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  1. Chem Check Please!!!

    Using standard thermodynamic data from Appendix L of your text, calculate the equilibrium constant at 298 K for the following chemical reaction: CO(g) + H2O(l) CO2(g) + H2(g). Answer: CO(g) + H2O(l) CO2(g) + H2(g) G = (394.359 + 0) (137.168 237.15)
  2. biology

    what be the greatest visual magnification ahieved with normal kind microscopes like compound type? that be 1000x. but how you can determine this for any microscope? what be the depth of field? and what power be depth of field the smallest? what power an
  3. Social Studies check my answers

    1. Mexico's Central Plateau is an impotent region because A. it is a mountain's region where few people live, but minerals are mined. B. most of the country's people live there. C. it is a place where active volcanoes and earthquakes make life difficult D.
  4. Math, please check work

    find the other endpoint of a line segment with the given midpoint and one endpoint. Endpoint: (0,0) midpoint: (4, -3) I would Double the midpoint and add on the endpoint The other endpoint would be (8, -6) is this correct?
  5. math percents

    can you check these: what percent of 64 is 48? i got 75% 25% of what number is 24? i got 96 48% of 83 is what number? i go 39.84 what percent of 530 is 107? i got : 201.88 62% of what is number is 84? i got 135.48 what percent of 42 is 7.5? i got 17.86 37%
  6. physics again (check answers please)

    What net force increases a velocity of a car from 20 m/s to 35 m/s in 8.0 s if the mass of the car is 1600 kg? (3000 N). What force would cause the car to stop? (3000N) What coefficient of friction is needed to supply the force of friction? (.0191) are
  7. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    When a radioactive isotope undergoes Beta Decay, which of the following will NOT occur? A. The mass number of the original nucleus changes. B. The atomic number of the original nucleus changes. C. The original nucleus approaches greater stability. D.
  8. algeebra

    Determine wether the two expressions are equivalent. If so,tell what property is applied. If not explain why. 1) 9 x 1 and 9. Is this expression equivalent because 9 x 1=9 and also 1 x 9=9.this would be an example of an communitive property. 2) 7 x 3 and 3
  9. physics

    centripetal acceleration= friction m*w^2 r = mu*mg changing 50 rpm to rad/sec mu=w^2 r/g=(50*2PI/60)^2 * .12 which is not your answer. Check my thinking. ok I thought centripetal force was equal to m ac were ac is the centripetal acceleration which is
  10. Math

    Taryn mowed lawns. Taryn mowed 9 lawns within the past week. Time spent mowing lawns (in hours)=7.5 Money Earned=$112.50 How much does Taryn charge to mow a lawn? $15.00 per hour Can you please check to see if this is correct? Thank you
  11. S.S. Venezuela (check answers)

    When oil prices fell in the mid-1980s, Venezuela's economy 1. suffered a decline 2. enjoyed an increase 3. stayed about the same*** 4. began to show signs of recovery Most of Venezuela's population lives 1. in cities*** 2. in the countryside 3. on islands
  12. Java

    "Assuming the necessary classes have been imported, which of the following statements will compile without error?" Object obj = new Calendar(); Calendar c = new Calendar(); GregorianCalender d = new Object(); Object e = new GregorianCalender(); I think it
  13. Chemistry(Please check)

    List the conjugate base for the following acids: 1) Acid = CH3CH2CH2NH3^+ Conjugate base = CH3CH2CH2NH2^- 2) Acid = CH3CH2CH2OH2^+ Conjugate base = CH3CH2CH2OH^- Are my answers correct? Thank you!
  14. Chemistry Check Please!!!

    Using a table of standard electrode potentials (as in Appendix M of your text), calculate the standard cell potential, Eo, for: 2 Fe2+(aq) + Cl2(g) 2 Fe3+(aq) + 2 Cl(aq). Answer: Anode: 2 Fe2+ 2 Fe3+ + 2 e Eox = 0.771 V Cathode: Cl2 + 2 e 2 Cl Ered = +1.36
  15. Math

    Please Check My Answers!!! What is the type of conic section is given by the equation x^2-9y^2=900 and what is the domain and range? Answer: Type is hyperbola, Domain is all real values of x, not sure what the range is. Please explain how to find these
  16. Calculus

    Can you check what I did and help me with the third question? Thanks for the help! v(t)=25tsin(t^2) At time=0, you were backed up against the bumper of your car. How far were you from your car two minutes after you started walking? Integral (0 to 2) v(t)
  17. Health insurance

    Please check my answer thanks :) Ifan enrollee uses more services than originally assumed per the PPPM calculation, the the plan would 1. show a pfofit for that period 2. show a loss of that period 3. need a contract renegotiation 4. require that the
  18. chem - check euqation please

    suggest a test chemical that can be added to the water sample to precipate the lead (II) ions. Show a chemical equation for the formation of the precipate you have chosen. I chose Hg(N03)2 so Pb2 + Hg(NO3)2 -->Pb(NO3)2 = Hg I know I still have to
  19. US History

    PLEASE CHECK! && IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE INFO! What role did television play in the election of 1960? How does television effect elections today? My Answer>> In the election of 1960, the debates between the candidates was presented on the television.
  20. Science

    The doctor ordered an IV infusion of NaCl at 125 ml/hr for the next 48 hours. THe drop factor for the IV tubing is 10. 1) calculate the gtts/min Answer: 23 gtts/min 2) calculate the total amount of IV fluid the client will receive in 48 hours. I got 6000
  21. Art

    Hi, could someone check this for me, thx :) Why is it harder to find examples of 3D art rather than 2d art in early human history?? A) No early civilizations made 3D art B) 3D art is only part of the digital arts C) People have always perferred 2D art to
  22. English

    1. There is a girl who is reading a book with legs crossed on the sofa. 2. There is a girl reading a book with her knees folded and raised on the sofa. 3. There are a dog and a cat sleeping on a big coushion. 4. There is a boy playing the piano looking at
  23. Chemistry(steps check)

    I figured out the NO3- which is 0.13, I'm stuck on the Cl- I have 0.24*2-0.0416= 0.4384 but I'm being told that's wrong What mass of silver chloride can be prepared by the reaction of 160.0 mL of 0.26 M silver nitrate with 150.0 mL of 0.24 M calcium
  24. Nutrition of the young child

    Why shouldn't unmodified cow's milk be given to an infant under one year old? A.Infants are able to digest only breast milk. B.It contains too much bacteria for young babaies to handle. can cause an upset stomach. D.Most infants are allergic to it. I
  25. Please Check my Journal for MacBeth

    Running Journal: Macbeth (Act 1 Scene 1) Thunder and lightning; enter three Witches: In the play as a whole, people are tossed about by forces that they cannot control, and so it is in the opening scene. The witches, blown by the storms of nature and war,
  26. English

    Could you please check these few sentences? Thank you 1) I've been a Tim subscriber for two years. I top up my mobile every two weeks. I recharge it every evening. 2) I keep in touch with my friends by sending them email and by chatting on Facebook. 3) I
  27. English

    The authoritarian, middle-aged woman, imposes conformity to imprison the men that she exerts power to benefit herself and not others so she can feel superior. Can you check this sentence to see if it makes sense? -- I'm saying that the woman uses her
  28. English

    I will distribute exam papers to you. Take one and pass the rest to the person behind you. You have to solve the 10 Engish problems in 5 or 7 minutes. When you are finished with solving the problems, I will write the answers on the blackboard. You have to
  29. english

    In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Catching fish is one of the oldest pastimes. the italicized word is is. A. Adverb B. Conjunction C. Preposition D. Verb I thought it was a preposition at first but after some
  30. English

    1. He is in the river. [For example, half of his body is in the water. Or he is swimming in the river. He may be enjoying scub-diving in the river.] 2. He is on the river. [He is rowing a boat on the river. He is floating down on a log on the river. He may
  31. geography

    Will you please check my answers? 1. The largest lake in the world is located near the border of Asia and Europe. What is its name? Caspian Sea 2. What is the name of the country that shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain? Portugal 3. Name the Great

    Because she wants to go to medical school, Becky will need to take extra science classes, and she also wants to learn Latin. The sentence above is a A. compound sentence. B. complex sentence. C. compound-complex sentence. D. simple sentence. I think.....
  33. behavior problems (dogs)

    Please check my answer thanks Often, when an owner disciplines his or her dog it's done A. to help the dog understand what is expected of him. B. to teach the dog a lesson. C. in anger. D. in the best interest of the dog. I picked C tho I have known people
  34. English

    Match the vocabulary words with the appropriate definitions. A.allusion B.flat character C.rhyme scheme D.stock character E.round character unchanging character-B reference to other works or events-A complex or main character-E a recognizable but
  35. physics

    please check: Conductors can be charged by ___, while insulators cannot. a. grounding b. induction c. polarization d. contact D Which of the following is not true for both gravitational and electric forces? a. the inverse square distance law applies b.
  36. Grammar and Composition

    please check these for me: Underline the correct words in each of the following sentences. 1. The hall of (Fame, Fame's) members include many people who you probably don't know. Fame's 2. All of the girls will pay for (herself, themselves) at the dance.
  37. English

    1. Have you ever chatted with a foreigner at a chatroom? 2. Have you ever written English e-mails? 3. Have you ever taken a taxi to come to school? 4. Have you ever shopped at Home plus? 5. Have you ever sung songs at a singing room? 6. Have you ever
  38. geography

    1. What country possesses Easter Island off the coast of South America? Chile 2. What is the westernmost state in the United States? Alaska 3. What forms the natural boundary between Argentina and Uruguay? The Uruguay River 4. What is the name of the
  39. business Communication

    Which of the following is NOT an example of parallel structure? a. Yoga can help you develop flexibility, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. b. Learn how to analyze business audience, improve your style, and edit thoroughly. c. You are all encouraged
  40. Business Communication

    Which of the following is NOT an example of parallel structure? A. "Yoga can help you develop flexibility, reduce stress, and increase relaxation." B. "Learn how to analyze business audiences, improve your style, and edit thoroughly." C. "You are all
  41. science

    advanteges and disadvanteges of fossil fuels Check this site. advantages easy to get energy from not expensive to get energy from disadvantages pollutes the atmosphere with carbondioxide which leads to
  42. Tense

    1. John took a nap after he had read a book yesterday afternoon. 2. I got up so late that I didn't catch the bus this morning. 3. Last night, Mary said she would go shopping with me when she had time. 4. I last flew kites with my friends 5 years ago.   5.
  43. History

    1:Which of the following would result in an individual losing their citizenship?(check all that apply) A:Enlisting in the military of a foreign nation B:Being convicted of treason or sedition C:The discovery that a naturalized citizen was deceptive on
  44. US History

    Could you pls check this time line 1, king George issues Proclamation of 1763 2, stamp act 3. Sons of Liberty 4. Boston Massacre 5. Boston Tea Party 6, coersive acts 7, 1st continental congress 8. 2nd continental congree 9. First sho of American revolution
  45. math,correction

    is this correct? simplify: ((1+(2)/(3))/((2+(1)/(2)) My answer: (2)/(3) assuming that 2/3 and 1/2 are separate fractions, 8/3 x 5/2 40/6 20/3 hmm.. perhaps you need to check your arithmetic. unless i'm wrong, which wouldn't be surprising It is hard to read
  46. Art... check

    Which of the following is a convention Chinese artist Shen Zhou used in his brush paintings? He used only black ink to emphasize expressive brushstrokes. He painted several seated Buddha in the background. He painted flat, realistic figures to reflect
  47. Health care

    The annual list of the OIG's planned projects for sampling billing in various settings (such as hospitals, doctor's offices, and long-term care facilities) to check for potential fraud is called the A. triggered review. B. OIG Work Plan. C. Deficit
  48. fine arts

    please check these: true or false- A minaret was a spiral tower _F A muezzin is a niche in the wall_F i need help in these three 1.Gothic style churches were not limited to France. 2.Two famous architects designed the dome of the Hagia Sophia 3.The Gothic
  49. English

    Could you please check these last two sentences, please? Thank you for your help. 1. Britain entered the First World War in 1914 by declaring war on Germany after the German invasion of Belgium. Peace was made at Versailles in 1919. Many British war poets
  50. History (Mrs. Sue, check answer?)

    How did geography affect Florida during the Civil War? (5 points) Florida has a long coastline, so it was easy to blockade. Florida was far to the south, so few battles happened there. Florida was surrounded by water, which increased the capacity of its
  51. Sociology-Citing a Source

    I need help citing a source APA style for my bibliography. My source is a website, an organziations website called FORGE. You might have to check it out to see what im talking about. The part i need to cite is "informatin on Zambia". Its not an article on
  52. calculus

    can someone check these for me: 18. All edges of a cube are expanding at a rate of 6 cm per second. How fast is the volume changing when each edge is a) 2 cm and b) 10 cm. a)72 cm^3/sec b)1800 cm^3/sec 20. The formula for the volume of a cone is
  53. Math(Please check)

    The value of an automobile was $15,780 in 1994 and depreciated to $5400 in 1999. Let y be the value of the automobile in the year x, where x = 0 represents 1994. Write a linear equation in slope-intercept form that models the value y of the automobile, x
  54. Teaching dogs tricks

    Please check my answer thanks Owners who aren't interested in professional work but want to show off their dog's tricks to an appreciative audience might want to get involved in A. teaching obedience classes. B. pet therapy. C. teaching tricks classes. D.
  55. Chem

    A mixture of chromium and zinc weighing .362 g was reacted with an excess of hydrochloric acid. After all the metals in the mixture reacted 225 mL of dry hydrogen gas was collected at 27 C and 750 torr. Determine the mass percent Zn in the metal sample.
  56. English Expressions

    Spread your fingers. This is the thumb, this is the index finger, this is the middle finger, this is the ring finger, and this is the little finger. How many finger are there in your right hand? Five! That's right. There are five fingers in your right
  57. Chemistry

    How do i figure this? State whether the following compound contain polar covalent bonds, non-polar covalent bonds, or ionic bonds, based on their electronegativities. 1)KF_________ Look up the electronegativity values for K and F and make your decision. We
  58. Ratios!!!!

    8. Abby, Ingrid, and John are sharing a bag of candy in the extended ratio 2:3:4. If there are sixty three candies in the bag, then how many will Ingrid get? A. 7 B. 14*** C. 21 D. 28 9. Which of the following are equivalent to the ratio 3ab:27ab? Select
  59. chemistry

    please check if I did this right ... calculate the mass of white solid CaCO3 that forms when 98ml of a 0.1M Ca(NO3)2 solution is mixed with 54 ml of a 2.5M Na2CO3 solution. Ca(NO3)2 + 2NaCO3 -> Ca(CO3)2 + 2NaNO3 .098*0.1 =.0090 .054*2.5 =.135 limiting
  60. government

    the lawmaking function of congress is central to democracy because a. it enables elected representatives to do the daily work of government b. legislative powers are necessary to check the power of the president c. it frees members of congress from the
  61. social studies

    How do you think America might be different if South Carolina Exposition and Protest published during the Nullification Crisis had not occurred? There would not have been a Civil War. States would not be challenging the authority of the Federal Government.
  62. 6th grade world hstory plz check

    I pick A one drawback of voluntary trade was that it 1. requires two groups to use a common language 2. can make one group dependant upon another for necessary goods 3. does not occur unless there is a shortage of goods for atleast one group 4. forces
  63. Science - 6th grade: CHECK MY ASNWER

    If changing conditions lead to decreased oxygen levels in the stream, the carrying capacity of the stream for the trout will decrease. Oxygen level in water is therefore a(n) _____________ with respect to the number of trout that a particular stream can
  64. Plz help check my answer!!?

    The commute times during rush hour traffic on a local interstate have a mean of 25 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Repeated studies of this section of interstate are considered normally distributed. What percent of commuters drive between 20
  65. Music

    I was wondering if someone could check out my music information site dontbflat and let me know what you think about it. Since I cant post the address here search google for dontbflat. It will find it. I'm trying to make the site helpful for kids and
  66. Lanaguage ( check answers please)

    1 Which of the following statements describes the political climate in Boston after April 20, 1775? A Bostonians find them selves at odds with colonists in the other colonies as a result of the conflict in Lexington. B Despite the loss of life in Lexington
  67. Math

    Please help me with this step by step show your work problem. |-4b-8|+|-1-b^2|+2b^3 (b= -2) My work |-4b-8|+|-1-b^2|+2b^3 |-4(-2)-8|+|-1-(-2^2)|+2(-2^3) |8-8|+|-1-4|-16 8+8+5-16 16+5-16 5 Could you check my work? If it is incorrect, could you show me the
  68. English

    1. Do you know? + Can he play the piano? 2. Do you know if/whether he can play the piano? 3. Do you think? + Is he still alive? 4. Do you think if he is still alive? * 4-1. If do you think he is still alvie? 5. Do you think he is still alive?
  69. check please

    i think its nervous Which word in the sentence is the predicate adjective? During the scary movie, Clinton seemed nervous. A. during B. Clinton C. nervous D. movie
  70. chemistry - density and error (check)

    Calculate the density of earth and the density error. i got the answer 5.57*10^3k +/- 9.60 *10^7kg/m is that the correct answer? please help
  71. English

    I can't find my English book. Why don't you check your school bag? I tried that. Anyway, thank you. (What does 'that' refer to? Does 'that' refer to 'checking my English book'?)
  72. Chemistry (Check)

    A sample of gas has a volume of 12.0 L and a pressure of 20kPa. If the pressure of gas is increased to 50 psi, what is the new volume of the gas? Vf = 6.96 L
  73. English

    Can someone check these questions, please? Thank you in advance In Shelley's Frankenstein, what are the traits that remind us of a Gothic novel? 2)Discuss the concepts of beauty and youth as portrayed by Lord Henry in chapter 2 of O. Wilde's The Picture of
  74. English

    Could you please check these two sentences, please? 1) Dorian wishes he would stay young forever whereas the portrait would grow old in his place. 2) According to Wordsworth, man and nature are (were) two different but inseparable parts of the same
  75. adverbs and adjectives

    check my paper for adverbs and adjectives?
  76. Science

    Could someone please check me previous before previous Science post, thanks
  77. Are there any Biology teachers that could help me?

    Are there any Biology teachers that could check my answers for me?
  78. math pls help Ms Sue

    could you pls check my math 6< s +7 -1<s -8.7<y + (-12.4) 21.1<y x + 17 > 10 -7 > x 11 > j + (-19) 30>j 24.3 > g- (-14.4) 38.7> g f + (-20) > -7 f > 30
  79. quadratic equation

    solve and check each of the following quadratic equation (1)x^-9x=0 (2)x^+8x=0 (3)x^=6x (4)x^=-3x
  80. Math

    Which of the following expressions is true? A. 4^3 * 4^5 <4^12 B. 5^2 *5^4 =5^8 C. 5^2 *5^3 >5^5 *** D. 3^2 * 3^4 = 3^2 Which of the following expressions is true? A. 8^3 *8^2 <8^4 B. 4^4 * 4^4 =4^16 C. 3^3 * 3^3 >3^5 D. 2^2 * 2^6 <2^8 ***

    PLEASE CHECK MY MATH ANSWERS PLEASE AND LABEL THEM LIKE 1.WRONG AND STUFF THANKS ! 1.There are 5 red crayons, 6 yellow crayons, and 11 blue crayons in a shoebox. What is the ratio of the total number of crayons to the number of yellow crayons? A.6:22
  82. Math(Please check answers)

    Factor completely. If the polynomial cannot be factored say it is prime. 1) 15x^3 + 19x^2 + 6x A) (3x^2 +2)(5x+3) B) x(3x+2)(5x+3) C) x^2(3x+2)(5x+3) D) x(5x+2)(3x+3) E) Prime I chose E) Prime. 2) 2x^2 - 14x - 6x + 42 A) 2(x+7)(x+3) B) (x+7)(2x-6) C)
  83. English

    1. He has as many books as Tom. 2. He has as much money as Tom. 3. He is as strong as Tom. 4. He runs as fast as Tom. 5. He jumped rope more than Jane. 6. Tom jumped rope as many as Mike. (Are they all grammatical? Would you check the sentences, please?)
  84. 7th grade math (probability)

    Can you check these, please? Ten cards numbered 1 through 10 are mixed together and then one card is drawn. Find the probability of each event. Write each answer as a fraction, percent, and decimal. 14. P(less than 5) = 4/10 = 2/5 Ans: 2/5, 40%, 0.4 15.
  85. further mathematics

    The roots of the eqn, x^4 + px^3 + qx^2 + rx + s = 0 where p, q, r, s are constants and s does not equal to 0, are a, b, c, d. (i) a^2 + b^2 + c^2 + d^2 = p^2 -2q (in terms of p & q) (ii) 1/a + 1/b + 1/c + 1/d = -r/s (in terms of r & s) (iii) using the
  86. Algebra II

    I have some questions on my assignment, if you don't mind could you look over my answers. thanxs! Find all the numbers that must be excluded from the domain of the rational expression. x+8/x^2-16, my answer: x cant be -4 or 4 x-3/x^2+11x+24, my answer: x
  87. algebra

    Coulld someone take the time and check my answers please. 11) without graphing is the system independent, dependent, or inconsistent? y=-x+5 -3x-3y=-15 (my answer; dependent) 12) your club is baking vanilla and chocolate cakes for a bake sale. they need at
  88. Spanish: Please Help (CHECK ANSWERS)

    19. Your hermano mayor is A.) younger than you. B.) older than you. *C.) more powerful than you. D.) smarter than you. 20. Your hermana menor is *A.) younger than you. B.) older than you. C.) more powerful than you. D.) smarter than you. Thank You
  89. Trig(Last 6 questions to check. Thanks to EVERYONE

    Find the amplitude, if it exists, and the period of: y=cos3x. |a|=|1| amplitude = 1 period = 360/b period = 360/3 period = 120 degrees

    w w w (dot) sunnyd (dot) com / # / ads i don't know does the two sunny D ads are bandwagon. i think they are because they're smiling like they like sunny d but i could be wrong. can u check to make sure is it bandwagon or not. i really appreciate it please
  91. English

    1. A book is/lays open on the blanket on the bed. 2. There is an open book on the blanket on the bed. 3. There are some books on the shelf on the wall. (Are they grammatical? Would you check them? Thank you.)
  92. English

    Thank you very much. I need you to check these sentences. 1) My father took a day off work (not a day off from work) to take me to the seaside. 2) They took 20% off (not "from") the list price. 3) He let the students off with an warning. He let off the
  93. Chemistry(HELP)

    Can you check this answer? 1. Heat of combustion is the heat released by the complete combustion of one mole of a substance. a.) True b.) False Answer: b.) False Is this right?
  94. math help and check

    Consider the following. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) (a) Determine the value of the confidence coefficient z(á/2) for 1 - á = 0.87. .44 my answer (b) Determine the value of the confidence coefficient z(á/2) for 1 - á = 0.91. .45
  95. PLease check math

    1)FInd an equation of the line containting the given pair of points. (-8,0) and (0,5) MY ANSWEAR: (5/8)X+5 2)Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. m=6 (8,1) MY ANSWEAR: 6X-47
  96. Math

    For what real number k does the product (25 + ki)(3+2i) equal a real number? I tried dividing by i. So I got: ((25/i)+k)((3/i+2) which would equal (-25i+k)*(-3i+2) which means k would=25i. I don't think that's right but can you guys check it?
  97. check math

    3) FInd an equation of the line containting the given pair of points. (3,4) and (9,6) MY ANSWEAR: 2/5X+9 4)Find an equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point. m=2/3 (7,-7) MY ANSWEAR: 2/3X-14/3X
  98. math - check plz

    She has 2 to the 10th power of fruit flies in each of 2 to the 2nd power. How many fruit flies does she have in all? (answer as power) 2to the 11th power?
  99. math

    A graph is given with the line going from (-2, 2) to (2,8). a) Find the length of this line. b) Find the midpoint of the line. c) write an equation for this line. my answers- a) 2√10 b) 0,5 c) y = 1.5x + 5 please check these answers.
  100. Archetypes

    Archetypes frequently appear in literature with Contradictory themes General themes Universal themes(My answer) Specific themes Can someone check to see if my answer is correct? Thanks.