Algebra, help + check please

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  1. School-Age Children

    Melissa plays with the same four girls everyday.She has a lot of energy, is independent, and is concerned about what her friends think. Melissa likes soccer and baseball and takes pleasure in beating the boy's team.Melissa is most likely to be A.3-5
  2. geography

    Can you check my answers please? 1.In what hemispheres is Africa located? Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western 2. What is the easternmost state in the 48 contiguous states? Maine 3. What is the capital of the southernmost country in Africa? Pretoria,
  3. dog behavior

    please check my answers thanks so much What is the purpose of having an assistant hold a dog while you're teaching it the longline recall command? A. To prevent the dog from coming to you until it's very eager B. To make sure the dog remains in the sit
  4. Please CHeck my French

    Chère Mme Guerit J'ai mal à la gorge. Je ne mange rien. J'ai une mauvaise mine et je suis fatiguée aussi. Je dois prendre un médicament. Dois-je appeler un docteur? Qu'est-ce que je dois faire pour avoir une bonne mine?
  5. physics

    please check my answers and help me with the first one. how can you charge an object negatively with only the help of a positively charged object? -This one I am not too sure, when one material is rubbed against another electrons jump readily from one to
  6. English

    1. What are the synonyms of delicious? -They are yummy and tastey. 2. What is the antonym of delicious? - It is tasteless. ------------------------- Q1: Are the questions and answers correct? Q2: Do you have other common opposites of 'delicious' other than
  7. geography

    1. Cape Agulhas is the southernmost point on what continent? Africa 2. What capital city is near 20 degrees N latitude and 100 degrees W longitude? Mexico City 3. Would you probably find a scale of 1-inch equals 1,500 miles on a map of your city, state or
  8. Science check answers

    1. Which of the following explains how natural selection leads to evolution? Conditions in the environment reduce competition for resources within a species Helpful variations accumulate among surviving members of the species*** Overproduction provides
  9. Chemistry

    Can someone check my answers for me thank you. This is my 3rd time posting this one up...maybe its just not going through bc I don't see it on the current ?s. 4NH3 + 7O2 --> 4NO2 + 6H2O 1)How many grams of oxygen are necessary to produce 4.50 moles of
  10. English

    Classes have also started at music school now. I go twice a week for piano. I'm continuing my tennis lessons. Oh yes, I've been moved up to the "older" group in tennis. Wednesdays I go to Auntie Mike's for English lessons. Tuesdays I have choir practice.
  11. Early Childhood

    Rosa is a newborn. As she grows, which will she learn to control last? A. Her fingers B. Her hands C. Her arms D. Her head Need help!! I put A but I'm not for sure. A preschool child can be designated a reader when he or she: A. writes a word. B. sounds
  12. Java programming

    I have hard time doing this any help? Rewrite the definition of the method setdate and the constructor with parameters so that the values of month, day, and year are checked before storing the date into the data members. Add a method isleapyear to check
  13. social studies

    what belief is the principle of popular sovereignty based upon? A. government must be run by officials who are appointed to office by their predecessors B. government gets its power from the people and can exist only with their consent C. people have
  14. behavior problems(dogs)

    please check my answer thanks Ideally, when working on a behavior problem, you'll show the owners ways to A. reorganize the environment so the dog has fewer chances to misbehave. B. discipline a dog correctly and not spoil him. C. teach some commands that
  15. english

    Could anybody check my English essays? I'm looking for native English teacher who is willing to help me with improving my written language. For achieving this goal I'm going to write rather long essays on humanitarian subjects. I don't need lengthy
  16. algebra

    what is the answer to |19- pi|?
  17. algebra

    42 < –6d A. d < –7 B. d < 36 C. d > –7 D. d < –48 i really need help with this i don't get it
  18. math

    what is algebra
  19. Algebra ?

    How would I solve this: ((x^(3)-x^(2)-4x+8))/(x-1)
  20. algebra

    Solve for x: (-1/3)(-4+3x)=1/2
  21. algebra

  22. Algebra 1

    what are the factors of 31
  23. algebra. help!

    What is the sum of [3/4 -2/-3]+[-5/3 -4/-2]? a. [-8/1 2/6] b. [-2/7 2/-1] c. [2/-7 6/5] d. [-2/7 -6/-5]
  24. Algebra

  25. Algebra 1

    what is 3 less than 4 times a?
  26. Algebra

    2ã48 - ã3 Thank you!
  27. algebra-college

  28. Algebra

    Let n! = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x ... x n for integer n >_1. What could be the value of 1! +(2 x 2!) + (3 x 3!) + (4 x 4!) + ... (10 x 10!)?
  29. college algebra

  30. algebra

    solve (bc^2)-^2
  31. College Algebra 2

  32. Algebra

    81. If f(x) = 2x + 1, then f(-2)= _____. -3?
  33. algebra

    x 2/3-16x 1/3 +64=0
  34. algebra

  35. algebra

  36. Algebra

    What's the answers to the following...Please and Thank u! 1. (x+5)(2x+3) 2. (2x+3)(x+4) 3. (x+3)(3x+2) 4. (x+3)(x+3)
  37. algebra

    simplify x+2/3x-6 * x^2-3x+2/x^2-x-6 and -7/2 + 3-x/x
  38. Algebra

    Simplify. 2/3(4x/2x^2-1)+3(3/3x-1)
  39. Algebra

    How do you simplify (r+3)^3?
  40. algebra

  41. algebra

    a^2 15a^3
  42. algebra

    2/z=3/z-1/2 solve for z
  43. Algebra

    Solve for t: t^6=8-t^3
  44. algebra

  45. algebra

    What is the GCF of 5y + 30?
  46. algebra

    im not sure how to solve this: x^2 --- -9 x^2-9
  47. algebra 1

    (1,19) y less then or equal to 7x-13 y>3x + 6
  48. Algebra 2 help!!!

    Let f(x)=x^2+7 and g(x)= x+3/x. Find (g f)(-5) A.35/12 B.35/32 C.32/35 D.11/25

    5x-3y=2x-xy solve for x
  50. algebra

    5z-20/33 /z-4/121
  51. algebra 1

    What's the GCF of x^3y and x^7?
  52. Algebra 1

    what are the factors of 31
  53. algebra

    GRAPH .08.04.11<3
  54. Algebra

    Please help Simplify (p^-4+m ^2m)^-4/(p^-4)^-m
  55. Algebra 2

  56. algebra

    If 3.14*r^2=706.5? what does r=?
  57. Algebra

    y3-2y2- + 3y-4 for y+5 (-9) (-9) (-9) m.m.m 7.a.a.b.b.b
  58. Algebra

    Solve? (10 / 3x) + (4/3) = (7 + x) / (2x)
  59. algebra

    simplify.. m+m+m+m+y+y
  60. Algebra ll

    Graph y=-1/3(x+5)(x-1)
  61. Algebra

    nx+8=6y If the slope is 2, what is n?
  62. algebra

    Solve. (x-4)=18
  63. Algebra

    1p+14<20 I have tried everything! Please explain?

    HOW DO I SOLVE THIS PLEASE 5ãx =ãx -12
  65. Algebra

    (y^3-y^2-5y-5)/(y+1) can someone help me solve this?
  66. algebra

    2(x-2)<=-2(1-x) I cant figure it out
  67. beginig algebra

    what is -3(k-4)=51
  68. Algebra 2

  69. Algebra 2

  70. Math. Algebra

    3+2(4)-3+4(-3)= I got 4 3+4-2-5+3-6-8= I got -17 4-3(2+6) = I got. -21 10/5 + 8+(-3) /5 -4= I got -1
  71. Algebra

    Why does 5x/6x^2 become 5/6x? How did x-x^2 become an x on the bottom? Thanks!
  72. Algebra

    Solve for x 1/1-2x + 6x/1+2x = 3
  73. algebra

    s=c(A=B)find c
  74. Algebra

    0.3x-0.2y=4,0.5x+0.5y=-15/9 solve
  75. Algebra

    How to simplify: ((m^(-2/3))^(-1/6)
  76. Algebra

    What is the sum of (3x-2) and (5x^2+3x)
  77. algebra

    81x^5 - 3x^2
  78. algebra

  79. algebra

    add the following (8.1x^2-5.9x-7.1)+-9.8x^2-8.1x-4.8)
  80. Algebra

    Solve: -10<=4x-5<--4
  81. Algebra

    1/6p+14<20?????? Help explain please!
  82. algebra

    Given ƒ(x) = x + 1 and h(x) = 2x – 3, find (ƒ + h)(x).
  83. Algebra

    Please simplify. 5x^-2 - 3y -1/ OVER x^-1 + y^-1
  84. Algebra

    Solve for x. (3/x+1)+4/x=2
  85. pre-algebra

    what is x? -2x+4=3x-6
  86. Algebra

    Solve 2x-1<7 and 5x+3<3.
  87. pre-algebra

    6y + 5=10 -5+6y+5=10+-5 6y/6=5/6 Y=8.3 Is this right I need help with this one 4=z/12-17
  88. Algebra

    What is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? 1 1/3 1 1/2 ** 1 2/3 1 3/4
  89. algebra 2

    -4x^3*2y^-2*5y^5*x^-8 simplify
  90. Algebra

    How do I work -3-5(3x+7)=0
  91. algebra

    Given: 2d-f/3 = f-3d/5, solve for f
  92. algebra

    Factor: X^4 y-y^5
  93. algebra

    Find the value of - 18 + | -12|
  94. algebra

    14cents/oz=$ /lb
  95. algebra

    I need help with this problem (7,7);4x+5y=9
  96. algebra 8th

    -4.7-(-4.7) = 0 ???
  97. Algebra

    4.5cm is 75% of
  98. algebra

    Multiply -8(6x^2-4x+1)
  99. algebra

    add (8m^3-3m^2+m-5)+(8m^3+3m^2-4m-2)
  100. Algebra

    How do you factor x-5x^3-6x^3? Thanks!