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  1. Chemistry

    How do you calculate the concerntartion of vinegar?
  2. chemistry

    how can we produce ethane from methane?
  3. chemistry

    How would you find moles of aluminum used?
  4. chemistry

    Why is it important to use the same pipet through out the experiment?
  5. chemistry

    calculate the pH of 5M aqueous ammonia. Given kb=1.8 x 10^-5
  6. Chemistry

    How many mole of fe2o3 will be formed?
  7. chemistry

    How many grams of Al will react with 3.00 mol of 0(2)?
  8. Chemistry

    convert 548mL to cm3
  9. chemistry

    Prove : Gr degree = 383 kj
  10. chemistry

    How many moles NaOH in 66.4 mL of 0.1 M solution?
  11. chemistry

    why is nh3polar but bacl2 non polar
  12. chemistry

    what is the percentage of water in Ba(OH)2 x 8H2O?
  13. chemistry

    1.25 g of HClo3 has_____________ molecules (how many) ?
  14. chemistry

    what is the punctuation of molar mass
  15. chemistry

    what happens when a acid is added to a carbonate
  16. Chemistry

    Orbital Hybridization of CH2Cl2?
  17. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution that is 0.20 M CH3COOH and 0.10 M CH3COONa?
  18. chemistry

    what is the energy in joules of one quantum of 55.4 nm
  19. chemistry

    How many molecules are in 0.400 moles of N2 O5?
  20. chemistry

    how many sig figs are in 85,100?
  21. chemistry

    How many H atoms are in 7.52grams of C3H8?
  22. Chemistry

    what is 39.5 grams of HCl in moles?
  23. chemistry

    NaOH+CO(NH2)2----> what's the products??
  24. chemistry

    2.05g k x___x___x___=____gkcl
  25. Chemistry

    What is the colour of: 1. Cu+ 2. Cu2+ 3. Cu3+?
  26. Chemistry

    How would you prepare 100 ml of 0.9% w/v saline?
  27. Chemistry

    Why B(CH3)3 cannot be Lewis Base??
  28. chemistry

    Is sodium isotonic with Mg²+
  29. Chemistry

    Convert 125000 Pa to psi
  30. Chemistry

    Li(s) + N2 6Li(s) + N2 ==> 2 Li3N Li =6. Li =6 N= 2. N =2 Am I correct now
  31. chemistry

    Find the volume of 20.0g of benzene
  32. Chemistry

    What is the mass of 8.25 * 10^19 UF6 molecules?
  33. Chemistry

    Is 50.0 mL of 1.0 M HF and 25.0 mL of 1.0 M NaOH a buffer with an approximate pH of 3? I say yes. Right?
  34. Chemistry

    a) what importance do 1/2 lives have to society?
  35. Chemistry

    hOW can I convert 75.0 cmHg to atm? thanks
  36. chemistry

    a. What is the net charge on valine at pH 1? b. at pH 7? c. at pH 14?
  37. Chemistry

    What are vinyllic organohalides? How would you be able to identify them? Thanks
  38. chemistry

    what is the perpose of the phenolphthalein solution?
  39. Chemistry

    Chemical properties of salts
  40. Chemistry

    How would you prepare 100 ml of 0.9% w/v saline?
  41. chemistry

    What is the ΔH0rxn. for NaNO3?
  42. chemistry

    s shell never forms pi bonds ,right?
  43. Chemistry

    SO3, CaCO3, Ag2S, and Zn(OH)2. Is this right?
  44. chemistry

    what is the flame test for nickel
  45. chemistry

    how to find percent yield
  46. Chemistry

    how do I calculate theoretical yield?
  47. chemistry

    Why is the formal charge on B in BF4- is 1?
  48. Chemistry

    Why do metals tend to be malleable?
  49. Chemistry

    What is the Oxidation number of O8O4?
  50. Chemistry

    How many atoms are there in a 4.5 g sample of water?
  51. Chemistry

    What are some practical applications of chromatography?
  52. Chemistry

    What is the diameter of a potassium atom?
  53. chemistry

    how to find grams from 12 moles
  54. Chemistry- Dr. Bob

    Why doesn't Rb react with N2?
  55. Chemistry

    How many atoms are there in a 15.0-g sample of KBr?
  56. chemistry

    When do you put the suffix (g) after a compound?
  57. Chemistry

    Which is more soluble in water, Cl2 or I2?
  58. Chemistry

    How many atoms are there in a 15.0-g sample of KBr?
  59. Chemistry

    What shell contains a total of 16 orbitals? A. n = 1 B. n = 2 C. n = 3 D. n = 4 E. n = 5
  60. chemistry

    What is the ph of a 0.00100 M HCl solution?
  61. Chemistry

    How would you find the Kb of a weak base??
  62. chemistry

    How many molecules are in 25 grams of NH3
  63. chemistry

    How many molecules are in 25 grams of NH3
  64. chemistry

    what is the volume of a sphere that has a radius, r = 3 in.
  65. Chemistry

    Is there an equation for acid rain? What is it?
  66. chemistry

    why do we have to round the empirical to a whole number?
  67. chemistry

    the equation n2+3h2 2nh3
  68. Science - Chemistry

    How many atoms in a diamond.
  69. chemistry

    calculate[OH-],[H+] of a .20 M solution of triethylamine Kb=4.0*10^-4
  70. chemistry

    difference between 2hcl and hcl
  71. Chemistry

    Show how an atomic structure look like
  72. chemistry

    How to make a 2 Molarity solution?
  73. chemistry

    How do I draw Lewis Structure for BN and CN-
  74. chemistry

    . Which of the following is not a way an atom can achieve stability?
  75. chemistry

    How many moles of platinum would be in 10.0 g of this metal?
  76. Chemistry

    What is the weight/volume for a 0.2% solution?
  77. chemistry

    how does one find out the moles of NaCl?
  78. chemistry

    How do I change grams to moles.
  79. chemistry

    what is the exponent power of a liter??
  80. Chemistry

    What is the suffix for an alcohol which contains more than three -OH groups?
  81. Chemistry

    What element is in the second period in Group 4A?
  82. Chemistry

    What is uncertainty and how can I calculate it ? For example, 0.001 +/- ?
  83. chemistry

    what is the equation for gamma decay?

    may i please get some notes on stoichiometry because i don't seem to be getting anything.
  85. chemistry

    chemical reactions type?
  86. Chemistry

    Is esterification a condensation reaction?
  87. chemistry

    what is the anion and cation of Na2CrO4
  88. Chemistry

    What Holds the metals together in a solid?
  89. chemistry

    what does 9.54e-7+7.25e-4 equal?
  90. chemistry

    What happens when you mix an acid and a base?
  91. Chemistry

    Is esterification a condensation reaction?
  92. Chemistry

    What would cause the molecules of gas to get closer together?
  93. Chemistry

    What's the formula for Li2Co3+Co(NO3)3(aq) ->
  94. chemistry

    Preceed the equation of CuSO4 + Fe
  95. Chemistry

    How do i calculate the pH of 0.0020mol/l HCl
  96. chemistry

    how much pb can be isolated from 3.5kg of pbco3?
  97. chemistry

    chemical structure CH3C5H9
  98. chemistry

    is it possible to fine moles when you are only given the volume ?
  99. chemistry

    Keq = [0.25 - x] / [0.25 - x][2x] = [0.25 - ] / [0.25 - ][2()] = What numbers need to be substituted
  100. Chemistry

    Of what value is knowledge of density to a chemist?