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  1. chemistry

    I have a question. For Fe|Fe^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (1M why did you use Fe^2+ ==> Fe^3+ + e Eo = -0.771 ? instead of: Fe ---> Fe^+2 + 2e ? thank you..
  2. chemistry

    how to convert 4.8x10^5 hL to ml?
  3. Chemistry

    How much energy does 3.52 * 10^-7m of light have?
  4. chemistry

    can u tell me a slogan for flourine?
  5. Chemistry

    what does excited states mean?
  6. chemistry

    please i need example of hno3 cuo
  7. Chemistry

    What is the pH of 50.0 M HF and 25.0mL of 1.0 M NaOH?
  8. Chemistry

    How do you change 15% to moles
  9. Chemistry

    What is the hybridization of TeBr6?
  10. Chemistry

    what is the mass of Cu from 5.80 kg of CuFeS2?
  11. chemistry

    How many grams are in one milliliter?
  12. Chemistry

    What is the numerical value of one mole?
  13. chemistry

    how many kilograms are in one teragram
  14. Chemistry

    What's the colour of NaAlO2 ?
  15. chemistry

    what is shorthanded configuration of Mg and Cl
  16. Chemistry!

    Are hydrocarbons always nonpolar??
  17. chemistry

  18. chemistry

    what is a standard solution?
  19. chemistry

    how do you find moles?
  20. Chemistry

    How many stereoisomers are possible for threonine?
  21. chemistry

    which of the following would have the largest radius Al(3+) K (+) P S (2-) Se (2-)
  22. chemistry

    what is the name of the compound C2H4?
  23. Chemistry

    0.70 M KOH find the pH
  24. Chemistry

    0.70 M KOH find the pH
  25. chemistry

    how to do a research paper
  26. chemistry

    Cu(H2O)4 + 2OH -->
  27. chemistry

    Please help what is the molecule CH3CH2CHCHCH3
  28. Chemistry

    what was the first sample in the ChemQuandry and where is it used
  29. Chemistry

    Pb(C6H2O2)2+KCl= ???
  30. chemistry

    what is the basicity of H2S03
  31. Chemistry

    what is electron configuration?
  32. chemistry

    What are [H+] and [OH-] for 0.01 M perchloric acid?
  33. chemistry

    1/10^-8 in scientific notation. I need help please.
  34. chemistry

    1/10^-8 in scientific notation
  35. chemistry

    3.47*10^23 mass in grams
  36. chemistry

  37. Chemistry

    Why is the use of tin limited?
  38. Chemistry

    How many grams of Ca(OH)2 are in 6.5 moles?
  39. Chemistry

    ?? ==> 15/7 N + 0/-1 e What is the reactant for this equation? 15/6 C 16/5 B 14/6 C 14/5 B
  40. Chemistry

    1kpa to mmhg
  41. Chemistry

    What does C12H26 stand for?
  42. chemistry

    Enthaly definition
  43. Chemistry

    Li2SO4+AgNO3= ???
  44. chemistry

    examples of solutions
  45. chemistry

    What is brownian motionand example
  46. chemistry

    What are [H+] and [OH-] for 0.01 M perchloric acid
  47. chemistry

    HCl + NaOH = ?
  48. chemistry

    If we have a concentration of H+ at 5 x 10-2 mol/L, what is the pH value?
  49. Chemistry

    How (in g/L) of Ar at 32 degrees C and 342 mm Hg?
  50. chemistry

    what is formula of pepsi?
  51. Chemistry

  52. chemistry

    what is the shape of p-orbital.........
  53. chemistry

    15. How many molecules are in 6H2O?
  54. chemistry

    What amount is a mol?
  55. Chemistry

    How do you measure radiation?
  56. chemistry

    if I have 0.0899 g/L what would it be for grams per mL?
  57. Chemistry: Check

    1. The amou
  58. Chemistry

    Which base is the strongest for the given [H+]? A)10^-9 B)10^-11 C)10^-10 D)10^-12
  59. chemistry

    what is 200grams-1000cm3? please help me!
  60. Chemistry

    How do I decide whether something is polar or not?
  61. chemistry

    how many moles are in Fe2O3
  62. Chemistry -I really need Help.

    what is the mass of 4 moles of Li?
  63. chemistry

    why glycerol is used in cosmetics?
  64. Chemistry

    How many valence electrons does Mo+3 have?
  65. chemistry

    What are diatomic elements?
  66. chemistry

    what is mantle dynamics?
  67. chemistry

    How are ions formed?
  68. chemistry

    Name a lustrous non metal?
  69. chemistry

    what is the configuration of an electron

    what is the proper name for C6H14?
  71. Chemistry

    How many moles are there in 0.7g of CFC's
  72. chemistry

    MgO + HNO3 =
  73. Chemistry

    Which one of the following is a diastereomer of (2R,3R)-2,3-dibromopentane? How do I got about this?
  74. chemistry

    What is electrolysis, and how does it work?
  75. chemistry

    What is the pH of a 2.8 M solution of HClO4?
  76. chemistry

    What is the pH of a 2.8 M solution of HClO4?
  77. chemistry

    are these two statements true? (a/b)^x = a^x - b^x and (x^a + x^a+b) / (1+x^b) = x^a
  78. chemistry

    6.3E10 cm converted to ft would be
  79. chemistry

    The Ka value for HCN is 4.9x10^-10. What is the value of Kb for CN-?
  80. Chemistry

    How many moles are in 1.59 kg of sodium?
  81. chemistry

    How many moles is 66.02 grams of Fe?
  82. organic chemistry

    why can't you have 2-ethylheptane?
  83. chemistry

    Fe(s) +Pb^2 (aq)---->Fe ^2+ (aq) +Pb(s) which reactant has been oxidized
  84. chemistry

    MgO + HNO3 = ?
  85. Chemistry

    What does equivalence point mean?
  86. chemistry

    is heat matter
  87. Chemistry

    Convert 1.46 mm to inches.
  88. chemistry

    what causes the the fermentation of wine?
  89. Chemistry

    NaHCO3 (s) + HC2H3O2 (aq) ---> ?
  90. chemistry

    How do you tell what dyes are more polar than others?
  91. Chemistry

    What is chemical name for Na2Cr2O2?
  92. Chemistry

    What are the changes associated with a chemical reaction?
  93. chemistry

  94. chemistry

    conver 0.100Kg to g
  95. chemistry

    conver 0.100Kg to g
  96. chemistry

    what is a atom??? i get confused
  97. chemistry

    What are the acids in the house?
  98. chemistry

    what are electrostatic forces
  99. chemistry

    what is the pH of coffee if the [H3O+] is 1*10^-5 M?
  100. Chemistry

    Why do you believe electrons exist?