH)2. Calulate the pH.
  4. Chemistry

    How do I figure out the mass of a skittle?
  5. chemistry

    is iron sulhide malleable
  6. chemistry

    what are two regions make up all atoms?
  7. organic chemistry

    or perhaps comparable over the counter?
  8. chemistry

    Draw 5-methyl-3-heptene
  9. chemistry

    How do I make a Smoke Bomb
  10. chemistry

    how many molecules are in 0.89 moles of ammonia
  11. chemistry

    is it possible to fine moles when you are only given the volume ?
  12. chemistry

    how many molecules are in 0.89 moles of ammonia
  13. Chemistry

    Which of the following will result in a chemical change?
  14. Chemistry

    How does a ionic bond form?
  15. Chemistry

    Zn + I2 ---> Zn ^+2 + 2I- will this reaction occur spontaneously?
  16. Chemistry

    How many valence electrons does phosphourous have
  17. chemistry

    Ammonia gas is dried using
  18. chemistry

    how do you find how many hydrogens there would be in 2,5,6 trimethylnonane?
  19. chemistry

    how many hydrogens would there be in 2,5,6 trimethylnonane and how do you find them
  20. Chemistry

    How is limestone used to make mortar?
  21. Chemistry

    what is 39.5 grams of HCl in moles?

    how many elements in (NH4)2SO4
  23. Chemistry

    How Many Molecules are contained in 0.25 moles of Fe?
  24. chemistry

    What happens when you mix an acid and a base?
  25. Chemistry

    What Holds the metals together in a solid?
  26. Chemistry

    What does it mean when we say that KHC8H4O4 is not hygroscopic ? thank for helping~
  27. chemistry

    Hi everyone, Why are metals more reactive in acids? Thanks
  28. chemistry

    difference between cations and anions
  29. chemistry

  30. Chemistry

    what is the pH level of an average lake
  31. chemistry

    how many neutrons r there in a phosphorus atom
  32. chemistry

    what is c3h8 dioxide or hydrogen
  33. Chemistry

    convert 548mL to cm3
  34. chemistry

    why do we have to round the empirical to a whole number?
  35. physics

    What model is the basis for chemistry?
  36. chemistry

    Why is it important to list what you already know about a problem ?
  37. Chemistry

    How do you calculate the concerntartion of vinegar?
  38. chemistry

    1.4602 cm x 2.488 cm x 10.399 cm =??
  39. Chemistry

    Calculate pH of NH4OH which is 1%ionized
  40. chemistry

    Reaction between H2O2 +2NaOH
  41. bio chemistry

    why is polarity important
  42. Chemistry`

    1.35 x10^24 g to pounds and then to ounces
  43. chemistry

    what is the ionic equation for 2HNO3(aq)+Ba(OH)2(aq)
  44. chemistry

    Given that PVnR=T, solve for n if P = 36.0, V = 8.6, R = 0.08, and T = 200
  45. chemistry

    draw amino acid.
  46. chemistry

    explain the fire symbol
  47. Chemistry

    explain how to 1kpa to atm
  48. Chemistry

    What shell contains a total of 16 orbitals? A. n = 1 B. n = 2 C. n = 3 D. n = 4 E. n = 5
  49. Chemistry

    how to multiply 2.45 mol x 6.02x10^23
  50. Chemistry

    convert 58.8 atm to kPa
  51. chemistry

    what is the difference between a nanocomposite and a nanotube?
  52. chemistry

    If you have 4.90 moles of Ba, how many liters of N2 would you have at STP?
  53. Chemistry

    How many electrons are in oxide and in oxygen
  54. chemistry

    what type of reaction is Al+S8=Al2S3
  55. chemistry 111

    How many moles are in 6.35 g of NaOH
  56. chemistry

    PH of gatorade and body sweat
  57. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of a 0.10 M MgCl2 solution.
  58. chemistry

    What are the monomers of aspartame? I can only get one, which is methan ol, but what are the others?

  60. Chemistry

    0.001N NaoH calculate the ph

  62. Chemistry 2 Ap

    can someone balance this equation for me Fe^2+ Cr2 O7^2- --> Fe^3+ + Cr^3+ Thank you!:D
  63. chemistry

    what is the name of the polyatomic ion (C2O4)-1?

  65. Chemistry

    What is the Oxidation number of O8O4?
  66. chemistry

    what is evidence of exothermic rection?
  67. chemistry

    complete KH2PO4(aq)+KOH(aq)
  68. chemistry

    how do you read this formula: 2Au2O3
  69. chemistry

    please give me an example of a nanocomposite material
  70. chemistry

    What is the molality of 67.1g of Nano3 in 2.5l of water
  71. Chemistry

    How would you prepare 100 ml of 0.9% w/v saline?
  72. chemistry

    what is the bond order for BeF2?
  73. Chemistry

    What is the difference between inference and observation?
  74. Chemistry

    How do I do molarity,molality,and normality
  75. Chemistry

    How do I do molarity,molality,and normality
  76. Chemistry

    What is the repeating unit of nylon 6-6?

    predict the product of the following: a.) Ca + H + OH => b.) Pb(NO3)2 + Cu =>
  78. Chemistry

    Halogen have ... Electron affinity
  79. chemistry

    for a given reaction, the activation ener
  80. chemistry

    How much is the oxidation state of Cl2O3
  81. chemistry

    How can you tell if an acid is ionic or covalent?
  82. Chemistry

    How many moles of Cl are in 4.00g of CoCl2?
  83. Chemistry

    Please explain the process of diffusion.
  84. Chemistry

    If 30.0 g of H2 were used, how many grams of NH3 would be made?
  85. Chemistry

    Why is dihelium less likely to exist than dihydrogen?
  86. chemistry

    What four guidelines are useful in balancing an equation
  87. chemistry

    How are most decomposition reactions initiated
  88. Chemistry

    What is the electron configuration of 3s23p4?
  89. Chemistry

    What happens to an electron when a photon hits it?
  90. Honors Chemistry

    I got 206.67 g Fe, DrBob222
  91. chemistry

    what is the equivalent of 0.46ml in microliters?
  92. Chemistry

    What is the balanced equation of HClO4(aq)+Sr(OH)2(aq)
  93. chemistry

    How do you convert 0.7891 L to centiliters
  94. chemistry

    reaction between Na2a2o3+licro4
  95. Chemistry

    1-1H + 3-1 H yield 4-2 He What is energy in Kj per mole?
  96. Chemistry

    Why oxygen is the most abundant element than the others?
  97. chemistry

    If you have 13.0g of Na, how many grams of O2 are required for the reaction?
  98. Chemistry

    (x)/(.00125-x)(.00000025-x)=Kc How do I solve for x or Kc?
  99. Chemistry

    Calculate normality of 27% H2SO4
  100. Chemistry

    How many atoms are 3.75 moles of iron (Fe)?