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  1. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    Why does Curley's wife pose a threat to Lennie and George? My Answer- She flirts w/ other men + Lennie is interested; Curley might find out; Curley will find any reason to fight w/ Lennie.
  2. History

    Was Kansas a state or a territory in the 1860s? I think it is a free state, but I would like some backing up. Kansas became a free state in January, 1861. Check this site for more information.
  3. math

    need to check answers please 9/11-3/11+7/11=13/11=1 2/11 evaluate then to lowest form One task took 7 minutes (min), a second task took 12 min, and a third task took 21 min. How long did the three tasks take, as a fraction of an hour?2/3 find perimeter of

    Which choice best describes the underlined words in the sentence? Use a star chart to identify the stars and planets on a clear night. Underlined: (The whole sentence is underlined) A-simple predicate B- compound predicate C- complete predicate D- none of
  5. Chemistry(Please check)

    Which of the following four processes are accompanied by an increase in entropy? 1. I2 (s) -> I2 (g) 2. 2 I (g) -> I2 (g) 3. 2 NH3 (g) -> N2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) 4. Pb2+ (aq) + 2 OH – (aq) -> Pb(OH)2 (s) Answers: a. 1 & 2 b. 1 & 3 c. 3 & 4 d. 2 & 4
  6. math check answer

    If a student is selected at random, what is the probability he or she prefers meat toppings ? 68 students prefer cheese 79 students prefer meat 70 students prefer veggie 70/208, 35/104 or 1/3 is that correct
  7. accounting

    BISHOP COMPANY Inv. No. Check Date Description Name or Date No. Terms Amount Mar. 1 Received merchandise and invoice Soy Industries Mar. 1 2/15, n/30 42,600 2 Merchandise sold (cost $7,900) Min Cho 854 2/10, n/30 15,800 3 Purchased office supplies Stacy
  8. Law and Ethics in Med

    please check my answer thanks :) Dr Bob is sued for malpractice. when called to give testimony at trial. he will .... 1. be barred from revealing medical information about the patient. 2. be allowed to testify about the pt's care 3. allowed to testify, but
  9. Science -- Check my Answer Plz

    How much heat (calories) must be applied to a 100 mL beaker filled with boiling water in order to vaporize the water? ** A) 540 cal ** B) 540 * 10^4 cal C) 800 cal D) 8000 cal Is A correct? or cud it be B.?
  10. History

    The United States cut off sales of oil to Japan after the ? A. Japanese attack on Dutch Indonesia. B. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. C. Japanese occupation of southern Indochina. D. Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. I think it is C. Am I right please
  11. @ Mr. Falcon

    You posted 40 questions and no answers. You wrote "PLZ HELP ASP usa test prep " The best way to prepare for a test is to study your text!! We'll be glad to HELP you if you post no more than five questions and your answers. We'll check your answers and try
  12. 6th grade math

    Please check to make sure I did these correctly, so confusing. Thank you. Rename each fraction as a terminating or repeating decimal 13/20 .65 1/3 0.3333333333333333 2/9 0.2222222222222222 5/12 0.4166666666666667 1/16 0.0625 Rename each mixed number as a
  13. math

    there are markers every 1000 feet along the side of a road. While driving, Mai passes marker number 15 at 10:05 and marker number 39 at 10:11. find mai's average speed feet per minute. use dimensional analysis to check the reasonableness of your answer.
  14. 7th grade Math

    Mrs.Jackson earned a $500 bonus for signing a one-year contract to work as a nurse. Her salary is $22 per hour. If her first week's check including the bonus is 1,204, how many hours did mrs.jackson work
  15. Math

    Can someone check my answers for a couple questions in my test I can't get help because my dad isnt here and my mom can't do math. 3.Write the ratio as a percent In the seventh Grade class, 19/25 students voted in favor of having a class picnic. A.76% --
  16. math

    In bowling, a handicap is determined by subtracting your bowling average from 180 and then finding 80% of this difference. Freddie bowls games of 178, 156, 149, 155, 172 and 180. Freddie's handicap is__________. I came up with 12. Could you check if this
  17. PHP Coding

    I got an error with this line. Could anyone check what's wrong? 64 define('QA_MYSQL_TABLE_PREFIX', 'QA_); the error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''); ' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING) in
  18. Health insurance

    Please check my answer thanks for the help :) If an enrollee uses more services than originally assumed per the PPPM calculation then what would the paln do? A. show a profit for that period B. show a loss for that period C need a contract renegotiation D.
  19. MATH

    KENDRA SETS A GOAL OF SAVING $50 IN 8 WEEKS. during the first 2 weeks, she was able to save $10. please check ; what fraction of the $50 did she save in the first 2 weeks? 10/50 what percent of the $50 did she save? 10% at this rate, how long will it take
  20. Calculus: Limits

    ++++++++|||||||||Can you please check whether or not my answers are correct and if not, can you fix them for me? Find the sum and state whether it converges or diverges? 1) 0.1 + 0.05 + 0.025 + 0.0125 + ... My answer: converges, | r | < 1 2)6 + 2.4 +
  21. Science

    The Sun's surface layer is called the photosphere True or false? I think the answer is true. A star system has at least 3 stars. True or false? I think the answer is false. I am not completely sure on these. Could someone check them for me?
  22. variation! Steve pls check my solution!!!

    what if d maths is done like dx? L=km/h When L=40,m=175,h=286, (skipping the units) 40=k(175)/ 286 K=286(40)/175=2288/35 L=2288/35=250/50 L=114400/8750 L =13.1m
  23. algebra

    please help me put this in algebra equation? baseball regular season =162 games after playing 54 of them team a has 28 wins . A. how many wins will team have at end of season, 54/162 = 1/3 so I know answer is 28 x 3 = 84 wins B. what is % of games won by
  24. Calculus--> bobpursley

    How do you get m=0? from taking the second derivative? does c=1? Can you check my work on how I get the derivative of R=M^2(c/2-m/3) NEXT R=1/2(CM^2)-1/3(M^3) NEXT dR/dM=CM-M^2. I checked in the back, and that was the answer for the first part of the
  25. geometrey

    the base of an isosceles triangle is 5m less than 4 times the length of a side. The perimeter is 67m. Find the length of each side and the base. My answers for the equal side lengths are 24 and the base is 19. What is the proper way to show work since i
  26. Chemistry

    What mass of KIO3 is needed to convert the copper in 0.200g of CuSO4.H2O to Cu(IO3)2? my answer is: 0.828g Cu(IO3)2 x (2*214.003 MolarM KIO3/ 413.36 MolarM Cu(IO3) = 0.857g KIO3 could you please check if i got it right
  27. Grammar Check

    Punctuation—Hyphen She requested two and three-yard ribbons for her sewing project. My answer... She requested two-three yard ribbons for her swing project. is this correct?
  28. Math check

    1.(2x)(10x) A)20x* B)12x C)20x^2 D)5x 2.-3m(m + 8) A)-3m^2 + 24 B)-3m^2 - 24m C)-24m D)-4m + 5* 3. 4d(2d-9) A)8d - 36d* B)-d C)-28d^2 D)8d^2 - 36d 4. (3x + 4)(x-2) A)3x^2 - 2x - 8 B)x - 8 C)3x - 2x - 8* D)3x^2 + 2x + 8 5. (2y - 1)(4y - 3) A)-2y + 3* B)8y^2
  29. English

    Rewrite the following sentence to make it more concise: The referendum was held by the government in the month of August. The Government held a referendum in the August. Please check my work.
  30. math

    289 min = 4 hr and 49 min 213 min = 3 hr and 33 min 345 min = 5 hr and 45 min 197 min = 3 hr and 17 min I have to change these minutes on the left to hours and minutes. could you check if I have them correctly. Thank you for your help
  31. Statistics

    The correlation coefficient between X and Y is the same as the correlation coefficient between Y and X. True - If you were to find the correlation coefficient with a given data set for x and y, it would have the same correlation coefficient value as y and
  32. finance

    if you're paying a bill for the office which has 5%, 10 days stamped across it, how much would you write a check for if you were paying a $100 bill 6 days from the date of invoice?a.$95, b.$100, c.$95, d.$105
  33. math

    what is 100.00 +1.002.00 Please check your problem. 1.002.00 is not a standard way of writing a number. We don't use two periods in a number. 1002.00 1002.00 + 100.00 = 1102.00
  34. Math

    In one school, 5/6 of the sixth graders take a foreign language. Of these students 2/5 take French. What fraction of the sixth graders take French. Answer: 5/6 x 2/5=25/30 + 12/30=37/30=1 7/30 Can you please double check my answer to see if I got it right.
  35. english

    Could someone please check for me? I have to list the adverb and then list the word the adverb modifies. 1. She is particularly interested in sports. 2. Have you ever climbed a mountain? 3. Which part of the assignment would you do next? 1.particularly-is
  36. Chemistry (Check)

    A sample of helium has a volume of 521 cc at a pressure of 75 cmHg and a temperature of 18 degrees C. When the temperature is increased to 23 degrees C, what is the volume of the helium? Vf = .530 L
  37. Math

    What do you do to check whether a number is rational or irrational? How does finding the square root of a number compare to finding the cube root of a number? Use the number 64 in your explanation. Can someone please help me with these questions?!
  38. grammar check

    thanks for helping me this a verb or verb pharse. some species of sharks can grow new rows of teeth every week. A) can B)can grow C) grow D)can grow new rows (i say a but if wrong its b.)
  39. finance

    if you're paying a bill for the office which has 5%, 10 days stamped across it, how much would you write a check for if you were paying a $100 bill 6 days from the date of invoice?a.$90, b.$100, c.$95, d.$105
  40. Spanish

    I had to answer the questions in the negative please check 1.Hay alguien en la puerta? No, no hay nadie en la puerta. 2. Hay algo en la mesa? No, no hay nada en la mesa.
  41. Algebra 2

  42. algebra

  43. algebra 2

  44. Algebra

    A x B + C = D If c = D what does b = to ?
  45. algebra

  46. Algebra

    x^2*x^2/x^4= ?
  47. algebra

    4-3x = x + 1
  48. Algebra

    [2x-12]/[3x-6] * [x^2-4]/[x^2-36] * [3x+18]/[4x+8] Would it be x+4 over 2(x+2)(x-2)?
  49. algebra

    I think it is: (-5)(-5)(-5)
  50. Algebra II

  51. Algebra

    -9/8 + 5/4 =
  52. algebra 2

  53. algebra

  54. Algebra 1

  55. Algebra

    [2x^2-8x/x^2-16] / [8x^2/(x+4)^2] = x+4/x right?
  56. algebra

    1/4 - 2/3x = 3/4 - 1/3
  57. algebra 2

    3>2x or x-4>2
  58. algebra

  59. algebra 2

  60. algebra

  61. algebra

  62. algebra

  63. ALGEBRA-Help please

    (2g-3)(2g^2 + g - 4) IS IT 2g^3 - 4g^2 + 12
  64. algebra

  65. Algebra 1

  66. algebra 2

    3t(t+2)-(3t+5t) for t=19
  67. algebra

  68. algebra

  69. algebra 1

  70. algebra

    35+ 6 x < 20 -2
  71. algebra 1

  72. Algebra

    x=2 y=4 2x+3y over 3x-y+2
  73. algebra

  74. algebra 1

    4=18-3w 18 - 3w=4 +18 +18 -3w=22 7 1/3
  75. algebra

    2a+3b=9 3a+2b=12
  76. Algebra

  77. algebra

  78. algebra

    7m when m=1.7
  79. algebra

  80. Algebra

    -2x+y=5 2x+3y=3
  81. Algebra 2

    Ln 4 r^2 =3
  82. algebra

  83. algebra

    x+6+9 - x - 18 x-3- - x
  84. algebra

    3 4 1 - + --- = - - x x+2 x
  85. Algebra

    Please help -1.8 - 3.9= A. -2.1 B. 5.7 C. 2.1 D. -5.7****** Please help -7+5= A. -2*** B. 12 C. -12 D. 2
  86. Algebra

  87. algebra 2

  88. algebra

  89. algebra

    how do you do 4{n+3} --------= n-3 5
  90. algebra

    -1<4x-3<5 is it 0.5<x<2 ?
  91. Algebra

    3(x-1) -2(x^2+3x+4)-5(x+9)=
  92. algebra

    What is x/3=7/6
  93. algebra

  94. algebra

    z=yn y=
  95. algebra

  96. Algebra

  97. algebra 2

  98. algebra

    n+(-5)=n n=-7/12
  99. algebra

    4/7+n/12 what is n
  100. algebra

    n+(-5)= -7/12