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  1. Geometry

    Solve 10a - 5b = 25 for b. f) b = 10a + 25 g) b = 10a - 25 h) b = 2a +5 i) b = 2a - 5 What exactly are they asking me to do here? Can I get at least one with a step by step, then I'll do the others? And, then you can check my answers. Thanks :)
  2. Geometry

    Solve 10a - 5b = 25 for b. f) b = 10a + 25 g) b = 10a - 25 h) b = 2a +5 i) b = 2a - 5 What exactly are they asking me to do here? Can I get at least one with a step by step, then I'll do the others? And, then you can check my answers. Thanks :)
  3. phys

    The speed of ocean waves depends on their wavelength λ (in meters) and the gravitational field strength g (in m/sˆ2) in this way: V=Kλˆp Gˆq Where K is a dimentionless constant. Find the value of the exponents p and q. Consider the

    dear reiny i am sim who posted 4 questions this morning i am in dubai and my final examinations are after 13 days and by the way those questions were not my homework or assignment those were some sums which we get on our school website and i had a doubt in
  5. Symbolism

    1. What does the color white symbolize? Answer: Purity and innocence 2. What does Santa Clause symbolize? Answer: Christmas 3. What does a cupid symbolize? Answer: Love 4. The image of the lion lying doen with the lamb symbolizes what? Answer: ??? Can
  6. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) The reaction A + B + C = products has a rate law rate = k times A times C squared. Which of the following will result in an increase in the rate constant for the reaction? #1 - increasing the temperature #2 - adding a catalyst #3 - doubling the
  7. Physics

    I have to make up my own standardized questions for a project, and I wanted to make sure I did my math right. Can someone please check it? Thanks!! If your mass was 60 kg, the earth’s mass was 6×10^24 kg, the radius of the earth was 6.4×10^6 meters,
  8. Ethics

    please check my answers thanks :) Mary Smith sues her doctor for malpractice. The jury belives that he doctor was guilty of malpractice however they don't beleive Mary was affected Mary is most likley to get what kind of damages? A.Pain and suffering
  9. Math ~ Check Answers ~ASAP

    3. In the following list of data, find the range: 21, 28, 31, 35, 39, 43, 51, 60. 35 37 39****** 40 Pat recorded the weights of the first 10 fish she caught and released at Mirror Lake this season. The weights were 8 lb, 6 lb, 9 lb, 6 lb, 7 lb, 5 lb, 7 lb,
  10. French

    Can someone check these sentences for grammar and context? 1. Tu n'as rien (as in you don't have anything). 2. Nous ne voulons acheter rien dans ton magasin (as in we don't want to buy anything in your store). 3. Tu ne peux pas aider moi (as in you can't
  11. math !!!! :O

    Courtney’s mother is a nurse. She came to school to check out posture and out backs. She told us that about 4.6% of children have a problem called scoliosis. There are hundred twenty-five students in our school. If our school is like the average, how
  12. Math: please check

    Consider a bowl containing 36 different slips of paper. Ten of the slips of paper each contain one of 16) the digits from the set 0 through 9 and 26 slips each contain one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If one slip is drawn at random, what is P(odd
  13. culture

    Please explain the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in your own words. What do you think about the hypothesis? Do you accept it or reject it or are you somewhere in between? Can you think of any examples that illustrate how language and culture influence each other?
  14. Check my math question please? Very urgent!

    The commute times during rush hour traffic on a local interstate have a mean of 25 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Repeated studies of this section of interstate are considered normally distributed. What percent of commuters drive between 20
  15. Science

    Hello! Can someone please check my answers? Which step in the rock cycle occurs immediately before sediments are laid down? erosion breaks down rock*** lava cools heat and pressure are applied layers form From what material does an extrusive rock come
  16. Local Standards And Regulations

    Sunny Smiles Day Care Center is organized as a partnership. Which one of the following business tax forms will the owners need to file 75 days after the close of the fiscal year? A. Form 990 B. Schedule C C. Form 1065 D. Form 1120 My answer is (A) can
  17. Chemistry

    The first-order rate constant for the decomposition of N2O5, 2N2O5(g) --> 4NO2(g) + O2(g), at 70 degrees C is 6.82 x 10^-3 s^-1. Suppose we start with .0208 mol of N2O5(g) in a volume of 2.2 L. How many minutes will it take for the quantity of N2O5 to
  18. English

    Can you please check these sentences which I reworded? Thank you.(Check the word choice please) 1)I sort my rubbish (trash) into four separate bins which are located in a kitchen cupboard under the sink: one is for plastic, one is for paper; one is for
  19. i-ready mastery check

    Sally has 3 white tennis balls and 4 orange tennis balls. Drag a ratio into each box to represent the relationship between the two quantities. Answer choices may be used more than once. Not all answer choices will be used.
  20. math help please check my answer

    A roofer is standing on the roof of a house 60 ft above the ground. His truck is parked 25 ft from the house. What is the angle of depression from the roofer to his truck? Round to the nearest whole degree. 22° 23° 67° 68° <my answer choice
  21. Check Answer!!

    You deposit $4,600 in an account earning 2.5% interest compounded quarterly. How much will you have in the account after 8 years? (Note: Use n=12 for monthly compounding, n=4 for quarterly compounding, n=2 for semiannual compounding, and n=1 for annual
  22. Science Please Help!!!

    A woman with a genetic disease marries a man who does not carry the disease. It is not possible for their children to carry the disease. The disease must be a) sex - linked b) recessive c) dominant d) cause by an extra chromosome I think the answer is
  23. English

    A last doubt. I hope you can have a look at it. 1)How can I check this sentence: " We had free lunch in Trieste" We were free for lunch. We were given some free time for lunch. We were free to have lunch where we wanted (to). 2) We had a look at the castle
  24. English

    1. They made too many noises in the laboratory. 2. The boy made too much noise in the library, so he was sent out by the libriarian. 3. She woke up because of a lot of noise from outside. 4. He could not sleep well because a lot of noises from outside
  25. How dogs learn

    Please check my answer thanks True or False The statement below describes classical conditioning... Classical conditioning involves the paring of a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus I picked True
  26. MATHS

    Could you please check my answer? Daniel played a cards game in which each loss meant that he had to give the other player half the cards he had left. He lost four times, one after the other, and then had 3 cards left. How many cards did he have when he
  27. Spanish

    Please check my answer. Are all the accent marks, grammar, and spelling correct? ¿Qué hago para ponerme en forma? Para ponerme en forma hago ejercisios y como bien.
  28. English: check answers

    4. Choose the correct form of the modifier: When my sister is thinking, she sits __________. A.) silent *B.) silently 5. Choose the correct form of the modifier: I was _________ excited about going to the concert than I usually am. A.) little *B.) less C.)
  29. language please check my work

    In 2000 an experimental robot performed operations on the damaged valves of ten patient's hearts. in this true: -robot is a noun -performed is a verb -damaged is a noun
  30. History

    In ancient times, most slaves were prisoners of war. You may be able to find a part in your Bible that says that the Israelites were marched to Babylon. Please check your Bible, because it may be what your teacher expects. Who were marched to Babylon to
  31. math check my work

    find theta in radians to the nearest tenth if: sec(theta) = 1.4231 is this correct: enter into calculator: cos^(-1)= 1/1.4231 get .7916232503, rounded to the nearest tenth = .8
  32. Math

    Can someone check my answers? And if there wrong can you help me? y-5 / 3 = 1 -2 8 18 6 Combine like terms: -21a + -16a -5a 5a 37a -37a Simplify the expression: 9a - b - 2a - 10b -7a +11b 11a + 9b -11a + 9b 7a + 11b 5 (x+10) + x 6x + 15 5x + 15 6x + 50 4x
  33. Chemistry (Check)

    Are most factors unity? Is this True or false I'm thinkin true.. The actual size of a measurement multiplied by a conversion factor remains the same, beacause the measurement being converted is multiplied by unity. okay
  34. Physical Science

    Is this correct? Gabriella weighs 450 N. She climbs a flight of stairs to a height of 3 m. It takes her 5 seconds. How much work does Gabriella do when she climbs the stairs? Ans- 1,350 J. What I did was 450*3 Can someone check this? Thanks -MC
  35. Trigonometry, can someone check this please

    A sled travels from point A at the top of a hill to point B at the bottom. If the sled travels 120 m from A to B and the vertical descent AC is 50 m, what is the angle of depression to the nearest degree? arctan=50/120
  36. Chemistry- Answer Check

    In an ideal gas, if only one molecule in a thousand has enough energy to react, how can all molecules in a reactor be consumed? My answer: when the one molecule reacts, it causes the other molecules to gain energy. Is this right? I'm still confused on the
  37. Writing

    what are some advantages competion has over corporation and some disadvantages ceompetion have?? Please reread your question and let us know what you really mean. I think you're asking about competition and something else, but I'm not sure. Maybe you just
  38. language arts check

    In the sentence "How could anyone get Elbures out of that orchestra of sound?" what does the orchestra refer to? ------------ a musical group played at Immigration the Spanish pronunciation of Alvarez the name Elbures the American pronunciation of
  39. medical coding True or False

    Please check my answer thanks The coding supervisor is interviewing candidates for a new out patient coding position the JOB DESCRIPTION will assist bthe coding supervisor in this process I said true
  40. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    Why did Roosevelt win an unprecedented third term in office? A: Roosevelt won an unprecedented third term in office because the voters preferred to stick with a president they knew during this crisis period.
  41. READ THIS!

    Please answer my question that I posted at 6:10 quickly because I have to in a little while!!! Your answer is posted. However, you're still going to have to do the math to find the equivalencies. If you'd like to post your answers, we'll be glad to check
  42. chemistry - check please

    Have I balanced this right Al2Se3 + 6 H2O ==> 2 Al(OH)3 + 3 H2Se Let me give you a hint on these, write water as HOH, and it balances faster. Treat the OH as a group. Al2Se3 + 6 H(OH) ==> 2 Al(OH)3 + 3 H2Se Yes, it is balanced: see the six H on each
  43. Science -- Check my Answer Plz (again)

    A beaker contains 50.0 mL of water at 90.0°C. How many calories must be added to raise the temperature of the water to its boiling point (100°C)? A) 50.0 cal B) 1.00*10^3 C) 100.0 cal D) 5.00*10^2 I think the answer is B, but i also think im wrong...
  44. Math yeild on stocks

    please check my answer thanks :) The Klien company paid a diividend of $.42 per share last year . The current selling price of the stock is $27.38. the current yeild on the stock is... my answer is 6.5%
  45. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) The reaction: A + 3B = D + F was studied and the following mechanism was finally determined A+B=C (fast) C+B=D+E (slow) E+B=F (very fast) Which step has the largest activation energy? I chose the second step because it is slow and should have the most
  46. Grammar Answer Check

    1. (Use the gerund trembling as a object of a preposition.) A: My body perspires heavily instead of trembling. 2. (Use the gerund longing as a direct object.) A: My longing makes my heart ache.
  47. math

    Please check my answers! Simplify the product. 7x(x+4) A. 7x^2+4 B. 7x^2+28x <<<< C. 8x+4 D. 8x+11 Simplify the product. 4x (2x^3 - 7x^2 + x) A. 8x^4-28^3+4x^2 <<<<< B. 16x^4-7x^2+4x C. 8x^4-7x^2+x D. 16x^4-3x^3+4x^2 I just
  48. estimate

    Estimate the following products or quotients.17 11/12 ÷ 6 1/10 215/12*10/61 1,075/366 2.93715847 or 2.94 I actually wonder if they want you to estimate it BEFORE you figure it out. 17 11/12 is close to 18. So let's call that 18. 6 1/10 is close to 6 So
  49. Chemistry(Please check, thanks)

    Which choice below has the highest standard molar entropy? SiCl4(s), CCl4(g), CCl4(l), Si(Cl4(l) I know that the gas state has the largest entropy so SiCl4(s) would have the highest. Is my answer correct? Thank you!!
  50. math

    Can someone please check my work? Solve using substitution method 1. 3x+2y=12 x=52-6y answer:-40.8 I am pretty sure that one is wrong. Solve using elimination method 2. 2r-7s=-31 7r+2s=24 answer: (230/53,-468/53) 3.3x+4y=3 6x+8y=6 answer: No answer.
  51. English

    This isn't that hard(ok maybe it is) but I just want you to check. We had to say whether of not the underlined word was a adjective of noun. The ones I had trouble with were: She certainly had a -spring- in her step that day! -Spring- is a noun Only the
  52. math (check answer plz)

    Types........ Adults Children Total Chocolate Chip 5 10 Peanut Butter 8 6 Oatmeal 7 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What percentage of the children chose
  53. MATH

    how do you simplify square root of 27 minus square root of 49 all divided by square root of 3. I have gotten two different answers when I tried to check it. It kind of looks like (27-49) (3) except all the numbers have their own square root symbol. I don't
  54. P.E

    Visiting your doctor for regular check-ups is an example of which step you might take to meet take to meet your health goals? A. gain awareness. (B). gain knowledge. C. build health skill. D. set goals.
  55. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 3. During a phase change, the temperature of a substance (1 point) a) increases. b) decreases. c) does not change. d) increases or decreases. My Answer: C Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da
  56. language please check

    1-the baby was the PRINCIPLE reason for his happiness 2-the jury heard only the PRINCIPLE facts 3-It's not the facts that upset me,it's the PRICIPALS of the case 4-his hay fever was the PRINCIPLE reason for his sneezing 5-she was a person of strong
  57. Math

    Hi, I need someone to check my work and I have a question. Polygon: pentagon Number of sides: 5 Smallest number of interior triangles: 3 Now, here's my question: Sum of degrees of the interior angles: ___*180=_____ degrees
  58. History of health care

    Please check my answer thanks :) The American Association Of labor Legislation helped to Decrease public hospital costs or to implement fee schedules I said decrease public hospital costs
  59. check geo

    thanks for the help i really really appreciate it :). when ranchers plant grass on burned rain forest lands, the grass: A)thrives and provides feed for decades. b)gives way to new rain forest within five years. c)dries up within about four years.
  60. english

    Correct the errors in dangling and misplaced modifiers by rearranging or rewriting the following sentence. 11. Squeezing the can, tomatoes didn't seem ripe to DeeDee To DeeDee spueezing the can tomatoes didn't seem ripe. can you check my answer
  61. Science 7R - HW Qs. Check (Q2)

    why are there fewer organisms as you move toward the top of the energy pyramid? answer - As you move up the pyramid the transfer of energy (10 pct per level is transfered) is less efficient & each level becomes smaller. am i correct???? (please be honest)
  62. English

    Let's look at the two comparative sentences. When we compare the degrees of two things and people, we use comparative forms. 1. Emily is younger than Bob. 2. Bob is shorter than Emily. (Will you check all the sentences above? Correct errors, please. What
  63. English

    Can you check my answers. Label the simple subject(SS) and simple predicate(SP) 1. The artists had less wall space to paint on. artists=SS had=SP 2. Soon beautifully colored stained glass filled the windows. glass=SS filled=SP
  64. English!! Double check my answer?

    Choose the answer that identifies the underlined word. Well, I must say that your ideas are quite creative. ("creative" is underlined) direct object indirect object x objective complement predicate adjective
  65. precalculus

    Is this right? Convert the polar coordinate (-14, 5pi/3) to rectangular form. Does it mean rectangular coordinates and if so can you check my work? answer: r=-14 theta=5pi/3 x=-14 cos 5pi/3 x=-14(0.5) x=-7 y=rsintheta y=-14 sin 5pi/3 y=-14(-0.866) y=12.124
  66. English 1 (Check Ms. Sue)

    What is the function of non-fiction text features? A. To assist with reading fictional texts B. To assist with approaching a difficult text*** C. To assist with determining the author of a text D. To assist with writing a bibliography for a text Is it B?
  67. Health info

    please check my answer thanks :) Mr. Jones, angry at Dr. Bob , throws a punch at him but misses. Dr Bob sues for battery. why will Dr Bob lose? 1.There was no physical contact 2. Dr Bob was not harmed I picked #1 no physical contact
  68. Physical Science

    What is the advantage of using the Celsius scale over the Fahrenheit scale? The Celsius scale, being metric, makes more sense than using the Fahrenheit scale. Check this site for more information.
  69. World history; Check:P

    5.What does Hebrew law required of believers? The Hebrews were to "worship God and live justly with one another", God required you "to do justice, to love kindness, and walk humbly with God". And worship only one God, which was him.
  70. Math

    Which Is More Correct? A Watch That Doesn't Work At All Or A Watch That Loses A Minute Each Hour? BTW It's a Trick Question😉 All I have is the one that loses a minute each hour because it's logical reasoning but I just wanted to double check
  71. Pre-Cal (Help Please!!!!)

    [Note: i need help really badly. I only have 2 hours left] Find all solutions of the following equations. Be sure to check for extraneous solutions. show work 1). 3cosθtan^(2)θ-cosθ=0 2). tan (3θ)+1=0
  72. Spanish-SraJMcGinplease check

    I had to write a conversation about going to the circus-I'm not sure if this is correct Me:¿Te gusta ir al circo? Emily: Sí, El circo es muy divertido. ¿Y tú? Andrew: Sí. Yo también. El circo es divertido. Emily: ¿Cuál es su cosa favorita en el
  73. English

    1. Two-thirds of the books are novels. 2. One-third of the water is sweet. 3. Most of some pencils are short. 4. Most of some water is salty. 5. Half of every apple is rotten. 6. Half of each apple is rotten. -------------------------------------- Are they
  74. Medical Terminology

    A mother breast feeding her babay is an example of -------immunity. A. active natural B.passive natural C. passive acquireed D. active acquired. My answer is (a.) can someone check my answer.
  75. MATH plz helo check my answer

    -3 ≤ 2x - 5 < 13 i thing the answer is 1 < x < 9 and how would you graph this on a number line so MY NUMBER LINE IS 1 TO 9, SO AT 1 i have a closed circle and at 9 i have a open circle and its shaded in is it right
  76. Math

    Given 1 mile=1760 yards convert 6,688 yards to miles. Now convert it to feet I know I've asked this already but I couldn't find the post to check. 3.7 miles and 20064 feet
  77. precalculus

    can you check my answer? Find the coefficient of the term a6b3 in the binomial expansion of the expression (a - 4b)9. ________________________________________ 5,376 344,064 -5,376 -344,064 answer: b
  78. Geometry

    Quadrilateral RUBY is a rectangle. Which of the following statements MUST be true? Check all that apply: [] All four of the sides of RUBY are equal. []All four of the angles of RUBY are equal. []RUBY has two pairs of parallel opposite sides.
  79. English check

    1. In the movie 10 things I hate about you, who is Mandela, Kat's friend, fond of? Is the answer Michael 2. In the movie 10 things I hate about you, how does Michael win Mandellas affection? I need help with this one!
  80. check my precalc

    Rewrite each of the following as a product of linear factors 1. x^2+3 My Answer: (x+iroot 3)(x-iroot3) 2. x^2-2x+3 MA: (x-(1+iroot2))(x-(1-iroot2)) 3. x^4+x MA: IM not sure how to do it! can you help? 4. x^5-x^4+5x^3 MA:
  81. chemistry

    4. A container of gas has a volume of 3.5 L and a pressure of 0.8 atm. Assuming the temperature remains constant, what volume of gas would result if the pressure was 0.5 atm? A. 1.8 L B. 5.6 L C. 0.2 L D. 2.2 L My guess is B but I just want to double check
  82. English check

    Combine the following sentenes to a complete sentence. 1. Jean splled tomato juice on her essay. She had to print it out again. Is this right? Jean’s essay was counterproductive when she spilled the tomato juice.
  83. MATH ✿╣Check╠✿

    A bag has 6 green marbles, 4 red marbles, 5 yellow marbles, and 3 purple marbles. What is the probability of choosing a purple marble? 1/6**? 6/18 3/20 1/9
  84. math 012

    will someone please double check my answer to this problem. the answer i get is a fraction, but not sure how to type it on here. 4(4y+2)=2(1+6y)+8 16y+8=2+12y+8 16y+8=10+12y -16 -16 8=-6+12y +6 +6 14=12y divide both by 12 and that leaves y=14/12 then
  85. Agility Training

    Please check my answer thanks :) If you want to start training a four-month-old puppy for agility competition, which one of the following obstacles would be best to start with? A. Seesaw B. Dog walk C. Tunnel D. A-frame My answer is C
  86. english

    can you check my puncuations. 5. My professor told us my favorite story by James Joyce is called, The Dead. 6. Harold wrote, I regret that I am unable to attend the fundraiser for AIDS research his letter, however contained a substantial contribution. 7.
  87. English- ms sue

    Can you check my analogies? 1. Observatory: telescope:: A. Lavatory: hands B. book: idea C. Theory: scientist D. Letter: alphabet Is it b? 2. Twilight: dusk:: A. Dinner:lunch B. marriage: children C. Texture:touch D. Dew: morning Is it c? 3. Scene:act:: A.
  88. Algebra--Math matePlease help

    Homework Help Forum: Algebra-Please help-I'm confused Posted by Tom on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 8:09pm. This deals with quadratic functions-If I have a graph with h = (-5)and k =3 and they ask for the translation, would it be {5,3} or would the
  89. algebra 2

    can someone please explain synthetic division to me? It's just a specialized way to divide a polynomial by a linear factor using long division. I don't see the reason why anyone would want to learn this technique, because it's just long division. If you
  90. Pre-Calculus

    Could someone check my answers? 25. 32^(2x-3)=2 Answer- x= 8/5 26. 9^(2x+1)=81 Answer- x= 1/2 27. 1/4=2^3x Answer- x= -2/3 28. 1/27=3^2x Answer- x= -3/2 29. 9^x=27 Answer- x= 3/2 30. 32^x=4 Answer- x= 2/5 31. 27^(x+1)=9 Answer- x= 1/2 32. 125^(x-2)=25
  91. Calculus - Limits. Check my answer, please! :)

    Suppose that h(x)={x^2-x+5 if x<2 {5 if x=2 {x^3-1 if x>2 Which of the following is equal to 7? I. lim h(x) x->2- II. lim h(x) x->2+ III. lim h(x) x->2 I only II only ***III only I and II only I, II, and III
  92. Math

    Combine like terms. 7a square root 2 - a square root 2 + 16= My answer would be as follows: 7a square root 2 + 16 Can you please check to see if I got this correct
  93. math check answer

    1. Which line models the data points better and why? blue, because the data points are all close to the line red, because it goes through one of the points i think that is A
  94. local min

    f(x) = x^4 + ax^2 What is a if f(x) has a local minimum at x=5. How do I justify the answer. The first derivative has to be zero at x = 5. You then check what the second derivative is at x = 5. If it is positive then that's ok. In this case you find that a
  95. Geometry true or false

    I just needto check to see if i'm right... It would be false right? Is the statement below true or false? All triangles have three angles, or all squares have nine sides. True False
  96. precalculus (check answer)

    given that x is in quadrant 1 and that sin x = 2/3, find exact the value for: sin (3pi/8) = - √(1-√2) / (2√2) is my answer correct?
  97. check geo

    i don't really know cause isnt it the thrid largest. Europe is the ______ continent. A)second smallest B)second largest C)smallest D)thrid smallest
  98. Chemistry

    Please check. HCl: dipole-dipole interaction HF: hydrogen bonding TiCl4: ionic bonding? CsCl:ionic bonding
  99. Physics repost please check

    Good morning. This is a repost. The system is telling me my calculations is incorrect. I thought a fresh pair of eyes would help. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Suppose a monatomic ideal gas is contained within a vertical cylinder that is fitted
  100. Statistics

    Measurements on the percentage of enrichment of 12 fuel rods used in a nuclear reactor were reported as follows; 3.11 2.88 3.08 3.01 2.84 2.86 3.04 3.09 3.08 2.89 3.12 2.98 a. Test the Hypothesis H0: µ = 2.95 versus H1: µ 0 ≠ 2.95, and draw