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  1. Chemistry

    how did you get (that's 0.17M x 1/2 = 0.085M)
  2. chemistry

    Suppose f′′(x)=−36sin(6x) and f′(0)=−5, and f(0)=−3 f(π/3)=?
  3. chemistry

    If you have 18 g of Ag2O, how many moles do you have
  4. Chemistry

    Convert: 5.72 kJ to kcal
  5. Chemistry

    What is the bond order of BN-
  6. chemistry

    what is the structure of H2P2O6?
  7. chemistry

    What is the structure of H2P2O6??
  8. chemistry

    if I have 0.0899 g/L what would it be for grams per mL?
  9. chemistry

    if [NO]=2M , [N2] = 1M, and [O2]= 1M, is the reaction at equilibrium?
  10. chemistry

    why does evaporation cause cooling?
  11. chemistry

    why glycerol is used in cosmetics?
  12. Chemistry

    What is PAV glue?
  13. Chemistry

    What is PAV glue?
  14. Chemistry

    What is PVA glue?
  15. Chemistry

    Please help, if you can. If you have a Log (x) = -0.123 ..... What does x = ?
  16. chemistry

    how many phases do suspensions have?
  17. chemistry

    .592grams of na2so4
  18. chemistry

    whats a compound
  19. Chemistry

    how would i find the pH of this? 1.0 M NH3 (Kb = 1.8 x 10-5)
  20. Chemistry

    How many valence electrons does Mo+3 have?
  21. chemistry

    What is the bonding continuum?
  22. chemistry

    how many moles of N are in 78.0g of N2O

    NH4OH + H2O =
  24. Chemistry: Check

    1. The amou
  25. Chemistry

    What element is symbolized by X?
  26. chemistry

    what do you use a pipestem triangle for
  27. chemistry

    MgO + HNO3 =
  28. chemistry

    MgO + HNO3 = ?
  29. Chemistry

    Convert 9.45 μm to inches.
  30. Chemistry

    Is [PF5Cl]- polar?
  31. chemistry

    Fe(s) +Pb^2 (aq)---->Fe ^2+ (aq) +Pb(s) which reactant has been oxidized
  32. Chemistry

    How many orbitals are in the l = 4 subshell?
  33. Chemistry

    Give an example of a disaccharide
  34. chemistry

    What is the [SO42-] in 0.45 M of H2SO4?
  35. Chemistry

    What is an unsaturated hydrocarbon?
  36. Chemistry

    What are amine salts?
  37. chemistry

    What is the pH, pOH and [OH-] of 0.06 mol/L HI(aq)?
  38. Chemistry

    what is the mass of Cu from 5.80 kg of CuFeS2?
  39. chemistry

    what is the name of the compound C2H4?
  40. chemistry

    How do you tell what dyes are more polar than others?
  41. chemistry

    How many moles of Pb is 9.3 x 10^15 atoms of Pb?
  42. Chemistry

    Which of the following is a negative ion? Na+1,Na,O-2,O? All of them?
  43. Chemistry

    E(V) for half reaction 3N(-1/3) -> 3 N(0) + e-
  44. chemistry

    How much in $ is one MOLE of pennies?
  45. chemistry

    How do I figure out the mass of 1 M&M?
  46. Chemistry

    what is the mass of a mole of M&M's? How do I do this?
  47. Chemistry

    How can you measure 20 mg. of salt?
  48. chemistry

    how do you find the Kc of a reaction?
  49. Chemistry

    100.0cm3 of
  50. chemistry

    How many moles is 66.02 grams of Fe?
  51. Chemistry

    What is the pOH of a solution which has a [H+] = 1.0 × 10¯³M?
  52. chemistry

    What is the name of the following compounds? A)CO B)HCI2O
  53. Chemistry

    Ln( K/ 4.90*10^-4) = 1.56189 Solve for K
  54. chemistry

    What amount is a mol?
  55. chemistry

    how to convert 4.8x10^5 hL to ml?
  56. Chemistry

    Name this compound: H2O2
  57. chemistry

    how methane is produced or where it comes from?
  58. Science(chemistry)

    What is Kc at its temperature?
  59. chemistry

    what is resonance structure
  60. chemistry

    what is metallic ductility
  61. chemistry

    how many moles of x in 33.3g of substance?
  62. chemistry

    If we have a concentration of H+ at 1 x 10-1.2 mol/L, what is the pH value? A. -1.2 B. 0 C. 2.4 D. 1.2 A.
  63. chemistry

    SOCl2 + C4H6CaO4 ¨
  64. chemistry

    poem of chlorine
  65. chemistry

    what is the value of [OH-] in a 0.730 M solution of Sr(OH)2?
  66. chemistry

  67. chemistry

    what is a standard solution?
  68. chemistry

    Cu(H2O)4 + 2OH -->
  69. chemistry

    Why is CO2 not ionic?
  70. chemistry

    What is a saturated solution?
  71. Chemistry

    what was the first sample in the ChemQuandry and where is it used
  72. Chemistry

    Pb(C6H2O2)2+KCl= ???
  73. Chemistry

    Li2SO4+AgNO3= ???
  74. chemistry

    the value of this quantity for water is ?
  75. Chemistry

    5.000g / 2.5mL = ?
  76. chemistry

    what are the electrolytes in ORS?
  77. chemistry

    examples of solutions
  78. chemistry

    Suppose f′′(x)=−36sin(6x) and f′(0)=−5, and f(0)=−3 f(π/3)=?
  79. Chemistry!

    Are hydrocarbons always nonpolar??
  80. Chemistry

    What is the correct name for NO2-?
  81. Chemistry

    solve Ka for HX => H^+ + X^- given 0.1M LiX at pH=8.9
  82. Chemistry

    Th pH of 0.00010 M HNO3
  83. Chemistry

    What does equivalence point mean?
  84. Chemistry

    How many moles are there in 0.7g of CFC's
  85. chemistry

    how do you make soap
  86. Chemistry

  87. Chemistry

    where does the n come from in a compound such as n-butane?
  88. Chemistry

    Al3+ and HPO42
  89. chemistry

    Please convert 5005 mL to L. Thank you.
  90. Chemistry

    What are colligative properties?
  91. chemistry

    what is formula of pepsi?
  92. Chemistry

    Which of the following is an unreactive metal? 1. Na 2. Au 3. Rn 4. Ra 5. Cl Is it 2. Au?
  93. Chemistry

    Which of the following is a reactive gas? 1. Cl 2. Na 3. Au 4. Ra 5. Rn Is it 1. Cl?
  94. Chemistry

    How do I decide whether something is polar or not?
  95. Chemistry

    Define normality
  96. Chemistry

    Is optimum ph for enzyme 7-14?

  98. chemistry

    What is the shape of H3C+ ?
  99. chemistry

    how many outer electrons are there in [Ar] 4s^1?
  100. Chemistry

    what is the symbol of the element with 4d^4?