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  1. algebra

    My algebra book says that a^-n is equal to 1/a^n, which is equal to (1/a)^n. Does that then mean that a^n/m would be equal to (a/m)^n? Thank you very much.
  2. Science - Please Check My Written Answer

    Please help me with the following: Briefly explain why experiments having faulty design or inconsistent data are problems for scientists. List several reasons. There are several reasons that experiments with faulty designs or with inconsistent data are
  3. English

    Writeacher, you didn't manage to check my post yesterday. I really need you to check just this part. I also included a few other things. Thank you very much in advance! 1) Mr. Gradgrind turns his attention to Bitzer, perhaps because he, though sitting a
  4. ethics

    How do the unique relationship between human service organizations and the populations they serve impact ethical decisions? The goal of human services organizations is to help others. It's difficult to be unethical with such a goal. I suggest you check
  5. english

    the guide words at the top of the two dictionary pages are exploratory and exuberant which word would not be found between these guide words a-express b-external c-extrude d-exactly Which word do you think does not come between expl- and exub? If you post
  6. s.s

    before there was mills what was used to make thread? Before there were mills and factories, people made thread at home on spinning wheels. Check this site for more information and a picture of a spinning wheel.
  7. world geography

    Where are you from if you are a: a.carioca b.limeno c.porteno d.paceno d.paulistano All the "n's" have a tilda on them. Check out these sites. (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)
  8. Latin

    can you please check my declensions? socius soci socio socium socii sociorum sociis socios sociis gladius gladi gladio gladium gladio gladii gladiorum gladiis gladios gladiis Thanks for your help
  9. Health care

    Please check my answer thanks :) Medicare and Medicaid financial issues put constraints on .... 1., physician services 2. critical care centers 3. public hospitals 4. outpatient services now here is the problem I think it is all of them but I can only pick

    EXPLAIN HOW POLAR COVALENT BONDS ARE CREATED. atoms within the bond do not have the same pull on the shared electron, and as a result the electron spends more time around one atom relative to the other atom within the bond.
  11. Spanish 8th grade-Please check answer

    Is this correct the way I answered this-I don't like onion cake so I'm telling them Sorry,but I don't like it. ¿Quieres comer pastel de cebollas conmigo? Lo siento pero no, no me gusta pastel de cebollas. Thank you
  12. Game design

    French sociologist caillois said that a basic characteristic of any game is that. A: players choose to participate of their own free will B: players play for pleasure C: play should be a source of joy and amusement D: all of the above I want to check my
  13. Check answers science

    Patient motion may create artifact that looks like an atrial arrhythmia? True or False. True The ECG tracing represents a 3 dimensional view of the heart's electric activity? True or False. True
  14. English

    I need to check my work on diagramming this question. How many players are on a team? I think it should be as follows: How (adverb) many (adjective) players (direct object) are (past tense verb) on (proposition) a (definite article) team (subject of
  15. Algrebra II-please check my answer

    Determine the zeros of the function 7x^2 + 9x = 0 answers were: {-9/7} {-9/7,0} {o,9/7} {9/7} I think the answer is {-9/7,0} but I'm not positive when I worked it-If this is wrong please steer me into the correct calcs because then I don't what I'm doing
  16. Math check

    A sample of 30 of 178 funded projects revealed that 12 were valued at $17,360 each and 18 were valued at $20,280 each. From the sample data, estimate the total value of the funding for all the projects. (Enter your answers to two decimal places.) $ 35.60
  17. 1 question Science check answer

    4. Which is NOT a true statement? a. Not all fats are bad for you. b. Fats can increase your risk for heart disease. c. Saturated fats are liquid at room temperature. d. Unsaturated fats come mainly from plant foods. my answer is C. I that right
  18. Chemistry

    How much water needs to be added to 150mL of an 0.75 molar solution of lithium phosphate to make the solution 0.625 molar? I came up with 70.31mL Can you someone just check this for me please? you want to dilute it 75/62.5, so you are diluting it a factor
  19. English

    Please check my answer thanks:) You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professor to tour your factory. What type of language should you use in the invitation? Formal language or Direct simple languge I picked direct and simple
  20. English

    A: Seho, what are you doing? B: Hi, Inho. I'm doing my math homework. A: Hurry up! We have to play soccer in the playground. B: We have a soccer match on Thursday. Today is Wednesday. A: No, it's Thursday today. Come here quickly. B: Sorry. I'll be there.
  21. Quick english check

    15) I was stuck with so many needles that Shannon laughed and said, Now you understand what it feels like to be me!" What change should be made in sentence 15? A. Insert a colon after stuck B. Change that to then C. Delete the comma D. Insert the quotation
  22. check my precalc

    #1. Make up a polynomial that has the following characteristics: crosses the x axis at 1 and 4, touches the x axis at 0 ad 2. and is above the xaxis between 0 and 2. I did (x+1)(x-4)(x^2)(x-2)^2 #2. its an illustration but one of the queestino says what is
  23. English

    To cite sources correctly in APA, a research-based paper must contain both in-text citations and a references page that contains full citations of each source mentioned in the paper. True False I say True. Please check my work.
  24. English

    I urgently need you to check these few sentences. Thank you 1)Alonso is desperate because he thinks his son drowned. (I'm not sure whether it is a simple past of drown, or the past partiple, to be drowned?) 2) At the end Prospero and Antonio are
  25. science

    If the statement is work put a check mark on the line Lifting one book Lifting four Pushing down on books Picking up a pencil Pushing against a wall A baby shaking a rattle Thinking really hard about science
  26. Math(just check it please easy)

    A salesperson makes a flat fee of $20 per day plus $8 per hour. Which equation or inequality can be used to find h, the number of hours the salesperson will have to work to make more than $60 for a day's work? F: 20h + 8 = 60 G: 8h + 20 < 60 H: 8h + 20
  27. Lit. Poem Please ASAP

    I need you to check one question thanks. It's for the poem "The Rainy Day," by Henry Longfellow. 1. What inital sound is repeated more than another in "The rainy day?" What is it's effect? Answre: The days are dark and dreary and it's affect is it's
  28. French Cuisine (Check)

    Can someone check my work? The evolution of French cooking has seen many different changes, where French Medieval cuisine involved great preparation and presentation. Sauces at this time were thick and full of seasonings. The French cooked very ornate and
  29. Geometry (check)

    Mario’s company makes unusually shaped imitation gemstones. One gemstone had 12 faces and 10 vertices. How many edges did the gemstone have? A. 23 edges B. 22 edges C. 25 edges D. 20 edges****
  30. Math

    Can you please check my answers for these questions? I'm having a little trouble with my signs, because I sometimes substitute in wrong, so I get these wrong because of that, Thank you! For the following problems, use f(x) = x^2+ 3; g(x) = –3x; h(x) = 8x
  31. English 8R - Homework Check

    Last week in class we watch this movie Stand and Deliver (I hope most of you are familiar with this movie), it's base on a true story. For homework I have pick one of the following questions she gave us and write a well developed response that fully
  32. smallest algebra

    Let F be a family of subsets of a set X such that empty set is the element of F. A subset A of X belongs to F1 if and only if either A is a subset of F or complement of A is the subset of F. A subset B of X belongs to F2 if and only if B is a finite
  33. programming

    Develop psuedocode to control operation of vending machine The ACME Company has approached you with a request to develop the psuedocode that will control the operations of their new series of vending machines. The program will be required to maintain the
  34. Socail Studies

    Why does immigration most likely continue to increase the U.S. population? The U.S. economy benefits from immigrant labor. Immigrants are needed as soldiers in the U.S. military. The U.S. government seeks out immigrants to combat falling birth rates.
  35. Chemistry

    When one mole of ammonia is heated to a given temperature, 50% of the compound dissociates and the following equilibrium is establised. NH3(g) <-> 1/2N2(g) + 3/2H2(g) (note: <-> is my sad attempt at the equilibrium symbol) What is the total
  36. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1) Why was the 18th century England called Augustan? 2) What were the Augustan (not Augustan) interested in? 3) Who were the first political parties and who did they descend from? Who were
  37. English

    A nurse attended (a)...... her work place in time.(b)....... all her sincerity she was attending (c)....... the patient but she knew that her effort (d)........ keeping the patient alive might end (e)........ smoke.The doctors of board were shocked

    I just took an Ed Tech assessment and so could someone check my answers before I turn it in? Thanks!! 1.) What did the STRICT study generally find about the effect of Internet use on sleep? A. Teens who use the Internet and phone after bedtime have a
  39. Astronomy

    Which of the following distance measuring techniques works to measure distances to other galaxies beyond the Milky Way? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY A) Hubble's Law B) main sequence stars C) Cepheid variable stars D) parallax E) radar ranging F) galaxy rotation G)
  40. SPANISH 3 URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    combina las palabras lógicamente. 1. la langosta 2. la salchicha 3. el ají 4. el caldo 5. el sacacorchos 6. hornear 7. los ingredientes 8. la sal 9. el durazno 10. el aderezo a. el vino b. la toronja c. la sopa d. la receta e. la pimienta f. la ensalada
  41. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    please check my answer thanks Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions have been adopted by most health care facilities and entail using what when in contact with all bosy fluids A. clean linens B protective equipment C. antimicrobial cleansers D.
  42. grammar - conjunction

    Fill in the blanks with the words those given in the brackets. ( though / after / if / so / when / while / for / as / but ) 1)(Though) poor himself, he tried to help others. 2)We must wait (until) Ali comes, (as) he has all your tickets. 3)(When) it
  43. child day care management,health,safety,and nutrit

    Q; A child in your program has just returned after having chickenpox.You notice that she still has a few dry scabs.What should you do? A.send her home.she is still contagious B.welcome her back and let her know what there is to do today C.allow her to
  44. English (Check)

    Choose the sentence that contains no error in writing a title. Yes, we're performing in a one-act play called Nathan's Home. Do you think you could set Simon's poem, Wolf Moon, to music? And now, Teresa will play her new song, "Silvernight." <----- Her
  45. Check my answers L.A

    Which of the following phrases or sentences from the novel best describes the setting as the action of the story begins? A. And so, in a crooked little house at the head of Hancock's wharf on crowded Fish Street... B. On one side of the deserted wharf were
  46. Health

    i am so stuck on this answer and cannot locate it at all in my resources via online or off. please help... Here's the question: The proper way to take care of your skin would be to: a) burst pimples before they get too big. b) use quality products to help
  47. Social Studies

    A discussion about nullification in the south during the american antebellum period was caused by? A. the election of Abraham Lincoln B. Congress treating to abolish slavery C. the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act D. congress passing a protective tariff
  48. Foreign languages

    Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted you to check these sentences. 1) He begged to leave. He appears to be a nice man. He asked to leave the room. 2) He avoided failing the course. They consider selling their old furniture. 3) He chose not to
  49. Social Studies Check Answers Please

    What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong leaders in communist governments D) support for military
  50. Art

    Ms Sue, can you please check my post until Writeacher comes back? I would be extremely grateful to you. I need to rephrase this sentence. 1)Give a detailed description of Winston Smith as he appears in the opening to George Orwell's 1984. Refer to the
  51. Spanish

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? combina las palabras lógicamente. 1. la langosta 2. la salchicha 3. el ají 4. el caldo 5. el sacacorchos 6. hornear 7. los ingredientes 8. la sal 9. el durazno 10. el aderezo a. el vino b. la toronja c.
  52. english check

    pronoun: just between you and blank, i really don't like classical music. A)i my choose or b)me. next kaminski called ruth and blank to the stage to accept thier awards. a)i my ans or he,or she or her. next attention to her and blank or
  53. Precalc

    I have a couple questions, I need to know how to solve these type of problems. X^2 -4< X + 16 5/n+2 - 5/n = 2/3n 2X^3-x^2-6X + 1/ X^2 + 5x - 8 1) rearragne the terms to get x^2-x-20<0 (x-5)(x+4)<0 which means that one term can be negative, or
  54. math

    Labor rate = $12 per hour Hours worked = 36 Overhead rate = 125% Retail price of good furnished = $185 Sales tax rate = 7% Total bill for services and parts = $ The answer that I got was 762.80. Can you check my answer.
  55. English

    Traveling to Fukuoka About ten years ago, I went to Fukuoka, Japan. I went there by ship. In Fukuoka, I visited a bookstore. It was important to buy English books there at that time. I always feel great twhen I look at this picture. (Would you check this
  56. American gov 1 question answer check

    12. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. –Tenth Amendment This amendment is an example of which of the following? (1 point) prior
  57. English

    I just have two sentences for you to check. Thank you very much. 1) She is going to do a school internship (?) during her summer holiday. In particular, she is going to work as a recepionist in a confectionary factory. She won't be paid for it. 2) You can
  58. Chemistry

    I am currently balancing chemical equations. A few of them I am not sure if I correctly balanced or not, so could you check them over so I don't continue to do them wrong? C3H8+O2 yields CO2+H2O. I balanced it as 1C3H8+5 O2+4H2O. If this isn't right, could
  59. Probability! Check please!

    An ice cream shop offers the toppings shown below. How many 4-topping ice cream sundaes can you make? chocolate chips walnuts strawberry sprinkles caramel hot fudge whipped cream gummy bears 11 28 ** 30 35
  60. Algebra 1

    Could you maybe walk me through this Algebra word problem? Here is the problem: Anita wants to put a moat around her rectangular castle. The castle is 45 ft by 60 ft. Let m be the width of the moat. 1. Write a polynomial that represents the total area of
  61. math or chemistry

    5.4 x10^-2 by 2.5 x10^-3 by 7.9 x10^-3m volume = 106.65 x10-8m^3 Check pls yesterday you said 106.65 x10^-6. If you add 2+3+3 you get 8 is that right? Just want to make sure I'm doing it right. Thank you. I may have witten it differently.
  62. science/MH

    1)2000mg= 2g 2)104km= 0.104m 3)480cm= 0.40m 4)5.6kg= 0.56g 5)8mm= 0.8cm 6)5L= 0.5mL 7)198g= 0.198kg 8)75mL= 0.075L 9)50cm= 0.05m 10)5.6m= 5.6cm 11)16cm= 1.6mm 12)2500m= 2.5km 13)65g= 0.065mg 14)6.3cm= 0.63mm 15)120 mg= 0.12g Thank you, I just needed
  63. English

    Thank you for your last correction. Can you explain to me why I can't use the past simple in sentence (1) as the action is finished? I really hope you can check all the other sentences too 1) He makes clear that he had to overcome his prejudice towards her
  64. Math

    1. When their child was born, Elaine and Mike Porter deposited $5,000 in a savings account. The money ears interest at 6 percent compounded quarterly. How much will the account be worth when their child celebrates her second birthday? My answer= $5,632.46
  65. Math URGENT!

    the roots of a tree are 1/8 of the tree. they are 0.87 m. how tall is the tree? my answer: 0.87 x 7 = 6.09 m please check if my answer is right thanks :)
  66. @ Lucina -- SS

    I deleted your 32 questions because there were no answers. Please post no more than 5 of these questions, along with your answers. We'll be glad to check your answers for you.
  67. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    Does Beneatha like the name Alaiyo? My Answer- yes Do you think it fits her? My Answer- yes Why or why not? My Answer- Yes, it fits her because necessary things are not enough for her; she always wants more.
  68. Math Analysis

    Can someone check my answers please? Thank you! If tan x = 3/5, evaluate: 1) tan 2x 2) tan 3x ==> For #1, I got 15/8; for #2, I got -99/5. Are these answers correct?
  69. Algebra2

    can somenone please check my answer and if i'm doing it right.... The sum of a number and 17 more than twice the same number is 101. N+17(2)=101 N=67? N + (2N +17)= 101 3N = 84 Take it from there THANK YOU! =)
  70. Math- Just want to check

    A number is divisible by 2,3, and 8. what is the smallest three digit number that is divisible by this number? is it 144?
  71. Math-- Please Check

    1.Would fraction notation for 38% be 19/50 ? 2.Would percent notation for 0.382 be 38.2% 3.Would percent notation for 2/3 be 66.6 (with 6 keep repeating)? Yes, yes, yes
  72. Edtech

    How can netiquette help you communicate when texting or instant messaging? Netiquette will help you type faster. Netiquette is a list of all acceptable acronyms when texting.*** Using netiquette can help you avoid misspellings. Using netiquette can help
  73. education

    Children will generally select equipment based on: a.their prior success with the equipment. B.the size of the equipment c.the brightness and boldness of the equipment's colors d. The opportunity for challenge presented by the equipment. My answer is D.
  74. Civics (Reed)(Check)

    Please check to see if I have answered the following questions as best as possible. Reed--I added more to #3. Will you check it for me please? 1. What information is being presented in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? What facts are presented?
  75. Civics (Reed)(Check)

    Please check to see if I have answered the following questions as best as possible. Reed--I added more to #3. Will you check it for me please? 1. What information is being presented in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? What facts are presented?
  76. math, algebra

    what are some challenges about working with rational expressions? Math is a language. Getting it precisely right is a lot easier than describing it in a vague statement in English such as you ask. Is there a chance you can change teachers? If so, I
  77. Plz -- Chem Help

    Posted by Rushi on Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 3:35pm. Question.. Nicotinic acid (niacin) is a monoprotic acid with the formula HC6H4NO2. A solution that is 0.012M in the nicotinic acid has a pH of 3.39 at 25C. what is the acid-ionization constant, Ka and
  78. Ethics

    I am struggling with this question. Can someone help me, please :) I do not understand the meaning or point in orientalism. List two to three characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups?
  79. History

    Check this please~?~?~ 1. C,A,D 1.Which are correct definitions for history? Choose all answers that are correct. A.the study of human adaptation to the environment B.the story of how the world has changed and how it has not changed much at all C.a
  80. cjs200

    I do not believe we are all taught wrong from right. There are children out there being raised in foster homes by fosters that just look at them as a check. They are not teaching this children anything. that is why a lot of them end criminals. As far as
  81. Math-please check

    5. Find three solutions of the equation y=9x-4. (A) (-5, -49), (-2, -22), (3, 23) (B) (-5, -49), (2, -22), (3, 23)*** (C) (-5, -49), (-2, -22), (-3, 23) (D) (5, -49), (-2, 22), (-3, 23) 9.Which is a rule that describes the translation of a point from (4,
  82. Chemistry check

    Can someone make sure I have the right answer. The question is: Classify the statement as always true, sometimes true, or never true. A net ionic equation shows all ions present. I say never true because it only shos soluble strong electrolytes reacting
  83. pleez! science stuff

    What is the application be on my project which was "me and my class go out and check the soil for organic things and beans and natural stuff + to describe what it looks like what color,shape,texture, and size the things we found are" PLEEZ! help i still
  84. Percent Composition

    I figured out this percent composition problem and I got REALLY close answers, so I wanted to check in with someone to confirm if this is right. Which is the better ore for mining Aluminum: Either Al2(CO3)3 or AlPO4? For me the first one was the better
  85. Math

    Could someone please tell me if I got the following problems correct? 1. 7+(-9)+(-5)+6 = -1 2. |-27+14|= -13 3. |-8|+|2|=|-3+2| is this statement true or false? I said false 4. Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her
  86. science

    4. When a fan is turned on, it changes electrical energy into ______ energy. A. motion B. magnetic C. gravitational D. electromagnet 5. An experiment discovered that a particular material was a poor conductor of electricity. This material would most likely
  87. history

    How did the Supreme Court decision, McCulloch v. Maryland contribute to a greater sense of independence and manhood? I'm not sure how this decision established a sense of manhood, but please check this site about it.
  88. History

    help i need a sentence for following words: federalist anti-federalist it has to be in paragraph forms =[ Check this site for information about the federalists and anti-federalists.
  89. Percent Composition

    I figured out this percent composition problem and I got REALLY close answers, so I wanted to check in with someone to confirm if this is right. Which is the better ore for mining Aluminum: Either Al2(CO3)3 or AlPO4? For me the first one was the better
  90. Physics (check)

    A merchant in Katmandu sells you a solid gold 1-kg statue for a very reasonable price. When you get home, you wonder whether or not you got a bargain, so you lower the statue into a measuring cup and measure its volume. What volume will verify that it's
  91. Advanced Math

    Can someone check these for me? Please? Use half-angle identity to find the exact value of cos165 degrees. (-1/2) sqrt(2+sqrt(3)) Write the equation 2x+3y-5=0 in normal form. (-2sqrt(13)/13)x- (3sqrt(13)/13)y+ (5 sqrt (13)/13) = 0 Find the distance between
  92. geography

    Can you check my answers please? 1. How does the continent you live on rank in land area when compared to all other continents? North America has the third largest land area of all the continents. 2. Port-au-Prince is the capital of what Caribbean Sea
  93. English

    Revise the sentence below to make it more formal: 'You're going to get really fat if you eat at fast foods restaurants all the time. My version: If you continue eating at fast food restaurants all the time, the possibility of becoming obese will be very
  94. Science

    Accordind to the theory of demographic transition,why do birth rates fall during the third stage? Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts about this subject. Premature births and
  95. trig...again

    gahh i cant figure this one out either. you have you verify the identity only using one side of the equation: sec^2x*sin^2x+sec^2x=-1 this identity cannot possible be true. on the left side you are adding 2 squared quantities, how can that result be
  96. Spanish 1-Please check

    How do you say the class of economics and the class of anatomy in Spanish. I think it is la clase de economis y la clase anatomis. Accent should be over both (i's)
  97. english

    13. He did not think the bicycles would make it over the mountains, being so old. * The bicycles being so old .He did not thing it would make it over the mountains. please check my dangling and misplaced modifiers
  98. Math

    For example when you subtract 5 5/6 with 7 6/8 you have to check what does 6 and 8 have in common so 7 6/8 times 3/3 because that makes 24 and that is what 8 and 6 have in common so then you times 5 5/6 with 4/4 so you get 5 20/24 -7 18/24 but you have to
  99. MATH(please check)

    A newspaper has 80 pages. If 20 of the 80 pages are devoted to advertising. What percent of the newspaper consists of advertising? How do u start this?
  100. Math-truth table, please check my work!

    p -> ~q , p -> q Are these Equivalent statements? This is my try. Please let me know if these truth tables are correct. p -> ~q p q p -> ~q p q p -> q T T T T T T T F T T F F F T F F T F F F T F F T The statements are not equivalent.