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  1. English

    Writeacher, I left out the following sentences. Can you please check them, too? 1) How are things? I'm sorry we haven't been in touch with each other recently. I've had a busy month. We've been on holiday, and we only got back last week. 2) I spent two
  2. English

    Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are two sentences for you to check. 1) Thank you for your prompt reply. How could I start and finish off my letter addressed to the principal of a high school? 2) Could you suggest to me an internet site where
  3. Composition

    I have been working on a paper for a week, the first day we found out. and It is due tommorrow. I have check and rewritten entire paragraphs because I didn't think that they made sense. I have worked countless hours and finnaly handed it into my teacher
  4. English Proofread

    Can you please read my first paragraph for my cover letter. The writer had to identify self and purpose in the 1st paragraph. Can you please give me feedback and check my grammar? Thank you help is greatly appreciated Your advertisement for any entry-level
  5. English

    Hi, this the description paper I posted before except I changed it. I have to redo it. I took you guy's advice please check and correct me. Thanks. By the door, there paused an impatient low spirited woman. She was in her twenties and she had big, bright

    Avec une partenaire, jouez les rôles d'une cliente et d'un serveur/une serveuse dans un restaurant français. Ce restaurant a des spécialités et un menu. Here are the instructions. Dites "Bonjour". (Both the server and the the client greet eachother)
  7. Math

    There were 7,404,000 unemployed American workers in 1995. In 1980, there were 7,637,000 Americans unemployed. a. What was the average change in unemployment for each of these 15 years? b. If this decline continues at the same rate, how many Americans will
  8. English

    1. We play yunnori on New Year's Day. 2. We play flower cards on Lunar New Year's Day. 3. We play Korean chess on New Year's Day. 4. Some Koreans wear traditional Korean clothes on Chuseok, Korean Thanks Giving Day or On Lunar New Years Day. 5. We give
  9. Chemistry: please help, I am stumped

    When nitroglycerin (C3H5N3O9) explodes, it decomposes into the following gases: CO2, N2, NO, and H2O. If 239g of nitroglycerin explodes, what volume will the mixture of gaseous produces occupy at 1.00 atm pressure and 2678oC? a. Write a balanced equation

    Please Check for any errors I wish to compliment you on the radio ad you presented to the committee yesterday. This ad will be a fine complement to our advertising campaign for Wiz our new product. By the time, we have our next meeting you may be able to
  11. Art

    Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you very much. 1) The Augustan were interested in real life. As for politics/as far as politics is concerned, the two main political parties were the Tories and the Whigs. 2) The poor used to live in
  12. spanish

    please check my grammar, and please tell me which one I can change to imperfect, because I try to write some sentences in preterit, and some in imperfect, thank you!!! Aprendí español porque quise mejorar mi español. Visité los cuadros en el
  13. Foreign languages

    Can you check if the following passive tenses are possible? Thank you. 1) The roof was being fixed The cathedral is being restored My wallet has been taken The dog is going to be taken for a walk 2) Who was America discovered by? Was this CD bought by
  14. Algebra 2

    A textbook company states that the average time a student needs to take a quiz from its book is 30 minutes with a standard deviation of 3 minutes. A teacher using the book is not sure that this is correct for her classes and wants to check. She collects
  15. Economics

    Could you please check these. Directions: Match each statement with it's correct definition or item. Here are the words productivity subsidy supply schedule supply elastic surplus profit price floor government regulations equilibrium price supply 1. amount
  16. English

    Hi Miss Sue, Here is the final draft can you check it for me? Thank you Dear Grandmother Irene Happy Birthday to you on this special day! Shine like a star today on your Birthday. Have a wonderful time at your Celebration Party. Wishing you all the best on
  17. Compter Science ASAP please

    How do you check if the words exist in the sentence in Python? So far I have got... the_sentence = ("I love chocolate and chocolate loves me") sentence = the_sentence.split() print(sentence) sentence_1 = raw_input("Enter a word") def "word": if word in
  18. pre-algebra

    measuring your heart rate is one way to check the intensity of exercise. studies show that a person's maximum heart rate depends on his or her age. The expression 220-a approximates a person's maximum heart rate in beats per minute, where a is the person's
  19. English

    On the playground, there are two fathers and three kids. There is a slide on the playground. On the slide a boy is sliding down upside down, and his father is catching the boy. The other father is holding a girl in her left hand. The other girl is on his
  20. Reading

    In which sentence about A Christmas Carol is the word meager used correctly? a) The Ghost of Christmas Future used his meager finger to point to Scrooge's tombstone. b) Scrooge gave Adam a meager amount of money to reward him for buying an enormous turkey.
  21. English

    1. He has a disappointed facial exxpression. 2. He has a disappointed face. (Which expression do we have to dus?) 3. Look at the picture. He has grasped his hair. Look at his face. He looks upset. (Is this passage OK?) 4. I will explain each scene. Look at
  22. math-marginal analyisis

    Just need someone to double check this problem. I just don't feel comfortable with my answer. An enviromental study of a certain communtiy suggests that t years from now, the average level of carbon monoxide in the air will be Q(t)=0.05t^2+0.01t+3.4 parts
  23. physics

    A pistol is fired horizontally and the bullet has a muzzle velocity (speed with which the bullet leaves the barrel) of 31.3 m/s. The gun is 50 m above the surrounding terrain. a) How far away does the bullet land measured horizontally from a point directly
  24. Psychology

    3.If you adopt the _______ perspective, you'll reject an emphasis on what goes on in people's minds in favor of focusing on measurable behaviors that can be objectively measured. A. psychodynamic B. neuroscience C. cognitive D. behavioral 4.Agatha
  25. math

    I want to check my answers 1. The town population increased from 80,000 to 90,000 in ten years. What was The percent of increase? 2. A $15 item on sale for $12 is marked down what percent 3. If Jenna buys an item for 40% off the regular price will he pay
  26. Calculus

    Hi. How can I integrate 1/(X^3 +1) ? Thank you to anyone who can help me :-) Write 1/(x^3 +1) as 1/[(x+1)(x^2-x+1)] Then use integration by parts, letting dv = dx/(x^2 -x +1) u = 1/(x+1) du = log (x+1) v = (2/sqrt3)arctan[(2x-1)/sqrt3] That should take you
  27. English

    Can someone check this for me? Correct me if I'm wrong! From the words below, supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Bequeath, parsimonious, serene, solemn, forlorn 1. When it came time for the reading of their fathers will, the family was
  28. history

    What ways did business leaders in the late 1800s try to eliminate competion? They weren't called Robber Barons for nothing. Please check your book for the ways that these business leaders charged lower prices than their competitors, paid lower wages, and
  29. English

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1) Humanism spread in the whole country. 2) The English Renaissance developed (spread is possible?) later than its European equivalents. 3)Puritans wanted a balance of power between the king and (the?)
  30. chemistry

    If a solution of 0.10 M silver nitrate, AgNO3, is slowly added to a solution containing 0.010 M potassium iodate, KIO3, and 0.20 M sodium bromate, NaBrO3, what precipitate will form first. Will this precipitate form nearly completely (99%) before the

    One day a person went to a hourse racing area,instead of counting the humans and the horses he instead counted the heads and leg there where 74 heads and 196 legs yet he still knew the number of the humans and the hourses.How did he figure that out and how
  32. social studies

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. the qualifications for governor are less strict than those for a state senator. B. the qualifications for governor are the same as those for a state senator. C. the qualifications for governor are stricter
  33. Math-Algebra 2

    The surface area of a golf ball is 8.92 in ^2. The surface area of a softball is 53.78 in ^2. Find the ratio of the volumes of a golf ball to a softball. Surface Area = 4π r^2 and Volume = 4/3π r^3 I'm not sure if I did this problem right, but I think
  34. math 12

    I know this is alot to ask but could someone please check to see if I did this right and help me with the transformation. I was given this transformation problem. The cross section of the roof of a house is modelled by the function y= -5\12|x-12|+5, where
  35. history/mythology

    what is the architectural difference between the roman and greek building styles ect. Check these sites for the differences between Greek and Roman architecture.
  36. Social Studies Help

    1.) how were the farms of new England colonies similar to the farms of the up country? a.)They grew rice **** b.)they were plantations c.)they had short growing seasons d.)they were small substance farms 2.)rice grew successfully in south Carolina because
  37. Calculus

    The rate of performance is given by dN/dt=1/(2sqroot(t+1)) where N is the number of unity completed t hours after beginning a new tak. If 2 units are completed afer 3 hours, how many units are completed after 8 hours? N= INT 1/2 (t+1)^(-1/2) I will be
  38. Please Check Answers for Health

    Please check my answers because I need to do good at this. 1. When consuming fats the healthiest choice is foods high in? A. saturated fats B. unsaturated fats * C. trans fat D. cholesterol 2. The body's main energy source should come from what essential
  39. English

    1. After school, I go to a taekwondo center to learn taekwondo. 2. After school, I go to a taekwondo studio to learn taekwondo. [Which noun do we have to use? Do you have some more expressions?] 3. After school, I go to an oratorical academy to learn how
  40. Math Grade 9

    A rectangular yard with an area of 50m squared is to be fenced on three sides. Minimizing the perimeter will minimize the cost of the fence. Conduct an investigation to determine the shape 0f the yard with the minium perimeter. I sqaure rooted the 50m and
  41. Math

    The treasurer for Kent Enterprises was preparing a bank reconciliation as of October 31, 2010, when the following items were identified: Cash balance per Kent's company records $32,800 Deposits in transit $4,300 Outstanding checks $2,200 Interest earned on
  42. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Complete with either payer or essayer. 1. Vous -------- où? (Payer) Answer: payez 2. On ------ à la caisse. (Payer) Answer: paie 3. Je -------- parce que j'invite. (Payer) Answer: paie 4. Il va -------- la
  43. Algebra

    Please check this. f(x)= 1/(x-1)^2 - 5 D= all real numbers, x does not equal to -5 R= all real numbers, y does not equal to 1
  44. Math ~ Check Answers ~

    Please Check My Answers. 1: Solve each inequality. m – 7 < 6 a. m < - 1 b. m > 1 c. m < 13 d. m < -13 2: Solve each inequality. p + 12 > 9 a. p > 21 b. p > 3 c. p > -21 d. p > -3 My Answers: 1: b. m > 1 2: a. p > 21
  45. Chemistry

    Comment on the solubility of the following liquids. State whether at room temperature you expect the components to be highly soluble or almost insoluble, and choose the appropriate reasons why. HINT: It may behoove you to draw the Lewis structure for each
  46. History

    Which of the following best explains why the "recall" provision was an important election reform? a) it allows voters to remember what measures are on the ballot. b) it allows for removal of an elected offical from office. c) it allows a vote on a measure
  47. Health care please check my answer

    Please check my answer thank you A 15 year- old female patient has experienced daily nausea for the past two months. The patient states that she feels like " I've eaten something that has upset my stomach" The patient has noticed a weight gain of 10 lb
  48. Spanish

    I had to write sentencesabout an ache in a certain body part with indirect pronoun . There were pictures provided and the first part of the sentence like "A mi amigo" and we had to fill in the restCould you check, please 1. pain in head A nosotros nos
  49. Writing Skills Writing Assignment

    I am trying to complete a 750 to 1000 word essay but I completely have no clue what to write about and my writing skills is a bit lacking. It needs to be about a personal experience. I have more info if needed.This is the final paper result. Your final
  50. Chemistry

    Can you please someone check my answer for me? I don't know how to start thses answer. Chemistry is not my things. Please give me answers. :( a)Determine the number of grams in 0.750 moles of the compound Iron(II)phosphate: Fe3(PO4)2. answer: 129.68grams
  51. English

    Can you please check of these sentencesa are possible? Thank you. 1) When will you get around to phoning me? 2) He forgot to switch the gas off and he burned the cake. 3) His mother took a day off to drive him to the beach. 4) Peter got at his brother for
  52. "My Antonia"

    A new critc reading "My Antonia" would find many components worth consideration, like Cather's lush descriptions of the prarie and vivid portrayls of living with only the barest essential. Wite a formal paragraph to this question- Analyze the importance of
  53. English

    I left out these sentences. I really hope you can check them, too. 1) When Robinson arrives on the island he brings some tools he took from the ship with him; He has got a Bible, some seeds, a diary, weapons and gunpowder. 2) He keeps himself busy by
  54. History help

    I need help on these true/false questions. if false, i have to write what the correct word is. i need help in being steered towards the right answer! 1. the process of handing out jobs to ones supporters is known as "citizen system" 2. racial seregation in
  55. MATH

    Arrange each sets of units in order from shortest to longest: m,cm,mm,km ft,mi,in,yd Do you have a set of tables in your text or notes? For example, can you look in your tables and find 5,280 ft = 1 mile. So you know miles is a larger unit than feet. Do
  56. English 2 please help

    Please check these! The High School Step Team Karla’s cousin Jade urged her to join the step team. “This afternoon you should definitely try out!” Jade suggested after the final bell rang. “I know she wants the best for me,” Karla thought to
  57. accounting

    Can someone please check my answer to this question: In recent years, a company has greatly increased its current ratio. At the same time, the quick ratio has fallen. What has happened? Has the liquidity of the company improved? My answer: The decrease in
  58. Chemistry``

    A substance (CD) decomposes into C and D. CD(g)  C(g) + D(g) At the temperature of the experiment, 15.0 percent of CD is decomposed when equilibrium is established. a) If the initial concentration of CD is 0.200 mol/L, what are the equilibrium
  59. Spanish

    Please check En mi dormitorio, hay una cama cómodo con una manta azul y marrón claro.This is suppose to say in my bedroom, there is a comfortable bed with a blue and light brown blanket. Hay dos alfombras azules. This is suppose to say there are two blue
  60. English

    What is the part of speech of "for my birthday" in each sentence? An adverb phrase or an adjective phrase? Would you check them, please? Can a phrase be either an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase? Thank you. 1. What do I want for my birthday? 2.
  61. algebra

    Fast food. If four out of five doctors prefer fast food, then at a convention of 445 doctors, how many prefer fast food? 4/5=x/445 5x=1780 x=356 please check if completed right
  62. 7th grade math

    Can you check these? 3. Simplify (56/8+3)*2-1 Ans = (7+3)*2-1 = 10*2-1 = 20-1 = 19 9. A spool of lanyard is 21 yards long. If it is cut into pieces that are each 1.75 yards long, how many pieces of lanyard will there be? Ans:21/1.75 = 12 pieces 12. (3/5)x
  63. cell biology

    1.The________particle halts the translation of the mRNA to a polypeptide before checking to the ER a. singal recognition, permanently b. signal recognition protein receptor, permanently c. singal recognition, temporarily d. signal recognition protein
  64. English

    There is a safe in the room. You have to keep the door open. I will take some amount of money to you. Keep the money hidden in the safe. Let's keep it a secret. Don't let others know that there is money in the safe. There was a doorbell ring. He was late
  65. programming

    write a program that creates a list of employees objects of size n entered from user using list interface and a list class implementation and display all employees in list and print employee name with minimum salary and remove employee with minimum salary
  66. algebra

    Read the article about Body Mass Index (BMI) on page 151 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. Use the formula given using pounds and inches for finding the BMI at the end of the first paragraph in order to find the four intervals the article mentions:
  67. algebra help please

    The area of a rectangle of length x is given by 3x^2+5x find the width of the rectangle a=l*w =x*(3x+5) I stoped here I am not sure if I am correct i was taken the 3x+5 as the width and x as the length but i am not sure if the 3x+5 should be the area and
  68. early childhood education

    1. Small group discussions with preschools enables them to: A. Find out if they are superior B. Learn to argue C. Outsmart the others and gain teachers attention D. Compare their ideas with peer ideas I choose D 2. Children with many experience with
  69. Math

    Hi guys! I am desperately in need of help. I really need to do good on this test but I am uncertain if I am doing this portion correctly. Can someone check my work? 11. Which inequality matches the graph? (The dot on the graph is at 1 and the arrow is
  70. Math

    Decoration:? Candy:45 Invitation:45 Music:40 Party hall rental:80 Food:65 Prizes:30 Costumes:40 Mary is planning a costume party. she spent $375.00 a show on the graph. How much of the money was spent, to the nearest Dollar, on the following items? 1.on
  71. math

    I am a little confused on the first question of this problem could someone please check my answers and please explain why and what I need to do to get correct answer thank you Calculate the mean, and write this as a mixed fraction.
  72. biology

    Make a single base pair substitution mutation in the gene below that results in a protein that is shorter than the protein produce by the original gene. When you are satisfied with your change and its effect, click the "Final Check" button. Note that a
  73. Algebra

    Word Problems (Addition/Elimination Method). Check if my answers are correct. 1.A girl bought 2 CDs and 3 DVDs for $92. Each DVD costs $4 more than the CDs. What is the price of each CD and DVD? My answer: CDs- $16 and DVDs-$20 2.A boy bought 20 stamps,
  74. math (cant figure it out)

    Activity Boys Girls Total Walk 3 6 Bike 5 3 Skateboard 2 1 Total ______________ What percentage of the total students chose skateboarding? 10% 20% 30% none of these** . 4. What percentage of the boys chose walking? 30%* 45% 25% none of these . 5. What
  75. Spanish

    Explain how to conjugate pedir and servir in the present tense. To conjugate both words to pat tense all you have to do is change the last two latter at the end of the word. Pedir mean to ask so at the end of pedir you can just change ir to ar,or,and er
  76. Physics

    Vector A has magnitude of 9.77 units and points due east. Vector B points due north. 1) What is magnitude of B, if the vector A+B points 34.7 north of east? 2) Find magnitude of A+B I am not sure what formulas to use for this. If someone could show me how
  77. English

    1. She was drying her hair with the hair drier. 2. Dry your body with this big towel. 3. After bath, you need to keep your body dry not to catch a cold. 4. Study hard, and you will get high scores. 5.Practice ping-pong hard, or you will lose the game. 6.
  78. English

    Look at the pictures. Look at Einstein first. He is a physicist. Let's go counterclockwise. The next person is Namjoon Baek. He is the person on the top of the page. Look at the next person. Go counterclockwise, and you can see a person. He is Winston
  79. English

    I didn't notice the spelling mistake. Could you please check which alternative is best? Thank you. 1) I did't manage to finish my homework before the beginning of the school. 2) On 30 December I was with a group of friends. (I spent New Year's Eve with a
  80. physics..please help?

    At rest, a car’s horn sound at the note A(440Hz) The horn is sounded while the car is moving down the street. A bicyclist moving the same direction with one third the car’s speed hears a frequency of 415 Hz. What is the speed of the car? Is the cyclist
  81. English

    Could you please check these two sentences, please? Thank you. 1) When I set the table, I lay on the the table cloth, the cutlery, the napkins, the soup and dinner plates, the water and wine bottles, the oil and vinegar bottles, the pepper shaker and the
  82. English

    1) Writeacher, I need the help of a science teacher to find a theme high-school students (aged 16 and 17) can investigate with their German and French partners. Our students study biology (also bilotechnologies) , chemistry, and earth science. 2) Can you
  83. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much! 1) I'be been really disappointed to read that our German partner doesn't want your school to join in. Actually, we won't be probably part of the partnership, too. 2) Though English is
  84. Social Studies

    I need help understanding Federalist #46. I have to do a brief summary of it? One of the major controversies about the Constitution was the power given to individual states versus power of the federal government. Federalist Paper # 46 stresses that the
  85. Math

  86. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) There has been judgement entered agaisnt Mike in the Northern District Court of New York. What statment below must be true for the judegment to be aganist Mike personally. A. He was a resident of New York B. Mike lives in
  87. accounting

    Adjusting entries. You have been retained to examine the records of Kathy's Day Care Center as of December 31, 20X3, the close of the current reporting period. In the course of your examination, you discover the following: •On January 1, 20X3, the
  88. math

    can please someone check my answer Q.) 30% of the adult population was offline in terms of being able or willing to access the internet. New data relating to the year 2010 (sourced from The Office for National Statistics) indicated that this group numbered
  89. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) I'm angry/annoyed/upset(?)/ furious with him for arriving late. I'm angry/upset about his behavior in class. I'm fed up with his behavior. 2) I'm dissatisfied/satisfied with my exam result. 3) I'm
  90. help!!!! i forgot how to do this!!!

    A veterans group gave out 1000 small american flags at the 4th of july parade.They paid $355 for the flags.What was the cost of each flag? You need to divide $355 by 1000. Notice that the price for each flag is less than $1.00. If you'd like to post your
  91. Hamlet!

    What is the dramatic purpose of Scene IV? sorry Act 4 scene 4 This scene reminds Hamlet of his purpose. "Act IV, scene iv restores the focus of the play to the theme of human action. Hamlet’s encounter with the Norwegian captain serves to remind the
  92. MTH 156

    A crew consists of 1 apprentice, 1 journeyman, and 1 master carpenter. The crew receives a check for $6900 for a job they finished.A journeyman makes 300% of what an apprentice makes and a master carpenter makes make 250% of what a journeyman makes. How
  93. Math-check my work please??

    Write an equation, in point-slope form, for the line that is perpendicular to y – 10 = 3/2 (x – 4) and that passes through the point (4, 2). My Answer: Formula for point-slope form; y – y = m(x – x) Insert y and x value; y – 2 = m(x – 4) If the
  94. Algebra II

    Please check answers: Use the equation of the exponential function whose graph passes through the points (0,-2) and (2,-50) to find the value of y when x= -2. My answer: -2/25 Solve 64^x/=5/2 Thanks.
  95. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    Could someone please check my diagram of the stage in A Raisin in the Sun? UP STAGE a door(either a door(either Beneatha's + Beneatha's + Mama's or Mama's or Walter's + Walter's + Ruth's bedroom) Ruth's bedroom) STAGE RIGHT Travis' bed STAGE LEFT DOWN
  96. us history

    which answer best explains the contributions of women during the revolutionary war? a) women were in charge of the horses and artillery during the revolutionary war. b) women often poisoned British troops stationed in their towns during the revolutionary
  97. Health and Physical Education 8 - It's urgent!

    Please check my answers because I need to do good at this. 1. When consuming fats the healthiest choice is foods high in? A. saturated fats B. unsaturated fats * C. trans fat D. cholesterol 2. The body's main energy source should come from what essential
  98. algebra

    please check these answers and change if needed. thank you Label each statement true or false, if false change underlined portion. C. if -4 < -2t + 6 < 10 then this is underlined 2 > t + 6 > -5 I marked false, i think it should be -2 < t < 5. D. If |y + 8|
  99. Algebra

    Two more I would like to check my work on: Solve using the square root property: (x+6)^2 = 4 x+6 = sqrt4 x+6 = -sqrt4 x+6 = 2 x+6 = -2 x+6-6 = 2-6 x+6-6 = -2-6 x = 4 x = -8 Solve by completing the square: x^2+6x+1=0 x^2+6x+1-1 = 0-1 x^2+6x = -1 x^2+6x+9 =
  100. Chemistry

    Please check a Nernst equation for me? Calculate the cell potential for the following reaction as written at 61 °C, given that [Zn2 ] = 0.800 M and [Fe2 ] = 0.0170 M. Half reactions: Zn-->Zn^2+ + 2e^- (potential= -0.76)(anode) Fe^2+ + 2e^- -->Fe